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Sep 19, 2019 at 1:11 PM
Feb 3, 2018
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Jul 25, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:


Wicked Blood , Female, 30, from Cali

Community Helpers

We are born of one breath; one spark. Sep 9, 2019

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  • About

    Jul 25, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    Preferred Genres:
    Speculative Fiction: Mostly Deep Space Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, Modern Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic Scenarios, or Lovecraftian Horror.
    Reply Length:
    2 - 5+ paragraphs.
    Pairing Preferences:
    F x M, M x F x M - Rivals/Enemies/Fairweather companions.
    Frequency of Replies:
    I'm slow.
    Plot Preferences:
    Action, Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Whimsical bullshit within reason, etc.
    Kink Preferences:
    See request threads. Links are in my signature.
    RPG Rating:
    I'm Kat and I write stuff.
    Y'know.. RP stuff.
    My group RPs will always come before any 1x1s I join.
    I'm 30, female, and engaged to @Obscene - we've been together a long time.
    If I'm interested in the content of an RP, I'll role-play just about anything.

    What I enjoy writing about:

    • Busty women who don’t need a man, but really enjoy having one around.
    • Men with incorrigible egos and cock piercings.
    • Co-dependency that develops over time.
    • Space babes.
    • Reverse Harems.
    • Settings that contain one of the following descriptive words: Futuristic, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-fi, or Dystopian.
    • Greek mythology.
    • Rough sex in sleazy places, usually with sleazy partners.
    • Stalkers, obsessive fans, and jaded ex-lovers.
    • Non-commital commitments and unspoken relationships.
    • Cocks with ridges and/or knots.
    • Wings, horns, and tails.
    • Made up alien races and/or reimagined fantasy races.
    • Poetic prose.
    • Shameless sluts free from the moral shackles of relationships.
    • Villains who aren’t entirely villainous.
    • Heroes who aren’t exactly heroic.
    • Heroines who aren’t baby soft or picture-perfect.
    • Extraordinary beings being sort of ordinary.
    • Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
    • Space operas.
    • Rebels and punks fucking straight-laced desk jockeys.
    • Emotional times, angsty or otherwise.
    • Cowboys.
    • Big titty Goth babes.
    • Bodysuits.
    • Awkward scenarios for immortal creatures.
    • Mandalorians.
    • Characters who’re developed enough to have their own k-lists.
    • Letting characters decide if they like something rather than deciding for them before a scene even happens.
    • Twins.
    • Places that can’t possibly exist outside of fiction.
    • Deep space shenanigans.
    • Cat owners, dog owners.
    • Animal owners.
    • Helmets and masks.
    • Dark perspectives on life.
    • Uneasy settings.
    • Unfair bargains.
    • Hatefucks.
    • Precarious situations stemming from an ‘I need you so badly, I’ll fuck you whether you like it or not’ mentality.
    • Besties.
    • Space westerns.
    • Casual conversation.
    • Condensed fight scenes.
    • Interpersonal relationships.
    • The one that got away.
    • Platonic relationships.
    • Post-apocalyptic settings without Zombies.
    • White/Blonde hair.
    What I’m not interested in writing about:

    • Characters someone else wants me to play to fit their fantasy pairing.
    • Strict dom/sub mechanics between characters outside of smut scenes.
    • Characters built to fit a very specific role.
    • Mother-Son/Daughter-Father incest.
    • Furries.
    • Strictly slice-of-life plots.
    • Any setting that doesn’t contain one of the following descriptive words: Futuristic, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-fi, or Dystopian.
    • Humans living in a world exactly like the world we live in.
    • Post-apocalyptic settings with Zombies.
    • School-related plots.
    • Characters with children or spouses.
    • Cheating characters.
    • My personal life.
    • Your personal life.
    • Boring plots that only exist to kickstart sex scenes.
    • Long fight scenes no one wants to DM.

    As for my community helper title, I run the Black Dahlia Tumblr account. I try and welcome everyone, but I miss some people. If I missed welcoming you before, I welcome you now!
    last.fm | 8tracks | Pinterest

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