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 Mystic's Plots, Pairings, and Partner Requests

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by Mystic, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Mystic

    Mystic Wild Member Member

    Hello, all! Welcome to my Request Thread. I have decided to place all of my prompts in this Other category because I have no preference in the character gender that I play. All of the pairings are straight, but I am open to both male and female partners. I'm a pretty flexible partner and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

    First, a bit of housekeeping.


    What You Can Expect From Me:

    Activity: I am available intermittently throughout the day to check on the site and chat, however my posts will likely be every few days. Depending on the styles of each roleplay, replies might come faster or slower.

    Length: At the very least, I'll write two paragraphs for each post. Oftentimes I will do more, and can exceed ten when I'm really feeling the flow of the roleplay.

    Input and Communication: I love talking about characters, relationships, plot twists, story directions, and world building. The more authentic and detailed I can make the story, the better. On the flip side, I'm not so interested in talking about our everyday, personal lives and engaging in heavy OOC chat on the side (though it is occasionally acceptable). But I would like our focus to stick to the story as much as possible.

    Quality: As mentioned above, I really like going into the details of a story. However, I do struggle with 'descriptive' language and am trying to become a better writer in that respect. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing and I welcome a challenge!

    Romance/Erotica: I don't currently have an f-list yet, but I'll be working on it. I like to explore power dynamics, but if you'd like to talk about specific kinks in the meantime, feel free to just ask me in a PM. I do tend to focus more on the romance aspect, but I am also fine with writing smut, and my characters will often have kinky tendencies. If sex isn't your thing, that's totally fine, we can talk about that and work something out. If it IS your thing, that's fine, too, and we can also talk more about that.


    What I Look for in a Partner:

    Someone who is willing to be a partner! I don't want to be the one to carry an entire roleplay. I always welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas, so I want a partner who isn't afraid to provide input. I like for my roleplays to be a collaborative story that both parties can enjoy!

    I really enjoy playing multiple characters, so if someone is willing to double, or even triple, that's a plus! Additionally, I like to have several background or minor characters that we can both reference throughout the roleplay. *It is not required for you to double if you want to rp with me* Just wanted to point out that it is something I enjoy, but standard oneXone roleplays are perfectly acceptable.

    A five sentence minimum. This one is a dealbreaker, because I don't want to be writing less than a paragraph. I would say that I shoot for two to five paragraphs per post, and I'd prefer someone who can provide the same.

    If, at any time, you are feeling uninspired or realize that we do not match as roleplay partners, let me know! Please don't just ghost on me. I get that life happens, or you become uninterested, or our styles might not mesh together. I will never create a contract or obligation for someone to write with me, and I hope to get the same respect and understanding from you. I like for roleplaying to be a mutual interest.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

    Now, on to the fun stuff.


    • ALL of these can be edited to include multiple characters if that interests you. PM me for gender preferences and to talk details!

      1) Werewolves: Male and Female are werewolves from two separate packs that live in the same town. Male’s family is a traditional pack with high status in the werewolf community, but the town sees them as a stain on their reputation, and they are known for causing trouble and shrouding themselves in mystery. In contrast, Female’s family is a progressive pack who have integrated well with the town and world at large, and are well-liked, successful, and popular within the community. The two family’s Alphas recently got into a fight, and both came away with permanent injuries that forced them to retire. The Elders of the packs have decided that they are going to join the two together through the marriage of Male and Female to create a super-pack. Will the packs be able to put aside their differences and come together? Or will it tear everyone apart?

      *Multiple characters encouraged for this one. I also have an idea concerning an outside threat of Rogue wolves. In this story, wolves are created by birth/gene passing, and the gene will lay dormant until the individual takes another life.

      2) Werewolves: Werewolves in this world are bitten, and no female has ever been known to survive the Change. What happens when Male comes across a newly bitten Female in the outskirts of the forest of his town who survives the Change? Will his pack take her in? How will Female adjust to this new and lonely life?

      3) High Fantasy: Ages ago, a phenomenon known as Neverlight once shrouded Marosia in darkness, a time of uncertainty and terror when Shadowbeasts roamed the land. Now, the story is but a legend that is whispered by the light of a campfire. Unbeknownst to the greater land of Marosia, there is an island fortress situated some miles off the coast. The island’s inhabitants never forgot the reality of Neverlight, and have been training for centuries to protect the ignorant mainlanders. The Vosari, or Shadowguard, are male warriors who have been trained in the art of combat since birth. The island is all they have ever known, and they are trained to be killing machines. The Dommas are the female inhabitants of the island, their purpose to be used as breeders to create more Vosari and Dommas. They also tend to the facilities and grounds of the island while the Vosari are training. The two genders are kept separate during daily life, and intimate encounters are always anonymous, quick, and devoid of emotion. No one has names.

      Here is where our characters come in. The island has been attacked by shadows. The events were a blur, but Male and Female were able to escape through a series of secret tunnels and a raft. Male was given strict orders by one of his commanders to protect two objects: a book in a language that he does not recognize, and a pregnant Domma. Just as they leave the island, the fortress is covered in shadow and the two are forced to sail to Marosia and figure out what the heck is going on.

      *So this one will be adventure-based, and the quest is to figure out how to stop Neverlight from happening again. The Vosa and Domma do not know each other prior to departing the island (but Male is the father of Female's baby). The Vosa is skilled in both physical and magical combat, though we can discuss magic further in PM.

      4) Crime: The Udinovs have been involved in organized crime for generations. The current leader owns various clubs, restaurant chains, and hotels, and his wife is the owner and lead pastor of a church. Male is one of the leader’s children who is in charge of one of the city’s most exclusive night clubs, Pearl. This four-tier building boasts a dance club, a strip club, champagne room, and rooftop bar. Female is a federal agent who has been sent undercover to infiltrate and take down the Udinov empire—through Male. This roleplay will begin with Female’s preliminary interview as she applies to be one of the new employees at the club.

      *I would kind of like this one to be fairly smutty with kink included. There’s some interesting power dynamics that I’d like to explore.

      5) Crime/Motorcycle Club: Male and Female were small-town high school sweethearts. After high school graduation, Male planned to propose, but Female left town without a second glance. Years later, Male has since joined up with the local biker gang, and Female unexpectedly comes back to town. Will they rekindle an old flame? Or are their lives so far apart that there is no going back?

      6) Low Fantasy: Something with royalty, scandal, political intrigue, war, etc. I have specific ideas if you’d be interested in this one.

      7) Low Fantasy: Male has just inherited one of the most successful gladiatorial institutions in his land. His late father died unexpectedly from poisoned wine, throwing the house into chaos and disarray. Female is one of the slaves of the house who poisoned the wine—at her master, Male’s, request. What is the relationship between these two? How will make react to this newfound responsibility?

      *Again, very likely for smut and kink to be included in this one. I’d prefer multiple characters for this as well: house slaves, gladiators, family members, etc. If you can't tell this one will have darker themes (hello, Male killed his dad)

      8) Game of Thrones AU: Male is the brother of a Khal who has always lived in his brother's shadow. His brother wouldn't even name him a bloodrider when he became a Dothraki lord. Female has been sold as a slave to Male's khalasar and--much like Dany--boasts a physical feature that sets her apart as 'other' and causes Male to take a special interest in her. She takes an interest in him as well, but what happens when the Khal himself sets his eyes on her?

    • These are just vague areas of interests. Again, I can play either gender, so we can discuss details and characters through PM. I’m open to any ideas on these, or I can provide some that I already have, or we can brainstorm together.




      High Fantasy/Low Fantasy/Medieval

      Game of Thrones

      Walking Dead



      Boarding School



      Twins (if we did this one, it would have to be in a fantasy or sci-fi setting)

      Biker Gangs/Motorcycle Clubs

      Gladiators/Fighting Pits

    • A brief note on my interests, should that be something you’re curious about.

      Power exchange, rope, bondage/suspension, blindfolds, dirty talk, spanking, hair pulling, chin grabbing, con/non-con, predator/prey, dominant/submissive, voyeurism, exhibitionism, orgasm control, orgasm denial, multiple orgasms, tantric sex, breath play, sensory deprivation, gags, impact play (crops, whips, paddles, etc), sensation play, temperature play (ice, wax, etc)
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