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 Female x Male  Fantasy  Supernatural  Modern  Open Mare's pairs

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by PerfectKnightmare, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. PerfectKnightmare

    PerfectKnightmare Mama Steve Member



    To get started:
    I'm a 23 year old chick from the United States. My hobbies include making art, stories and playing video games. I've been a long time role-player (10+ years) on a website called IMVU. The format has changed so much that i'm really not interested in chat-based anymore. So I figured i'd switch to forum-based, since I've heard so many great things about it. I'm literally the chilliest chick you'll meet, i'm into a lot of different shows, games, animes, books, music etc etc.

    I'm usually available most nights and weekends. I tend to get carried away from time to time with writing so my posts can be anywhere from a single paragraph to many. Though I do not enjoy one line posts, it's been known to happen during scenes of important communication (dialogue) and when the action seems to be lacking. Sometimes its unavoidable.

    I'm a very flexible player, meaning I can play almost any role with any plot in any given setting. So even if you don't see something on here that you like, message me. If you have an idea, i'm most likely 99.9% down

    I make my own art for my characters. (And if you're nice, I might make you one too :) )
    I have my own Art thread:

    Feel free to look around :)

    I am NOT good at human only medieval and same sex pairings.



    1.) Smut is fun, I'm however not good with revolving a plot around it. If smut happens, so be it! Its usually essential for progress a relationship, plot or a conversation forward. I'm not in it for the sex, I'm story based.

    2.) I will only put as much effort into the plots as you do. Therefore, if you are only posting one to two lines, I will eventually start doing the same.

    3.) If you're going to go away for a while, let me know. I'm not a jerk and there will be times where my irl is overloaded and I do not have the time or the energy to write. I will let you know as well.

    4.) I don't bite, lets be friends!! I find some times that with partners (esp new ones) things have started off as JUST writing and it makes things a little stiff when you can't communicate and have fun with the plot.





    PVP- Lets be real, fighting in most plots is needed and great for progression. HOWEVER. I do not play characters that are heavy into battle. I play mainly support characters (Rouges, Healers, Mechanics etc etc) I don't like feeling like I have to prove myself and my talent by the way that I 'fight'. It's a waste of time, and i'm over it.


    Plots I like:

    Stranger Things!
    ( I've been really into this one lately.) Canon or ORPC

    Supernatural (The show)
    While the Winchester boys have left their own legacy, your is just beginning.

    They say that the life of a hunter is not one you choose, it's bestowed upon you like a curse.

    For Sara Harris, this was true. Her life was shattered after a demon has possessed her fiancé and tried to kill her. Knowing absolutely nothing about hunting, she was unable to dispatch the demon. So she fled.

    Running into Ellen's roadhouse as she fled, she was taught all she knows by Ellen and Jo and eventually the hunted became the hunter.

    Since then she's been on his trail but nothing is what it seems.

    Join up with Sara on an epic adventure!

    Canon or ORPC

    World of Warcraft
    Canon or ORPC

    The Walking Dead
    Canon or ORPC

    Chronicles of Shanara
    Canon or ORPC

    The Iron Fae series

    The Mortal Instruments series (Books)

    General Fantasy plots

    Set in the modern day, two clans of vampires are hidden away from humans life. In this world, vampires are able to procreate but they grow up very slowly. To increase their numbers, they rely on the talents of a very special bloodline called Havanna, who can turn humans into vampires. They do not live as long as the nobles and do not have special powers (telepathy, elemental control, mind reading etc etc ) like the noble bloodlines do. They were made for the purpose of being staff, companions, slaves and military. Each Noble has a talent and depending on which bloodline you come from, determines how strong you are.

    The two main clans of vampires (migrated from Europe but now have a home base in the united states) have been warring for power for centuries. Using their human-born armies to their advantages. Unfortunately during one last large war, the Havanna bloodline was wiped out as well. Leaving both clans wounded, their numbers down to nothing (10-15) and with no one left but their children to go into battle, they called a temporary truce.

    Turn to today, whispers of a surviving member of the Havanna bloodline has surfaced. Each clan will send one child, who is now the age of a young adult (Playable by you or npc. Gender does not matter) to search for the vampire. Their goal? To turn the tides of their war. If they can capture or invite the Havanna to their side, they can use them to create an army of massive proportions and rip the other clan apart. Finally ending the struggle.

    This plot is flexible and focuses on supernatural races and romance. Though the main story is about vampires, its not limited to it

      • Werewolves
      • Fairies
      • Elven races
      • Other Were creatures
    It can also include humans with magic

      • Witches
      • Warlocks
      • Druids
      • Voo-Doo kings/queens
    The idea is that the Havanna is valuable, to more than just the vampires. The Havanna herself hates her ability and wants to be rid of them, but no one will help her.

    Your character can either be one of the vampires trying to find her, or someone else who needs her for another reason


    Magic wielding human who wants her blood for potions
    Werewolf who wants revenge on the clans for killing their females
    Fairy who wants to use her as a bargaining chip (or just for entertainment)

    The human military or sub-military groups will have no part in this plot.

    (I would be playing the Havanna :) )


    Horror plots

    Slice of Life
    "My names is Tom, if anybody finds this, please remember that I'm not crazy and no matter how crazy this whole thing sounds, you need to listen to it and then get the hell out of here"

    You and your group of friends are seniors in highschool. You're 8 months away from graduating and the youngest of your group just turned 18. Your school is still reeling about the 4 missing students from the last years graduating class. Rumors are spreading that whoever or whatever took those kids, will come back again this year.

    Of course, you and your friends brush it off. It's Halloween and your group goes to the annual haunted cornmaze. You get separated from your group and find a dirty Walkman and headphones that barely work in a dark corner. You press play, and listen to Tom Weller, your friend who disappeared, tell you about his last moments.

    "This isn't a game man, Tiffany and Julia they're.......fuck man they're gone.....I don't know what happened....you have to go to the beginning. You have to go to *static*"

    Through the static, you can barely make out the sound of his last words through the static before the tape died out, but it sounded like Baker's Barn.

    It's now up to you and your friends to figure out what happened to the class before you. What will you find?

    This plot is a mystery that can be taken in any direction

    You're a highly successful business man. Your life is perfect, your home is spotless and you're debtfree. You work 20 hours a week for a great salary and full benefits. You're only 32. Life is perfect.

    That is, until you get a call to turn on your tv from your mother, whos crying on the phone. A Man with a face, your face, has been arrested for murdering the CEO of your company.

    A young female police officer knocks on your door, asks you to come down to the station. You bring your security tapes as proof of your whereabouts then the crime was committed. They clear you, running DNA on the crime scene belonging to that man, not you. But why would he have gone through such effort to get his face to look like yours?

    Suddenly, crimes like this start popping up all over the city. The only way to tell people apart is by DNA and fingerprints. The cop approaches you, as you are the only person through this entire thing you hasn't seen this as all just a coincidence.

    Together, you and the cop go after the mysterious series of crimes and the plastic surgeon behind them.




    Angel and Demon

    Elf and Vampire

    Human and Demon

    Tank and Healer

    Good girl and Bad boy


    Anything else? JUST ASK! :)

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    Bump! Edited and added new plots :)
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    Man ya sound super nice, I hope I could be your friend.
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    Absolutely!! I love making friends!!!
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    Thank you buttercup! Your such a sweet gal. I hope to make a strong friendship with ya. And hopefully rp
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