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 An Arranged Adventure: Hunter and Witch

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by Fея, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Along the remote fields of a small Romanian area, one woman blended within the villagers. Simplicity currently described the lifestyle of Sorina. She was once a bright light, a fighter, a resilient force to be reckoned with. She was a devoted occultist, or to the esoteric, a Vrăjitoare.* The brunette never boasted her talents or powers; however, many of the locals in past and present years had grown an affinity to her and have requested for her powers in times of need. They accepted her. They believed in her when she reached out to them and dispelled rumors about witches. Not all were ugly inside and out, though she couldn't speak for herself very much for the lives she had slain from her conflicting past. She hadn't been bothered for some time now, but four years ago today, marked a particular circumstance.

    It started with a letter that came to her four years ago at the request of another witch. Luckily, she trusted her own intuition and listened to logic instead of catering to charged emotions. She was asked to defend her own side, but in Sorina's mind, if she wasn't directly involved or informed of all the details, she was not concerned with anyone else's business. As a result, she created a rift between herself and of her kind. She didn't favor stupidity and knew from all the years of experience that she wasn't some young wild child anymore. Of course, if she wanted to, she could always devise a concoction that would add more stamina and youthful energy, but she had no desire or need for it. The Vrăjitoare kept a low profile for one reason--not getting killed!

    For Sorina, she adored her residence in that small, quaint area of Europe. She didn't wish to compete or to make a name for herself among thousands of others in populated cities. She preferred the quiet life and didn't care about making best friends. Thanks to her difficult childhood, mainly brought on by horrible, despicable scum, including her own parents, the only piece of advice she learned from her grandmother was to learn how to trust and love oneself. She wasn't some open book. She was too prideful. Thank goodness that lesson was ingrained in her and carried on to today's times. A hermit's life was growing on her in her older age. She was wise and was aloof, but she did show her humanitarian side for those who respected her. If she were to smell dishonesty and become double-crossed, she would feel sorry for the poor soul who tried to challenge her.

    Blue skies and temperate weather created the perfect day for select plans in adding stock to her apothecary. The sun was only going to provide light for another few hours, so she had to make haste and finish her tasks. She still had to feed the feral cats and meditate later. It was her daily routine to keep her mind active. That was the only downfall for enjoying a plain lifestyle -- living a peaceful, mundane kind of life.

    She stood at five-foot-four and was dressed in ivory, traditional Romanian garb; she knelt down and inspected some flowers and affirmed that they were in decent condition to pick. "Foarte bine,*" she said a soft alto tone, forming a smile on her countenance. Just then, her ears heard some unusual sounds coming from the east. She dismissed it, thinking that it was a rabbit. Her blues eyes were mostly concentrated on her work.

    Romanian words:
    Vrăjitoare = witch
    Foarte bine = very good

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    Four years ago on the road to capital Merdaci.


    It was autumn and wheat harvesting should be happening any day now. Pele-la-Kali was very excited about it, because that meant he was turning fourteen. His family where Romani or how hooligans on the city streets would call him a gypsy. They did not keep dated so he could never know the exact day but it was a tradition by now. Every year on harvest festival day they would celebrate his birthday. Fourteen might not seem like such a big deal to the most but to Pele-la-Kali it meant he will become a man. His traditions determined at fourteen he could start his own family and that meant his own caravan. Just like the one, he was currently living in with his mom, dad, and his two younger sisters. His dad had made some shady deal to come by the money quickly to gift it to him so they were rushing to the city. This was nothing new to Pele-la-Kali they lived a life of nomads and his dad loved cheating anyone who was dumb enough to allow it. They had less than a half days ride to Medaci but horses were beat and it was getting quite dark already so they stopped to spend this night by the side of the road like they had done hundreds of times.

    Pele-la-Kali woke up from the noise of theyr cabin doors being twiched with great aggresion. He saw hes dad allready up with a short sword in hes hand. That made him draw on hes dagger too. It was no regular bandit of the road he could hear a hissing sound and the door that was ussualy ignorant to pulling when locked was cacking. Suddenly it just shattered and thro the hole right towards them shot a gorgeouse female barely clothed only her brests covered. When she was closer even in the night Pele-la-Kali could see that she was not dressed at all. Her brests where covered by dark red scales just was where her whole lowers body that seemed like and endless, scaly part of a snake. She grabed fathers sword and trew it against a wall. That's when she hissed out a question it was barly human but what would you expect from a snake woman. "whhher isss my chhhilldren?" All of the Romani were stunned by such a question and everything that was going on. Afther 3 seconds of shock right wall to wich father stood closest took on the color of freash blood. Hes troth had been sliced and with dead stare hes body collapsed. Mother and sisters let out a scream even a banshy would have paled at. That seemed to scare the creature as her upper body left our cabin her hands holding her head. That was no help as the red scaly tale shot back in as soon as her upper body had left it. First was the mother then sisters. It took her about 8 seconds to rip them all out of the cabit. Pele-la-Kali had regained hes wit and motion even with all the loss he had just expieriences and as the tale grabed him he screamed out. "In the chest under the bed that's where your children are." He actualy had no clue what was in the chest hes father was taking to Merdaci. That was the only place he thought they might be if they were here. The tale pulled him out of the cabin and still holding on him the upper part went back in. She let go of him as she opened the chest and saw her eggs in there. "My chhhildren!"

    He had seen how quick that creature is and it had no problems to kill. Pele-la-Kali had to act and he had to do it now. Escape seemed impossible, and there still was the dagger in hes hand. Hes feet moved on theyr own just as hes hands did and befoure he knew it he was in the cabin with that monster. Two of hes fingers in hes mouth helping him let out the loudest whistle he could. Instantly she helps her head with her hands that's when he lunged burying the entire dagger in her back. He pulled it out to stab again but befoure he could connect he was sent out flying. He had lost hes knife in the procces and was on the ground with the creature coming to finsh hes allready short life. He fought a desire to close hes eyes with a hope he could see something, anything that could still save him. Nothing just the monster coming at him at alarming rates. Her tale gripped arround hes torso. He took in all the air he could knowing it will help hes lungs, it didn't feel that way when her tail tightened arround him. All of the air escaped his body and it felt like his eyes will pop out as the snake hissed "thhhief, thhhieffffff!" Pele-la-Kali started to loose conciosnes. That's when divine interfierance came, faith itself in a form of doble edged sword cutting thro her neck leaving her snake like body limp.

    He's savior a tall man in his another half of years stood over him. "Stabbed her huh - brave. What did you do to deserve this?"
    Pele-la-Kali replied "I do not know check the chest in the cabin that was what she was afther. My Father was taking it to Merdaci.
    The man took a stroll to check the content of chest. He shouted from the cabin "well what else you expect there is like twenty Lamia eggs in here."
    He had noticed the silver chain around her out. Only Wich hunters carried those. "What are Lamia and are you a Wich Hunter?"
    He walked out of the cabin with the chest in his arms "Yes I am, and this here is the fortune." He pointed at the dead monster "That right there is a dead Lamia."
    Pele-la-Kali quick with his wit came up with a cunning deal. "Those are not yours to take, but I let you have them if you take me on as an apprentice!"
    The old man let out a laugh "I'm not a moron to be swindled by a Gypsy, If you want to become my apprentice you answer me why you stayed to fight not ran away. And second, you will earn your keep by cooking, cleaning, carrying my bags, any dirty job I wish you to do."
    This was a disgrace a man never should cook. He had never seen his dad do so and he was not even allowed to think about something like that. There was not much another choice. "I stayed because I could not outrun her and I saw loud sounds hurt her, especially piercing ones. Another stab and I might have taken her. And I swear on my name that I will do what ever you wish and even call you my master if you teach me how to protect myself from creatures like this."
    Wich Hunter stared at him for a bit looking over every inch of his body. "Very well, if what you say is true you make a fine Witch Hunter you're a quick thinker. That's the main thing needed in this line of work.

    Now in a coastal city Ordesa.

    Four years had passed in a flash. His every day was doing house work, combat training and then rewriting his masters books creating another copy for each one. The upside to that was he was allowed to pick the order. And every single one told him something new about the monsters, magical creatures, and most of it all witched. Witches were his favorite topic, they were basically human just with more power. And if not for men like his master they would probably rule over humans. But now they had to hide away even if they were not all that evil. Thro all these years and that awful night 4 years ago Pele-la-Kali had learned one thing every monster, every creature and every witch had its weakness both physical and mental. Lamia covered in pain hearing piercing sound, and she would be thrown in rage when her eggs were taken. He would be smarter than his father. Much smarter! Mythical creatures were not to discard they where wonderfull. No assassin, no knight, no bodyguard, no army could stand next to the legions of these creatures if they united. That was the only thing saving humanity. And also the one idea he knew could make him from an assistant wich hunter into a king walking these lands. He was patiently waiting for his opportunity. And he had a feeling it was coming soon. In the last 4 years, he had learned to listen to these feelings.

    Pele-la-Kali's master had left for a very important job to the far away Greece. At the soonest, he would be back after half a year. Even tho Pele-la-Kali had asked to accompany him as he had on his latest jobs. He's Master refused. So now he was left in the empty house without guidance. Exactly the opportunity he was waiting for to start hatching his plans. The first step took a lot of patience and talking to the folks around the city. Arther almost a week of snooping around desperately trying to find something he got a lead. A farm hand talked how this miracle-working lady Sorina had helped his wife deliver his baby that had seemed like an impossible task at the time. First, he didn't think much of it until he stumbled upon another man telling a very similar story. Both of them had been from a rather distant village Kali located with ease. Another 4 days to get there and check it out. After asking around the village it was rather clear that this Sorina was most definitely not malevolent Vrăjitoare but she had powers. Exactly what Kali had been looking for an easy prey. The malevolent Vrăjitoare he would not dare to close in on his own. They were bad news. Their powers usually were close to indeterminable as there were so many ways for them to gain and hold them.

    On the other hand the good witches as people used to call them were a different deal. They were faster, stronger and in every way more precise than any man could hope to be, and yet as long as they're limits were known with clear mind and caution they were not impossible to bind. At least that's what Kali believed. He did not wield a huge silver claymore as he's master or the silver chain as a masterful whip. In all honesty, even with all the training in the world he most likely could not. His body was too weak for that. That's why his Master had written him off as a good witch hunter. All he did lately was copy he's books. But that would not stop Kali he had a goal and he was getting there no matter the sacrifice. Armed with a bow and all kind of poisonous tips for his arrows he hoped to take the only advantage he could have against a Vrăjitoare --- surprise!


    He's carefully packed bag with a silver chain wrapped in cloth and some other stuff for dealing with Vrăjitoare. He's tied down shirt and pants making sure they would not make a single sound by flapping or grinding against each other. He's soft hide boots that had cost him a fortune but didn't make a sound when walking. He had thought about everything not making a sound even making sure he closed in on the witch coming from a the direction that wind blew at not from. He believed he should be invisible for her. He saw her picking up some herbs. It was the perfect moment to strike. He drew he's bow not making a single sound doing it very slowly to not give himself away. He released. As soon as he did he draw the next arrow aiming at her expecting she would dodge. And she did the first arrow flying by the side of her torso. But even with all the reflexes in the world, there were limits to her speed. And the next arrow that came almost at the same time as the first one ripped thru her side clearly not hitting any organs but leaving a good mark like someone had cut her with a sword. Her white dress was coloring in with red very fast. Kali knew if this would have been a regular arrow he probably would die now connecting in such an ineffective way. But of course, he had thought about it. He knew he was weaker and none of her weapons would bring her down in a regular way that's why the arrow that hit her was laced with very strong poison and would leave the witch paralyzed. Not long but long enough for him to run up to her and tie her hands with the silver chain and throw a loop of it around her neck. As soon as the silver wrapped around her flesh Kali could feel a smell of burning flesh. When he looked at the place where he had tied her he could see the silver chain melting her skin. He had never seen the chain work before his Master only killed witches never captured them. Kali was different. How could someone just let such a power to go to waste?

    He got the woman on him's shoulders and started to walk toward the road where his horse waited for him. The smell of her flesh burning was wretched. If something like that was happening to Kali he knew he would be willing to die rather than keep suffering the pain. But well witches where stronger than Kali. She was not heavy for a woman not at all but well Kali was not very strong either and he could feel her starting to loosen up over his shoulders. The poison was wearing off so he started to walk faster not knowing what would follow when she regained her power to move.
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    Sorina should have trusted that intuition of hers. She knew that the atmosphere was a bit too peaceful the moment she heard awkward yet nuanced movements from the eastward direction. Work had to be completed and executed in a timely manner. While her business was unpredictable, one's preparedness was always a good indication knowing how one's life could hang in the balance. Her people depended on her to a certain point, and she was tolerable to those who really needed her assistance. However, what happened next reminded her back to her battle days, where she had to maneuver herself out of harm's way, and have spells and weapons on hand. Sadly, the maiden in white had nothing but a huge fistful of herbs and flowers -- she was caught completely off-guard. She didn't sense malevolence within her lands in quite some time; that swooshing first arrow gave her heart some serious palpitations.

    A swift twist of the neck determined that she wished to see her aggressor, her provoker, this hunter who, in the meantime, remained to be unseen out of her reach. He must have done his homework prior to finding her in the middle of a simple Romanian country town. Anger became a monster inside of her. She desperately wanted to retaliate, but not a moment too soon, another arrow came flying toward her, and it successfully struck the woman. Sorina wasn't that fortunate to dodge two arrows just seconds apart from one another. Her reaction times were not as fast as they once were. The brunette grimaced and cried out; that searing, sharp pain hit her. The tip of the arrow pierced and cut through the side of her garb, skin breaking, as the right side of her white dress was now painted crimson. The poison instantly took effect; the paralysis started at her feet and numbed her in place. Her vision became a blur, but her ears heard the sounds of her assailant.

    "Laş! Unde esti? Come out! How dare you strike at me!" She snapped in a hissing tone.

    His movements were quick and precise. The chains of the metallic silver coiled around her narrow wrists, which were pulled back by his forceful hands. "Aaaaah! What is this! What are you doing!?" The mysterious foe paid no attention. She barely saw his side profile, masked from his nose on down. Rough hands, masculine grunts. He was busy apprehending her and dammit, there was nothing she could do! Her bright blues opened widely, as he heard her cry out again in exasperated discomfort. Her skin was on fire. The burns...they were torturing her. She couldn't writhe and squirm her way free from this bold man. Who in the world was he!?

    "Let me go, you cruel creature! STOP, NO!" She felt her form being shifted off the ground and over his shoulders. He must have ignored her and continued to let her suffer. He only had one goal in mind: seize and capture, for purposes unknown. Though the capture was showing signs of weakness, for the poison was starting to wear off quickly. Before he could get to the safety of his horse, Sorina had already healed her wounded side in the process. The poisoned arrow slid right out. In response to his antagonistic behavior, all she had to do was place a palm and press her fingertips upon his shoulder. Quick zaps like lightning struck him down to the ground along with her. The good witch, even at her healed state, was still a bit slow to gain full awareness. She was sluggish, but her powers were still remarkable. She began to crawl over toward the man and lashed out, making it very clear that she was not going to let him escape...not for now at least. Bound wrists lifted upward and then down for the blow upon his chest. If the man wanted to make amends, and beg for forgiveness, now was the time to do it.

    "Undo these chains, this instant! Tell me who sent you and your business. Refuse to answer, and there shall be dire consequences, băiat..."

    Romanian Words:
    Laş = coward
    Unde esti? = Where are you?
    Băiat = boy
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    Pele-la-Kali was falling and he felt his muscles tense up. A feeling he was not unfamiliar with. He had trained for this. Every year he took a trip. "Trip inwards till the very boundaries of self" as his master called it. He had done it 3 times now. Each year on the shortest night of summer Pele-la-Kali together with his master tested themselves. It started with not breathing until yourself collapsed. It took a lot of willpower and almost a full day for Pele-la-Kali to pull it off for the first time. Then they would see how long they can stay awake, how long they can go without drinking and eating. Pele-la-Kali knew himself better with each time. He knew he could hold his breath ten minutes before he lost his consciousness. He knew he could go four days without a single drop of water. A whole week without sleeping. And lastly four weeks without eating. His master said all of his results were under the average of what a witch hunter should have. None of that mattered to Pele-la-Kali. This test meant he knew exactly he's own limit. And as long as he knew where he stood he could plan. Devise a strategy. Nothing was without weakness. He also had done all kind of other things his master called training. But Pele-la-Kali could only call them torture. In the past four years, he had felt more pain than most men in their whole lives. Also, he lost his consciousness more times than he could count.

    This was the first time he valued all that pain and suffering. His body was stiff and unmovable by will, but he could feel regaining some movement already while falling down. His hand was on his dagger that was stripped by his side. An extension of his own fingers when drawn. Extensions laced with the same poison as the arrows. But this Vrăjitoare! She was beyond all of his expectations. Even with all the preparations and caution, he had taken he had made a dire mistake. He should have never tied her hands like he did. He should have never imagined he could come up with his own method how to transport her. He had to do the same thing every witch hunter had done for generations now. When Vrăjitoare was so powerful and evil, they would feel she was able to even escape death and keep bringing chaos to the world. That's when hunters a long time ago came up with a way to transport Vrăjitoare. Dragging them where they needed to Silver's chain's other end around their neck. Choking them out of oxygen and not allowing them to rip the chain itself in pieces as it burned their flesh and was unbreakable by Vrăjitoare hands. That's when they berried them. Head first in a grave never allowing them to get out. Or dumping them in a river silver chain around they're neck and a big rock on the other side. That way they would never really live but would not die either at least not fully. Vrăjitoare healed themselves on most occasions when close to death. As far as Kali knew there were two ways to kill them. First being beheading and second eating their heart. Kali could not imagine a creature that deserved such a fate. That's why he hoped carrying her would have been an option. Now, quite possibly he would die of his kind heart. Just another opportunity for his master to point out he would never be a good witch hunter.

    That's when unexpected happened. Something he could have never predicted or imagined. Vrăjitoare was making the same mistake he was. She was underestimating him. Her hands raised in the air ready to crush his chest along with his lungs she stopped to talk. That was more of an opening he ever needed as soon as the word "Băiat" had left her mouth the hand with his dagger in it stabbed her in the neck. He masterfully landed the blade, between a link of the chain. Making it sure he would not make a wound that would be deadly. That would only make her healing faster. She froze instantly. The poison being, so close to her head worked instantly. And it took all his strength to push her off him. He quickly picked her up once again and this time he talked while in a very fast pace he kept moving towards the road. "I'm sorry. I know you meant no harm for the people around you. But I have to do this. And there was no other way to make this less painful for you. But please bear with me."

    They walked out into a clearing with a road on it and a horse tied to a tree. It was a big black horse. One for working fields not fast travel. He walked up to the horse and quickly tied another silver chain to horses settle. Then he tied the two chains together connecting her to the horse. "Well you are quite stronger than I imagined so I have to do this to for extra caution." Arther those words Kali took another silver chain out of the settle bag. Quite shorter than the other two and more fragile looking too. Then he tied her ankles together leaving just enough space to make half of a stride. He took a leaf out of his satchel and looked his prey right in the eyes. "Here is the deal. I think you're more human than most humans. Most would just take what they want if they had your power. So I'm gonna place this leaf under your tongue and it will counter the effects of my poison. When that happens you're gonna get on your feet and we will start walking. If I see anything resembling escape. If you do anything funny I will make my good friend over here scamper. That's what any other witch hunter would have done from the very start. But I'm giving you the chance to save some of your dignity. It's up to you to take what you can."

    He placed the leaf under her tongue. Hurting her made him feel bad about himself. She never done anything to him. As far as he knew she never had done anything bad to anyone. But well he needed her for his plans. Progress takes sacrifice.
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    "OW! You wretched animal!" Sorina bore her teeth; her blue eyes were glaring, mirroring his dark browns. She desperately wanted to pull out the dagger, but the hunter would not allow for another mistake to happen. He yanked her form and snatched her up once more, taking off to the roads. Goodness! This man wasn't a man, but a persistent scumbag! They were living in times of peace. For what reason would he possibly need her assistance for? If Sorina were to take a couple of wild guesses, either he was some crazy thrill-seeker who desired payment for finding a rarity, or he wanted to use her for an upcoming battle. She couldn't pinpoint the reason just yet, mostly because the poor woman was getting harmed left and right. What malice! What a selfish fool! She could probably come up with hundreds of more names, but right now she was more concerned for her safety and survival.

    Sorry? No other way of making this procedure less painful? Of course, there was another way! Talking to her like a civilized human being, for starters, was a far better option than pissing someone off. "You don't have the right to do this! Please think about what you're doing!"

    The Vrăjitoare grunted angrily. She hated being vulnerable in the clutches of her enemy. The trudge was discomforting as they were nearing the horses. Her eyes played tricks on her due to the poison's work. The landscape in front of her was rocking back and forth. This time, the hunter learned his lesson the first time and made haste with her so that she couldn't counter and escape. Precaution was necessary for him. Even if she was at a disadvantage and her vision was disorienting, her will was unyielding. However, as soon her blues trailed to see those annoying, silver chains again, her stomach instantly churned. She could not withstand any more of the intolerable pain of her burning flesh. If only she had those damn chains, she would teach him a lesson for sure!

    Once he wrapped the chains around her ankles, Sorina shrieked loudly and winced afterward. Her hunter then forced her down on top of the horse so that she had nowhere to run. Her head was spinning, and the poison continued to numb the side of her neck. The male was damn lucky that she was injured right now. After being hit by a poisoned arrow along with a stab to the neck, she was rendered immobile, which validated that any kind of trust between them was null and void. No matter if she agreed right there on the spot to avoid any other confrontations, his snake-like ways really rubbed her wrong in so many ways. Sympathy gave way to him when he finally gave her the benefit of the doubt and placed the leaf underneath her tongue to battle the poison. It wasn't an easy fix, but it was something. For now, the Vrăjitoare had to endure this crazy, contrived plan of his. Protejați-mă, Părinte*, she thought to herself. She briefly glanced over her shoulder as she absorbed the image of her familiar fields. Who knew when she was planning to come back. That was not for her to decide--at least not for now. If the man wasn't careful though the townspeople would catch on, that her sudden disappearance wasn't kosher, and as a result, the witch hunt would commence, in rescuing Sorina from this intruder. Let's hope he had other plans up his sleeve for successful evasion out of the Romanian town in one piece.

    Romanian Phrases and Terms
    Protejați-mă, Părinte = Protect me, Father
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    Pele-la-Kali was walking the captured Vrăjitoare like she was a slave in time, of war. The black horse walked a steady pace on the side of the road. Horses breathing was accompanied by the sound of silver chains hitting against each other. The air was filled with stench, of burning flesh. Pele-la-Kali would not wish a fate like that on anyone, but he knew she can take it. And yet her form and the way she walked and talked was so human he could hardly believe she would be capable of witchcraft. His stomach was turning inside out. He pulled down kerchief that was covering his mouth and let out a disgraceful puke. This was mainly because of the stench and seeing the woman in front of him suffer. But the thing that really had pushed him over the borders was noticing that some steam is rising up from her wounds - steam made from her blood reacting with silver.

    He knew she noticed him puke and that made him uneasy. Any kind of weakness or sympathy was dangerous. He knew how easy he could get off, his goals just because of his weak heart. That had also been the reason he had tried to avoid speaking too much with her. He wanted to avoid being personal with her. How could someone not feel for her? As far as he knew she had never done anything bad to anyone. Actually, he even knew she had helped many. But the ones who feel fear are the ones who live the longest. They are the ones who put themselves in best possible position in the safest spot. That was than Pele-la-Kali was doing now. She was under control for now and he felt like he could even get off with being weak. "I have thought about this for weeks now. Believe me, I have tried to find a reason for you being evil or corrupt as the people call you Vrăjitoare. But regarding you, I have not found one. However, even if you were the saint Mary herself he has her and he will kill her unless I take you in. So one move that will make me suspicious and the horse will start galloping pulling you in the chain like a sack of sand."

    He did not say a single word since then and just kept walking now his kerchief over his nose as well trying to suppress the smell of burning flesh. After they had walked for an hour or so he took his bow in hand and pulled an arrow on it's string. Another poisoned arrow that soon after found it's target. It was a man's shoulder. He did barely graze it, but that seemed to make the man furious he pulled his swords and charged at them. Pele made a weird sound towards his horse and it froze even with the angry man charging toward it. Couple of feet before he reached them, the man hit the ground his body paralyzed just like the witch was a while back. Only that fool would be paralyzed for half a day or so before he would regain his own body. He pulled the man off the road and gave the horse a sign to keep walking. And so it did. Soon night fell over them and there would not be travelers then. Pele-la-Kali light up a torch to see the road and helped the witch on his horse. After that Pele-la-Kali started to run in light pace and with that so did his horse. "If you hurt the horse I can deliver you without your eyes!" That had felt like an appropriate warning as she had zapped him at the first chance and now could be doing the same thing to his trusting horse. The way he ran looked quite alien as he moved matching hand with the matching leg in sync. When he took a step with his right leg he also swung his right arm in the same direction. Pele-la-Kali knew very well it looked weird and it threw off, his balance while running but he knew it would make his body sway less and with that consume less energy. That came in quite handy as they kept going for the whole night and took a turn off the main road only when the sun was already rising. There he did not have to worry about meeting anyone and he stopped the run. About half an hour later they came to a very strange house. He took her behind it and there was a silver cage it seemed to be halfway inside a pile of sand.

    Once again a sharp pain hit the woman as a dagger was pushed in her body this time her leg. Her body stiffed up again and quickly Pele-la-Kali moved her to the cage. Undid all the silver chains and closed the cage behind her. "I suggest not moving too much under that sand is silver bars. I'm sure you don't want to meet those!" The young man left towards the house where he disappeared into. The layer of sand really was not much. Feet and a half at the best. Twisting and turning a lot would make the sand scatter and with that, the sliver bars on the bottom of cage would eventually be on top of the pile forcing her to stay on them. A torture device in a sense. It was harmless now when you did not move. But that would drive anyone mad quite fast. The fear of the pain and all the despair that comes with it. All the focus needed to stay still and yet sleeping could be dangerous too. Quite some time passed until he returned to her. The sun was at the peak of it's height scorching the cage and it's inhabitant. Pele-la-Kali squatted down next to the cage. He passed through the bars a cup of cold herbal tea. "You have to tell me what you know. Start with anything I might think is interesting. Where do I find other Vrăjitoare? How do you control magical creatures? Can someone bind Vrăjitoare to his will? He said if you give us good information he is letting my sister and you to go free!" His eyes seemed like they were made out of glass as he said the last sentence. Like he had to believe it to stay at least a bit sane. Like that was his only hope.
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    The pungent smells of burning flesh weren't going to vanish anytime soon. Sorina heeded to her hunter's warnings and endured the pain during the discomforting ride. Last time she checked, these specific methods reminded her of Medieval times and the torture they would inflict upon their prisoners. Was she such a dangerous threat to him? Did he need to turn to such methods? She wanted to talk in the first place and reason with him. Of course with a poisoned arrow and dagger to the neck, anyone could see that it was common sense to defend oneself in matters of life and death! She wasn't going to forgive him anytime soon, not until he started acting like an adult! One thing was for sure, the man was not a local. Sorina had no idea of where he came from and how he tracked her down specifically to get to the Romanian town. She could only think that he was in trouble or was in desperate need of her help since she was a Vrăjitoare. Too bad for him, if he'd approach her with more tact and politeness, he may have had a shot, but even if she had to go through more torture and pain, so be it. Two could play that game.

    Sudden sounds of puking brought a snicker to the woman's face. Yes, even as her skin was sizzling and smoking, she found a kind of satisfying humor in him not being able to withstand the horrible smell, which made her wonder if this man has faced many adversaries. Probably not. She didn't picture him to be a gallant warrior, but an annoying, weaselly thief, and archer, perhaps a weird hybrid of the two. Whoever trained him did an impressive job, but something about his execution was lacking that finesse. At best, she rated him as a decent amateur. He was just lucky he knocked her up good with that poison. It still remained in her system and continued to irk her.

    Along the way, he took down one of the locals. Her captor sounded a signal for the horse to come to a dead halt. He wouldn't risk having a bystander take notice of the situation, so he just took care of business and went on his way. Poor fellow, Sorina thought. Now, this hunter was even more of a mystery. She wasn't entirely coherent when he barked at her a couple of more times to be in compliance. She was surprised and raised an eyebrow when he mentioned the possible thought of her harming the horse. Please, the horse is not the one who needs to be harmed, you dimwit!

    The horse's pace slowed some as they approached their destination. Sorina's mind was still a little fuzzy as if she were tipsy from the disorientation thanks to the poison messing with her. They passed a vacant little house and moved toward the back. Her eyes were trying to focus on her surroundings. A particular silver cage was prepared, big enough for a large animal to be inside of it, but she didn't expect to be treated like one. Shit. Again with the silver. Then, a sharp sting surged through her leg. That bastard struck her again! "YOU ARE OUT YOUR MIND! HOW DARE YOU!" What she would give to punch his lights out! How unfortunate she was to be in such a vulnerable state. A small trail of blood trickled down her leg as the dagger stayed intact, breaking through muscle and skin. Delightful.

    Powerful arms forcefully took the Vrăjitoare off the horse and acted quickly by dropping her inside the box. Before she dared to impulsively strike back at her captor, he warned her about moving around, for if she did, the sands would give way to another set of silvery chains. They were nestled underneath the thick coat, but the hunter planned it as so, so that in case if she tried to lash out, her punishment would follow. This man was sick. No hospitality; she was to sleep outside and endure a night of not bathing or using the restroom. At this point, she didn't care if she had to piss herself. That would add on to the list of beautiful odors he would have to sniff, anyway. Sorina growled and turned her back on him, doing her best not to touch the bars, for they reminded her that she could still be harmed by them. She caressed her injured leg, trying to enjoy the quiet, now that he disappeared from her sight. Her eyes were too strained and her body became fatigued. Her eyelids would slowly fall and welcomed whatever rest she could get. Throughout the night, her skin would heal itself, but the scars would remain on her body for some time.

    The next day, the heat was unkind as her white stained gown began to slowly cling to her form. With a disgruntled sigh, she slowly shifted her weight and turned around. Right at the same time, she immediately saw her captor making his way toward the cage. He was brave to come close to her. Her eyes were daggers, staring at him. Then, he fired away with questions left and right. As he did, he slipped a cup of tea through the bars. She snatched it out of his hands and downed it within a few seconds then threw it back at him, huffing out in frustration. Hearing him spew out nonsense made her break out into laughter.

    "You fool. Don't be stupid. We don't control magical creatures." She folded her arms over her chest, continuing, "also, I have no intention of telling you ANYTHING. After what you've done to me, you think I care about your problems? Go to hell, you stupid human!" She flipped him off in defiance and clenched her jaw tightly. She didn't believe him one bit. He struck her three times and forced her into a cage. She had a hard time believing that he would let her go. If he had to continue with these torturous games, then so be it. She was ready for another round. However, if he ever decided to treat her with respect, at least she would give him the decency of telling her name, but even THAT seemed too good of a deal.
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    Her reply did not surprise Pele-la-Kali. So far that had been all he had seen from that woman. A strong will and a very passionate mind. From the stories of them, he had assumed they are more logical creatures. But well having magical powers was not very logical so what did he expect? "Very well till tomorrow then." At that Pele-la-Kali took the empty cup back got up from his full heel squat and walked back inside the house.

    Pele-la-Kali knew this was not a sprint. He had infinite time to break her. At least that is what that Vrăjitoare had to believe for now. He knew she could not see through his lie about being forced to do this. Kali had lied to his master over the past year many times. If he had to choose one attribute about himself as his best. It had to be his capability to lie in any situation. He had set the foundation for the lie now he just needed the perfect moment to push it over the border. He took a nap and went on to his regular daily training. The first half of the day spending in his master study, that he had been ordered to stay out of. But well it was time for all or nothing. If his master saw what he was doing here he most likely would just kill Kali in cold blood. The second half he spent training his body and will. Then finally, his body aching and his mind blank, from all the thinking, Kali went to sleep. He was up at the first ray of sun. He made himself breakfast and then spent some time on preparing the blandest bowl of porage ever created by man. It tasted of nothing. Just a mass that could compete with hay in its ability to satisfy her tongue. He wanted to go out there, he had run through million of things to say how to try and convince her. And yet when the sun was up in the sky, warning of a scorching hot day, he came out in his full gear his face covered. Hi was serious and his gaze was as emotionless and bland as ever. This time he was carrying a bowl and the same cup. He placed them both in front of her. "Tomorrow you are getting nothing if you don't answer." This time only one question that he knew would anger her. And also a one he knew the answer to so he would know of is she lies. "Tell me all the ways to kill a Vrăjitoare." Her reply did not surprise Kale and he spilled the tray she had not touched yet in the sand. He took both trays and left inside, the house.

    He passed his day the same way as yesterday. Training and more training. The third day he came out in the middle of the day as always and this time with nothing for her he asked. "Tell me all the ways to kill a Vrăjitoare." Nothing of use again. Everything was going to his plan. He knew she would hold on at least this long. Her willpower was more than his own. Her spite and her power were incredible. A human living in her conditions would have gone either insane or badly hurt by not changing his position for so long.

    The days seemed to blend together for Kali the same routine again. He knew it must be affecting her. And his time was of the essence as well. He decided to strike at her will on the fourth day. The sun came up and slowly reached the point at, which Kali visited her once again. Just as yesterday he did not carry anything for her. But this time when he squatted down at the cage he undid his hood and took off his kerchief. It revealed a face that was not formed as a means yet. It barely spun a hair or two on his chin. And his brown hair was cut very short. He looked exactly as he did 4 years ago. Only change being that now his cheerful smile was replaced by the expression of a man carrying a very heavy burden. A burden so heavy his cheeks and eyes seemed to have retreated deeper in his skull leaving dark circles under his eyes. "Look at my face Vrăjitoare. This is the last face you will see. Tomorrow is your last chance. Tomorrow it is your life or my sisters. If you fail I have to take your life and find another in your place." Kali's face took on an even more depressed expression. He got up on his legs and spoke again. "Please I have everything to lose and you have nothing to gain by resisting besides feeding your short term emotions. You are supposed to be of great age and with that wisdom. You clearly hold great power to go through all of this suffering and still be so strong. I give you time to think till tomorrow." Kali left towards house once again. This time no training followed. Only the preparations for the next day. And it was a long shot. More than a long shot this plan was more than unpredictable. But well if he did succeed it would bind the Vrăjitoare to his will. To a certain degree. It was not like Kali to take risks but he was rushing. He could see his own goals materializing in front of him. It was very hard to stay calm and collected.

    The sun was up in the sky again. This time Kali walked out without his hood. His face was as worried as ever and he was carrying a big stone bowl this time. He set it to the cage as close as he could then took a knife out of it. At the bottom of the bowl, there was a foul stinking solution that was in a dark green shade. "The herbs blessed by the sign of Lover and Serpent. The right herbs for bounding our hearts together." Kali cut his own hand and then set the knife on the furthers side of the bow from him. In a reaching distance for the Vrăjitoare. "All that is missing is your blood and your power to complete the spell. To tie our hearts together by fate. Do the spell and we both will share the same fate. When one of us die so does the other. This way you will know I will share the interest in your survival and I will be able to let you out of the cage. It was not easy to give you this opportunity. Please do take it so you don't have to perish in your own piss in a middle of nowhere, damning someone to the same fate later on. Please, I don't think I can do it! But if I don't kill you he will kill my sister. Please don't make me do it." Kali seemed desperate and on the verge of crying. It all was a masterful act after all. If he could not play on logic he would on her emotions.
  9. Fея

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    For someone having infinite time, her captor was certainly anything but patient. Somewhere along his way, the man messed up and was in need desperate of help. Though, whose true fault was it? Sorina had never met the man before. She couldn't comprehend why he needed her help so badly and immediately until now. He must have researched and trained prior with someone who knew all the ins and outs of the esoteric before capturing her. However, it was clear that he was still a boy and immature. His mannerisms showed agitation rather easily. Though his facade showed otherwise-- a rugged hardened complexion with pain behind those eyes. However, he would test her willpower, to see if he could break her to that tipping point. Prostule.* Eating was the least of her worries. She would be able to endure whatever came her way. Such was the way of a Vrăjitoare, misunderstood and shunned. This was one of the reasons why she chose to isolate herself from busy towns and preferred a quiet remote village of Romania. Still, with her current predicament, neither would budge; they were equally stubborn. If only her hunter had the sense to have a hint of hospitality, then she would be more obliged to open up, but for now, she closed herself up.

    His direct instigation, wanting to know how to kill one of her kind, made her really suspicious. He was leaving many details out, and for that, she wasn't going to cooperate. Perhaps her own counter toward him was feeding him fire with fire, a taste of his own medicine. When he threw a fit and purposely wasted the bowl of porridge in front of her face, her eyes were deadpan, still and indifferent. Sorina didn't make a big deal about it and would endure temporary discomfort. Luckily, the weather was feasible for now during her imprisonment. She still refused to give him answers that he needed due to his lack of civility. So, she fought back with her own resolve. He needed to have more humility, but as she observed from before, he was just a young man in pain, with his own demons. She wasn't going to pry into his life, but if he really wanted her assistance, he needed to be direct with her about his dire urge to use her. Her eyes scanned his face once more; his heart wasn't all full of malice, despite all those crude tactics, but she still didn't appreciate the way he was treating her.

    By day four, the sun was unforgiving and the brunette was parched with thirst. Had she not been a supernatural, any human would have broken down, but she had enough discipline and mental stamina to take a few more days of this utter nonsense playing prisoner. It was only a matter of time before one of them would do something to push the other over the edge. When the two met again, he could see that her silhouette was pitiful. Of course, not having anything to eat or drink would dimish and devitalize the human body of necessities that one needed for survival. She was starting to get affected, but only by a little bit. The hunter, on the other hand, had dark circles under his eyes. His face was not entirely visible since he kept his cloak on. His impatience was growing more apparent every day. With a mocking tone, she looked right into the man's eyes, challenging him, impassive by his threats. "Wonderful then. I cannot wait, Băiat."

    Then, his next words registered in her mind; his true purpose came out. His sister's life was at stake. However, why couldn't he have said that in the first place like any normal, functioning human? Perhaps it was his code. To live a life of an assassin, there had to have been secrets, deceit and immoral instances that became burdens for him. Sorina clenched her jaw some and sat in the unbearable heat. The white fabric of her dress changed into a darker cream with bits of dried blood from a few days ago. Sunt dezgustat.* Her body was taking third-degree sunburns. She growled lowly and would shrug off the irritable pain. Would she tell herself to stop playing around and give in to her captor, this boy who had so much to learn about the world? Or would she continue to push him to the point of madness? Sure, she might have lived on this Earth for centuries, but to her, she wanted to be treated like a human. She told herself she was to give up fighting. There wasn't a rush or a need for it, but somehow, that wasn't the case for him. Her stomach began to churn, groaning, wanting food, but she shut everything off, pulled her knees close to her chest, trying her best not to touch those hidden chains settled within the sands and laid her worn face on top of her knees to force herself to sleep in this state of displeasure.

    Day Five. In total, Sorina had a total of twelve hours of sleep. She must have lost a few pounds; her appearance was rather grotesque from not bathing and being sunburnt. Luckily, by God's grace, she was saved by light rain that came last night. She took every opportunity to enjoy what was given to her. This time, both hunter and hunted were about even with one another. Her physique was weak and tired while he was challenged, mentally, to see if his patience would last with her. She took notice of his face again. Uncloaked this time. He would see the dark circles under her eyes this time. Would he finally let her go?

    Her eyes briefly looked up to take a good look at his face. Handsome. Then, her blues traveled down and widened at what she saw: the bowl. Her nose hairs picked up those familiar scented herbs. She wanted to recoil back. She knew what was happening. Her eyes were charged with anger and she was astonished to see him take this bold action. "You are aware of the consequences, Băiat. You would come so far to do this, for what? You are selfish, you know. You keep me in this cage. Your communication is shit. Please reconsider what you are doing. You don't need to do this. Just let me out, and we can talk about your situation. You do not need to be so dramatic. You are the one who is about to make a terrible mistake if you do not listen to me. Put that knife away, let me take care of your wound, and we will talk."

    She did her best to scoot her withered, feebled body toward the front. She almost touched the silver bars, but then made the snap decision to retract her reach and sighed. "Please...enough is enough. I will help you as much as I can, but I won't be able to fight your battle. I have given up on that for many years. I am knowledgeable about many things and I am aware of other Vrăjitoares. I suggest that you do not be reckless, young one. I certainly don't want to die because of your stupidity. Now...let me out," she said in an austere tone, commanding respect of the hunter.
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    Kali got closer to the silver bars while she was speaking. He was staring her down in quite the disbelief. That was until she got up in his face almost slamming herself in the silver bars. Then he was staring her right in the face. His eyes were full of hate all of a sudden none of the previous despair present. "I know very well how the spell is supposed to work." His open palm slammed against the cage. "You can call me selfish and stupid and whatever you want. It does not matter one bit. Because I am those things... even more than you can realize. I am very selfish! I would even say narcissistic. I always get what I want no matter how long it takes and what sacrifice is needed."

    Kali started to walk around the cage slowly always walking away from her gaze. Staring like a tiger ready to strike as soon as the eyes are taken from him. That left her with a choice to move and follow his movements or stay still and feel his gaze shooting stares at the back of her head. Moving around could mean breaking the already so thin layer of sand protecting her from burning her flesh. "You truly seem the stupid one of us two. Being stuck in a cage soaked in your own blood and piss. Starving, burnt, thirsty and now assuming I do not know what is going on. You see a week or a month might seem like nothing to you, your long life has many of those. I would say even too many. But for me... well, since the time my parents were killed in front of me and my sister I don't care ether. Time is meaningless same as my life. I thought it was my calling to protect my sister. You see what happened to us did not affect her that much., she was still young. But now it seems that I am the one who is putting her in danger. Because I have a set of skills evil men wishes to abuse. Same goes for you. In all honesty, if I could give my life for my sister I would do it. A small price to pay. But it is not that easy."

    "They have my weakness so they can control me." Kali picked up the knife when he was passing by the bowl. And now he kept walking around the cage the tip of the knife carelessly hitting the bars he passed. "It's pretty funny how you say you will help me in any way but manage to exclude everything I need, of you. The time has arrived. You will make me your weakness and you will fight by my side and if you wish to survive you will succeed not just fight! And you are deciding now." The knife flew between the bars and landed right between her feet the blade sticking in the sand. "Simple choice. You fall in line and do what I tell you or you die. And by die I mean get tied together with chains, have your belly filled with stones and thrown into the ocean behind us." Kali clapped his hands. "Common! Faster I don't have all day. If you refuse I still have to dispose of you and find another in your place!"
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    If it weren't for the fact that the hunter's sister was in danger, perhaps it would have been best that he finish the Vrăjitoare off. True, she had lived and breathed and seen numerous amounts of wars, riots and the sort--she was done with it all! However, just how much did he know about Sorina and her kind? He was laser focused on linking his bond, despite the repercussions. He didn't care--he didn't care about lots of things it seemed, but she knew it was the bitterness and anger in his tone that was ruling his mind. Five days took forever. Sorina would make a mental note to teach such a stubborn and imprudent human the meaning of patience. His bluff put her on slight edge when he circled around the cage. At least she could see that many things did not faze him, especially when the murder of his parents didn't affect him very much. Sorina was also going to try to gain some sense into him and not just fight blindly for his own damn selfish reasons. They might as well be digging their own graves early on this prospective mission. They wouldn't be able to accomplish much if that were the case, no mater if he was he clever and skillful in his bag of tricks. Such fundamentals needed to be established.

    She didn't care that he called her stupid for being in a cage, but it was mostly to teach him a lesson. Nevermind that she looked like shit and had dark circles underneath her eyes--she wanted to see if he could handle her insubordination. He was outright rude for taking her prisoner and treating her as such. She was reserving her energy and strength for another time when she would actually need it. Maybe it was time that she teach him a lesson for kidnapping her. If he was so confident in understanding the cause and effect of the spell, then so be it.

    Sorina let out a slow, delayed laugh when the knife flung through the narrow bars which landed at her feet. Her clear blues were dead set on him as she continued to laugh in a maniacal fashion. She seized the handle of the knife in her right hand and stood up clumsily, and steadied herself within a few seconds. The lack of food and water was starting to show. She then opened up and splayed out her left hand, revealing the inside of her palm and without a moment too soon, the Vrăjitoare, made a nice gash across her inside palm, allowing the blood to surface up and contrast against her white flesh. The pain didn't really faze her; she returned the favor and flung the knife back at the young hunter. She staggered some toward the front of the cage, and made sure to not touch the silver. However, with a quick flick of her left wrist, a bit of her blood landed and made contact on his right cheek.

    "All right, Băiat. I will agree to this contract, BUT," she snapped for a moment, "don't say I didn't warn you. I figure we can talk once this stupid spell is over and you let me out of this miserable cage. I hope your body is ready and willing to accept me," she snickered and stood more proudly in her grotesque and savage form.

    "Your turn, Băiat..." She raised up her bloodied palm toward him, huffing out through her nostrils. She was not at all satisfied with the predicament, but perhaps in the future, even if he would he be her weakness, she would find a way to help this tormented and complex soul, to ensure of their survival for the days to come. "Remember, I am doing this for your sister and for you--to save you from yourself." She calmed herself down, pushed away her vexation, and awaited for the spell to commence.
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    A drop of blood landed on his cheek and he almost smiled at how theatric the woman was. This so called stupid spell was an ancient spell to bond two souls and hearts together. Historically used only by the most passionate lovers. Said that the love they feel for each other reflect in their souls and the passion they feel would reflect in their hearts making it thousand folds as strong. Making them feel the pain the other feels. Making them feel the pleasure the other feels. And making them die if one dies. It was even told in some books that if the lovers did not love each other anymore the heartbreak could get so strong they died out of it. While other books claimed this kind of perversion would kill one's soul by merging it with other. Creating a Wraith when they die. But Kali had a different theory. The part about feeling the pain and everything else for each other were true there was no question about it. But the feeling. He knew he could ignore whatever she threw his way. Since the night his family died until now. He had no more feelings left. All the anger, hate and even the joy of this world was out of his body. Only purpose and a goal that was always on his mind remained. And this woman was just a means to his ends. He would take whatever he wants no matter the cost! No matter the pain no matter his own life. He would gamble them both on the most insane bet anyone had ever made. And this spell that was a gamble in itself was just the first step.

    Kali took the knife and slit his palm open like it was nothing he grabbed the herbs and they got soaked from his wound. He just said "My body has no say in this! And no one can save anyone from me! Including myself." His eyes took on a new glow. Ones that did not see any sorrow ones that had forgotten about the lies he had told her to get this far. They were eyes of triumph. But it was too late as his palm pressed in hers and the spell was cast. Purple lightning shot of Sorina and into Kali and white glowing mist flew out of Kali's eyes and into Sorinas mouth. Kali felt the spell had taken its effect as he immediately could feel her hunger and thirst. Followed by the pain of not moving for so long. He staggered a little bit and her hand touched the silver bars. Kali dropped to his knees letting go of her. The skin under his clothing was partying its way and getting burnt. With all that Kali almost did not notice. But his shoulders felt heavier and his knees hurt a bit, his back was stiff and the very bottom oh his eyes saw that his upper lip was now covered in a thick mustache. His chin felt a lot warmer too same as his whole face even the hair was falling into his eyes and over his shoulders completly out of control. His gaze raised up from the ground towards Sorina and just eyes burning with purpose could be seen between the long messy hair. His arms and legs seemed thicker and his whole body sturdier. He had gotten one thing that affected Sorina. One thing he could have never imagined to get burdened with by this spell.... TIME!

    There was no more boy in front of her. There was a man in his 30's. His hair and beards grew out like he had not shaved for the last 10 years. His fingernails were at least an inch over his fingertips and his clothing seemed like they were on the border of falling apart. The man slowly rose from his kneeling position and opened the gate. Even with all the pain, his body was taken, there was only one thought on his mind. FOCUS! He could feel hate and anger coming from her but he ignored it. Just cold unemotional calculation. That was all that life was to him now. Only the goal mattered.

    His body broken and hurting he still managed to get the woman on his arms and started to carry her towards the house. "You need to recover. Time is of the essence we have only two days before we have to leave. Or it will be another year before we get a chance."
  13. Fея

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    No matter if the hunter had his sights on the mission, Sorina was going to have a hard time connecting with the boy. Yes, in her eyes, he was still an impatient, brash and selfish man-child. What he would have to realize was that this partnership wasn't going to work right away. They had to be in-tune and establish a sense of trust. Right now, that trust was an absolute zero, even more so in the negative range. He flat out lied to her. He forced her out of her hometown and brought her into his own perilous predicament. How in the world were they going to work together if he continued on keeping secrets from her?

    Bet he wasn't expecting years to be taken off of him. A snicker formed on the Vrăjitoare's sickly visage. Served him right for deceiving her. His triumph was but ephemeral. Currently, Sorina was barely keeping herself up within the constraints of the cage. Her vision was fading in and out of focus, but she was certainly enjoying his new grotesque appearance. Now, they were both comparatively ugly. She was filthy and parched with thirst while he was unkempt and needed a decent shave. They weren't exactly even, but she was satisfied for now. He needed to feel this pain, the discomfort that she endured for the past five days. She needed that retribution so that he could feel that weight of his burden.

    While the goal was of great significance to him, both parties needed to rest. The burly and bearded hunter would hear the witch groan with distaste. She didn't trust him. She didn't know when she would, ever. And right now, she didn't want to be handled by him, but she had no choice. All she knew was that if he wasn't going to start making more rational decisions, Sorina would butt heads with him again. Death was waiting for his chance to get the hunter. She had a sneaky suspicion that the human already opened up Pandora's Box and had some intense, near-death encounters himself. Maybe luck was on his side.

    Whether they were going to work together, willingly or vice versa, she would expect him to tell her the truth. Otherwise, they would be quarreling for what would seem like an eternity, especially with him putting up with her complaints and distrust. Interestingly enough, she wondered if his lack of patience would be able to handle her 'emotions.'

    For now, there was one thing they did agree on: sleep. For the sake of not arguing, she pushed her displeasure aside and allowed him to carry her back to the house. These next two days would test them both. They could possibly try again for a tolerable compromise or accept the fact that they would be forever foes, and be at each others' throats. He thought it was going to be an easy task to take down a Vrăjitoare. However, in the end, it wasn't so much that his spell made him a winner, but the fact that Sorina would regain her strength back. Even though time was of the essence, she would be strategizing her owns plans of attack on the hunter, unless he was planning to be straightforward with her. If he wasn't going to let go of his pride, then maybe killing him would free him of his mad bloodlust and desire of obtaining that goal that he harbored within himself.
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    He looked at the broken up woman and he felt every injury she had and every need of hers. But even with that, he felt this overwhelming need to sleep. So he did. He woke up not long after and the first thing he noticed was this... in words not describable problem. It was like his fatigue had forgotten to be a factor. He did not feel tired, but his limbs were heavy and he coughed a low off before he got up. He very soon realized what was the problem... he had aged so many years in a flash after all. If it had taken its natural course he probably would not even notice. But now he knew he was much slower and tired way quicker than he used to. He took his sharpest dagger and cleared most of his hair and beard off. He did not do a clean shave as he felt his now oldened face would seem better with some hair on it.


    He made some lazy pancakes from milk that was going bad anyway and ate three of them. They tasted good and was hearty and sweet. Just what he had needed. There was four left for when Sorina would wake up. He was surprised how much peace he could feel from her sleeping body. Also, he was quite surprised how bad the order had gotten. Her clothing was the biggest part of the problem so with her still passed out he cut off most of it from her. He really did not think of her as of a woman but it still made him a bit sad to see how far he had pushed her body. To say the least in the state she was right now he felt more of a pitty than affection towards her. When he was done with cutting the cloth off he got a blanket and covered her up. Then he found some loose robelike clothing she could use for now and filled the bath with hot water. Quickly the room was getting filled with the heat from the stove and cleared the smells in the air with the raising steam from the pots of water Kali was heating for her. The bath was done and she was still sleeping so he walked up to her and moved his hand towards her trying to touch her cheek very gently and saying in a quite voice to not startle her. "Sorina.... Sorina... it is time to wake up. I have a bath and breakfast ready for you. Sorina wakes up."

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