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 Female x Male This Casanova's Roaming Days Are Over (More or Less)

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Tall Dark Stranger, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Tall Dark Stranger

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    How’s it going? I'm Stranger. Thanks for visiting the thread.

    I'm an English literature major from England. I'm currently doing a Masters in creative writing. I've been role-playing for nine years across different platforms. I also have GM experience and write in my spare time. I guess you could say I'm salty when it comes to my role-playing experience.

    The Basic and Planning

    I am a no-frills, minimalist role-player. I don't use fancy fonts, gifs or headers. I'm also very easy-going and strive for clarity with my role-playing partners. If you’re away for a few days, tell me. It’s all good. I’ll do the same if I need a break.

    Now, I don't give a rats ass about planning. Only reason I have some plots down there is to draw interest. Personally, I like to jump in and make it up as I go along, which I can do. You give me a character sheet, I'll give you ditto, then sit back and watch as I make castles out of sand.


    I am a straight dom seeking female partners. My relationships are built on mutuality, consent and respect. And laughter. There's gotta be laughter.

    Kinks and Sexual Preferences:

    If it’s been done, I’ve done it. My go-to kinks are light bondage, spanking, oral sex (giving and receiving), blindfolds, gags, socks and stockings, foot-play, dirty talk and teasing, edging/orgasm denial and much more. I am very adaptable and love to please, if you've got a kink you want to explore then let me know.

    I like a story, but I also encourage hot and heavy encounters within that story. Hell, I also enjoy pure smut. If gratuitous sexual encounters are your game and you're good at it, then count me in. I'm no prude.

    No-nos and Rules

    Forum policy is King. I know from experience that the house always wins. My boys might not play by the rules, but I do.

    Writing Length

    I write as much as I feel necessary. That can be anything from three paragraphs to ten. I don’t expect you to mirror my length, but active engagement with my writing is necessary.

    Current Pairings

    If you're interested in the pairings listed below, then please send me a PM explaining how it has caught your interest and why you want to write with me. Any additional ideas on how to thicken up the plot or thin it out to your liking are also greatly appreciated.

    All of these pairings contain adult themes from the outset and can be adapted to contain heavy/gratuitous smut, even if it doesn't explicitly say so in the plot description.

    Slice of Life

    • Weapons Manufacturer x Defence Secretary.
    • All-Rounder/Problem Solver x Client.
    • Gym Instructor x Instagram Teen/Fitness Freak.
    • Famous Photographer x Newbie Model.
    • Therapist/Counsellor x Client.
    • Drug Dealer x 'Nice' girl.
    Fantasy, D&D and Urban Fantasy
    • Orc Mercenary, Knossos and the Labyrinth x Client.
    • Northerner/Viking x Nun/Priestess.
    • Villains, Villains Galore! x Your plot/my plot.
    • The Wolf Amongst Us, or Fables.
    • Roman x Gladiator x Slave.
    Current Plots:

    Weapons Manufacturer


    Luca Castiglione is the CEO of Finmeccanica. A leading arms industry. A man with his own private army. One of the most powerful men in the world as voted by Times magazine, he came from grassroots, originating in Modena, northern Italy. Preferring to remain out of the public sphere, he has long been a figure of enigmatic interest, and not much is known about the man’s personal life.

    There has been unrest and riots in Europe for five years. The political landscape is in turmoil. There are talks of cities being placed under military control. A new world order is forming under everyone’s noses and Luca Castiglione is set to provide the weapons that will be used by the new dictatorship.

    Set to secure an arms deal with one of the most powerful women in European government, the secretary of defence of the Netherlands/United Kingdom/France/Germany/or Russia. An informal meeting has been arranged. A private plane has been provided. She is being flown to Italy to finalize the contract and usher in the new world.

    Politically powerful woman meets financially powerful man. With the power to change the future of Europe, what will happen when these two forces meet?

    For this role-play, I need a strong female lead. She should be powerful politically but Luca’s level of wealth will still be striking, even to her. She should react accordingly. I'd like the two to be very mutual intellectually, so that they're able to keep up with one another. He will also attempt to encourage things out of her that she didn’t know existed… Both politically and sexually.


    Dr. Jack Monroe, a recent divorcee, is struggling to hold down his position at Oxford. One of his female students, an extremely sharp young woman, hears through the grapevine about his ex-wife and exploits his vulnerable state. She blackmails her Professor and secures connections and grades for herself. However, Dr. Monroe's favourites overhear their friend talking about her recent success. They individually decide to help their favourite tutor get out of this mess.

    (For this taboo plot, I require my partner to be able to play at least two 18-year-old characters, if not three. Sometimes at once. They also need to be clearly distinct from one another and have authentic personalities. My reasoning for this is that I want the school to feel populated, I want Jack to have a cast he can interact with and get roped up in. I don't think three out of a class of thirty is asking for much! -- Please don't be intimidated by this pairing, it is shockingly easier than it sounds and can be extremely rewarding to play more than a single character for a change.)


    Jude Wright is world-renowned for solving problems. One of the most versatile men alive, he came up through the dark web and now owns and operates out of an apartment in London. Intelligent, resourceful and morally ambiguous, he has helped countless women destroy their ex-husbands. He has brought down politicians, disgraced diplomats and ruined celebrities. He has also put away sex offenders, located terrorists and captured murderers.

    We return to the early days of his career when he was still coming up. Dark days. Stuck with a debt caused by his gambling problem, Jude will accept any job provided it pays well.

    Jude is my modern-day hireling. He is available for any slice of life scenario. You can even hire him on one character and then play the character he antagonises, if you desire. Here are some examples...

    • He’ll photograph your character professionally for her modelling portfolio and then pull some strings to get her hired in an established agency.
    • He'll charm your boss into sleeping with him, then secretly video-tape them having raunchy sex, then sell you the tape so your character can blackmail her for a better position in another job.
    • He’ll steal and destroy whatever sensitive documents that you need getting rid of.
    • He’ll act as a politician’s boyfriend at a formal dinner, nailing every social hurdle he encounters.
    • He’ll find a way to blackmail a client’s husband, even if he’s done nothing wrong.
    You get the idea.

    Fantasy, D&D and Urban Fantasy

    Orc Mercenary, Knossos and the Labyrinth

    Vikings, Pagans and the Raids

    Villains, Villains Galore!

    The Wolf Amongst Us, or Fables

    WRITING IN PROGRESS! Check back soon. The pairings for these are listed above. Feel free to message me if you're interested in them anyway, I already have some initial ideas.


    Roman x Gladiator x Slave.

    A Roman romp filled with sex, politics and power-play. Have you seen Starz' Spartacus? Think that level of debauchery!

    Marcus Aurelius is the paterfamilias of an ancient Roman ludus. A gladiatorial school for upcoming, brutal entertainment in Pompeii. He is happily married to one of Pompeii's most formidable women, Lucretia.

    Fortune has been in his favour and he now boasts the finest murmillo in the industry, the celt Duro. Having recently won the primus, Duro now holds the title Champion of Pompeii. Marcus has decided to reward him with marriage to one of his slaves.

    Duro unexpectedly chooses Lucretia's body-slave (YC), a woman who's purity has been preserved since birth. (Of course, she has been made to please noble guests in other ways. She isn't unskilled and she isn't a prude.)

    Slaves in Rome are shaped to believe in the totality of Roman law. Your character will do anything she is ordered to with only minimal reluctance. Not because she is a 'broken woman', but because she is proud to serve the house of Marcus Aurelius. Marcus has never intruded upon her sexuality himself, he is content with his wife and the other slaves in his house. In the context of this authoritarian state, she is very lucky, and she'd be well aware of that.

    Your character would not see herself as a slave. She knows that she is crucial to the longevity of her Dominus and Domina's household. She runs all of the domestic affairs within the estate and even assists with Marcus' accounts. She is practically a member of the family.

    Today is the day of the announcement of her marriage, but when Marcus suddenly takes an interest in her, stirred by Duro's choice, can this love-triangle ever end happily?
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    Bumping this up. Added two fresh pairings.
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    This thread has been overhauled and revised extensively. Check it out.
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    A healthy bump. I'm after some new partners. Throw a PM my way.
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    *tickles the request thread*

    So many interesting ideas.
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    Hi. I'm glad that you approve! Don't shy away from messaging me if any of my pairings jump out at you.

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