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Jul 11, 2018
May 14, 2018
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Mar 23, 1976 (Age: 42)

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Wandering Soul, Male, 42


Argh! Everytime I PM staff, its right as they go offline. Jul 2, 2018

DarkLaz was last seen:
Jul 11, 2018
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  • About

    Mar 23, 1976 (Age: 42)
    Preferred Genres:
    Most any genre, not big on fandom.
    Reply Length:
    Personally, single para.
    Pairing Preferences:
    MxF, FxF, any other-ask and I might say yes
    Frequency of Replies:
    I tend to be on every day except Sunday
    Plot Preferences:
    Fantasy, SciFi, Romance, Smut, Action
    Kink Preferences:
    Mostly open. Particulars, just ask and we can discuss.


    My Request Thread:


    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    72% Pet
    72% Boy/Girl
    64% Primal (Prey)
    58% Non-monogamist
    58% Submissive
    58% Experimentalist
    51% Slave
    51% Voyeur
    50% Exhibitionist
    48% Switch
    47% Ageplayer
    45% Masochist
    43% Rope bunny
    40% Brat
    40% Daddy/Mommy
    39% Owner
    36% Vanilla
    34% Rigger
    33% Degradee
    20% Primal (Hunter)
    19% Dominant
    19% Master/Mistress
    18% Degrader
    11% Sadist
    4% Brat tamer
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