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 Stranger Things and The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Jynnien Emberlaine, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Jynnien Emberlaine

    Jynnien Emberlaine Professional Fangirl Moderator

    Ok so this is my fandom thread for Stranger Things and the Walking Dead hoping maybe I can find rp partners for Stranger Things and the Walking Dead. (THESE FANDOMS ARE SEPARATE! NOT LOOKING FOR RPS WITH BOTH FANDOMS COMBINED!)

    A little about me:

    My request thread in the female section says really all that you need to know.

    But a basic rundown is I have been rping for 16 years. Romance is a must. I cannot do a roleplay without Romance and I am looking for heavy smut. I prefer to play female parts. I do not like scenarios where girls are shared. I do not like cheating scenarios and I do not like the gross stuff like scat, urine play or father/daughter. And of course no beastality or necrophillia.

    Stranger Things Plots:

    These would all be AU because of the ages of the pairing in the actual show. But both parties would be 18. I follow all site rules.

    Plot 1: A twist on season 2 towards the end a couple of months after Season 2 of Stranger Things Mike and Eleven are reunited and they are both 18. All events of season 1 have happened as has Season 2. Looking for Mike/Eleven centric stories!

    plot 2: anything Mike/Eleven. I am open to any sort of ideas one might have. I am willing to double as well and I have seen both seasons. I can play just about anyone.

    The Walking Dead Plots:

    All parties would be 18 of course.

    Plot 1: Arranged marriage- Carl is placed in an arranged marriage with a girl from another community to secure their help in the war against Negan. Carl and his new wife must learn how to love each other in a marriage neither wanted.

    Plot 2: Anything with Carl Grimes. I am open to any idea with Carl Grimes. I have several versions of OCs for him so I'm open to AU or stories not even in the Walking Dead.
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