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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: May 9, 2018

    Tree Of Life

    “For endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful.” Nepenthe's Staff Medal. Designed by Alchemy.

  2. Awarded: Sep 30, 2017


    For those that display a deep loyalty to community and offer wisdom to our little family. Designed by Alchemy.

  3. Awarded: Oct 14, 2018

    The Birthday Boss

    Spreading that birthday cheer...like a boss. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: :p

  4. Awarded: Sep 13, 2017

    Swamp Cat

    It might have scales, but all it really wants is to cuddle.

  5. Awarded: Sep 5, 2017

    The First 100

    Thank you for helping us make the milestone of our first 100 members! We are so grateful for you! Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Helping our community get to its first 100

  6. Awarded: May 17, 2018

    Circulus Fide

    Trust takes time and patience, but when it is built on a firm foundation, its effects ripple through out the community. Designed by Alchemy.

  7. Awarded: May 8, 2018

    The Dahlia

    Thank you for helping us reach our first 1000 members! We are so grateful to have you here enjoying this journey with us! Designed by Alchemy

  8. Awarded: Apr 12, 2018

    No Fox Given

    Oh for foxsake, we have zero fox to give. ;) Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Annnnd I want to give the foxy to you too!

  9. Awarded: Aug 21, 2018

    The Broken Crown

    Despite how broken or battered it may look, you wear your crown with pride. And that is what makes you beautiful. LeStrange's Staff Medal. Designed by LeStrange.
    Reason: Thanks for giving me the chance to help more for the site as a community helper. <3

  10. Awarded: Apr 9, 2018

    A Surprise Squeak

    Sneak attack! A founder favorite. Drawn and Designed by Alchemy.

  11. Awarded: Aug 20, 2018

    Happy 1st Birthday BD - Purple

    One year down and several more in the making! Thanks for celebrating our first birthday with us! Designed by FeatheryKitten.
    Reason: Thanks for helping us make it through our first year! You have been amazing with the CH crew, we could not do this without you! <3

  12. Awarded: Apr 9, 2018

    Untamed Justice

    A stalwart heart and the spirit to explore the unknown. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Because you are awesome and I want to give you a little piece of Coral Grimes!

  13. Awarded: Oct 16, 2017

    The Shield

    For those who exhibit compassion for others and determination to stay true to themselves no matter what others want. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: ❤️

  14. Awarded: Oct 14, 2017

    Volunteer Appreciation

    You are the cogs that keep the machine of our community going. Thank you so much for volunteering your talents to support our site. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Thanks for helping out with social media and recruiting!

  15. Awarded: Feb 1, 2018

    Get Baked

    Hey, guys... Lookin' to get a sugar high? Limited Edition medal for Love Fest 2018. Designed by Capreo.
    Reason: Someone really enjoys RPing with you. <3

  16. Awarded: Sep 1, 2019

    Blooming Dahlia

    For our wonderful Community Helpers past and present. For it is with their help that our site is able to truly bloom. Designed by LeStrange.

  17. Awarded: Aug 5, 2019

    BD Cake Purple - 2nd Birthday

    It's our birthday but we'd like to share a treat with you! Part of the BD Birthday Medal Giveaway, August 2019. Designed by Alchemy.

  18. Awarded: Jul 1, 2019

    The Rose

    For true beauty that never fades. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: <3

  19. Awarded: Jun 9, 2019

    The Fairy's Egg

    Adaptable and magical. You are able to change as your whims require. Designed by Alchemy for the Fantastical Creature Event 2019.
    Reason: For helping me with medals! <3

  20. Awarded: Apr 1, 2019

    Golden Laurel Wreath

    This medal is a symbol of victory, strength and honour. The laurel wreath is elegant yet powerful - beautiful but dangerous. Designed by Kalinda.
    Reason: Thank you for all you do for BD <3

  21. Awarded: Mar 28, 2019


    A medal for those who seek wisdom and those who provide it. This medal is awarded to those who ask questions, make suggestions or provide wise contributions to the forum. Thank you for making our community a better place. Designed by Alchemy

  22. Awarded: Dec 18, 2018

    Winter Blessings

    Awarded to those who helped organize and put on our Winter Festival. We appreciate your hard work and dedication! Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Thanks for all your help with the 2018 Winter Festival!

  23. Awarded: Dec 17, 2018

    A Winter Gift - Purple

    A little gift for you from a Not-So-Secret friend! Part of the Winter Festival Not-So-Secret Santa Activity. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Merry Christmas from SaheenTikeerleesh

  24. Awarded: Dec 16, 2018

    A Sweet Stocking Stuffer - Blue

    A little gift for you from a Not-So-Secret friend! Part of the Winter Festival Not-So-Secret Santa Activity. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Because you are so sweet so here's a candy cane.

  25. Awarded: Nov 3, 2018

    Kiss Of The Vampire

    I vant to suck your blood! Part of the Classic Monsters Charity Set. Designed by LeStrange.
    Reason: A gift from dunklunk.

  26. Awarded: Nov 3, 2018

    Karma's a Witch

    Don't get mad, get even. Black magic style. Part of the Classic Monster Charity Set. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: A gift from dunklunk.

  27. Awarded: Oct 19, 2018

    The Frozen Heart

    You may have ice inside your soul, but in the warmth and love of the right company, the frozen heart melts. Designed by Permafrost.
    Reason: <3

  28. Awarded: Oct 18, 2018

    Certified Monster

    You have transformed into something made of darkness and nightmares! Part of the Halloween 2018 Event. Designed by LeStrange
    Reason: Spooky scary skeletons!

  29. Awarded: Oct 15, 2018


    Better plot some tricks and treats to get back at the little monster who did this to you! Part of the Halloween Celebration 2018.
    Reason: Breakfast? You've been egged! :p

  30. Awarded: Oct 10, 2018

    The Wild One

    For those who embrace the wild side. Never be afraid to unleash the beast. Iniquity's staff medal. Designed by Iniquity.
    Reason: <3

  31. Awarded: Oct 1, 2018

    The Solstice Coin

    For transcendent dreamers who make their own pathway through the stars. Designed by Solunae.
    Reason: Because I admire you....You're so sweet and dedicated to BD. I want to be just like you when I grow up!

  32. Awarded: Sep 29, 2018

    A Diamond In The Rough

    A medal for our medal helpers, a group who helps spread the medal love around the forum!
    Reason: For leading the forums into a new era of medal giving!

  33. Awarded: Sep 29, 2018

    Digital Love

    Spread the virtual love. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: <3

  34. Awarded: Aug 1, 2018

    A Sweet Treat

    For those who add a little sweetness to the forum. We love your positivity and cheerful attitude. Designed by Alchemy
    Reason: For one of the sweetest people I know!

  35. Awarded: May 25, 2018

    The Macabre

    There is an allure to all dark things, and beauty in the shadows that rest inside of you. Designed by Alchemy.
    Reason: Thank you for being such a valuable member of the team. We're happy to have you. ^^

  36. Awarded: May 24, 2018


    'Honor the creative Spirit within you. Feast freely on the inspiration it gives You. SKAL!' Designed by Alchemy