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 Open  Not Safe For Work  Master x Slave Blood Like Champagne

Discussion in 'Open Roleplays' started by Scarlet RN, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Scarlet RN

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    All of it came as a bit of a shock for the vibrant red haired vampire. Although it was thirty years in the planning, some small part of her still hadn’t expected that it would actually work and she wasn’t even sure why she had doubted herself in that way. Perhaps it was simply because she’d been his captive for so long and because her literal last name was ‘Forever’ that it seemed like she would forever be in the misery that held her captive for almost eighty years.

    … Eighty years…

    That was how long he’d been her sire and given her all that that meant. It was how long he’d fucked her without concern or care for what she wanted or what she enjoyed. It was how long he’d trapped her at this estate without wondering whether or not she wanted to see the outside world. It was how long he’d kept her existence nearly secret from the entire vampire council as a whole. All that time and he hadn’t realized how Jaelyn didn’t seem nearly as bothered by everything that he did as she should’ve been… all that time and he hadn’t realized what she’d really been planning. He seemed to notice everything else except her. Maybe that's why Jaelyn hadn’t expected her plan to work. She thought he’d noticed by then.

    It didn’t matter anymore, though. Ezrah was dead at her feet and only one other person had seen it happen… one human who’d been a part of her plan all along. He was the oldest human among them and he’d certainly endured his fair share of Ezrah’s torment so Jaelyn didn’t feel quite as bad about what came next. Looking straight into his brown and trusting eyes, she could only mutter, “I’m sorry.”

    Her speed was impossible to track and in the blink of an eye, she’d pulled the stake from Ezrah’s heart and shoved it straight through his as well. The world would come to know that it was really the human who’d killed Ezrah and that Jaelyn had come in at the last second, only to avenge her fallen sire without being able to save him. No one else had any clue what had happened and now, unless Jaelyn chose to tell someone, no one would ever know; that was for the best, though. Ezrah had a lot of enemies and they could easily become her enemies if they found out what she’d managed to do.

    Yet, there was still more to the plan.

    Leaving dead bodies in her wake, which would have been amusing were she not terrified of what came next, Jaelyn headed down to what had been Ezrah’s favorite part of his estate… the dungeons. They weren’t quite old fashioned dungeons, but they functioned as cages or pens for all of his human toys so it was the most appropriate term that existed for them. Each of his humans actually had a bed to sleep on which was something positive and they all got fed decently as well. He liked sturdy toys.

    Pulling a single lever, all the gates opened, unleashing each and every one of them. They needed to hear what she had to say and if being able to step out and see her helped with that, Jaelyn would allow it. “I think that most of you have seen me once or twice. For those of you that haven’t, my name is Jaelyn. I’m a vampire… just like Ezrah was. However, like you, I was tormented by him day in and day out. Our beloved Ezrah, my beloved sire, is dead. He was killed playing with one of his pets and that pet is now dead as well.”

    She paused for a moment to let that sink in. Throughout her entire explanation, though, her tone had been deadly even. There was no celebration in her eyes, but neither was there any sorrow. It was as though she felt nothing at all.

    “I cannot liberate you all in the way that I have been liberated,” she finally added. To set them free would surely seal her own death as well and Jaelyn didn’t want that. “For many of you, I imagine death is preferable to continuing an existence here. If you truly wish it, I shall grant you that fate. However, if you choose life, then I shall make it more than what Ezrah allowed it to be. Should you earn my trust, I will allow you all to work the land, to work the estate, to start lives here that might just be fulfilling. No one will leave, but if more come, they may stay. I hope that is of some consolation.”

    There was more that she hadn’t mentioned. That much wasn’t that easy to figure out. Obviously, she still needed to feed and… well, they were all prime for that. Though Jaelyn hadn’t ever directly fed on any of them before, they all reeked of Ezrah to her even as she stood before them so she would need to change that. There would be more pain for them if they chose to live, but Jaelyn already was certainly less cruel… less… well, less Ezrah.
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