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 Member VIP: What is it? What is the Rental Agreement?

Discussion in 'Information About Member VIP' started by Alchemy, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy The Goddamned Sugarplum Fairy Administrator

    Have you ever wanted to have a forum section all to yourself? Maybe you've wanted to create a world and a group RP to with it, and wish to keep it all contained in one area? If so, renting a Member VIP area might be the right option for you!

    What is Member VIP?

    Member VIP is an area where members can rent their own "forum" on a monthly basis. It provides the member with a password protected forum to use as they wish and it provides Black Dahlia with a semi-stable sort of income to cover monthly and yearly site costs.

    If you are interested, here are the terms and conditions of our rental agreement:
    • The price of the first forum is 10.00/month, any subsequent forums purchased after for the main user to use with users not involved with the original forum becomes 5.00/month more. (2 forums for a user is now 15.00/month and so on)
    • You will be given 1 free sub-node within your forum, additional sub-nodes can be purchased for a one-time payment of $1. This price is due to the fact that all sub-nodes have to be hand created by an admin.
    • If you default on one (1) month payment you will be given a grace period to make it up (2 weeks).
    • If you default for two (2) months in a row, your threads are locked and will be unlocked after payment is made.
    • Three (3) months worth of missed payments result in your threads remaining locked and becoming archived until payment in full is made (this can be done all in one shot or in equal payments that are determined through conversation with admins.) and then when finished, the threads will be re-opened.
    • Your purchased area may be subject to deletion if it is found you are using the locked forums to break site rules.
    • Admins and moderators reserve the right to check in on your area from time to time to be sure that it is within the rules set in place.
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