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 Greedsin Partner search

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Greedsin, May 16, 2018 at 11:04 AM.

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    First of all I want to say hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my request board. I am a thirty six year old man who have done forum role play and table top games over sixteen years. My other interest are video games, anime (depending which ones)and books (young adult ones mostly). Before we get into talk about what we can do there is some things you need to know about me as an role player and what you would be expecting from me.

    *I considered myself to be between semi-literate and literate, with that said I will say right now my grammar and spelling are not "Perfect" what so ever if you haven't notice already. Over the years I have done what I can to improve my writing but still I am no where near collage level or anything higher and English is my first and ONLY language. Some people say they can read my writing just fine while others can't seem to understand it one bit. However I will let you be the judge, I will have some writing samples which are starting posts for two rp ideas I have. That said if you have no problems reading it and understand them enough then keep reading down this request board, otherwise you are welcome to leave.

    Sample 1

    A X-70B Phantom class star ship lands near what looked to be ruins of an old temple surrounded by forest, once the ship touch the ground the a ramp extends from the ship and onto the ground. The hatch door opens up and slowly Kaless walks out of his ship, the young Sith lord looks around and take a deep breath of the fresh air, just as he seen in his dreams.

    Kaless wore red and black cloth robes with a black hooded cloak which clovers his head and hides his hair. Kaless was on a quest for a forgotten power which most Sith believe to be just myth. Though it seems the force have been guiding him for he have found prove that this power is indeed real and if what he have gather is true he could very well become the most powerful Sith ever known. His quest lead him to old ruins of what might have been from the first force users, a time before there was a dark and light side of the force. His data he been gathering form other ruins state that there was indeed a time where the force users were one and there was no war between them but something happen which made the force into two different sides. Though he doesn't know yet but working on knowing more about them and this hidden power that they once had.

    The force have given him dreams and those dreams so far have lead him here but there was something else that would be here too. He knew not of who or why this woman would be here but he would so find out soon enough. Another figure start walking down, this one however had black battle armor on with a visor helmet which made him look very much as a trooper commando. The figure is in fact a battle droid that Kaless made himself to fight like a trooper who is always learning and improving his battle skills, he gave the droid the name "Spartan", a name after a clan of forgotten warriors.

    "Should I scan the area for any threats sir?" Spartan ask and waited for a reply. The young Sith Lord still looking at the temple as he heard his battle droid question "No, I'll go in alone. If any luck it wont be too long, stay with the ship and if you don't hear from me within an hour then come looking for me." Kaless said without turning as he walk down the ramp and headed inside of the temple.

    Sample 2

    A figure dressed in all black walked though the doors of the Red Sand inn, from his boots, pants, long coat, shirt and even his cowboy hat it was all black. Even his face was covered by a black bandana, there was only one man known for what he looked like and that was the Black Rider or Black for short. One of the most wanted and deadliest outlaws known in the states, hes also known to never been caught as well. No one knew what he looked like under the mask, some say he is a demon with dark powers for he been shot before and still walking as well nothing happens. Its said that his shape change every so often which makes one wonder if its the same person or a group of people posing as the same man. In ether case he is well fears by everyone even outlaws and rangers alike and now he is here looking for another known outlaw name Hexx Shadowbane who some say is an walking undead outlaw. His hide out was burned down by one of his own men and said have died but some how raised form his grave and got his revenge on the traitor and became well known as the undead outlaw.

    Others from the inn looked at the man at the door way, a few showed fear and others show signs of interest. Its what it should be when Black walks into a place like this or so Nova hoped he was playing the part right. Nova was a half fire demon so posing as Black was the best choice that the other rangers could think of and being that Nova have indeed met Black only once it was still enough for Nova to know how Black acts. All Nova knew when he encounter with Black that Black is indeed a non-human, how the outlaw fought was more demon like but he never seen a demon that could move that fast or be that strong. But his mission wasn't to catch Black but right now finding out what Hexx is up to and being Nova knows Hexx more then any ranger in the known states, he is the best person to tack the undead outlaw down and bring him in.

    There been word that Hexx is gathering other outlaws for something big, bigger then what the rangers could handle or so they believe. They were able to pinpoint where Hexx might be at but what his plans are is still unknown. That they knew of Hexx and Black have never met each other before, mainly because Hexx didn't want to cross Black in any way but if he some how hears that Black wish to join Hexx in what ever plan he have it might interest Hexx to take him in or at lest that's the plan.

    *I rp third person past tense, I could do first person past tense depending on the rp. I also only post here on the site either on thread or in pms, I don't do email or any other massagers.

    *I play all my main characters as straight dominant males with a bit of a sub to them, meaning they are flexible but I will never play a full sub character. The only females I would play is mostly npcs or as part of the story. However I will not play any females for any type of sex.

    *Between Sex and Plot I mostly am a 50/50, however I can go higher on either side depending what we are doing.

    *For post wise I can give one or a few a day or every other day depending what's going on with my side, yes just like veryone else I have a life outside of my computer. I also post one to three paragraphs on each post, more depending how much is given to me and how things are rolling. Otherwise I will give you at lest a paragraph and never a oneliner.

    *I enjoy using pictures for my characters and other things as well. I'll still describe what they have on and such but still it gives me a better idea what our characters look like. I use anime, drawings and 3d, real life one not so much unless it is a request.

    *I consider my self to be a open minded person who is willing to listen and to be honest to other people. The worst I can say is no or not interested.

    Still here so far? Good! Now you know a little about me and what you may expect from me, but now I will tell you what I expect from you. Some of what I say might be a bit harsh but please understand that I have my reason which you may understand as you read along my rules.

    1. No oneliners please, as I said before I do at lest a paragraph and I ask you give me that in return. If your any type of role player you should know that just one line or even two lines isn't going to cut it. By all means I am not asking for a novel either nor am I asking you to match everything I put down but still I need something to reply to. Even writers block you should able to come up with something, because if it happens end up being nothing more then one to two liners I will leave the rp.

    2. I ask that you at lest post once a day or every other day, any longer I would start to lose interest. If you don't reply within two weeks either on the rp or telling me you got something on your end I will consider the rp dead and that your no longer interested. However I also understand that real life stuff happens and that people need time to be away to clear their heads, I only ask you let me know so we can put the rp on hold until you get back.

    3. When you message me please don't come at me with a "I'll rp anything" or anything of that sort for I will tell you I am not interested right away. I've gotten too many of those type of players only for them find out they don't know what their doing. If you wish to role play with me please have an idea of what wanting to do and give me detail of what you wanting to do as well. I gotten many players who seem interested just end up leaving on the first post because it wasn't what they expected. So its why if you wish to rp with me is to give me everything your wanting to do, I mean I can't read minds. Hell if I could I would be rich right about know lol.

    4. Though I said my grammar and spelling are not perfect I ask that you be about my level. I wont give you a hard time but I would like to be able to understand what your saying as well if that make sense? So no text talk unless it's part of the rp. Now if you are higher skill then I am and still wish to give me a try then I be more then happy welcome you.

    5. Share the work, this goes along with rule 3. to the point of this is "our" rp and not just mine. I want your plot twist ideas and such to help move the story along. Even if it is one of my ideas I don't want to be the one doing all the work. Other wise I might as well be writing my own book then doing an role play. Besides it is both our story so why is it only one should be carrying it all?

    6. I don't care what gender you are on your end but for me I ask you play the female characters. As I said before I play only straight men, if you wish to play male characters on the side that's fine but when it comes to the sex parts I want you to play the females.

    That's about all right now though more rules will be place if anything else come to mind. Other then that if I haven't lost your interest yet it is time for my K-list, settings and gears I am into and plots. Now note all my plots are not set in stone and can change to met our standards. So if you have questions or ideas of your own or kink I don't have listed then don't be afraid to ask. The worst I can say is no. Also a heads up, there may be pictures that I'm useing that may not be safe for work. You have been warned.

    Gears and Settings:

    Video Games
    Race play (meaning vampires, demons, furrys/anthros, aliens ect.


    I have many though here is a list of some I would be willing to play. Note I'm not real good in playing Cannon characters, however I can still give it a try depending which Cannon. If anything I rather it be all OC's and using face clams. Could even play something base of the fandoms or even in their worlds if you wish, let me know if any peak your interest or you have some ideas of your own.

    Sword Art Online
    Mass Effect
    Star Fox
    Sonic The Hedgehog (From the comic's)
    Star Wars (No I will not play Kylo Ren)
    DC/Marvel (Known only mostly on anime movies or cartoons.)
    Disney (depends on which ones)
    Avatar: Last airbender/ Legend of Korra
    Final Fantasy


    Two Hunters and their bounty

    1. (Fantasy Setting.)
    The Order of Magi have put a price on your characters head for dead or alive. She found out that a few of the high council have been making deals with demons to get their power which is highly forbidden and a crime itself. Though only the ones Mages that were dealing with the demons put the price on her head while the others know nothing about it. She even have prove to expose them (that we can come up with, don't have any ideas yet). I would play a mage who is an old flame of hers and the other a well known bounty hunter who worked for the Order many times. Once they found her however, they would be attacked by demons. From there they would work on a plan to take down the corrupted magi.

    2. (Sci-fi setting)
    Your character is wanted by a crime lord who have place a high price for you to be brought back alive. Your have gotten information that could very well bring down the crime lord and those that are with him. This would be why he hired my two bounty hunters and manage to capture her. On their way back to deliver her to their boss however she give some of the information (or say something that could change their minds) that make the hunters start having second thoughts. Once they gotten out of hyper jump they right away are greeted by the crime lord's force's and sure enough the boss man himself change his mind and rather have her dead. At the same time he didn't want to pay the hunters so he orders them to be killed as well. Now all three are on the run and the hunters want some pay back and end up helping her out.

    Nobles and Commoners- (Fantasy Setting)
    You play a princess who is not like others, she enjoy dressing in as a commoner and walk among her people to have a better understand of what goes on in the kingdom. She is also not the type that just set there to look pretty but a skilled fighter in her own rights. Being this way she have turned down some nobles that could be potential grooms, which brought another issue. Her father wants her to pick groom before her birth day, which happens to be in two months. If she doesn't by that time he would pick for her. Upset by this she head to her room and sneaked out to the city to cool off. Upon walking though an ally way she is ambushed by a few thugs. In the narrow ally she couldn't handle them all. It was then that a commoner came to help her who seem to be a skilled fight himself, unknown to her however is that he is a prince from another kingdom.

    The Elven princess and an Orc body guard

    An Elven princess his escaped her own kingdom, a powerful demon lord have just taken over her kingdom and now she have to find aid that are willing to help her out. However she been tracked by some of the demon lords men and wouldn't take long for them to catch her. That's when she stumble across a small camp made by a lone orc just within the boarders. She end up begging and making a deal with the orc for his aid (what deal she makes is up to you). He end up killing the demon lord's men that were after her and together they would find a way to free her people and her kingdom.

    This idea it could also go towards more of a Feudal Japan style almost like Inuyasha if you want this more of ninjas and demons type style.

    Old Flames- ( Space Sci-fi, Star wars idea)

    Our characters were once dear friends and lovers though would have turned into something more if not for the war. She wanted to join the fight against the empire and he didn't want them to get involved but rather do a cargo running job that can support the both of them. This alone lead to a fight and they end up breaking up with them going different paths. Six years later my character was doing his cargo runs but also became s smuggler, things didn't go the way he have hoped and he had to do things differently in order to survive. He also transport people and this newest job was to transport two high ranking imperials. To his surprised when he meet them his door step one of them is your character who happens to be undercover to capture the high ranking officer. Without warning your character knocks the officer out cold though gun fire was heard. Now he is stuck with a choice, shoot her and take her in or would his old feelings change his mind to help her?

    Sky Pirates (or space)
    1. Your character a princess who have a tattoo on her back that only shows at the light of a full moon. The tattoo is part of a map leading to a lost treasure which is the family's secret, however even she didn't what the treasure is other then she been told to keep it hidden at all times. She is kidnaped by my pirate captain and his crew who holds the other piece of the map. To my captain's knowledge it leads to the lost land of Lottus. However the princess proves she's not some helpless girl and the treasure is not all what it seems.

    2. Instead of a princess your character would be a stowaway, maybe hiding or sleeping in a barrel. She's found once they open it up. My captain would be teasing her or something to effect that he bet her she couldn't open a golden sphere. Once open it would give the image of the map.

    Heroes and villains- (Modern time)
    1. My villain is the worlds smartest villains in the world and the only one who could keep up with him is your hero. For years they been at odds with each other but he always had a back up plan to get away. Though the years they had a love interest (like batman and catwoman) for each other and in some ways joined force's when needed. That is until one day he decides to retire to marry the woman he loves, ether your hero decides to let him go or try one more time to turn him in. In ether case he gets away. The woman my villain wanting to marry is in fact your hero in her secret identity, he doesn't know she is the hero and same with her on the other way around. Mean while a new villain have come out of the shadows who seem to be a copy of my main villain but much more darker and a killer.

    2. Your character and my two were best of friends in high school, one a nerd and the other some what a jock. One night a truck full of odd chemical blew, giving out smoke'ish gas that went though the whole city. The effects caused people to gain super powers and leaving the city into chaos for a short time. With in that time your character left for her own reason which left her two best friends alone. Years pass and she finally comes back home, but to quickly find out what happen to her two best friends. One became the one of the worlds greatest heroes who formed a the league of heroes, the other became the smartest villain in the world. Back then she also had feelings for each of them and as she meets them once more those feelings start to come back.

    A hot prince and an ice queen: (Avatar last Airbender and Frozen crossover)
    (Link not safe for work, you have been warned)

    Ever since I saw that pic I couldn't help but laugh and get an idea for an rp. It would be the story of the last airbender but with some changes. On this an Anatar is not born but rather made into one by the five elemental spirits, fire, water, earth, air and life (Raava). All but Raava chooses their would be champions and put into the test to see which along them would be worthy to become the new avatar.

    The story would start out when Zuko returns home after getting a message that is father, Ozai, wants him to return home and all is forgiven. It would be one year after the events of Zuko's exile and with him is freind that he met in the war front. Elsa who is queen of the northern water kingdom have a crush on Zuko, but have yet to tell him her feelings. Zuko would have the same feelings for her as well but again he been too afraid to ruin their friendship. After not seeing him for a year he gotten word that he was going back home, so Elsa made arrangements to get there before Zuko and surprise him.

    On that same day after what goes on between Zuko and Elsa, the prince decides to see his uncle Iroh who is in prison as a traitor of the fire nation. Telling Zuko he did it because the spirits asked him to. Thinking his uncle have gone mad he left him and back to his room only to have a strange dream with a woman in a red dress giving Zuko warning and tells him come to the shrine in Mont Mist.

    This rp we both be playing cannon characters from both Avatar and Frozen, more so Avatar. and be willing to play many characters.
    Guided by the Force (Star Wars idea)

    I play a young Sith lord who is on a quest to what he believe to be a lost power made by the first force users, before there was a dark and light side. Even the force seems to be guiding him as his last vision showed him on a planet with ruins like before but a woman within it. Upon arriving to the planet and to the ruins seen in his visions, finds the woman as he was shown but to his surprise the woman is a Jedi. My Sith lord and your Jedi fight a fight with him winning but keeping her alive. He finds out form her it seems she's looking for the same thing as he is with the force guiding her there as well he. Believing she might be useful he let her live as his slave. However both would soon realize that there is a connection between them and all do to with their past.

    (More to come soon)
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