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Staff & Volunteers

BDRP Staff & Volunteers

Black Dahlia is a writing and roleplay forum for adults. Our staff is dedicated to create a safe, welcoming space for writers of all abilities.

Black Dahlia Roleplaying has 2 types of staff and 1 type of volunteer helpers. If you need help figuring out something on the site or encounter a problem, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our staff members or use the onsite system to report problematic behavior. We expect all members of BDRP to behave in an adult, mature fashion. Every member of staff promises to keep open and honest lines of communication with our members.

Please never be shy to contact staff, in reality, we’re all just members who love to write, just like you.


Alchemy, Dalliance, Nepenthe, and Roth

Admins have the ability to edit and change just about anything on the site. They are here to make sure that the site is well taken care of, as well as deal with any serious issues that arise.


Aleksandr, Austin121, Iniquity, Jynnien Emberlaine, Permafrost, and Sayd

Moderators are an extra eye that help admins know what’s going on with the site. They have the ability to move threads, delete threads and issue warnings.

Community Helpers

Anarchy, Darious, FeatheryKitten, Fея, Jaylen, Le Petit Prince, Maple Lumberjack, Meliel, Natalya, NobleSavage, oceane, Poldaran, QueenObscure, Rhizome, SaheenTinkeerleesh, serendipity, Teag, and TheLioness.

Community Helpers are volunteers who help assist staff with a wide range of tasks. Some help run our social media, help with events, create guides, or create site graphics. All of these are members who simply wanted to give something back to our community.

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