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Queen of Hell
Apr 27, 2018
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December 30
Hell, Throne
Badass Queen

Queen of Hell

The Red Queen , from Hell, Throne


I want to write more, but I don't know whattttttttt Oct 19, 2019

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  • About

    December 30
    Hell, Throne
    Badass Queen
    Preferred Genres:
    Dark fantasy, Medium/High fantasy, mystery/suspense
    Reply Length:
    Multi paragraph
    Pairing Preferences:
    MxF, FxF (sometimes) FxFuta (sometimes)
    Frequency of Replies:
    Daily/every few days/weekly, depending on the interest in the roleplay and my responsibilities
    Plot Preferences:
    Adventure, romance, erotica, supernatural
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    I have been roleplaying for a decade (perhaps a bit longer) and it has been so non-stop. While roleplaying is my favorite hobby, 'tis also a practice, since I am an aspiring writer and I plan to publish a book that I'm currently writing one day. My real life is as good as life can be, but I'm not completely satisfied and I seek other worlds and I love to do that with other people. You could say that I take roleplaying seriously. I pay attention to details, plots and characters. But it's hard to do it alone, no?

    My preferences are 1x1 roleplays that have adult themes going on. Starting from romance, extremely complicated and potentially dangerous relationships, sexual themes to deeper psychological issues and matters with many characters I love to make, they're usually very troubled individuals who want to conquer what's killing them on the inside. (I'm also a shameless nihilist, 'tis a lifestyle, believe me) I already have few of the character sheets that are ready to go and I don't shy away from certain fandom roleplays with canon characters. It's a good challenge, if I may say so myself! I do prefer partners who adore a challenge and fall deep into the story and oh goodness, nothing better than some juicy drama to pull some heartstrings and sometimes crush our souls! *Ahem* Getting ahead of myself!

    Anyways, I'm rather friendly and consider myself decently charismatic, but extremely picky about roleplays. If I can't write with someone due to the different interests or lack of "writer chemistry", a friendly chat is never a problem!

    Also, I'm from Central Europe, which also means that English is not my first language! If you see that my sentences are a bit weird, that is because grammar was never my favorite thing to learn and I rely on the feeling!


    Indulge in sin with me
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