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 Any CursieKitti's Search Thread Thing

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by CursieKitti, Mar 29, 2018.



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  1. CursieKitti

    CursieKitti Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:17 PM
    I am entirely too excited to be here, man. Seriously. Let's do this! :)

    Kitti Quick Facts

    -24 years old
    -RP'ing for 15 years or so
    -Big nerd
    -"Advanced Lit" - "Lazy Lit"
    -Already loves you
    -Loves pets
    -Gently colorblind
    Here are some sweet and short rules:

    OOC chat. It's important to me. I will happily chat you up and will be eager to world build with you! We're in this together!

    Format. I can write a whole bunch, but these days I'm looking to carry a story. My introductions can run pretty long, but I average about 4 nicely sized paragraphs. I can do less if we're being super casual, but finding the rhythm and still giving quality is what matters most.

    Activity. I will admit that I am currently breaking the habit of going days without writing. If you need to jab me because I haven't replied in a while, feel free to do so. But I'll always be happy to talk to you just to say hi and let you know what's goin' on! I'm aiming for every other day posts per story, at least.

    Everything else, the site has covered. Y'all know what's up. :heart:

    Here's my list of things! (All roles are subject to be assigned to the character that fits the story!)

    Crave List
    (Updated: 4/17/2018)

    Pokemon :heart::heart::heart:
    Yes. Always. Yes. Please. Yes.

    Zombie Apocalypse :heart::heart:
    These are, without fail, always some of my favorite roleplays. Let's make some characters, care about them, and callously murder them in front of their friends and family

    DRAGONS :heart::heart::heart:

    Superheros :heart:
    Look. I saw Avengers: Infinity War. You saw Avengers: Infinity War. You know you want to. Let's build it and knock it down!

    Pairing Pool
    x= Currently working on it

    Demon x Angel (x)
    Hunter x Prey
    Shapeshifter x Shapeshifter of different clan
    Gang member x Police Officer
    God x Sacrifice (x)
    Siren x Sailor
    God x Mortal
    Science Experiment x Scientist
    Ghost x Haunted Homeowner
    Witch x Another Witch's Familiar
    Magician x The Rabbit

    Word Pool

    Demonic Possessions
    War between Worlds
    Space Pirates (x)
    Pirates at Sea
    Tribal Civilization with Intruding Explorers
    Voodoo and Hoodoo
    Haunted House
    Ancient Egypt
    Time Travelers
    Stranded on an Island
    Demon Hospital
    Disney Stories Retold
    Cafe Slice of Life
    Alien Invasion
    Characterizing Lore (Zodiac signs, constellations, gods, gemstones*, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, etc.)
    (*: Not Steven Universe, though I am quite the fan.)​


    A story in which where instead of a dragon capturing a princess, the Princess captures a dragon. She's looking to prove that she is ready to take the reins of ruling and entire kingdom, and with a dragon at her side, no one would dare to defy her. But dragons are rumored to be wild and nasty beasts. Against the council of her advisers, she sets out to capture one herself, comes across one and uses a powerful (but foolish) spell to bind the dragon's magic.

    The dragon is baffled. Their alliance could have been debated, but now the Princess has bonded them in a way that is not easily broken. She is seeping magic from the dragon, taking on more reptilian features and coughing up smoke. She is panicked and needs to reverse the spell. But the King suddenly falls ill and she finds she has many more duties to take on. She doesn't have time to delve into magic nonsense when the reality of being a Queen is suddenly happening.

    But the dragon remains with her to lend a claw. They are very intelligent after all, and surprisingly wise when it comes to matters of diplomacy and lording over an army. They learn about each other, learn to work together, and unsurprisingly their bond deepens far beyond what the magic could have done.

    The Hand of the Queen
    A queen has just lost her husband and has been appointed the throne. She's terribly stressed and increasingly lonely and rumors have been floating around that she's been building a bit of a harem with the guardsmen, but they've been so tight-lipped about it that it can't be anything but a rumor.

    A power hungry King from a bordering kingdom gets the bright idea to send his half brother to be her new "Hand to the Queen." He's a handsome sort, very charming, and undoubtedly catches her eye.

    But he's was not just a gift. He's really there to get into her head (and very likely her bed) to win her over and convince her to annex with the bordering Kingdom. While he is at her will, he is also there to gain her favor and bend her more towards giving up at least a portion of her power to his King, to which he remains steadfastly loyal. After all, this is the only way that the king will acknowledge him as a true part of the royal family.

    But he doesn't expect to actually fall in love with the Queen. She's got a glittering personality and knows how to push his buttons. Their relationship becomes less like a Queen and her servant and more like lovers who know they shouldn't be together but are drawn to one another anyway. A light, feel good kind of relationship that makes him question his own motives.

    Imagine her heartache when it comes out that he was there to help unseat her from her throne. But she's already in love with his stupid handsome face, so she can't just execute him. What's a Queen to do?

    Even if you don't see something you're thinking, ask away! I'm open to suggestions! Thanks for checking me out! Hope to hear from you!​

    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  2. CursieKitti

    CursieKitti Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:17 PM
    Baby turn around and let me see that sexy body go...

    ...to Church. Directly to Church. What's wrong with you?
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  3. CursieKitti

    CursieKitti Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:17 PM
    I've got a new craving! Ask me about it! I'm always lookin' for partners!
  4. Ile Coma

    Ile Coma Distinguished Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    4:17 PM
    Ooh I'm very :eyes: at quite a few of these plots! I love Pokemon (games universe mainly but I can work with anime, though I'd probably need to play an OC; my main caveat is that I don't do Human x Pokemon pairings unless there are some sort of human-form shenanigans happening) and fantasy plots, and zombie apocalypse isn't half bad either. God x Mortal in any form is good shit, as is Siren x Sailor, merfolk in general, shapeshifters, etc. I'm also interested in what ideas you'd have for the characterizing lore.
  5. CursieKitti

    CursieKitti Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:17 PM
    UWAAA. I don't know how I missed this entirely, but thank you so much for looking!

    I am in the mood for literally all of those things. I have a pretty fun Pokemon Plot that I'm interested in playing that is kinda game verse that gets a little dark, if you'd like to hear about that! But I'm also really jonesing for a God x Mortal story too. Hmm~ Let's link up and chat a bit and see what we can get going?
  6. Ile Coma

    Ile Coma Distinguished Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    4:17 PM
    Definitely! Do you prefer PM or Discord?
  7. CursieKitti

    CursieKitti Member Member

    Local Time:
    5:17 PM
    Discord is a lot faster for me most times, so hit me up! My name is CursieKitti#2348
  8. Ile Coma

    Ile Coma Distinguished Disaster Member

    Local Time:
    4:17 PM
    I've sent you a friend request ^^
  9. DarkLaz

    DarkLaz Fifty Shades Member

    Local Time:
    4:17 PM
    CursieKitti, I look forward to discussing possible RPs with you.
    God x mortal
    Ancient Egypt
    Shape shifter
    classics retold

    PM me

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