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Darkness Defined
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Feb 19, 2019
Apr 5, 2018
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Darkness Defined

Well-Known Member, Male


Returned and working on replies. :) Nov 19, 2018

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Feb 19, 2019
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    Preferred Genres:
    Slice of Life, Modern, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Historical, Steampunk, and the list continues...
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    Multi-Paragraph, Literate, No One Liners (Give Me Content)
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    See F-List Below
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    Status: Seeking ||| M/F Romance/Smut ||| Lit Level: Advanced ||| F-List

    I am an older gentleman who has years of experience behind him in both the real world and the roleplaying one. My particular list of fetishes is miles long, but the one important fact is that I enjoy my partner enjoying herself. That to me more than anything is what I strive for and I cannot feel any pleasure in whatever I am writing if the person I am with is not. I am very dominant, intelligent, well-written, well-mannered (outside of roleplay), and have no goal but us having a good time.

    I try to be a reasonable person and I try to stay in touch with my roleplaying partners. On occasion one or the other may go quiet. I merely ask for consideration. Try to realize that my intentions are never to be cruel, harmful, or a problem for my partner. Try to realize that I am a person as well and always try to view my words through the best lens possible and I will do the same. If you decide not to roleplay with me for any reason, just let me know and we'll part ways amicably. I reiterate - please merely let me know what occurred to precipitate the sudden silence, I will be understanding.


    What is it I am seeking? A few rare, intelligent, and eloquent ladies that will come to find in me a long term partner that can indulge in hungry well written roleplays that leave both of us with our eyes desperately wishing the words could somehow leap off the screen and be reality. I want to feel the impact, I wish to tug your heart, and I want your legs to tremble just slightly with the indulgence that they might spread for me. Outside of those demands...I would like something truly long term, a budding friendship and my intention would be to work only with one to three writers at any given time so that they will appreciate the consistency and the focus.

    I write in the third person and prefer my partner do the same. I feel that it enables the flow of the story to progress with continuity and looks quite clean and presentable. I tend to write three to four paragraphs in response, if not more, and appreciate a partner able to do so as well. Quantity and quality is very important in what I present, I like to inspire with my words. Currently I prefer roleplaying through Threads and PMs.

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