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 Gotham Stories (craving Trigger plot m or f welcome :) )

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Rochiel, May 13, 2018.

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    I'd really really like to play this plot I don't mind if you a female playing a male a male playing a female or what ever.
    I would like to play the submissive role please however if you ask I do double up so if you want me to play a character you really like I can a kind of 'you scratch my back I scratch yours' thing I guess *laughs*

    Hearsay and rumors are building, all second hand as those involved only survive if they aren't the villain. A white woman, not Caucasian but 'White', with stupidly long hair and a straitjacket with broken belts, is drifting through Gotham, Killing criminals. Not hurting them, not crippling them. flat out murdering them. However, she only acts if she sees them engaged in a crime. Not once has she targeted a casino, not once has she stopped any shady transactions. but a mugger? a rapist? a potential kidnapper? all dead, and her seemingly unmoved by it all.

    This creature calls herself Rei-ki created through invasive genetic tampering and selective breeding, this enhanced Constructed Meta-human was built with one purpose in mind, to Protect America from rouge heroes. Unfortunately for her creators, Heros never went rouge, and she didn't appreciate her treatment. so she broke free and in her attempt to find what she believe to be a woman 'Amrika' to protect, she wanders, Protecting the small, from the Big. They may not be rouge heroes, but they hurt the small, and so, they clearly must be terminated to be repaired.

    Joker Wild

    Joker has found himself in Arkham again, a nice holiday from playing with Batsy all the time, it's almost worth it to lose and get a chance to relax, no work to do plenty of loonies to toy with, well usually.

    There's a few new additions to the Asylum,

    She is almost disconcerting in a way. She seems perfectly sane in almost every respect she speaks clearly seems to have no delusions and seems to function on a much higher level ten the other inmates, So why is she in the high security cell block? Does it have anything to do with the way she'll sit and stare at him unblinking for large amounts of time? She didn't even have the decency to laugh at any of his jokes! He can't put his finger on it, he enjoyed a game as much as the next clown but this was getting weird, it seemed like every time he turned around she was there staring at him!

    She is a new nurse. Quiet, modest, She rarely speaks But always seems to have the softest smile. He wants to see her frightened, He wants to see her cry... When an unexpected Lunge by even Killer crock doesn't send her scampering, he needs to know why. Such a puzzle such a puzzle. And when rumors begin to spread, of a meta Human on staff, one whose been healing wounds? well well, This new Nurse Might just prove useful in more ways then one... but the trick was getting her to do as he said.

    Sheisn't real... is she? No one seems to know she's there except for him. But she's not one he knows. Oh no he's well used to seeing, to hearing beyond, there's so much More to the world, but her, oh no she's not one of his. Then he sees it, something wonderfully funny, something that makes him want to laugh, and crush that slender throat under his hands. How she reaches a hand right into the head of a raving inmate and pulls something out, The man collapse relaxing into a dull stupor, and she eats what she's withdrawn from him... Oh yes. well naturally it was his duty to stop someone causing so much trouble in his little den of fun after all, Where was the fun if she made the mad men sane again? even for a little while.

    ((Ok so the idea behind this story starts in Arkham, Jokers locked up again and naturally he has a plan to escape, in due time, when he was in the mood. with a New woman, either Inmate, Nurse, or 'ghost' Lurking her finds it might be worth sticking around, if only to twist and break another Mind.

    This is primarily a story driven plot anyone eager to play the joker Please PM me in regards to the story ^^ if theres anything you'd like to add or suggest please feel free I love when people add their own twists :D ))

    Red Hands

    Reports have been coming all all over Gotham of a fire wielding woman killing criminals. when during news coverage of a hostage negation one of the hostages suddenly ignite her hands and murders their captor the woman emerges and point to the camera

    "I come bearing the fires of hell, The batman has failed, allowing real scum to live and costing many more lives with his hubris, and so it is my mission now, and so For my first target I declare war on the Joker!"

    With this declaration the woman bursts with a hot white flash leaving only a scorch mark as a bright light streaks off into the sky.

    ((I have three ideas for this one, Either The joker sees the declaration and decided it could be all in good fun

    Jason Todd as the Red Hood sees the declaration and since they share similar goals decides to take a peek and maybe even work with her

    and finally Batman, this woman's a murderer and she must be stopped but can the worlds greatest detective find a woman who dosen't exist?))


    I don’t mind the verse but I will warn you Most of my knowledge of batman stems from the films (all of them even the Tim Burton ones which where the best in my opinion… *Goes on Nostalgia critic level rant* fuck Joel Schumacher *growls angrily*…) *cough cough* anyway the films, the 90’s animated show and it's films including Mask of the phantasm, Subzero, and mystery of the bat woman, Nolan verse, Batman Beyond, as well as some of ‘the batman’ which I didn’t catch much of just the first season which I have on DVD and the film with Dracula and Viki Vale, though he’s a bit to young in that show in my opinion.

    Anyway My idea is this. Bruce Wayne has been acting Batman for a few years now and his villains are mostly established and well known from the Joker to the Penguin, from the Riddler, to Bane. Bat girl has come and gone, as has robin. But there’s another creature stalking the night. His first impression was that it might have been man bat, but to everyone’s surprise new stories begin coming out of an angel rescuing people in Gotham. These kitschy little stories turn into major front page news when a wing woman is seen battling and defeating the criminal know as two face as well as his two minions.

    The problem is Bruce isn’t the only one interested in this winged woman…

    ((This story line is open to pretty much any Gothamite but I have ideas for a few and why they’d want to get their hands on her))

    Twoface: after suffering public humiliation he wants his own back, but in his own way, using his connections as a former DA he manages to discover the identity of the winged woman and lures her into a trap at which point he proceeds to publicly humiliate her in all possible ways, but he’s not completely heartless, before each torture he flips his coin, heads, it’s done for the public eyes, tail she can suffer in privacy, what a nice guy…

    Penguin:penguin: Penguin is mad about birds; as we all know, and the idea of getting his hand on a beautiful bird woman, well that just wets his beak. Staging a robbery he manages to disable The recently revealed 'Angel of Gotham' a winged vigilante who for a while had been nothing but a rumor until her unexpected defeat of the criminal Two Face. Having his hands on this exotic Bird like female is an utter delight, However as time passes he sees less the bird and more the woman. a woman under his control, what will he do?

    This story can go any way you like. Maybe He stats to feel bad and gives her a bit more freedom piece by piece in a sort of 'beauty and the beast' style story, holding something of hers hostage to keep her with him. Or alternately his love of birds becomes a major fetish and he stakes his claim on her?

    Killer Croc:Whose this giant chicken getting in the way? like the bat wasn't annoying enough! oh well, with freshly sharpened claws and teeth He was easily prepared to handle this second flying freak. But weirdly, she's not scared of him. When he challenges her fighting him because of how he looks she points out that it's stupid she's not fighting him because he's a giant lizard, she's fighting him because he just robbed a bank. she'd fight anyone for that. He challenges that, daring her to prove it's not what he is. to his surprise she agrees, but on her terms, he want proof? fine, What time would he like to go to dinner?

    Riddler: How fascinating, another riddle to be discovered, not only does he want to work out how this woman exists but why, after all not even the batman could fly without his trusty jet, so why waste such a power on helping the mindless peons of Gotham? He’s determined to find out by any means.

    Joker: Whose this feathery upstart taking place of his batman?! Did she understand there was a rhythm to things? How was he supposed to cause chaos and destruction to tease his bat when this winged malformation kept getting in the way, (this can go even further if Harley becomes irritable and jealous that jokers actually paying attention to a woman when at best her generally brushes her off, so she enacts her on punishment agents the ‘angel’ as well)

    And last but not least

    Batman: who is this angel, he’s seen vigilantes try to take a place before and he’s seen them go mad with powers, and yet she seems similar, not a single person she’s battled has come out with any injury worse then something he would inflict during battle, but during her fight with two face and the minions it clear she has very limited combat knowledge, she certainly take a lot more damage with wasted movement and slow strikes, he knows he needs to get her to stop but a small part of him, is somewhat relieved, someone might take the heavy weight of Gotham’s safety on as well easing it for him.

    Other villeins such as Mr. Freeze can be discussed I just hadn't really thought of a good story line for them but if you have an idea please feel free to let me know :) I'm always open to Ideas and story lines.
  2. Rochiel

    Rochiel Complicated Member

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