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Mar 2, 2018
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September 16
East Coast, USA

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primum dominum, Male, from East Coast, USA

Community Helpers

So sorry for the quick hiatus ... replies coming this weekend to everyone. Nov 9, 2018 at 12:20 PM

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  • About

    September 16
    East Coast, USA
    Preferred Genres:
    Slice-of-Life // Modern // Historical Fiction // Science-Fiction
    Reply Length:
    Multi-Paragraph to Novel Length ... unless we're short-posting
    Pairing Preferences:
    More into concepts than pairings, typically play dominant persona x situational or submissive persona
    Frequency of Replies:
    Varies. Reliably once a week (or longer, depending on work schedule)
    Plot Preferences:
    I like strong plots, contributed to by both parties.
    Kink Preferences:
    BDSM w possibly Master/Slave, Multiple partners and/or groups, Ageplay, Lingerie/Stockings, Consensual Noncon, Rough Sex and Dominance
    RPG Rating:


    Writing Buddy Skill Areas::
    Grammar/Punctuation, Story Structure/Plot, Character Creation, World Building, Research and/or Beta Reading (for flow and cohesion)
    Writing Buddy Genres::
    Modern (slice of life, romance, erotica), select Historical, Sci-Fi, Old Western -- though, strong writing transcends genres and I'm happy to comment on any genre.
    Writing Buddy Writing Experience::
    Primarily 1x1 RP stories of all depths, often novel in length and quality. Adept at research on varied topics. Created tangential Star Wars world for a solo campaign.
    Writing Buddy Strengths & Weaknesses::
    Strengths: Creative, seeks cohesive stories, deeply analytical
    Weakness: Tactful but brutally honest
    Writing Buddies - How do you prefer to give feedback? Or receive it?:
    Open to the best medium for the circumstances. However, restrictive schedule may limit me to providing constr. criticism on existing posts.
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