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 BBcode Basics

Discussion in 'Guides and Information' started by Scarlet RN, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Scarlet RN

    Scarlet RN BBCode Queen Community Helpers

    BBcode Basics

    Hello there!

    I’ve already made two other guides relating to BBcode and I’ve come to realize that in none of my guides have I really explained what BBcode is or the basic rules behind it. That’s where this guide comes in. I’m hoping this guide will fill in the gaps that some of my other guides might have created in anyone’s understanding of bbcode.

    Some Simple Rules:
    • BBcode uses brackets - not parenthesis and not the greater than or less than signs.

    • BBcode is very similar to HTML code although it’s simplified in most cases.

    • From what I know, bbcode’s use is mostly limited to forums so it’s not something that is really useful in many other places; however, it can be used as a bridge to learning HTML which is used all over the internet.

    • Every bbcode will have an opening code which will mark where the effect of the bbcode starts and a closing code which will mark where the effect of the bbcode ends. The closing code will always contain a backslash prior to the name of the code.

    • Most bbcodes available on Black Dahlia are codes that have buttons designated to them. This means that if you’re using the rich text editor (RTE) and you highlight text and then click the “B” button, then the editor is automatically inserting the bold effect bbcode for you.

    • If you’re ok with using the buttons and you are not looking to use tabs and/or multi-leveled lists, then there really honestly isn’t much reason to learn bbcode at all.
    The Basic Codes:
    • Bold: Ok. You want to make something bold without highlighting it and clicking the button. That’s easy. Just type this: [b]Here you put the text you want to make bolded[/b]. The “[b]” is your opening tag and the “[/b]” is your closing tag. Anything in between those two tags will be bolded when you click post.

    • Underline: Ok. You want to underline something without having to highlight it and click the underline button. That’s easy. Just type this: [u]Here you put the text you want to underline[/u]. The “[u]” is your opening tag and the “[/u]” is your closing tag. Anything in between those two tags will be underlined when you click post.

    • Italicize: Ok. You want to italicize something without having to highlight it and click the italicize button. That’s easy. Just type this: [i]Here you put the text you want to italicize[/i]. The “[i]” is your opening tag and the “[/i]” is your closing tag. Anything in between those two tags will be italicized when you click post.

    • Alignment: Ok. You want to either a.) align something on the right of the post or b.) center something in the middle of the post. That’s easy. Your opening tag will consist of either [right] or [center]. After your opening tag, you put the text that you want to align either right or centered. Then your closing tag is either [/right] or [/center].

      Please note that with this code, there is also an option to align left. However, left alignment is the default and so the code is not needed.

    • Slash-through: So, you want to cross something out rather than simply erasing it? This code lets you do that. Your opening code is [s]. Then you type or insert the text you want to appear crossed out. Your closing code is [/s]. Here’s an example of what it looks like: This text is crossed out.

    • Spoilers: So, you’ve got a secret to hide, eh? Well, put it in a spoiler! Your opening code is [spoiler]. Then you type or insert the text you want the spoiler to contain. Your closing code is [/spoiler].

      With spoilers, there is also an option to title the spoiler. If you would like to give your spoiler a title, your opening code is [spoiler=insert desired title here] and you can replace “insert desired title here” with any title you wish to give the spoiler. Your closing code stays the same even if you give your spoiler a title.

    • Links: So, you wanna turn a word or a phrase into a link? That’s easy! Just type: [url=insert the link here]the word or phrase you want to link[/url]. Replace “insert the link here” with the link to wherever you want the word to link to.

    • Images: This is a code you can use when you want to insert an image and you currently have the link to the image. All you have to do is type: [img]insert the image link here[/img]. When you post it, the image will show up. You can even put alignment codes around the image codes to center or right align the image if you want to!
    Size Codes:
    I’m gonna give size codes their own section because the options have always felt a bit odd to me. If you want to change the size of your text, as you might imagine, the code is [size=insert number here] and you can replace “insert number here” with the desired font size. However, it works differently in code than it does in google docs or Microsoft Word. In bbcode, you only have sizes 1 - 7. The default size is 4, so if you want your text to be bigger, you need to use numbers 5 - 7. If you want your text to be smaller, you need to use numbers 1 - 3.

    Using the code [size=4] is the same as saying keep the size exactly as it would be even if I didn’t use bbcode. It’s honestly a pointless code to add to a post because it does nothing.

    Now for some examples of each size…
    • This text is size 1.

    • This text is size 2.

    • This text is size 3.

    • This text is size 4(the default size).

    • This text is size 5.

    • This text is size 6.

    • This text is size 7.
    If you want to use anything bigger, the easiest way to go about it that I know of is to create an image file with text bigger than that.

    Yes, coloring text is a fun thing to do. It’s something you should be careful with, too, though, because many people on Black Dahlia use different themes and so a color that looks legible on your theme might not be legible on someone else’s theme.

    There are a few different ways to use color bbcodes. You can use named colors (of which a list can be found here). You can use hex codes (although you have to remember to include the pound sign - #). And you can use RGB codes.

    Your opening code is [color=insert name/code for color here]. Replace “insert name/code for color here” with either the name or the code for the color you’d like to use. Then insert and/or type the text you want to be that color. The closing code at the end would be [/color].

    So you wanna make a list, eh? They’re useful and I’ve used quite a few of them in this guide alone. Your opening tag for a list is going to be [list]. That’s pretty simple. Then, whenever you want a bullet point to appear, you type [*]. What makes this code a little different from all the others is that the asterisk in brackets will not be accompanied by a closing code. The only closing code you need is [/list] when you want the list to end.

    If you would like your list to be a numbered list, then you use [list=1] as your opening code. Your closing code and the code you use for each bullet point will still be exactly the same.

    Spacing in lists is a bit odd. If you want there to be an empty line break between each bullet point, you need to enter twice between each bullet point. Two line breaks in the code will translate to one line break in the post once you post it.

    On another interesting note, you can make lists within lists as well. HOWEVER, if you’re making lists within lists, the RTE will break your code and mess up the post if you use it. If you’re making lists within lists, it is crucial that you either a.) use the bbcode editor (which can be accessed by clicking the button in the upper right of the posting box) or b.) disabling the RTE altogether (which means you will lose access to the buttons and have to do everything in code). Lists within lists will not work if the buttons are enabled.

    I’m looking into these and figuring out how they work myself at the moment. I’m used to a different version of the code so I’m still learning Black Dahlia’s. As soon as I’m confident I have it figured out, I’ll add in an explanation of this one as well.

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