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 Fantasy The Elder Scrolls (Experienced, WIP)

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Capreo, May 14, 2018.

  1. Capreo

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    Been a massive fan of the series for many many years but the games themselves have worn down on me due to the dip in writing quality. BUT the lore itself stays pretty rich given a good dose of creativity and enthusiasm, so I've enjoyed a lot of discussion and apocrypha in the past. Trying to roleplay with it however has been a complete mess. I'm not really interested in any of the basic in-game factions unless explored to a deep end or protagonist characters, but anyone willing to look at those places most glance over would be a treat.

    • A lot of this is from my main RT which you can find in my sig below.
    • For my Elder Scrolls history in terms of games, though I do not define myself by any particular game, I've been playing every entry of the main series since Daggerfall. Side games include Battlespire, a bit of Redguard. And though it pains me to admit, I did play Shadowkey. I didn't enjoy ESO enough to continue playing it past the initial week I tried but I do use a lot of information from it to help with lore building. Things like item lists and sidequest dialogue are great tools in fleshing out the day-to-day life in various Tamrielic communities.
    • I primarily write MxM, but will commit to anything should it be interesting enough and I feel comfortable with my writing partner. Just keep in mind that for the purposes of this thread in particular, I will be a bit hesitant to engage in non-MxM with strangers. Not impossible, just.. skeptical.
    • All my writing is public and easy to access should you need writing samples. I typically stay between four and ten meaty paragraphs but this can fluctuate.
    • I don't romanticize rape or play/interact with extreme masochists or sadists. I don't write kinks that aren't within the realm of reason. My roleplays don't have to contain sex scenes, and tend not to be porn by any means. Tasteful erotica at best, and even then if it serves the plot and character development.
    • That being said, I AM fine with beasts, all their anatomical bits included. I don't shy away from inhuman genitalia, and actually STRONGLY prefer that characters within our stories be accurately depicted in the downstairs department. (Examples being Khajiit with a feline phallus if they retain enough feline features everywhere else. Internal genitalia on Argonians. Female Argonians without breasts are a plus, it was always sort of something that annoyed me in the games, but not necessary.)
    • I'm very particular about vampires and werewolves. Anything with these require some discussion.
    • On another note, I plan over Discord since its awfully convenient for bouncing ideas back and forth.
    • I'm very friendly with my writing partners, I enjoy being friends, it makes conversation a lot easier.

    • 4E
      • The state of magic education after the fall of the Mages Guild and the struggles of aspiring mages across mainland Tamriel. Even further, the Elitism of magic education in Alinor given the rise of the Third Aldmeri Dominion.
      • Aedra Mara/Morwha being championed as the patron saint of a rebellious cult comprised of those estranged from the constant warring and hostile politics in Tamriel. Mixed mer, Altmer/Bosmer/Khajiit refugees, Nordic/Imperial dissidents. Can be entwined with the idea above in that the worship of Mara and it's healing priests offer a stronger education to aspiring restorative mages, in a world where restoration is frowned upon by the few academic societies left.
      • Life in an independent Hammerfell, can also include regional politics and the topic of Altmer refugees who fled Alinor. Or life in the Isles themselves in a time of rigid nationalism.
    • 1E
      • The strife between the late Atmorans/Nords and their Falmer neighbors. Good for exploring Falmer culture as a livable society and the topic of language barriers. Even beyond that when most the Falmer were invited into a forced slavery by the Dwemer, those that failed to split into the groups that traveled north, and those who followed underground, likely were stranded on the surface and lived sad lives. Lonely, or just short lived. A lot of things can be explored here.
      • The rise, fall and dissolution of the Ayleids by the Alessian Empire. The topics of slavery of humans, and splinter groups of mer who worshiped daedra.
      • Early Chimer society, during the rise of the First Council. The worship of daedra, frequent strifes with neighboring Dwemer. Heavy social tension between the two cultures. The early days of the Morag Tong under Mephala. All back when Morrowind was still known as Resdayn.
    • 3E
      • Always wanted to explore the life of an unruly Argonian slave, whether facing consequences or living a life of stolen freedom on the move. This is all interacting with third era Vvardenfell politics and social life. OR Mourning hold and surrounding settlements.
      • This one will carry over into 4E due to it being around the time of the Oblivion Crisis, but Isles-centric political drama centered around the effects of the Daedric invasion and the early dependency on what would continue to be the Thalmor. Merchants experiencing tighter control of their goods or being redirected entirely. Altmer soldiers being funneled into the Third Aldmeri Dominion from their original posts. Some characters I have in mind include an estranged father of a mixed child (Bosmer/Altmer mingling would've been most common, to note) and his changing views on the Dominion. Or the life of a child who grew up into the Dominion after being saved as a refugee of Crystal Tower, a sort of Thalmor by way of adoption, and experiencing the divide between dissidents and radical nationalism. Both of these are open to travel should they defect and share their experiences with those on the outside. There's a lot more ideas on this that can be discussed, and of course my partner's thoughts are always interesting.
    • Other Ideas I'd like to play with
      • Early Dunmer/Nord relationships, or even Chimer/Atmoran relationships. The two have a long history together through thick and thin.
      • Maormer are all around interesting and making the effort to understand their culture with what little offered would be a thrilling task.
      • I do like the Direnni, by way of early High Rock aristocracy.
      • More to be added surely
    Things I WON'T do
    • Protagonists. I'm not interested in dragonborns or nerevarines or shezzarines or any of your heroes. I prefer to explore the lives of those just getting by and trying to fulfill their part. I don't want the world to revolve around the actions of either character.
    • Daedra. Not comfortable with the prospect of humanizing immortal fragments of what essentially are embodied concepts. Let alone those concepts (the princes) themselves. I don't subscribe to the idea that they'd hold motivations outside their respective spheres. They exist to serve a function, they are not mortal and some of them even incomprehensible when being viewed through a mortal lens. No matter their speech, their various forms likened to those of man and mer, I like to see them as "the other" and only regarded as familiar compared to their aedric counterparts through their willingness to interact with Nirn. Now, it's not impossible to write as one, I just don't quite trust anyone to, not even myself. And I also don't find it'd be quite engaging even if properly represented.
    • Sort of goes without saying, but a lot of just basic and uninspired settings that don't really add more to the greater narrative of the world. I don't do anything really pertaining to the thieves guild, or the dark brotherhood, so on. Unless something is being explored, unless they're being analyzed and more is offered than just the fact that it exists. Otherwise I'd like to push towards more obscure concepts, at least to promote creativity and agency in us as writers.
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  2. Capreo

    Capreo Lore Hound Member

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    bump for a few plots added

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