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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to roleplay, how do I get started?
We have a lovely guide here that will provide you with the basics of what roleplay is and how to start a story.

I see purple, blue and green names. What do they mean?
This indicate either staff or volunteer helpers. Purple=Administrator, Teal=Moderator, and Green=Community Helper (non-staff volunteer).

How do I become a staff member?
Right now, we only open applications from time to time, when we need more help. One of the best ways to show you are ready to become staff is to help out the community and become a Community Helper. As a Community Helper, you can show us your ability to work with others, think about the community as a whole, help promote onsite activities and much more. You can join the Community Helpers by contacting an Admin.

What does RT stand for?
RT stands for Request Thread. A request thread is used to let other members know what plots, pairs and interests you have when it comes to roleplay. If you are curious about how to format or create a Request Thread, please see our guide here: Request Thread Rules and Creation Guide.

Do I have to use the black and purple theme? Can I change the default layout?
Nope, you can change it! Most themes have a menu at the bottom that allows you to pick from many different custom themes. You can change the site’s layout by clicking on it and selecting a new layout.

What is a Private Message (also known as a PM or Conversation) and how do I create one?
Whether it is called a PM, Private Message or Conversation, all of these are just ways of referring to Xenforo’s private messaging system.

There are four ways to create a private message:
  • Click on your inbox and use the “Start A New Conversation” button, then input the username you wish to message.
  • Click on the avatar of a user and select “Start a New Conversation” from the pop-up menu.
  • Click on the "Contact" button directly below the avatar of a member while viewing their thread.
  • Click on the "Start a Converstaion" button located directly below the avatar of a member on their profile page.

Where can I look for roleplay partners?
In the Female, Male, Other and Group Request sections in the “Roleplay Area” of the site. There you can find information about what different writers are looking for, and see if your interests jive.

I want to change my username, how do I do that?
Contact an admin. We can change your username once a year.

Can I use HTML in my post?
Sadly, no. You can use BBCode though. Check out some of our BBCode guides in our Guides and Information Section.

Is this an internet dating site?
No, Black Dahlia Roleplaying is an 18+ roleplay and writing forum. We understand that people on the site may develop close relationships, but please understand that we are all adults here, and conflicts in personal relationships must be dealt with between the parties involved. Admins will not intervene unless there is harassment or bullying involved.

What is cybersex?
Cyber sex is a virtual sexual encounter between 2 or more people. It differs from sexual RP scenes because the two or more people engaging in the sex scene are not playing characters or using a storyline, they are acting as if they themselves are engaging in the act of sex.

Many roleplay sites do not allow any form of cybersex, but we make an exception as long as it is kept out of public forums. If you engage in it on a public thread or in a public area, you may face consequences, so if you intend to engage in cybersex acts, keep them in private areas such as PMs. Roleplay sex or sexual roleplay scenes are allowed in public threads as long as they do not contain clear self-insertion.

What is ageplay?
Ageplay is a form of roleplay that involves an age different, generally a significant one. The age difference can be either real or just treated as if it were real and it can be sexual or non-sexual, but it is always between consenting adults. Some people confuse it for underage roleplay, but these two things are not the same and underage role plays that involves any sexual content is explicitly forbidden on BDRP.

If you need to contact an admin off-site, our e-mail is blackdahliaroleplaying@gmail.com

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