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 Female x Male ᴠɪᴏʟᴇɴᴛ ᴅᴇʟɪɢʜᴛꜱ ﹠ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠɪʀɢɪɴ'ꜱ ᴅᴏɢᴍᴀ ﹗

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by oceane, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. oceane

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    PM ME.

    • pen name: oceane.
    • pronouns: she/her.
    • age: 21.
    • time zone: currently arizona mountain time, soon central standard time.
    • roleplay preference: third person past or present tense.
    • faceclaim preference: realistic picture or physical description. no anime or drawings.
    • pairing preference: male x female, female x female, or male x female x female.
    • thread preference: thread or pm.
    • plot-to-smut ratio: 70/30.
    • literacy level: advanced.
    • post length: novella.
    • likes: chocolate, rain, cryptids, pastels, and atmospheric music.
    • F-LIST - disclaimer: the contents in the "maybe" column are hard maybe's. likely not to be used as a focal point in the roleplay. the contents in the "no" column are definite.

    my name is oceane and if you're reading this, it means you've stumbled across my new-and-improved male request thread. it would look a lot nicer if i had any sort of grasp on bbcode but i digress. currently, i hold a full-time job that takes up a good 80% of my time and energy and if you combine that with being a novella-type roleplayer i do not always manage to get out a new reply every couple of days, and sometimes it can even take up to a couple of weeks before i have the energy and/or time. please be mindful of this before committing to a roleplay with me - this is a hobby not a chore or a job. do not make it feel like one by putting pressure on me in our ooc chat. i have dropped great roleplays simply because of incompatibility with partners.

    with that out of the way - i enjoy dark, suspenseful plots as much as action. i prefer world-building and character growth to smut and i won't open up a thread that's purely sex. as for genres, i enjoy everything from fantasy to sci-fi + beyond with the only exception being modern slice-of-life without any sort of supernatural or odd twist on it. i enjoy the dom/sub dynamic as much as abuse. i enjoy scenes that begin with an angry slap across the face and end in passionate angry or makeup sex on the floor. i want my characters' emotions to be toyed with as much as i will you with yours. i want my threads to end in tragedy.

    all i ask of a potential roleplay partner is that they do not god-mod my character, use their own picture as a faceclaim, or pressure me into anything. that is it. do you want to create a mary-sue? go for it. the thread probably won't last long but you can be my guest.

    below are the plots i have in mind so far. anything marked with an asterisk means i have an incredible desire to play that particular plot as of late. bolded roles will be the one you will be playing.


    p h a n t a s m a g o r i a*** (insp. "the masque of the red death" by edgar allan poe, "the picture of dorian gray" by oscar wilde, "eyes wide shut" dir. stanley kubrick) - the year is 1818, and in the outskirts of the sprawling city of baltimore, maryland lies an estate owned by the Weston family in name only. truth be told - the estate is the subject of many rumours among the upper class and many superstitions by the lower class. the master of the estate is almost never seen though his gardens seem to be cut and groomed to aesthetic perfection at all times. so it comes as a surprise to many among the city when invitations are sent out all over one starless night by an army of couriers to attend the estate for a grand masquerade ball one winter's evening. even more surprising: the event isn't just for those of high esteem and riches - it is open to those of all classes indiscriminately which raises some ire among the people but not enough to stop their intrigue. most of the city attends the estate done up in their best. the morticians' daughter is one of lower class than most, but due to her interest in dark arts and the occult, she has a vague suspicion that the master of the Weston estate isn't entirely what he seems to be. she gathers together all of her savings and invests in a nice dress. she crafts a mask of her own to attend, a rather grotesque looking one with the color of red and an expression twisted in grief. the soiree goes splendidly and no expense is spared - but when the enigmatic master of the estate takes interest in her, the morticians' daughter's fate takes a drastic turn.

    -- setting: regency-era gothic romance/fantasy.
    -- themes: occult, horror, mystery, indulgence.
    -- possible kinks at play: aphrodisiacs, polyamory, fear, exhibitionism, control. this plot will probably be more sexual than my others.

    g a l a t e a -- closed --(vaguely insp. by game of thrones, mostly inspired by florence + the machine's entire discography) - in this realm the rivers flow upwards and it is always overcast. a thick veil of fog entrenches the Shrouded Halls of the kingdom of Drynn as a most profane ritual of science and sacrifice is undergone. from it, a princess is born - a single heiress to the throne of a widowed queen in a world that has been denied all of its magic by the hand of the Gods themselves. to cure this dying world and the dying royal line in it the young and spry princess is set upon a task of her own; return the magic to the land or all shall suffocate without it. with her power and diplomacy she is partnered up with a knight in battered armor, not necessarily know for his friendliness, who is a paladin of sorts - devoted to the Gods that placed him upon the world - and the only known warrior to fell a dragon. her noble name is cast out, and the only way she is allowed safe return to the obsidian walls of her castle is if she accomplishes her task. something darker is always at play, however, and the culprit who siphoned so much life from the world may be a bigger enemy than they could have possibly imagined.

    -- setting: low fantasy.
    -- themes: war, dark romance, adventure, suspense.
    -- possible kinks at play: loss of virginity, slow burn.

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  2. oceane

    oceane v // e // n // u // s Member

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    galatea is closed, bumping for phantasmagoria!

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