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 Female x Male ღ The Writings of an Impossible Girl ღ

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by ImpossibleGirl, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. ImpossibleGirl

    ImpossibleGirl Well-Known Member Member

    Local Time:
    1:02 AM
    Hello all you lovelies!
    I'm ImpossibleGirl, and welcome to my request thread ^_^ I'll be updating this thread every now and then once I feel it needs some refreshing, though most of my interests will likely stay the same. I'm always open for a good story, and I'm really looking forward to a fresh start here ^_^ I look forward to meeting and writing with you all!

    About Me
    I've been role-playing for about 6 years now, however I've been writing for much longer. Probably around... late elementary school I believe. I consider myself a detailed writer, and absolutely LOVE stories you can really sink your teeth into. Ones that really get the mind racing, the blood pumping, and leave you aching for more after each post. I'm a sucker for angst and romance; a combination I realize is a bit bizarre to some people, but it can be oh so exciting. Add in a bit of action, a dash of erotica, and perhaps even a pinch of comedy to help balance out the heavy and intense scenes, and I'm hooked. I simply love a good, balanced story is all. I want to dive deep into the world of literature, character development, and plot creation. I want to lose myself in a story, while both writing and reading it. I am not here to just role-play: I am here to write. I am here to collaborate with another writer, to create an epic, badass story that's all our own.

    So if you're interested... Let's get started, shall we?

    Likes and Dislikes in a RP Partner

    + Communication. Good communication is key when creating a collaborative piece of work, no matter what it is. A story is no different. This is why I like to talk with my partner, chat in OOC, plot together, discuss characters and story ideas... all that jazz. After all, how are we to know what direction to go in in the RP without communication?

    + Decent Post Length. Like I said before, I am not just a role-player. I am a writer, and the length of my posts will reflect that. They will be most likely be long, with copious amounts of detail and imagery. Yes, of course I prefer quality over quantity. However personally, I simply can't have one without the other. If I am to focus on quality in my writing, then there is no question the post will be of lengthy proportions. I just can't seem to stop writing if I'm captivated by a certain scene or story. I realize this can be too much for some people, so if reading and replying to such posts may be too daunting of a task for you, then we may not be the best match. I don't expect my partner to write as much as I do, so please don't think I have unrealistic exceptions or anything. The only thing I ask for from you, is the same amount of dedication and effort that I put in my own posts. It's never fun to do all of the work. After all, I'm here looking for someone to write with. Not for.

    + Detailed Responses. I don't know if this has come across yet... But I absolutely LOVE detail in a story. I want to be able to envision the scene in my mind, to taste and smell and feel what you're describing. I love when I can just immerse myself in a scene, and it becomes so real to me, as if the story itself is unfolding before my very eyes. This may go hand in hand with what I mentioned above, but I still thought it was important enough to deserve it's own little sub-section :p It also just makes me very happy~ ^^

    + While I'd prefer someone who can post at least once a week, again, I'm not strict at all on this. I'm a very patient person, and make it a point not to be bothersome or pester for posts ^^ Just as long as we communicate and are excited about the story, then I don't think we'll have a problem.

    + Patience. If I tell you I'm not going to be able to post for a little bit, then please be patient with me. I do not appreciate being rushed or pressured into posting. That will cause me to loose interest very fast. Usually, if I have to take a short leave, it's due to something serious that I can't get away from. Personal issues. Yayy. (insert heavy sarcasm here) I will do my best to let you know what's going on though, if that happens.


    - Lots of grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes. I understand the occasional typo and auto-correct malfunction, as I'm guilty of this too. But still, I should be able to understand what you're writing, at the very least. I'm not a grammar Nazi by any means, but if I have to re-read every post 5 times to try and decipher it, then we might have a bit of a problem.

    - God Modding. No. Just no. Do not control my character without my permission. There are certain things I'm fine with, like dragging her along places, or forcing her up against something, etc etc. That's understandable for the sake of story progression and character development. But don't have her jump off a bridge, or make her smile or blush or any of that without my consent please, unless we've thoroughly discussed it beforehand. I will show the same courtesy to you.

    Finally... Just have FUN! This is the most important thing to me -- that we both enjoy the role-play, and have fun with the story we've created. If you've lost interest, or want to spice things up a bit, tell me! My feelings won't be hurt. I understand a muse is a fickle thing, and won't get all bent out of shape if you end up wanting to start something new, or just walk away from it altogether. Those things happen ^^ I simply want us both to enjoy ourselves.

    Now that that's all out of the way... On to the fun stuff! Here is a list of some -- but not all -- of the genre's that interest me. I'll also be including different pairings, settings, and story-lines I'd like to do, as well as some fandoms I'd be interested in. Take a gander at it all, and let me know if anything piques your interest ^_^

    » Fantasy
    » Post Apocalyptic
    » Utopian gone wrong/Dystopian
    » Historical (Victorian or Medieval Era)
    » Sci-Fi/Futuristic
    » Horror
    » Suspense/Thriller
    » Western (Cowboys/girls, Robbers, Thiefs, etc..)
    » Mysteries/Crime
    » Fairy tales (with a twist)
    » Superheros and Villians
    » Steampunk (I haven't tried this before, but it sounds interesting and I'd be up for trying it out)
    Here is a list of a few fandoms I'd be interested in. I prefer to create OC's though, and simply build our own story and plot within these universes.

    » Naruto Shippuden
    » Psycho-Pass
    » Attack on Titan
    » My Hero Academia
    » Black Clover
    » Fate/stay night
    » Harry Potter
    » Star Wars
    » X-Men
    » The Avengers
    » Lord of the Rings
    » The Mortal Instruments (I like the idea of the Downworld and demon hunters)

    Original Settings and Story Ideas
    Here's the thing. I am constantly coming up with new ideas, characters, and storylines within my head. Even when I'm out or about, running errands or attending to other things, I will usually be fabricating a story in my head. Granted, they are very rough ideas that are nowhere near completed or even remotely fleshed out, but they are there. I tend to have a very active imagination, and what I believe to be a creative mind. Which is why there will likely be MANY parings, scenarios, and storylines I might have just forgotten to add. My interests for storytelling are wide and varied, and listing everything would simply take weeks to compile, and far too long for you to read. So, in the interest of keeping things somewhat concise, here is a taste of the types of stories I might like to write. I must add that I very much enjoy brainstorming and creating a plot with my partner though, as that is what makes this a collaborative piece of work. I like coming up with something that's unique, exciting, and all our own. The vague ideas below can be tweaked, built on, combined, or even completely changed to fit both of our wishes. So just let me know if any of them interest you, and I'm sure we could work something out ^_^

    » Post Apocalyptic
    World War III.
    Vampiric society takeover.
    Natural or Nuclear disaster.
    Group of Bandits/Assassins/Looters.
    Some kind of zombie thriller.
    » Fantasy/Supernatural
    Elven society/royalty.
    Vampire and Werewolf forbidden love.
    A war between Vampires and Werewolves.
    Formation of a new Lycan pack (Could include territorial disputes with other packs, fierce rivals, forbidden love, Hunters... etc.)
    Dragon Riders/Tamers.
    A prison of sorts created by humans for all magical creatures.
    War between Demons and Angels.
    Love affair between a Demon and a Fallen Angel.
    » Modern
    Bookworm/Star Athlete.
    College Sweethearts.
    Best friends brother/sister.
    Childhood Friends.
    College Professor/Student.
    Group of Assassins/Hired Assassins/Rouges.
    Detective and Detective in training.

    Dancer/Musician/Band member.
    Rival Bands.
    Celebrity/Fan OR Celebrity/Anti-Fan.


    While I know that you can create a thread elsewhere specifically designed to show off your characters, I still thought I'd list a few of my babies here for you to look at. Not only is it easier to access, but it can also give you a little taste of what my writing might be like. My full character list is located in my character thread if you'd like to take a look at it, however here a few shining gems of the bunch, I think ^_^ Let me know if you're interested in writing with any of them.

    1. Anneliese Abernathy
    Name: Anneliese (Annie) Mara Abernathy
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
    Spoken Languages: English, French, and some Italian.
    Blood Status: Muggle-born.
    Pets: A white cat named Poppy.
    Wand: Her wand is 10 inches long, and has the core of a Thunderbird tail feather. It is made of Black Walnut and is simple yet elegantly carved, made to look as if a thin piece of wood is curling gently up around her wand. It tapers off 3/4 of the way up, then blends back into the tip of it. While powerful if used right, it is difficult to master and a somewhat finicky thing. Wielding it would be very difficult if you aren't its owner. Absolute precision is something required if you own this wand, which makes learning new spells that much more difficult. Even Anneliese has a hard time with it with more difficult spells and charms, despite the perfectionist she is. It seems to be more inclined towards transfiguration spells though, as it gives her a much easier time with those.

    Appearance: On the outside, Anneliese is a pretty average girl. She stands at an average height of 5'4" and has an average weight of 119 lbs for a girl her age. While not overly athletic, she is modestly toned and in good shape, however is more lean and lithe than anything else. She has pale skin that is mostly unblemished, aside from a few beauty spots on her neck and arms, and a birthmark on her right ankle. Her hair is a light coffee brown, wavy and reaching the middle of her upper arm, and she has clear blue eyes.

    Style: Anneliese prefers a more simplistic style rather than anything too fancy or flashy, although she still makes sure to be neat and clean. A nice, simple shirt with a flowy vest or cardigan and a pair of jeans will usually do the trick, depending on the weather. She does have a preference for scooping or v-neck necklines though, and usually always wears a simple, dainty necklace. She isn't usually found wearing a dress unless it's a special occasion, and her shoes are usually either some kind of flat, boat shoe or converse.

    Father: Denzel Abernathy - deceased (41 at time of death)
    Mother: Verona Abernathy - deceased (37 at time of death)
    Brother: Leopold (Leo) Abernathy (29)
    Sister: Jewel Abernathy (27)

    Personality: Anneliese is a quiet girl, preferring to listen and watch instead of speak. She seems to have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and spends most of her free time in the library. She has a specific interest in the wizarding world, always eager to learn more spells and charms, though it is not limited just that. The Muggle world also interests her, as that is where she is originally from. Hexes and curses, even the Unforgivable ones intrigue her as well, and she will admit to being curious as to how it would feel to perform them. She knows much better than that though, and her conscious would never let her act on that curiosity. She runs on the belief that knowledge is power, as any simpleton can wield a wand and cast a spell. To do so well, however, requires skill, which can only be acquired through practice and an extensive knowledge of the art of wizardry. Combine that with a practiced mind and sharp intellect, and you've got a dangerous threat right there. However, it is the mind behind the magic that truly creates that danger, not the magic itself. Therefore, it unsurprising that she is someone who very much enjoys her classes and studies, and is known for having a strong distaste for those who interrupt them.

    Although quiet, Anneliese is not to be mistaken for shy or submissive. She speaks when it is necessary, and while she prefers not to be in the spotlight, she doesn't shy away from it either. She is confident in who she is and what she believes, and while not as physically strong as others might be, she carries an inner strength that rivals that of many. She is not afraid to stand up for herself and others, and she is certainly not afraid to speak her mind. She may not do so often, but when she does it is usually because she finds the subject important or intriguing. As soon as the young woman opens her mouth though, it becomes apparent that she does not seem to have much of a filter, and can come off as cold and blunt at times. Anneliese does love to learn new things though, and as long as it falls in line with her moral code, she dreams to be able to try everything at least once during her lifetime.

    + Reading
    + Learning and experiencing new things.
    + Poetry
    + Baking
    + Practicing and perfecting new spells.

    - Large and loud crowds.
    - Arrogant and snobbish people.
    - Bigots, liars, cheats, loud and obnoxious people... the list goes on.
    - Freezing temperatures, however she loves snow.
    - Scorching weather. Hates when it gets too hot.
    - Being told what to do or how to live her life.

    + Is incredibly observant and perceptive, and has a very sharp and intelligent mind. It soaks up knowledge like a sponge, and she is constantly challenging herself to learn new things.
    + A perfectionist. This can be both a good and bad thing, however this part of her does make her determined to do things right. Whether it be learning a new language, using a new recipe, or honing her magical abilities. Anneliese is always thorough and makes sure to get things done as close to perfect as possible.
    + Has an innate ability to pick up new languages fairly quickly. While it does take a while to learn a new language, of course, Anneliese has such a love for language and literature that it comes more easily to her than it does others sometimes.
    + A rather excellent baker. While she sees no need or importance in such a skill, people do seem to rave about her cooking when she brings any goodies back from home. It's simply a hobby of hers and helps her to relax and clear her mind. She also tends to bake when she's upset. An odd habit, but nothing seems to soothe the soul like a homemade chocolate pie.
    + Anneliese has a very quick wit, however, she doesn't showcase it often. She likes to keep quiet rather than shoot off her mouth and prefers to keep people guessing. To keep them on their toes in order to maintain the upper hand. Sometimes though, she bends that rule and will let the verbal jabs fly without restraint if she deems it necessary.

    - Impatient. Anneliese does not like to be kept waiting for long periods of time, and she doesn't have the patience for Witches, Wizards, or anyone else who does not show her or other people respect. She doesn't tolerate blatant arrogance and is infuriated by people who lord their status, power, or whatever else they feel makes them important over others.
    - Passionately Impulsive. While Anneliese is usually a level-headed individual, she is also very passionate. She has a kind heart, and when she sees people who aren't taking things seriously when they need to be, insulting or bullying anyone else, or witnesses liars and cheats, she can be impulsive in exacting what she feels is "just desserts". She has been reprimanded a couple times for casting jinxes or charms on such insolent people, but she couldn't care less. This impulsive nature of hers to get even does tend to get her into trouble though.
    - No coordination. While Anneliese does like Quidditch and admires the games from afar, she does not possess the coordination for it. She is also an absolutely terrible dancer, and absolutely hates that she can't learn something that seems like it would be so simple. It infuriates her.
    - Easily distracted. Her own thoughts and wonderings, and her own personal interest in things can sometimes distract her from her current lesson or whatever is presently going on around her. She tends to daydream, and when she is reading, she is so enthralled with what is written before her that she becomes almost oblivious to what's going on around her.
    - May come off as cold and unfeeling, however, it is actually the exact opposite. It is because she feels so much and because she possesses such empathy for others that Anneliese has trained herself to push everything down and hold everything in. If you show too much, you make yourself vulnerable, and she does not like to feel vulnerable or give others an advantage over her. This does not keep her from showing compassion towards others though. She is just careful with how she shows it and usually chooses sense over sensibility.

    Biography: Born to a pair of muggle parents in Baltimore, Maryland, Anneliese is a Muggle-born. She is not the first magical child her parents Denzel and Verona Abernathy have produced though. Her elder sister Jewel and her elder brother Leopold are both magic users, and for a short period of time, attended Ilvermorny in North America. When they moved to London because of her mother's job, they resumed their magical studies at Hogwarts. Of course, Anneliese doesn't remember any of this, having been only 3 when all of this occurred. In fact, she doesn't remember much about her parents, as they both died when she was 6. The memories she has are fuzzy and distant, however, Leo and Jewel tell her stories about them and show her pictures. Apparently, her mother was a Detective, and her father was a Private Investigator. They were both killed during a bank robbery gone wrong. Ironically, they had not been on duty when it happened. They were simply there depositing some money into their bank account. When the robbery took place, they had tried to be the heroes, and it had gotten them both killed.

    Leopold had just graduated from Hogwarts at the time of their parents' death, and since he was of age, he began looking after his two younger sisters. He used the money his parents left behind and some of his own earnings to move them all to the wizarding world, which was much more efficient considering Jewel was still attending Hogwarts, and Leopold had to look for a job. Her older siblings raised her, and a few friends helped out when they could. They would watch her when Jewel and Leo were busy, and they always brought a book to read to her. When she was old enough to read, they began bringing books as presents, which was when her love for literature and thirst for knowledge really began. Jewel and Leo took notice and would bring them home as presents as well, and as she got older and her reading material became more advanced, her personal library slowly expanded. When she was 11, it became evident that she was indeed a witch, and she began her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Eager to learn, Anneliese excitedly began her studies, drinking in everything the Professors could teach her. She spent a lot of time at the library her first year, unable to believe the sheer size of it. Every minute of free time was usually spent reading some book, completely enthralled with the plethora of information that resided within those walls. It didn't take long for her to figure out by simply watching and listening though that Muggle-borns were looked down on by many in the magical society, though she couldn't seem to figure out why. It didn't make any sense to her, and while unashamed of her heritage, she decided to keep her head down and keep out of the way of such people. She saw how some treated those who were Muggle-borns, and while she would stand up for them, she had no interest in dealing with such nonsense herself. It would only be a distraction and cause attention, and Anneliese had far too much work to do to bother with such bigotry. This caused her to ignore the jabs and insults more often than trying to get back at them, able to take it easier when it was aimed at herself, rather than someone else.

    Within her first year, it became clear that the young girl had a very sharp mind, and was exceedingly intelligent. Far more so than anyone had expected, even her own brother and sister. Things were looking her way, until her second year, when both Jewel and Leopold qualified to become Aurors. They were like the magical police force, and law enforcement had never been her friend. Her parents had been in law enforcement, and they had wound up dead. Their profession is what took them away from her, what robbed her of memories they could have made together. She was bitter because of it and did not like one bit that her siblings had followed in her parents' footsteps; albeit in a different form. Would their profession bring their deaths as well? They were all she had left... Anneliese didn't know what she would do if she lost them. She could have accepted it though, as she realized it was their choice, despite how much she made it clear that she was against it. However, as time progressed, they began to try and shove their ideas and opinions down her throat, wanting her to follow in their footsteps as well. To carry on the "family business". Their job also caused them to be gone a lot, as they were always busy. In a way, their profession was taking her brother and sister away from her. They were still there physically, but there was now a distance between them that only grew as time went on. It began to make her even more bitter, and Anneliese vowed she would never follow in her family's footsteps. She would carve her own path, make her own life. Rules and expectations be damned.

    Her third and fourth year went by with her acing her classes, while Jewel and Leopold's reputation continued to grow. They had become excellent, powerful Aurors. The elite of the elite, an unstoppable team. Once it became known she was their sister, people started to pay more attention to her, but not as Anneliese. Only as "the other sister." Which honestly, she didn't much like. Still, she learned to either ignore it or simply told people to buzz off when they got particularly annoying. This only caused the bitterness in her to grow, however, she tried her best to push such undesirable feelings aside. She didn't much care what people thought of her after all, and she had work to do and O.W.Ls to study for. There was no time for distractions or annoyances. Because most of her academic studies took most of her attention, she didn't have much time for extra-curricular activities. Playing Quidditch didn't interest her, although she did like to watch the games every now and then. While she did try to become head girl during one year, in the end, she was glad she had lost. The whole thing had become a big hassle and was more of a headache in the end than anything else.

    Now in her seventh and final year, Anneliese is focused on studying for the N.E.W.Ts, wanting to get as many of them under her belt as she can. She is unsure of what she wants to be, but she does know she wants options. And the only way for her to get that is to do as well as she can on her exams. One thing she knows for sure though is that she wants to be no part of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement - or any law enforcement for that matter. It has only seemed to bring her and her family misery, and she does not wish to continue that tradition.

    2. Faven Si'Van

    Name: Faven Si'Van
    Nickname(s): Venny
    Species: Human.
    Age: 20.
    Gender: Female.
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Eyes: Blue.
    Hair: Light blonde.
    Skin: Porcelain.
    Force Sensitive: Yes.

    Birth Planet: Corellia.
    Alignment: Light/Gray Jedi.
    Fighting Style: Saberstaff || Yellow kyber crystal

    The blade of her lightsaber is a golden yellow.
    Combat Forms Mastered: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien/Djem So, Vaapad

    Appearance: Faven is a petite young woman, standing at a mere 5 foot 2 inches with a lean build. There is little muscle on her, however, what muscle she does have is toned and firm from years of constant training. She posses a little more thickness in her legs and lower body than her upper, yet she is still very strong for a woman of her size. She has striking blue eyes and long, pale blonde hair that falls a few inches past her shoulders. When not dressed in her robes, Faven is usually seen wearing some casual and comfortable, finding comfort and ease of movement most important when it came to clothing. A simple nice t-shirt, jeans, tank-tops, and some type of jacket is what she will usually choose for an informal style choice, wanting to be ready at any given moment if something were to go down.

    As beautiful and diverse as it was, the planet of Corellia was known for being home to many who practiced in a number of clandestine occupations, with smuggling and piracy more commonly known. Faven's mother was no different from these folks, a Corellian earning a living off of the way she took advantage of other's misfortune. She had traveled across the Galaxy, transporting illegal goods such as weapons and spices, which were really psychoactive drugs more often than not. Sometimes she even smuggled people if the pay was good, not caring what walks of life they came from, or what their intentions were once they got to their destination. Money and an easy life were all that mattered to her, and her selfish motivations were what caused her to live a cowardly, empty existence. Up until the night that she had met Faven's father, that is, which was an experience that would change her life forever.

    Partaking in alcohol and a variety of psychoactive drugs, her mother had not been in the right state of mind that night. Still, that did not stop her from being dazzled by the mysterious dark figure that had strode into the bar of the planet she was currently on, finding him intriguing and dangerous. A very good observation on her part, yet she lacked the wisdom at that moment to run away from that danger, instead deciding to go towards it. He performed wondrous tricks for her that were cold yet seductive, drawing her in with his charming gaze. It seemed familiar, his robes and parlor tricks, yet she couldn't quite place it. There was too much interfering with her cognitive abilities. The night ended with her sharing a bed with the handsome stranger, however, when her mother awoke to an empty bed she could hardly remember any of it. The dark, mysterious stranger was gone, and she could barely remember his face. She knew nothing about him, not even his name, yet she had a feeling she knew what the man was, and that she had made a terrible, awful mistake. A mistake she would have to live with for the rest of her life, as nine months later, she found herself giving birth to his child on her home planet of Corellia. It was there, in the rural countryside on a dark and still night, that Faven was born. The birth of her one and only child seemed to stir something within her and using what money she had left, she gave up her life as a smuggler and took to raising her there on that little farm.

    As the little girl grew older, her mother told her of her family that had long since passed, and how she came from a line of powerful Force users. Therefore, Faven was connected to them as well, but it was her choice whether or not she wanted to live up to that good name, in a way she herself had forsaken. For many years they leaved peacefully, as her mother loved her more than anything and was intent on raising her to be better than herself -- to be better than what her father was. Her mother believed they were safe from him, having figured out how much of a threat he could pose. She was so focused on trying to keep them safe from him, that she didn't factor in the possible danger her connections to the underground could cause. Because of this, when her old life as a smuggler came back to haunt her, she was extremely unprepared. A Bounty Hunter by the name of Bor’Jin came for her, as a price had been put on her head for all the debts left unpaid and jobs she had abandoned.

    To protect Faven, her mother had been prepared to hand herself over without a fight, if he would agree to take her someplace safe. Bor’Jin declined, caring for no one but himself, just as she used to. As things heated up, a fight eventually ensued, which ended quickly as her mother was unarmed and not as experienced as the professional Bounty Hunter. It ended with him killing her, right in front of Faven’s eyes. For a moment, she felt nothing but a cold emptiness, her body in shock as she stared wide-eyed as the lifeless body of her mother hit the ground. Then a rage like nothing she had ever felt before rose up within her, boiling over so quickly it was like an explosion. Her scream was high pitched and piercing, as blue eyes colder than ice stared at the man with such hatred it was palpable in the air. The building behind her began to shake and started to come down, as torn up grass and leaves, rocks and twigs began to rise up into the air. In that one moment, she let all of her anger, grief, and hatred out onto that one man, who didn’t know what to think of the frightening, almost inhuman little girl standing in front of him. He had drawn his weapon to stop her, but it was far too late. She killed him with ease and without remorse, and the same went with the backup he had standing by just in case. It didn’t end there though, as she continued to cry and scream, letting out wave after wave of anger and fury out into nothing. At least until the last remaining Bounty Hunter managed to subdue her, knocking her unconscious. Her little body fell to the ground with a “thump!”, bruised, bleeding, and completely spent. The damage had already been done by then though, as she had killed all three of his companions, and taken down the measly little farmhouse she had lived in up until then.

    While the nameless Bounty Hunter had half a mind to kill her, he opted for getting a good sum of money for this tragedy instead, taking the 6-year old girl to the Jedi Temple in exchange for a large sum of money. It was there she was trained in the ways of the force, learning of the constant struggle between light and dark that would always be inside of her, and how she could possibly contain and control such terrifying rage.

    + Quick and agile, Faven has learned to hone her skills with her Saberstaff over the years, wielding it expertly. Her fighting technique is elegant and precise, and her years of training shine through her use of the lightsaber. She relies heavily on it, and is well-versed in many fighting techniques, considering she has always been quick at learning such things since she was a youngling. She has always been athletically gifted, even when she was a young child still living with her mother. Active and lively, she had exceptional hand-eye coordination, which carried over with her to her eventual training, helping her to pick up on fighting techniques very quickly.

    + Intuitive and perceptive, Faven is very much a people watcher, preferring to observe rather than run her mouth. It is because of this that she is very in tune with how someone else may feel, being able to understand their emotions fairly well. If it is in her power and place to help, she will always try, finding joy in helping others in any way she can. It is the main reason she wants to become a Jedi. So she can make her life purpose that of helping and protecting those who need it. So she can give her strength to those that don’t have it. It seems like the most fulfilling path and the best use of her power.

    + Having always had a love for words and the literary arts, Faven can be very articulate when she wants to be, being able to put together words beautifully. Intelligent and observant, she is very good at problem-solving, and this combination causes her to have much potential when it comes to diplomatic matters. Her logic and problem-solving skills, combined with her way with words could help to ease tensions and resolve conflicts. That is, if she were to apply herself and exercise more patience in such matters. Yet she doesn’t seem to have much faith in herself when it comes to such things, struggling with confidence and insecurities that have built up over the years.

    - Despite a possessing a deep connection to the Force, Faven does not have as profound an understanding of it as many others seem to. For a long while, after she came to the Jedi Temple, she resisted it, fearful of what she could do were she to tap into that unseen power. Her many nightmares during her first year there caused her to lose control quite often, making her room a near constant mess. There was incredible fear within her, and her soul was being torn in two opposite directions. It was because of this that she was refused training, however, there was one Master who helped her to understand what the Force really was. That it was something she could contain and control with practice. It’s something she continues to struggle with, but her hard work and determination are clearly shown in the progress she has made, as she is always dedicated to being better than she was the day before.

    - Faven is fearful of the darkness that lies within her, remembering the day she had lost control and how much damage she did. How much she struggled in her youth to repair her broken heart and understand the power she held. She is afraid of hurting others, especially those dear to her.

    - While she can easily understand the way someone else might feel, Faven has trouble expressing her own feelings, nor does even she want to. Many times, she has trouble even understanding them, let alone try to put them into coherent sentences for someone else to understand. She also doesn’t want to cause any undue problems or be a burden for someone else, so she builds up walls around certain places in her heart, keeping people at arm's length. Though this is for her protection as well as theirs, as she fears being hurt by others. A trait her mother had seemed to unknowingly pass on to her.


    3. Ella Harthriell

    Name: Ella Calene Harthriell
    Race: Half-Wood Elf, Half-Faerie.
    Age: 24.
    Gender: Female.
    Height: 5’3”.
    Weight: 122 lbs.
    Hair: Honey-Blonde.
    Eyes: Lavender.
    Complexion: Fair.

    Appearance: Due to her Faery blood, Ella is quite short for a Wood Elf, standing at a mere 5'3". She has pointed long ears, honey-blonde hair and striking lavender eyes, which are a tell-tale sign of her mixed ancestry. Her fair skin is mostly unblemished, aside from the medium-sized scar clearly visible on her left eyebrow. This she obtained through negligence and mistreatment on her father's behalf, though it doesn’t seem to bother her really. Ella also has white Faery markings on her cheeks, something she chose to have done when she turned 16. It had taken quite a lot of persistence to get the tattoo artist to do them, however with some haggling and many bribes, she had eventually won them over. Her father had told her the marks were something all Faerie women had, swirling along different parts of their body in elegant, beautiful ways. It was one of the very few things he had shared with her about her mother and the other half of her family, as he only opened up about such things during a feast when he was intoxicated. The marks are permanent, and she is proud to show off her heritage. She also has what looks to be a medium-sized tattoo of fairy wings on her back between her shoulder blades, the markings a couple shades darker than her skin color. When she concentrates, Ella can produce a pair of delicate wings from that spot thanks to her Faery blood and can retract them at will as well. Since she is often on the move, her attire consists mostly of comfortable clothing, such as simple shirts and tank tops, jackets, and some form of pants, tights, or shorts. She likes to leave room for her wings should she need to use them though, so her shirts tend to dip a bit lower in the back than usual for that purpose.

    Father -- Vehiron Bronion, King of the Wood Elves.
    Mother(deceased) -- Hartha; surname unknown.

    Ella was born to an Elven father and a Faery mother, and as far as she knows, she is the first of her kind. It was looked down upon for Wood Elves to have relations with anyone of a different race, and there were very few half-breeds among their kind. They prided themselves in their pure bloodlines, and the King of the Wood Elves banished anyone who broke that sacred rule, removing them from the Kingdom as if they were a virus that needed to be purged. Therefore, it was quite a surprise when it was to the rigid King himself that Ella was a born, with both Elven and Faerie blood. Up until that moment, a half-breed between a Faery and a Wood Elf had never been conceived. As far as anyone knew, there had been nothing like the little girl, completely unaware of the miracle that she was.

    Faerie women were known to be small in stature, and thus childbirth was always a bit more difficult for them. It was because of this that hybrids of their kind were so rare, as most of the time, the women did not survive such an ordeal. Her mother was no exception and died soon after she gave birth to her, leaving her in the hands of her father. While her mother had fallen deeply in love with The King of the Wood Elves, it became apparent after her passing that he did not feel the same towards her. At least, his love was nowhere near as deep and boundless as hers had been for him. He began to regret his affair with the Faerie maiden, and the longer he had to look at his newest daughter, the more he considered Ella a mistake. Despite her being his one and only child by blood, he still saw her as a half-breed and ended up regarding her a disgusting abomination. However, even the King knew he could not get rid of her, as the truth would come to light one way or another. Therefore he left her in the care of the castle hands, and while acknowledging she was his own flesh and blood, he had very little to do with her. The maids, cooks, butlers, and other castle hands were the ones that truly raised her, however even they weren't fond of having to take care of a half-breed.

    When she got older and could fend for herself, she learned how to take care of herself for the most part, and slowly began to grow into her unique magical abilities. It became clear as she grew that she not only possessed the minor nature magic of the Wood Elves, but also the pure magic of the Faeries. Such a combination was a dangerous one, and the King began to see her as a threat to his Kingdom. As soon as she turned 18, Ella was banished by her own father and was told never to return to the Kingdom of Lithonia again.

    Cast off from the only home she had ever known, Ella went to find the rest of the Faeries. It was the only place she might fit in, and after being isolated and ostracized her entire life, she was willing to do whatever it took to find what could be even an inkling of home. To find a place where she truly belonged. It had been said they no longer existed, as the humans had wiped them out a long time ago in their quest for power. But with the appearance of her late mother all those years ago, and her own birth, there was sufficient evidence that they were still around, and Ella was determined to find them. Her travels have taken her many places over the years, and she has grown a lot. Fierce and powerful from years of training, -- even from before she was cast out of Lithonia -- Ella is much stronger than she looks. Through research and stories that she has heard from others, Ella has heard of an ancient artifact that used to belong to the Faeries themselves, embedded with their magic. It is said that when used by someone with Faerie blood, it will show them the way home. Something she could only assume meant it would show her how to find the rest of her kind. Of course, the story is simply that of legend, so there is no way for her to know if there is any truth to it or not. However, during all her years of travel and searching, it is the first and only substantial lead she has come across thus far. Therefore, determined to find her Faerie brethren, Ella has been slowly making her way towards the North, following the directions of a vague and questionable map. She makes a living off of minor jobs and quests she can find from people she meets along her journey, and while it is nothing impressive at all, it is enough to pay for food and shelter, along with other necessities.

    4. Ellecia Steele

    Name: Ellecia Blythe Steele
    Nickname(s): Elle || Ellie ||
    Age: 22.
    Gender: Female.
    Height: 5’1”.
    Weight: 116 lbs.
    Hair: White Blonde.
    Eyes: Left; Blue. Right; Red.
    Complexion: Pale || Scarred.

    Appearance: Despite her many years of training under her father, Ellecia does not possess much muscle on her small, lean frame. Which is most likely due to her lacking in height, standing at a paltry 5 foot 1 inch, which is unusual as the rest of her family is on the taller side. It is a trait that seemed to come out of nowhere, skipping everyone else until it decided to latch onto the genes of the last child. Still, she is in excellent shape from the countless years of hard, laborious, physical training forced upon her and the rest of her siblings by her father, and is surprisingly strong for a woman of her stature. Her pale skin is adorned with various scars, and long, thick, white blonde hair falls down right to her bust. Long bangs often fall into her eyes, sometimes even completely covering her right one, although it does little to impair her vision. There is a scar on her right eye as well, starting just below her eyelid and reaching up to the bottom of her eyebrow.


    Father — Vince Steele (deceased)
    Mother — Elaine Steele (deceased)
    Elder Brother — Cassius Steele
    Elder Brother — Zephyr Steele
    Elder Sister — Blaise Steele (deceased)
    Elder Sister — Tara Steele


    Ellecia has never known what an easy, comfortable life was like. What it meant to be safe. Her mother and father were deep in a life of crime long before they had even thought about starting a family, making a name for themselves within the criminal underground as mercenaries. They were born into this life, groomed for it by their own parents, and thus knew no other way to live. Something they were content with, until the day they found out they were going to have a child. While they knew they could never be free of this life, they still wanted to give their children something more than they had been given. Something more substantial and full than the cold, inhumane life they had lived up until that point. So as they began their family, they did the only thing they could do... They gave their children all the love a parent could possibly have for their offspring.

    Yes, they would know far more struggle than normal kids, however, they would also learn how to endure and protect one another. How to fight and stand up for each other, and what they believed in. Their parents made sure of that, training them in a way that was similar to how their own parents did. It was harsh, brutal, and merciless, however, the difference was that they did it out of love. While her mother and father would protect them as best as they could, they knew the dangers that lurked outside of their home. They tried to shield them from it as best as they could, but there were many who held a grudge against the couple, and they would love nothing more than to make their lives a living hell. It was imperative their children knew how to handle such things if they ever came to pass, and learned how to protect themselves, as well as their fellow siblings.

    Ellecia doesn’t remember much of that life though, only able to bring back flashes of little memories here and there, or a vague mental image of her parents' faces. She was so young back then, and she didn't have much time with them until they passed away. They had died protecting their children when the War had broken out, helping get them to safety before it was too late. The Nuclear weapons used by members of the War on both sides caused mass destruction, emitting enormous amounts of radiation that completely altered the environment in some areas, even mutating people and animals into hideous, deformed creatures. Thousands of lives were lost, and merciless, bloodthirsty criminals came out of the woodwork amongst the chaos to take advantage of the tragedy plaguing the country. It seemed as if the world had completely gone to shit, and had it not been for the bunker her parents had quickly ushered them into, both herself and her siblings would most likely be dead. Much like her parents.

    After that, her eldest brother Cassius jumped in and started taking care of them, managing to keep them all safe and lead them despite the ache in their hearts and the heaviness in their bones. Eventually, they became what they were today — a group of raiders and assassins that excelled in the art of killing. Across what was now known as the Wasteland, they became known as The Sins, word spreading of their mercilessness and highly skilled fighting abilities. Most of the Steele siblings refused to kill innocents, although there were a few that were not above such acts. All of them did whatever it took to protect one another though, being as close as any brothers and sisters could possibly be.


    + Ellecia possess an ability that is exceptionally rare; she has infrared and night vision. During the War Ellecia was severely injured, having been hit by shrapnel and debris, which resulted in her losing her right eye. Fortunately for her, her brother Cassius was able to make a new synthetic eye for her, since he had always been particularly skilled when it came to making gadgets and equipment. Since then, it has gotten many upgrades and enhancements to make it more efficient in the field. Such enhancements included her Infrared Vision and Night Vision, and it is because of her enhanced visual prowess that the group is able to trek across this wasteland of a country so easily at night.

    + Elle is an expert when it comes to hand to hand combat, and is very skilled when it comes to the martial arts. She hasn't mastered this technique though and still has much to learn.

    + Due to her small size, her speed and agility have always been one of her greatest strengths. Combine that with the near pinpoint accuracy of her strikes, and she can take even the largest of men down most times. Because of her small size, Elle is forced to rely on her agility and stealth, rather than brute force.


    - Because she is small and more lean than muscled, Ellecia cannot rely on mere strength to get her by in a fight. No matter how strong she may be for a woman of her stature, she simply does not have the build for it, and would therefore lose in a fight of just physical strength.

    - Her way of life takes an emotional toll on her for obvious reasons, causing her to shut herself off from anyone outside of her family. She does not want to drag anyone else into the terrible life she lives, or put the burden of dealing with her past transgressions on anyone either. Therefore she builds up walls to not only protect others but protect herself as well.

    - Ellecia has a habit of beating herself up about the mistakes she may have made, to the point of completely shutting down after going on a job. She has killed multiple times before, and every time she does, she retreats to her room with a bottle of some kind of alcohol and doesn’t come out until the next day. There was one solo job that caused her to stay in there for three days in a row, and she has yet to open up about what happened, even to her own siblings.

    Weapon of Choice:

    Ellecia keeps an assortment of weapons and gear on her person at all times as a precaution, doing her best to be prepared for the unexpected. She knows how to use a sword, certain guns, daggers, throwing knives.. the works. However she is most skilled at ranged combat, and her weapon of choice is either a pair of daggers or a rather unique collapsible staff she carries with her at all times.

    The Sins:

    The Sins are an infamous group of deadly rogue assassins, known for their ruthlessness and the way they seem to disappear without a trace after a job. Rumors say that no one has ever gone up against one of their members and lived to tell the tale. Hardly ever spotted, members of this group are only ever described as being darkly hooded, phantom-like figures, yet no one is able to give a detailed description of any of their faces. The group is shrouded in mystery and myth, and many speculate as to whether it even exists. However, stories of them are sure to strike fear into the hearts of those that listen and believe, who are wise to fear the darkness, as they know the dangers that lie in the shadows.

    Known members are; Vice, Virtue, Venom, Vixen, Vain, and Volatile.

    NOTE: This character can be tweaked to a certain degree to fit Post-Apocalyptic, Futuristic, Dystopian, and Modern genres.

    5. Elodie Summers

    Name: Elodie Rue Summers
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Superhero Alias: Starlight
    Power: Astrokinesis, specifically Stardust Manipulation. Elodie is able to create and manipulate stardust, which is particles of cosmic substances that have originated or have remnants from meteorites, dead stars, or even the sun, but only to a certain degree. Her true potential and level of power is not known, but using her power for too long clearly puts great strain on her body.

    Appearance: Elodie is a short little thing, standing at a mere 5 foot 2 inches. She is toned and in excellent shape due to constant training, and while she is more lean than muscled, she can hold her own with the best of them. Still, because she is so small and lithe, Elodie usually has to rely on her wits and speed more than her strengths to be able to prevail in a fight. She has shoulder length, golden blonde hair, with long bangs that tend to fall into her eyes more often than not. Her skin is pale, with various scars adorning her body, and dark eyelashes frame wide, doe like grey-blue eyes with flecks of green.

    Personality: Having always been a more timid and shy individual, Elodie isn't one who enjoys confrontation in the least bit. In fact, she works to avoid it if possible as much as she can. However, she isn't afraid to stand up for herself or others if necessary, even if it takes more courage for her to do so. She has a kind and gentle heart, and it used to be she was unable to cause any arm to another living thing. Elodie is slow to anger and quick to comfort, having an open mind to most things. But... she can be a bit of a pushover at times, as she has trouble asserting herself and speaking her mind to those she admires. When upset, she has a tendency to shut down, rather than say what's bothering her. This stems from her fear of opening up to others, as she is so used to guarding herself in fear of getting hurt. The small blonde also used to be a bit naive and gullible at times, but since gaining her powers, Elodie has gained more of a backbone. She still posesses the same kind, gentle nature she has always had, but has learned that sometimes kindness means showing tough love. Sometimes it means taking on the burden others do not have the power or strength to hold, even if you're unsure you can carry it yourself. Elodie has grown smarter since then as well, and is no longer the gullible, naive child she once was.

    Backstory: Elodie had always been a privileged child. Her parents doted on her since she was little, giving her love and attention, and all the gifts any little girl could hope for. She was their only daughter and child after all. They wanted the best for her, and they gave her it. While not rich in any means, Elodie was never without materially, and her family lived a very comfortable lifestyle. The older she got though, the less time her parents had to spend with her. It was when she was around the age of 6 that it became routine for a nanny, relative, or family friend to come and stay with her while her parents worked during the day. They were scientists that were becoming increasingly well-known in their field, and as time wore on their job grew more and more demanding.

    When she turned 12, she started watching after herself. Many times when she woke each morning for school to her own alarm clock, her parents would already be gone, leaving a note telling of their departure next to the lunchbox they prepared for her the night before. A neighbor and friend of the family would usually drive her to school and home, and would invite her in for dinner a lot of the times. Other times, when she was unable to take her, she would take the bus. Elodie was a very responsible child, taking care of her homework and chores before engaging in other things. That wasn't to say she was a perfect child by any means... She had her share of unsupervised trips to the cookie jar, after all. For the most part though, she was reliable, and it wasn't surprising that her parents trusted her enough to stay home alone. And it wasn't as though they didn't love her, Elodie knew that. The job they had, while they enioyed it, simply had many stresses and obligations. While things weren't ideal, they were good, and for a while Elodie was happy.

    A year later though, when she turned 13, her life changed drastically. It was an icy winter that year, and she was involved in a bad car accident. The crash took her neighbors life and left her with severe injuries. Because it had been so cold and her injuries had weakened her severely, Elodie had also gotten very sick, making it harder for her body to heal. Her parents and the doctors had tried everything, but nothing was working, and she kept getting worse. For a moment, it looked as if she wasn't going to make it.

    Desperate to save their daughter, her parents tried the last thing they could think of. In the past several months, their workload had increased dramatically at work, and this was because a meteorite had fell in an open field not far from the city. They had been tasked with investigating and researching it, and it was soon discovered that exposure to this rock could heal small ailments. It's healing properties were limited, unfortunately, however for some reason it strengthened the human bodies immune system, speeding up its natural healing process dramatically. Terminal cases were made more tolerable, however no amount of time spent around the unearthly rock could cure them completely it seemed. The meteorite was scheduled to be moved from the science lab to a bigger city where there more resources that week, and as Elodie only continued to get worse, Natasha and Nicholas decided they couldn't wait any longer. The doctors could do nothing else but wait and see if she would get better and monitor her, saying that it was ultimately up to her whether she would make it or not, but her parents wouldn't accept that. They moved her to their lab to get her next to the meteorite, and while it helped, it wasn't helping fast enough. Their desperation gave way to impulsive thinking, and they took a gamble on their daughters fading life.

    Figuring that a more concentrated form of the strange substance within the meteorite would speed up the healing process even more -- or in this case, kick it back into gear -- Natasha and Nicholas figured out a way to inject that into their daughters body. At first, the foreign substance was too much for their daughters weakened body to process. Her vitals went haywire and she began to decline rapidly. Her parents had to put her into a coma in order to avoid her going into shock. For a while, it was unclear whether she would wake up again.

    While she was comatose though, Elodie slowly began to get better. It took several weeks, but the infection she had gotten began to heal, as did her severe fever. Her wounds began to heal and close up, and after she woke in a couple weeks, and a several more weeks of healing and physical therapy, Elodie was back to normal it seemed like.

    At first, the changes were minor and unoticeable. When she was sick, Elodie would heal faster than normal people. The same went for minor injuries she sustained, but nothing terribly out of the ordinary. For a while, things went back to normal. That is, until 6 months later. By this time, she was 15, and there was a meteor shower coming that her and her parents were going to watch. It was as if the meteor shower had some how triggered her powers and flipped the on switch. With a dramatic display of bright light and a small explosion, her life changed forever.

    Of course, her parents were shocked and overwhelmed by this discovery. They immediately started conducting various tests on her, fearing the worst. But whatever had happened to her, didn't seem to be hurting her body. Realizing that this was probably somehow connected to the foreign substance they had gathered from the meteorite nearly two years ago, her parents vowed to get to find out what happened to her and return her to normal. Leaving her with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin -- who knew nothing of her new powers -- her parents went to City where the meteorite had been moved years ago, hopong to study it once more and uncover it's secrets so they could return their daughter to normal.

    Years later, Elodie is now 23 years old, and has become accustomed to her powers. She is able to use them well, and has even learned that there are others like her out there. Others that have superhuman abilities. Some call themselves heros, some villains, but it didn't matter. It comforted her to know she wasn't alone. She was even able to meet someone who had powers as well, and this woman soon became her mentor and confidante. Her powers weren't something she feared terribly anymore. They became a part of her. And as she grew stronger and in more control of them, she saw that she had something no one else had. She saw the corrupt nature of the world as she grew, paid attention to the crime and villainy growing rapid, even in smaller cities like her own. But while others were unable to do anything about it, she had the ability to fight back. She could help protect people. She could be the one to save and protect, and give back to those who did the same for her.

    And so, with a newfound (and slightly unsure) determination, her career as superhero began.

    • Elodie has to be very careful with how much cosmic energy she uses. If she uses too much, or uses it for an extended period of time for too long, it can begin to eat away at her. Attacks and moves that require more energy than others are used sparingly. Basically, the more she uses her power, the closer she gets to the end of her life.

    • Elodie is also shy and anxious, having an overactive mind and imagination. Her gentle nature and nervousness result in her hesitating at times, which can get her into trouble.

    • She doesn't have full confidence in her powers, and has yet to let go and realize her full potential. She holds back, making things more difficult for herself in battle. And while Elodie is very smart, she is constantly second guessing herself, and has yet to learn to have confidence in herself and her abilities.

    Can create and manipulate particles of stardust to fly. The only downside to this is she leaves a small trail of particles behind, making it possible, yet still difficult, to track her.

    Stardust Spheres
    Is able to create spheres of stardust and project them at her enemies. These spheres will disperse upon contact and the particles will scatter, creating a cloud of unearthly dust. While it is not toxic, it impairs one vision and allows her to hide better. Contact with the spheres themselves will also cause severe discomfort and result in an intense burning sensation.

    Light Generation
    She is able to create a beam of light for a short period of time. While using this, particles and small grains of stardust can be seen floating around the light. This can also be used to blind her opponents, however does not cause any physical damage.

    Stardust Beam Emission
    She is able to project a concentrated beam of stardust from her palms. The result of said beam is explosive, though the amount of damage it can cause ranges from small to severe, depending on her energy level, health, and current mood. Though powerful if it hits, it can be dodged if her opponent is quick enough.

    Stardust Bombs
    Same as stardust beam emission, however it used in the form of spheres rather than a continuous beam. They are more precise, however they aren't as powerful.

    Stardust Wave Emission
    This is a two-part attack. First, it sends a wave of cosmic energy that extends out all around her in a 3 foot radius. The particles of stardust used will then explode and disperse once they reach the limited distance, and the explosion will then extend the distance of the attack for another 2 feet. This will damage all within the affected area. However, this requires more power and will quickly zap her of her energy, so it is used sparingly.

    Cosmic Blast
    By releasing a blast of intensely concentrated stardust out from her body, Elodie is able to release this power over a targeted area. This is a very powerful attack, and will damage all in the affected area. However, it quickly drains her of her energy, and is used even more sparingly than her previous attack.

    Stardust Aura
    Used mostly to protect herself, Elodie is able to surround herself in a sphere made of particles and small grains of stardust that constantly swirl and move around her at an alarming speed. Anything that touches this sphere of stardust will likely be torn apart, however that is not always certain. She is also unable to attack while inside of this sphere, unless she creates an opening for her to do so. This creates an opening for her opponent though.

    Supernova Inducement
    While she has never knowingly caused a star to go supernova, it is predicted that she might have the power to do so if the star is already very unstable. However, doing so would most likely kill her.

    Elodie is also able to use her powers to enhance her hand-to-hand combat, though not by much. But by covering a portion of her body with a thin layer of stardust, she is able to acquire that little bit of protection, or give that little bit of an extra kick that is needed in the heat of a battle. She'll still get hit and get hurt, and this won't cause much damage at all, but it is a technique she found helps at least a little bit.

    Current Cravings
    While I'm interested in everything written on this thread, we all go through times where we're just craving a certain type of story. So I thought it might be helpful to list a couple of my current cravings. Of course, I'm not limited to this at all, and it certainly doesn't have to be included in a RP for me to enjoy it. In fact, I rather like catering to my partner's needs instead of my own, as I've always been a bit of a people-pleaser. However, if it helps to draw interested readers and inspire certain plots and stories, I'm all for it ^_^

    • A romance between a Noblewoman/Princess and her protector, preferably a tough and passionate Knight.
    • Something involving Werewolves. I've always loved the lore behind them.
    • A love affair between either an Angel and a Fallen Angel, or an Angel and a Demon. Would love to craft an epic story involving these tropes that includes a forbidden romance.
    • A Harry Potter story. Would love to create an epic story in this universe. Perhaps with another war of some kind, Dark Wizards and Dementors, a dastardly plan being formed in the shadows... Maybe even an unlikely or forbidden romance of some sort. There are just so many possibilities ^_^
    • A Post-Apocalyptic story. Whether that's with Zombies, a nuclear fallout, or something entirely different, the post-apocalyptic setting is one of my favorites. I haven't done one in a very long time and would love to craft a story within a dark, gritty world where there is danger around every corner. ^^
    • Something involving treasure hunters, and the exploration of ancient ruins. We could include long-lost cities, ancient artifacts, hidden treasure, deadly puzzles and death traps... Perhaps enemies we have to fight as we race towards the treasure as well. Think the Uncharted games, which I absolutely love and most certainly got inspiration from for this ^_^
    Like I've said above, these are only some of ideas I have that I've recently been craving. However if you think we'd mesh well, I implore you to come to me with any ideas you may have as well! I'm not limited to the ones above at all ^_^


    That's all I can think of for now... But I'm sure there are lots more. I'm basically up for anything, so if you see anything you might be interested in, or you think we'd mesh well and would like to come to me with your own idea, please send me a PM and let me know ^_^ I look forward to creating wonderful stories with you!

    Until then, happy writing and take care! ^_^

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    Looking for a few more stories ^_^ I've got a real craving for a gritty, Post-Apocalyptic themed role-play if anyone's interested. I've also been craving a good Game of Thrones or Harry Potter role-play. Annnd I've been craving something with Dragons. So there's that. >.>

    Shoot me a PM if you're interested, and maybe we can work something out ^_^
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    2:32 AM

    If you're still looking for a partner I could be interested in either an Star Wars or Naruto roleplay.
    Let me know if you're interested. :)
  7. ImpossibleGirl

    ImpossibleGirl Well-Known Member Member

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    1:02 AM
    Man... It's been a while.

    I'm finally back from a long hiatus due to health issues and personal life drama, which bogged down my muse and kinda left me with no real desire to write. Which does not make for a good writing partner at all... So I apologize to those that were left hanging in the wind because of it. Now all that's settled and slowed down now though, I thought I'd edit my request thread a bit and bump this, as I'm looking for a couple more role-plays at the moment. ^_^

    As always, hit me up in the PMs if you're interested! Take care, and happy writing to you all. ^_^

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  8. ImpossibleGirl

    ImpossibleGirl Well-Known Member Member

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    1:02 AM
    I thought it was time to update the content of this thread, since it's been a long time since I've done so. I fixed a few things I didn't like, added in and took out some ideas, and included a few character sheets to show a small sample of my writing.
  9. ImpossibleGirl

    ImpossibleGirl Well-Known Member Member

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    1:02 AM
    Bump!! Just wanting to keep this up and relevant, since I'm currently on the lookout for some new stories ^_^ I also added a few new fandom settings.

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