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 Closed Merl's Partner Search

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by MerlotBeauty, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. MerlotBeauty

    MerlotBeauty Member Member

    Greetings! I’m Merl.

    At this time, I am seeing exactly ONE writing partner. I do have several existing stories with people who are waiting for things from me (I love you all—you are the best, most patient people ever ♥). That said, as a brand new member to the site, it seems silly not to get the ball rolling with something entirely new!

    Overall, I am pretty easy-going, and friendly. That said, I do know what I like in an RP and I find it is worth it to take time to ensure that we are compatible as writers. I do not select partners on a first come, first serve basis. That said, if I do decline an invitation, it doesn't mean that I won't seek you out again in the future!

    If you wish to get to know me a little better, I invite you to take a look at my profile.

    In the meantime, happy roleplaying!

    Merl's Style and Preference

    • RP should be relaxed and fun, but I am most compatible with people who choose to write at a college level. I do not expect perfection as long as it is evident that one has taken some time to edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on. I have the same expectation for those who write from mobile devices. I am by no means perfect, of course, and will often go back and edit after posting—this is absolutely acceptable!
      • I will only write in the third-person.
      • On rare occasions, I will ask for a brief writing sample.
    • Each post should be long or short enough to provide forward momentum to the story. Creative description, and narration are certainly encouraged, but I don't believe in setting a min/max post limit. That said…
      • No one-liners unless you can make it the most beautiful one-liner in all the land!
      • No fluff; as a rule, content should be there to enhance, and contribute to the scene.
    • My style is collaborative, and story-driven. I ask that you be willing participate equally with all parts of the creative process--plot, setting, and character development. Depending on the story, I am happy to play multiple characters, NPCs, and anything else required to make our story feel whole. Please be comfortable giving and discussing your own ideas to build and drive plot forward as we play; I love brainstorming and sharing ideas. I also love unexpected twists, and little surprises when and where appropriate.

      At this time I am not interested in plots that require a great deal of time dedicated to world-building. I just do not have any time to do it properly.
    • I love romance as much as the next person, but it is not a requirement. My first love is great story with engaging characters—everything else is icing! If romance will be an element in our story, I am most comfortable with MxF (and yes, I play guys and girls equally). That said, I am willing to explore other avenues on a case-by-case basis.

      Erotica, much like romance, is absolutely an option—never a requirement. That said, I find that it is easier to discuss preferred kinks and turn-offs in-person as this is largely dependent on the genre and type of story to be explored. (Note - for medieval or historical settings, I do prefer a more vanilla approach to erotica. Some things are just more fun in a modern setting).

      KinksTurn Offs

      • BDSM
      • Strict bondage (ropes and other restraints)
      • Gags
      • Teasing (verbal, and sexual)
      • Orgasm control/denial
      • Light breath play
      • Collaring
      • Servitude
      • Light spanking/punishment
      • ... and more!

      • Incest of any kind
      • Extreme ageplay
      • toilet-play
      • rape
      • domestic abuse
      • teacher/student
      • extreme torture
      • extreme degredation
      • extreme pet-play
      • anthro/"furry"

    • I happy to write within most genres, however, I have recently learned that I have different limits and preferences depending on the story that is being written. As such I am addin this section to my partner request in hopes to further reduce the chance of miscommunications and misunderstandings. However, even this is a work in progress.

      Firstly, there are few genres that I do not write, and those are thriller, and crime. I am always willing to try new things, and perhaps someday I will find a love for these genres as much as I do others. At this time, however, I'm just not very good at stories with cops, robbers, and criminal minds are typically just not up my alley.

      Otherwise, I have participated in countless stories that will always hold a place in my memories, and I look forward to many more in the future.

    • Friendliness and making oneself approachable always makes for better stories. It is invaluable to be able to chat, plot, plan, and, if needed, address concerns. We certainly do not need to chit-chat constantly, but “how are you?” “How was your weekend?” Simple conversation keeps the mood light, and that almost always makes for a more successful story. This is especially important to me if the story is of a darker nature.
    • My schedule and life commitments can make my responses wildly inconsistent. Occasionally, I can give responses multiple times in a day, but this is very rare. It is most realistic to expect a post about once, maybe twice a week. I will usually let you know when life gets busy, but rest assured that once we’ve started a story I will stick with it, or notify you otherwise.

      Please let me know when you need a hiatus, or if you wish to stop. I understand about life and priorities; there are times when my own responses will be slow, and certainly times when I will need to take a hiatus from writing altogether. I will do my best to communicate my needs as well.

      Lastly, when a story is awesome and engaging, I can often go back to it again even if it has been inactive for months (or longer). If you drop off from our story, and wish go come back, then just let me know! If our old story is not suitable, I am almost always happy to start a new story with old friends. =)

    Plots and Favorite Genres

    At this time, I would love to find someone interested in something a bit relaxed, yet fun. A healthy dose of erotica would be welcome as well. ^^

    • There is no plot or ideas involved in this other than to pick a character, pick a setting, and ready-set-go! We can do virtually anything here from two strangers meeting in the bar, neighbors sneaking off for a naughty rendezvous in the middle of the day, naughty bosses and underlings, mistaken identities, revenge scenarios, and more! I love domination/submission, and though I do so enjoy playing a submissive character, I am willing to play dominant as well.

      The sky is the limit more or less, and honestly, I there are numerous elements of BDSM and bondage that I would love to explore.
    • It’s always fun when the gods play with those pesky mortals. I am particularly partial to a modern setting in which greek gods live among us. I've done a few of these types of stories in the past, and with the right partner could be fun again!
    • Lots of opportunities here. I love stories with characters who unwittingly find themselves out of their own place and time. There are quite a few historical time-periods I would enjoy (in no particular order: medieval, New World/Revolution, Ancient, Prehistoric, and more. I am also open to post-apocalyptic/dystopian twists, alternate realities, dimensions, and even sci-fi future/space.

      These stories could be people from the present travelling to another time/place, or visa-versa.
    • Who doesn’t love this trope/cliché? Okay, so maybe it isn’t for everyone, but the classic stories of old, are always fun—and even more fun to find new ways to explore this classic genre. We can make the story modern-day, or historical.
    • This genre is old hat, and the sky is often the limit. Although, it may be a tough sell to get me interested in creating a story for this genre right now, don't be afraid to pitch your idea anyway. I have written for this genre in all its forms: high, low, dark, modern, and everything in between.

      For modern fantasy - werewolves are a sure bet. ♥
      Fandoms - Dragon Age, Skyrim (original characters only)

      Note - As stated above, I do not have time for comprehensive world building.
    • For now, this a place-holder. While I enjoy these genres, I am not inspired at this time. Stay tuned!

    Hopefully I covered everything! If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    If you're interested in pursuing a story, feel free to PM or post here. (I would ask for PMs only, but so many people ignore that. I give up. Do as you will. ♥ )
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018 at 1:03 AM

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