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 Supernatural  Romance  Action / Adventure Carpathian's

Discussion in 'Group Requests' started by LoneLeopard, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. LoneLeopard

    LoneLeopard Seducing Princess Member

    Okay so I have an idea for a group roleplay and honestly I do not want to go into too much detail about it just yet. It all depends on if it catches enough attention. So I will ask a few questions:

    1. Do you know what a Carpathian is?
    2. If you do not, do you like the idea of something supernatural and romance? Where lifemates DO exist!
    3. Are you able to AT LEAST twice a week?
    4. Are you interested in wanting to know more about Carpathians?

    A quick little thing; Carpathians are in a book series called the Dark Series by Christine Feehan, first book is Dark Prince. I am okay with explaining more about them, terms they use and so on. BUT you need to actually be interested. This would be a story where you'd have a partner (your characters lifemate) so will have to keep male female ratio even for the most part. They will all come together at some point as there is EVIL lurking about, vampires, hunters and more...positions like those would be discussed later after main parts are figured out. But this is IF this idea goes through and lifts off the ground. Will be able to have more than one character if you wish.

    Time for me to just sit back and see if any of you are interested.
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  2. LoneLeopard

    LoneLeopard Seducing Princess Member

    Carpathian's - A powerful race that is practically immortal as children they can handle the sunlight and see in color. But as they grow older they cannot stand sunlight as much; eventually though they cannot stand sunlight or their bodies begin to blister and eyes become irritated. When the sun is at its highest point they cannot be out, they should be resting in the ground in a deep, death-like sleep. The soil has to be rich of minerals, Carpathian's are one with the earth. Males also grow colorblind unless they find their lifemate. For centuries it has been within their own race but women are becoming more scarce within the race, pregnancy a struggle as women lose children more often...but there is hope. There are human women with telepathic abilities that somehow trace back to the Carpathian line. When the males see their lifemate for the first time color floods their vision once again, the need to protect and possessive comes over them. The males are completely and utterly loyal to their mate, once found they will do whatever they must for their other half. But the female does have something to sacrifice and that is being human. it takes a chant and a blood exchange, three times, to convert their lifemate to Carpathian. By the third time it is excruciating as their body rejects everything that is not natural and then they are placed in the earth beside their mate.

    Carpathian Abilities- Turn into mist to travel, telepathic abilities to talk to their people (as well as their mate), can shift into animals (but there will be that spirit of the animal, the urge to get lost in the animal and lose themselves), call forth lightening (commonly used to denigrate a vampires heart then body to destroy the common enemy) and more....
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  3. LoneLeopard

    LoneLeopard Seducing Princess Member

    Added some more details about Carpathian's, really hoping to catch some peoples interests in this, the males are basically all Alpha males. Will need AT LEAST

    Prince of the Carpathians - His Lifemate (MC)
    Best friend/most trusted of the prince - His Lifemate

    If more are interested it would be just more people who are part of the race and their lifemates, the race is very close and treat each other life family and do their best to be there for each other.

    Roleplay would begin with the Carpathians finding their lifemates for the first time.

    Would take place in the Carpathian Mountains, MC would be in a hotel not too far away in a small village to get away from the States and get some peace from her dark life.
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  4. Amaris

    Amaris Child of the Moon Member

    I absolutely loved the Carpathian series, I got burnt out though because the stories got repetitive And my weakness is some hot alpha male (supernatural or human) and romance lol. Consider my interest piqued.
  5. Kat

    Kat Member Member

    Love the idea, though I won't be able to participate due to my slow posting. I wish you the best of luck in picking this up off the ground, Leopard! ^^
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