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May 15, 2018
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Non-Binary, 'He/Them' Pronouns

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Get off my Lawn, Non-Binary, 'He/Them' Pronouns


Neighbor reminds me of those banty roosters. Jul 31, 2018

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    Non-Binary, 'He/Them' Pronouns
    Preferred Genres:
    Scifi, romance, slice of life, horror, slice of life
    Reply Length:
    Usually up to two paragraphs at least, five and up at most
    Pairing Preferences:
    But not FxF, I really suck at that.
    Frequency of Replies:
    I'm chronically ill, so it takes me a little while at times to respond.
    RPG Rating:
    <a href="http://rpgrating.com"><img src="http://rpgrating.com/ratings/3.png" /></a>
    I'm GrunkleLogic, you can call me Grunkle or Logic for short. I'm old, cranky and think you should stay off my Lawn.

    I have a hectic life. Dealing with my crazy ass family, with their crazy ass issues, with my crazy ass issues and people's crazy ass issues. So no, I'm not going to be here to play all the time. I'm going to disappear from time to time. That be a problem? Find a new partner motherfucker (please don't actually think I'm calling you that).

    I got stuff in my life and responsibilities.

    I only do smut once our roleplay gets further and if I trust that you are an adult. And if the roleplay makes me comfortable enough to do it. I never roleplay smut with anyone under 20, I would rather you be around 24.

    Also, my eye sight is awful, so small text is very hard for me to see.

    Real life comes before roleplay life.

    Also, if I am not online, I do have a family as well as a life so please be patient with me. Even though that family might actually be the death of me.

    I will disappear from time to time because I've got a heart condition and issues outside roleplays. But I will get to our filth.

    Also, I'm a laid back kind of guy. I do not come here to fight people, i there's a disagreement between us kindly just let me be and I'll let you be. I enjoy calm roleplays, and I really don't want to deal with drama. I don't like blocking people, but I'll do it if I must. Last resort is reporting; please don't make me have to do that.
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