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Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by DraivinAiNeghavi, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. DraivinAiNeghavi

    DraivinAiNeghavi Member Member

    Welcome dear reader!

    Imagine yourself in a Marketplace. Around you are shouting Merchants, all begging for your attention. Freshly caught fish, living lobsters, shells, cheeses, vegetables, a selection of meats. Everything to feed you and leave you well satisfied. Perhaps, if you walk to the next section, you will find yourself rows upon rows of barrels with beer, wine, porter... Each article, each item has a story evolving around it. Each merchant will gauge what you want, what you'd need and try to sell you some of his or her wares.

    Perhaps there is a path in all this chaos. The shouts in those warm voices, trying to tell you it is their collection you need to be looking at. Somewhere in the distance a classical guitar playing. But the acoustics get lost in the bustle of the crowds. Someone brushing past you in a rush, others standing still in your way checking out the wares. It is warm, you are dressed lightly, a thin fabric, perhaps from one of the stalls in the back. Someone is haggling as you pass, for that fish, a kings ransom should be paid. Freshly caught, though the whiff of scent might tell you otherwise. A pig squealing, ready for the slaughter?

    This is my first request thread on this site. I will add more to this very thread in the coming weeks and months. Though I tend to start with an outline of plot to take us off. I do not want to fix us down too much. I work with general pairings, ideas on my own character without trying to dabble too much into your character development. I would wish for us to combine our creativity.

    In me you will find a detailed roleplayer. I write everything from three paragraphs to pages of text per post. You can find some of my writing work through this thread. For me, it is all in the detail. I will try to give you as much of it as possible. You do not have to respond to each and every move, but it is given to try to immerse ourselves into the story. If you end up feeling like you are there, if you can close your eyes and can see it, smell it and feel it, then I've reached my purpose in RP.

    You will find I roleplay for the plot, but have a heavy focus on the smut as well (I'm a smut writer at heart). I have no rules in our interaction. Just a few simple requests. Try to reciprocate some of the details given, though I enjoy submission in a partner and play dominant males, don't let me play on my own, I think I am friendly over private messages, if you have a hard time replying: don't hide, just give me a heads up. I am in it for the long run. One of my partners on another website I've been playing with four five years now.

    You can find my f-list on the profile page. But if there is a quick mark up on kinks I tend to like, it would be the rougher side of sex. So dominance, the use of toys, hair pulling, spanking, anal, the risk of pregnancy, sex in public places with the risk of getting caught, power struggles, gagging, squirting, dirty talk, rimming (him on her), adultery, threesomes (especially of a FFM variety).

    I write in modern realistic or science fiction scenarios mostly. Perhaps a dalliance in politics, a night out in the club, the next door neighbor, the boyfriends father, the gym instructor, a blind date, a coworker, the airline pilot, a well off businessman, the backroom of a strip club, the artist, the towns most coveted bachelor, a patriarch to a mob family, a local pimp, the teacher or just a good friend... The star ship captain, the slave owner, the builder of cyborgs, the trader in hyperdrive parts, the bountyhunter, the storm trooper, the fighter pilot...

    Two last things before you contact me. I tend to use pictures, a lot of them, to shape my stories. Of places, but also of people. For males I use models, types as Tyson Beckford, Hugh Jackman, Ben Hill, Mrad Mouawad. For females, appearance wise I'm from #TeamShallow. Hourglass figures, heavy cleavage and whatnot. Types as tough as Christy Mack to as lovely as Denise Milani or Penny Mathis or as exotic as Fanny Neguesha.

    Disclaimer: English is not my native language. If I make minor grammatical slip-ups, don't hesitate to tell me. I think I am proficient enough in the language, but there is always room for improvement.
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