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Jan 21, 2018
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The Android's Conundrum


I'm feeling more motivated to get to work on some writings. It's about time I get back to the things I love. May 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM

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    Whenever capable, just warn me ahead of time if you're unable to post at least once a day.
    Hello. My name is Zmerr. I may initially come across as a bit spiteful, but I like to think I'm a lot nicer and more reasonable than that. My motto is that I will try anything at least once as long as it fits the following guidelines (which I understand are standard rules across the board around here. Which is utterly glorious in my opinion.) This place seems pretty neat. This list is technically pre-made, but I always put it up every time I start somewhere new just to make sure people know what I'm about.

    1) I will NOT do real life roleplay. That is reserved only for close friends.
    2) Death is an option, but is not a necessity
    3) NO GODMODDING This means no BS posts and/or OP characters. It also includes not assuming what the other characters are doing (or not) in response to your own post.
    4) No metagaming. This means information shared out of character must first be realized in character before being used.
    5) My real life relationship status is and will never be dictated by that of my character(s.) Do not expect me to be your romantic partner just because I agree to do a romance roleplay with you. Also do not assume that I will reserve any one character just for you.
    6) One-liners MUST have a point. I will not shut you down for a one-liner, but it better be a damn good one-liner.
    7) If you come to me swinging with unnecessary attitude or rude comments (this also includes that of a sexual nature) I WILL block you and may even report you depending on the offense.
    8) Patience is a must... I work a lot and am a student and therefore cannot regularly pump out multiple replies in a day. Most days I will, but I would not expect it.

    I greatly appreciate your reading and understanding my preferences. By sending me a conversation request, you are agreeing to observe them. As they are plainly plastered on my profile, I am not responsible for any unpleasantries that come as a result of not observing them.


    Back to back, the days, they go make love to the nights.
    Moving fast, you overlook the joys in plain sight.
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