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 COV's search thread - F x M

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Coin operated Villain, May 4, 2018.

  1. Coin operated Villain

    Coin operated Villain Member Member

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    5:28 PM
    Hello, COV or Villain here.
    Looking to start a few roleplays with guy characters but first here's some info about me

    • 24
    • Florida
    • EST
    • Online often
    • 2-5 paragraphs
    What I'm looking for in a partner:
    • Good grammar - No chat speak or actions in ** ( ) { }. Third person please.
    • Long posts - 2+ paragraphs with lots of description will make me love you.
    • Dark Side - I'm not looking for round the clock nice guys. I don't want some fluffy roleplay that's light hearted. I want your unhinged and deranged characters. Your distinguished men who snap. Your seemingly nice guys who are a sadist. I want your flaws and faults. Your serial killers, stalkers and lurkers.

    You can find my characters here

    Here are my kinks
    -Non Con
    - Forced Submission
    - DD/LG
    - BDSM

    - 4+ year age gaps

    100% Degradee
    97% Brat
    94% Ageplayer
    89% Masochist
    84% Submissive
    83% Boy/Girl
    78% Rope bunny
    77% Primal (Prey)
    75% Pet
    69% Slave

    Word bank:
    Anything based off songs by A.F.I :l: H.I.M :l: Marilyn Manson :l: My Chemical Romance :l: Voltaire :l: William Control

    Angels :l: Arranged Marriages :l: Big cities :l: Blood contracts :l: Chance encounters :l: Change in Character :l: Common Enemies :l: Cults :l: Dark themes :l:Demons :l: Early 1900's :l: Futuristic settings :l: Good vs Evil :l: Gothic :l: Kidnapping :l: Love Triangles :l: Magic :l: Mature themes :l: Music :l: Opposites :l:Outcasts :l: Platonic Relationships :l: Polyamourous relationships :l: Remote places :l: Serial Killers :l: Stalkers :l: Superheros/Villains :l: Supernatural themes :l:Toxic relationships :l: Vampires :l: Victorian :l: Violence :l: War :l: Weird :l: Witches

    Pairings and plots:
    White is my preferred role

    Bad boy-girl/ good boy-girl
    Sober boy-girl / addict boy-girl
    Otherworldly being/ Mortal
    Arranged Marriages
    Platonic Friends

    Kidnapping- 1. (Knight/Princess Two kingdoms at war for years finally approach an end as one kingdom invades the other. Warriors pillage the village around the castle looking for the princess to only find out that their princess has long been lost. One of the knights capture a handful of women, one of which looks like the lost princess. The knight brings the woman to the king, but on the way decides to help her escape after realizing that she really is the lost princess.Through the process of trying to get back home, she starts remembering who she is.

    2. (Kidnapper/Kidnappee) Unrequited love sucks. Even more so when normally you don't have many friends. The cute girl at your local store (record shop, coffee shop ect) keeps shutting down your attempts to ask her out, regardless of the fact that you love her more than anyone would. One day you realize you can make her love you and proceed to take her away to a secret place to do so.

    Coming to life - (Artist/artwork) Being an artist means you can create your dream person, but with it you only get the image on paper or canvas. Between sleep deprivation of staying up to finish your work and a little bit of magic, the next morning you soon find your work alive and real.

    Soulmate tattoos - (With mark / without mark) 1000 years into the future and a world war later, generations have adapted to world peace. As a result the war, people are now born with birthmarks that match only one other person in the world. When they find that person, they are supposedly suppose to be soulmates and those who do find theirs end up staying with them for the rest of their lives. Running into another person, you notice they don't have a visible mark which makes you immediately interested in them.

    Musician/fan - It had been a hard few years but now your band was getting pretty famous. Playing large shows and headlining for big bands has made life seem so surreal like a fantasy. At one of your shows you look out into the screaming crowd to see one lone bored face. Why? Being bothered by the act, you invite them backstage which leads to a future whirlwind of a relationship.

    Childhood promise: You thought you two were just playing like you always did. The day you were leaving for college, they asked you that when they were old enough, you would get married. To appease the younger friend, you agree. You promise. Years later they show up on your doorstep, ready for college and marriage.

    * If you read most of my post message me with 'I found you villain'
    ** If you read through my post/kinks message me with 'I caught you villain'
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  2. Coin operated Villain

    Coin operated Villain Member Member

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    5:28 PM
  3. Coin operated Villain

    Coin operated Villain Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:28 PM
    edited the first post, also, second bump!
  4. Coin operated Villain

    Coin operated Villain Member Member

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    5:28 PM

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