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 BDRP Chat Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Alchemy, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy The Goddamned Sugarplum Fairy Administrator

    Chat Rules
    All rules apply to both onsite Arrow Chat and Black Dahlia's Official Discord
    • The Golden Chat Rule - Use Common Courtesy. Please keep things friendly and inclusive. If someone brings up a topic in chat that makes you uncomfortable, please ask them to change the subject in a polite and respectful manner. If they do not respect your request, please contact staff. Alternatively, if someone expresses that a topic makes them uncomfortable, please respect that and change the subject. Controversial discussions should be moved to private 1x1 chats or PMs.

      1. All site rules apply to chat.

      2. No political or inflammatory religious comments or discussions.
      This includes minor jokes or side comments. If it is in ANY way related to politics or religion, please keep it out of BD Chat.

      3. No RPing in chat. Minor actions are allowed, but should be minimal. Example: *sits on floor* is perfectly acceptable. However, "John sat on the floor and stretched out his legs, reaching his arms high above his head. He felt his spine pop as his fingers stretched toward the ceiling" is not allowed.

      4. No dark, upsetting, or negative topics in General Chat. General Chat is supposed to be a place for casual, comfortable conversation. We understand that sometimes it helps to get some stress out. If you need to vent about a particularly negative topic, we encourage you to do so in Discord’s “Steam Room” channel.

      5. No overly sexual comments or discussions. This includes vulgar jokes about genitalia or sexual acts, or discussing the intimate details of a sexual topic.

      6. No overly aggressive language. Using expletives in chat is acceptable, but phrases such as “shut the fuck up” or “fuck you,” even when used in a joking manner, is unnecessary. Because it is text, not everyone may realize it’s intended as a joke.

      7. No harassing/bullying. We do not tolerate picking on other members in any fashion, including but not limited to: using overly aggressive language toward another member; using racist, sexist, homophobic or other derogatory language; continuing an uncomfortable topic after you’ve been requested by another member to change topic; being passive-aggressive toward another member; and/or not leaving a member alone when they have requested you to do so.

      8. Do not harass members for RP/PM replies in chat. Do not advertise in General Chat for more partners. If you would like to post a link to your RT or discuss plots, you may do so in the “Plotting” section of BD’s Discord.

      9. No Spam. Do not spam the chat with RP requests, repeated emojis, or information that will prevent others from communicating in general chat or other channels. You are free to link your request thread in the plotting channel, but be careful not to spam that channel either.

      10. Please ask Admins before using the @everyone tag.

      11. If a member of staff (Administrator, Moderator or Chat Moderator) asks you to cease a behavior or topic, we will expect you to do so.
      If you feel that you have been corrected or reminded of a rule unfairly, please contact a staff member one-on-one. Do not carry the conversation into General Chat as that can create a negative environment for other members.

    • Failure to follow these rules will result in the following disciplinary action:

      Minor offenses:
      You will receive a reminder of the rule.

      Repeated offenses:
      You may receive a temporary kick from chat (2 weeks).

      Continued offenses after kick:
      Possible permanent ban from site chat.

      Staff reserves the right to skip any of these steps should we feel as a whole that a serious infraction has been committed.

    • The purpose of BD’s Discord Channels:

      Please be courteous to guests and other members by keeping conversation tasteful. Gen Chat is intended to stay light and fun. Heavier topics, complaining or venting should be taken to the Steam Room.

      Help Desk
      If you have questions about Discord or BDRP, feel free to ask them here.

      Announcements from staff about site or Discord related topics.

      If you are going to be away for awhile, feel free to share here.

      Want to talk plot for an on site RP? This is the perfect place to do so.

      Cards Against Humanity
      A chat just for our game nights.

      Memes and Games
      Share memes and play games.

      Steam Room
      If you need to vent, complain, cry, freak out, this is the place to share your frustrations. Topics that are dark or times when you need to share repeated frustrations should be moved to this room, in order to keep Gen Chat welcoming and inclusive.

      Music and Media
      Share your favorite tunes and videos here.
  2. Nevermind

    Nevermind The Gray Wolf Administrator

    Hey, BD lovelies! It's a new year and we've had a lot wonderful new members join us. Staff has made some updates to our Chat & Discord rules so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. Thanks, everyone!

    @Administrator @Moderator @Member
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