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 Male x Male  Romance ♂It's like they're the same person♀[Pancakes&Summer]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Execution' started by Pancakes_Follower, May 25, 2018.

  1. Pancakes_Follower

    Pancakes_Follower Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    8:26 AM
    This forum is for Pancakes_Follower & SummerSweets ONLY.
    Please do not post here.

    [[Role play moved from previous site.]]

    Basic Story Line Catch Up:

    Case and Daniel have been best friends forever. Case is a ladies man and has list of girls miles long, whilst Daniel prefers a quieter life, choosing to put dating, girls and all the hassles that comes with all those things as a second priority in life.
    But when Daniel is invited to a family wedding and told to bring a plus one, there is only one friend he can turn to for help.
    Case sets him up on seven dates, making a bet with himself on his own cocky confidence that if Daniel wasn't match made by the sixth, he would cross dress and play the role of his date for the seventh.
    The dates slip by with no girl taking center stage in Daniel's love life leaving Case to play the leading lady of the last attempt of a date for the wedding.
    He could have called it off, losing a bet he'd made within his mind to only himself, but that's just not Case.
    He enlists a friend to transform him into a girl through the magic of make up, fooling everyone around them, including his best friend into believing Case is actually Casey.
    Their date is set to be at a theme park where the couple end up pushing each other into rides that terrify each of them in different ways before finding a lost child that tests everything growing between them.
    There something heating up between the pair when they're called on stage to take part in a couples game to win a 'grand prize'. But if there are already sparks starting to fly, how will Case get through the wedding weekend without falling for his best friend, who has no idea that he is the man beneath the beautiful face of the girl he's falling for.

    [[Just in case you want to read it all up to now -> https://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/invitation-only-rp/it-s-like-they-re-the-same-person/t.104005229/
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
  2. Pancakes_Follower

    Pancakes_Follower Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    8:26 AM
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ... ➷➹➷➹➷ ...

    After a couple more people made their way down the line with various techniques to find their lovers, Case couldn't help but feel the touch of Daniel's lips still imprinted on his forehead. Was it because he was blind folded that all his attention was honed in on that spot? He could think about anything else, even the sound of the pumping music on the stage or the crowd just beyond was dulled out by the buzzing feeling. He took in a deep breath, forcing his mind to think about the competition as a voice from above asked who his lover was and how he'd touched him. Case smirked.
    " He was just before me, and he touched me like no other man has ever done before." Well even if it sounded like a deceleration of love, it wasn't like his answer was a lie. No other man would have ever touched him the way Daniel had, blind folded or not - and Case would even go as far to say that no man every would again. Daniel would be the only one to get such privileges. Besides, he couldn't feel too bashful about it, what his friend had said was just as confession like as his own statement and it certainly got the crowd on side, cheering to the couple everyone already knew had found each other almost the moment Case had touched Daniel's shoulders.

    A few more answers were rattled through before the stage hands guided people to their assumed partners. The contestants were told to remove their blind folds and Case's fingers actually trembled as he carefully loosened the cloth from his eyes. What would happen if it wasn't Daniel. Not only would he be losing the game, but he would have pressed his forehead to some other guys lips. That was impossible right? He'd seen the other guys on stage, no one could compare to Daniel's height. Nope, it had to be him, there was no way of mistaking that.
    With a couple of blinks, Case's eyes adjusted to the light and he peered up to see his blue haired friend stood before him, an oddly place light behind him making the lanky guy look like some kind of a god sent angel with the beams shining behind him. Case smiled a little as their eyes met. How could he have even doubted it for a second?
    Then Daniel's eyes shifted. Case's followed to where they were looking to find a girl beside him. Purple.
    Quickly sucking his lower lip into his mouth, Case bit down hard. Holy shit. Hadn't seen that one coming. He did his best to hold in his laugh, but had to eventually physically stop himself with a hand over his mouth. It was no secret, the animosity that was happening on stage sure the crowd couldn't hear them without the mics but body language could speak volumes, so Case was pretty sure it was obvious why he was holding in his howl.
    The couple were escorted off stage, quickly followed by pink who no one saw coming, being told to be quite as they tried to hurl profanities as the remaining people on the stage. The remaining pairs weren't left long for shock as the sudden death round was announced.

    Case's eyes lifted to the other couple. Team yellow. They'd been the biggest competition throughout the entire games, their relationship was solid and they showed it. Unlike some of the other couples, they hadn't done much in the way of back stabbing or spited words, the pair seemed just as focused on winning as Case did. At least their relationship was legit, Case just wanted to win because that's what he was born to do. Win. The game had stirred up something he wasn't willing to think about, so that was all he could focus on now, winning.

    A soft jab to the side of his face called Case's attention back to Daniel, his eyes focusing on the tube of red lip stick being handed to him by a stage hand. He took it swiftly and looked to Daniel taking his seat in the chair. Thank god Daniel hadn't forced himself into the position of the kisser, if Case had been the one being covered in scarlet kisses, he would have had to live out the rest of their date with the kiss marks all over his face. No way would he be risking taking off his make up afterwards and revealing to the entire audience and his best friend who he really was under it all.
    That thought process left a snag in his chest as he was handed a mirror and told to apply the lip stick to only his lips, one the rules being set that he couldn't smear his lips over Daniel's face to claim the most skin touched, they needed to be clean cut kiss marks. Apparently through the pocky challenge, Casey and Daniel had made a name for themselves.
    Case glanced over to team yellow. They'd opted for the same set out of kisser and kissie. The boy perched on his seat, focused on his girl who was dying her lips dark red with the swipe of her lipstick. Case took quick note of how to apply and turned his attention back to his own mirror, parting his lips softly and smearing the velvety rouge over his lips. One, five, seven layers were caked on one over the other before Case handed the mirror back to the stage hand, knowing full well he now looked like some poorly made up tart.
    Just looking at team yellow had steadied his mind back into the competition. He tried not to focus on Daniel's staring face as a whole, but instead started plotting out where and when he was going to plant his lips in each open section of skin. He would avoid the lips, avoid those at all costs. Then at least if this all were to go south afterwards, he hadn't kissed his best friend directly on the mouth in front of a sea full of people.

    "You might want to close your eyes." Case's lips curled in a smile as he stood to Daniel's side, his hands setting onto the other boys shoulders to steady him through the force that was about to come in hurried and extreme kisses.
    The MC chimed a bell and signalled the start of the sudden death. Case didn't even take a breath.
    He hands clutched into's Daniel's shoulders and his lips set about turning Daniel a deep shade of red. Feeling Daniel move unintentionally through the force of his lips coming down repeatedly on his face, Case's hands slipped to new positions. Once snaked from his shoulder, up the back of his neck and into his hair, supporting his head as he continued to blot the other boys face in kisses whilst the other slipped just under the left hand side of his jaw, nestling Daniel's ear in the curve between his thumb and index finger.

    Case pulled back with seconds to spare. He'd kissed every available part of Daniel's face, even going to far as to slip passed his jaw on a few occasions. Time seemed to have slowed down with the adrenaline pumping through his veins. He hazarded a glance to the other team, the girl still going at it and his chest cinched in panic.
    They needed to win, he needed to win, or he would have just kissed the shit out of his best friend for nothing.
    Coming back to look at his best friend's face, his eyes darted around the covered skin. There was now where left to kiss.

    No where but....

    .... his lips.
    Taking in a deep breath, Case squeezed his eyes shut and plunged himself forward. His lips bumped against Daniel's, a little uncomfortably at first since there was no push back from his partner.
    "Ow...." Was all Case could think as their lips met, but that twinge of pain quick passed and was met with a whole new feeling.
    There was something else, like a spark, a warmth.
    Time sped up again and Case came to realise he'd lingered there a little too long when the MC made a subtle, but not so subtle cough into the mic to call their attention back to the stage and out of their lip lock.
    Case pulled back, quickly releasing the hold on Daniel's head that had turned tender in their connected kiss from the determined hold he'd possessed when all out playing for the win.

    The MC seemed to stare at them with a smirk for a split second and Case felt his whole face flush red.
    Shit. Why was he blushing?
    He directed his eyes to the floor, clutching his hands together and ringing them within one another as Daniel's attention was drawn away by a stage hand examining how many kiss marks were imprinted on his pale skin.
    The MC was talking to the crowd, getting them hyped about who was to win the 'grand prize' that had yet to be disclosed whilst Case had to battle with the thought that couldn't be pushed to the back of his mind with all the other lingering ones he didn't want to think about.

    He'd just kissed his best friend, who was a guy, square on the lips .... and it hadn't felt bad.
    In fact, it had felt something entirely different. ​
  3. SummerSweets

    SummerSweets Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:26 AM

    As Daniel sat with his eyes closed, it donned on him what was about to happen. He was about to be showered in kisses from a girl he had barely met a few hours prior. Objectively speaking, Daniel would've been against the entire ordeal. The kiss-off, the competition, heck even the date lasting this long. But things felt different with Casey. Not to be cliche, but the parallel between her and Case was extremely close. Daniel never once considered dating Case; for one it never crossed his mind as something one would do with such a close friend, two it never seemed as if Case wanted to settle with any man or woman, much less an anti-social hermit like Daniel. Casey was sort of the best of both worlds. She was snarky and lively just like Case, not to mention that appetite, while also being calculative and somewhat less impulsive than Case. True she didn't swindle her way for free food, but it would be too soon if she were to do so. Little habits that were specific to Case were not seen in Casey (yet), which made it refreshing to be around her. Case had a predictable unpredictability about him, Daniel knew what sort of behaviors were common to Case; Daniel soon realized that he could not hold Casey to the predictable pattern of other women. Case was right, she wasn't like any other girl.

    Despite his eyes being closed for the most part, Daniel had to catch a glimpse of Casey with nearly ten layers of lipstick on. While it was comical initially, as revealed when Daniel turned away with lips between his teeth, once he gathered himself to turn back the red shine seemed to highlight her lips. Playing it off, Daniel nodded, "Oh, you're right." He said before shutting his eyes again. At the sound of the bell, Daniel tried his best to be a stable canvas for Casey's red lip paint. Instead, he was inevitably a bobble head. Was this kissing or was Casey headbutting with her lips? Peeking to see the loveable lips, Daniel could only see his reflection in the puckered lips. Squeezing his eyes shut one again, he did so just in time to feel a kiss against his eyelid. Close call.

    The attack of Casey's kisses continued, her hands strategically placed to maneuver her way around his face efficiently yet forcefully. Not that he minded. The few times Casey went below his jaw-line, he did chuckle out of surprise but he maintained his statue-like posture. Briefly, he felt Casey's face pull back. The warmth no longer near him, he took his chance to take a deep breath-- something he couldn't quite do if his date's face was a few millimeters away from his. Before he knew it, the heat was rushing towards him and soon landed on his lips. The bump was clumsy since he wasn't expecting it either, but it could have been worse. It didn't take long for Daniel to shyly peck back and return the gesture. It was a kiss but not enough to transfer the lip color, which is probably why Casey was still so close. Leaning forward, he made sure to lock his lips and ensure this kiss would be counted. The MC's cough marked the end of the competition and Daniel finally opened his eyes again.

    His eyes darted about for a second, really trying to fathom is the two had been beating around the bush about sharing their first kiss-- not overall first kiss, but first kiss together-- only to have it shared for a competition. Daniel didn't really mind but he didn't expect it either. His eyes soon locked onto the flushed Casey whose embarrassment also transferred to Daniel. Ears heating up, he couldn't let her suffer alone. Reaching for her hand, the stage hands impeded on their moment to butt in and count the marks. It was a reminder that this really was for a competition; had it not been for Casey's competitive nature, the two probably wouldn't have kissed, right? The moments they came close were either Daniel's oddly timed head kisses or the three, now four, moments on the stage alone. Chuckling to himself that he had lost himself for a minute, Daniel decided to not get swept away with his fantasies. It was a harmless kiss, for a harmless competition.

    Once he was out of his head, where it was quiet from all the MC's promos, Daniel realized Casey had been stuck at the side just watching them count. Trying once more for Casey's hand, Daniel snaked his arm around the stage-hand and gripped onto her hand. "You did so well, I think my face is stained with the color" He joked lightly, reassuring her she had nothing to be embarrassed about. While his face was being inspected, Daniel tried to steal a glance at the other team. To his surprise, the other male's arms were scattered with kiss marks. The only marks on his face were to accent his cheeks and forehead and to, of course, decorate his lips. He noticed the stage hands motion to each other before nodding.

    Fifty-eight to... fifty-nine? There was no way.

    Before the stage-hand could leave to announce the scores, Daniel grabbed his wrists. "Wait, wait. I counted at least sixty kisses." He called out, not loud enough to draw attention. The last thing they needed was for him to become desperate and instantly lose the favor of the crowd. "Sir, we've counted your entire face and jaw." And in that split second, Daniel realized where he had hidden kisses. "I understand, but including my eyelids?" He added quickly, closing his eyes to reveal that each eye was sealed with a kiss. With the stage hands leaning to whisper to each other, they reported to the MC.

    "Wow. This team is finally catching their break.." The MC started, building up suspense. Uh oh, that didn't sound too good. Daniel stood up behind Casey, resting his head ontop of hers and squeezing her hand. "By one single kiss..." She continued over the crowds uniform 'ooohs,' "The couple that's going to leave with tonight's grand prize is..." The pause lasted a few seconds too long, much like their kiss. "First-time daters, Red Team!!" The sound of several loud popping noises filled the air as large, sparkly streamers rained down. With an exclaimation, Daniel couldn't help himself from lifting Casey off and spinning her around. As demonstrated in the couple's limbo, he couldn't get her too far off the ground, but with adrenaline and a blank mind he managed just enough to achieve two full loops.

    Once on the ground, he wildly leaned in for a kiss that barely landed at the edge of the painted red lips. As soon as he realized he may have gone too far, he re-positioned and playfully gave a second smack on Casey's cheek. That wasn't crossing a line, was it? "With exactly sixty kisses, I hope this couple have plenty more ahead!" The stage crew swarmed the pair with sashes, balloons, and photos. Careful not to get too comfortable with Casey, should things be one-sided, Daniel simply gripped Casey's bandana'd hand and rose it above his own with his own childish smile. Once the sash was clumsily bestowed on the towering Daniel, he turned and presented the team carrier. With a laugh at his absurdity, he motioned for the yellow team to join them in the photos to be commemorated somewhere. Jumping in without hesitation, the male proudly flexed his patterned arms while Daniel embraced his silliness and Vogue'd about Casey. Since he had already shown so many faces for the night, Daniel figured that night will just be an out-of-character night for him.

    After all the hype died down and the couples parted their separate ways with a brief exchange of formalities, Daniel left with a voucher in one hand and Casey's hand in the other. Lucky them they got to keep the bandanas as a souvenir as well (or maybe they didn't want to take Daniel's sweaty one). As the two strolled about, an announcement overheads warned of the closing park in the following half hour. How fast time goes when one is proving one's love in a friendly competition. "One last ride?" He asked, with a half smile at Casey. Was he being awkward? It wasn't the kisses, surely.
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  4. Pancakes_Follower

    Pancakes_Follower Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    8:26 AM
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ... ➷➹➷➹➷ ...

    Feeling something touch at his finger tips, Case's eyes lifted from the floor and looked to Daniel as he smiled softly, joking to try perk up his date's mood. Case forced a smile but it came out awkward, only made more so when his eyes shifted past Daniel and to the other team where the kisses were being counted. Most of them weren't even on his face. They were down his arms. Why hadn't Case thought of something so simple and far less embarrassing?
    The heat on his cheeks burned hotter and there was an uncomfortable twisting in his stomach. His skin felt prickly, like all his hairs were standing on end and he couldn't figure out why. Had something bad been in all that food they'd consumed? Why wasn't Daniel feeling this way if that was the case? He knew it wasn't that but he didn't want to think that it could be the other reason. The reason of his lips setting onto Daniel's in that final kiss just enough to peck him and then for his friend to push back just before they could fully separate and seal their lips together. No, it couldn't have been the kiss. There was no way. It wasn't like he was attracted to Daniel. That was out of the question. Case was a ladies man. He dated every girl on campus and them some. He was a serial dater of WOMEN. Not Daniel. No. That just couldn't happen.

    There was some talking going on beside him, some thing Daniel was discussing with the stage hands, but Case was still so caught up in his own thoughts, standing like a statue staring into the audience that he hadn't heard much of it. In fact, he hadn't heard the build up or gotten hyped when the MC shouted their team to be the winners. The only time he came back to reality was when Daniel's hands looped around his waist and suddenly he was in the air.
    Through instinct, he held back, gripping onto his friend as his eyes darted around and his brain worked out that they'd won and Daniel was celebrating.
    Before he could really say or do anything, his feet were back on the ground and Daniel was planting a kiss on his cheek. His heart went into over drive again and Case cursed it to calm down. He didn't need any more evidence that this hot and fuzzy feeling was actually coming from anything to do with his best friend rather than all the food they'd consumed throughout the day.

    Shiny pieces of confetti, streamers and a whole world of crap was showering from the ceiling. Daniel had pulled the other group in beside them, there were photos being taken and his best friend, who'd hardly ever seen crack a smile, was vogueing behind him.
    What had gotten into him tonight? What had gotten into Case? Why was he acting like such a dick. This was supposed to be fun. Screw the thoughts that he couldn't muddle through, he wasn't going to let that destroy a day that really had been a blast, despite all the ups and downs.

    Shaking his head softly and pushing his feminine hair away from his face, Case pouted and pulled a super model pose, changing his body position each time to link in perfectly with Daniel's movements. It looked ridiculous but fun with each movement pulled and soon enough the other couples were joining in.
    Case tried not to notice how his body reacted each time Daniel was close and how it was pretty much dead to the touches of the female beside him. He tried to blame it on her having a boyfriend she was clearly smitten with. They'd come pretty close to beating them after all. But that had never stopped him before. Case had been the wedge that tore apart many relationships and he'd never batted an eye lid. Now he had no interest in the beautiful girl beside him, or at least not as much as he felt he should have done.

    The glamorous photo shoot eventually ended and after a brief goodbye with the other couple. Daniel and Case headed off in another direction. With all that time on stage it was getting late and the park was winding down to close. Case felt his body relax a little as he took in a deep breath and sighed, averting his gaze around the rides close by and trying not to focus on the smooth feeling of Daniel's skin, their hands laced together again.
    Daniel's voice pulled his face around and Case quivered a smile in return. "Sure..."
    That look in his friend's eyes, that smile on his lips. Case was scared that not only did he look like a girl, but now he really felt like one. What was going on tonight?

    He pulled his vision away and forced himself to stay up right. His legs felt like jelly and he was half worried about what his next step would look like.
    That's when he spotted the boat ride.
    "That one?" He pointed to the log flume which had a none existent queue and an attendant that looked as though he were about to set the ride off just to cure his boredom.
    Case awaited Daniel's approval before heading over in that direction, careful to plant his feet firmly as they touched the floor with each step. He hadn't looked over the ride, made sure it was what it should have been. He'd just seen the boat and thought of sitting down. His legs were still aching from all the walking around they'd done through the day and now they were on the verge of jelly too, the boat just seemed like a good idea.

    ....till they got in it.
    Not only was the ride clearly a splash ride by the wet seats that made Case's dress stick to his posterior as soon as it touched the seat, it also spent a lot of it's time in the dark.
    The little log rode along it's tracks, illuminating the couple in various different rooms, talking about vikings and their travels through different lands of ice and fire. One room burned with exploding fire balls whilst the next was chilling deep into the very bones with ice.
    The boat pulled through into the next pit of darkness and suddenly there was a locking sounds. Case's heart jumped into his mouth and his hands searched through the darkness to find Daniel. Clutching randomly, Case grabbed at anything he could find, not thinking about what he might.
    As luck would have it, he found Daniel's thigh.
    Luck? That wasn't luck!
    He pulled back and cleared his throat, whispering in the darkness as though something might hear him otherwise.
    Trying again, he found a hand and held tightly as the boat began to pull upwards, an accent to the heavens. Or at least that's what it felt like, Case could have sworn his saw his sole leave his body. ​
  5. SummerSweets

    SummerSweets Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    12:26 AM

    Daniel turned to Casey with slight grin only to find her weak smile. It was then he remembered she'd been dying for a seat since the house of mirrors. Casey probably tried her best, but he still felt the sight wobble in her step. Daniel refrained from asking if she was alright, something that would've been answered with an 'I'm fine' given how hard she was faking her walk.

    Daniel played along when Casey pointed out the nearest, empty ride. "Seems good to me." he answered, holding her hand a little tighter and scooting a little closer. No ulterior motives intended; Daniel had pretty slow reflexes so if Casey were to fall, he had to be the first one to catch her.

    While it would've been wise for Daniel to step on the boat first to later aid his date on, Casey was helped on by the washer attendant. Daniel carefully followed and stepped on, sure not to rock the boat. What is worse than a wet butt? Two wet butts. As soon as his bottom absorbed the entire puddle he sat in, he gloomily turned his pale face to find Casey had the same look about her face. Chuckling as he watched Casey accepted her wet fate, he quietly leaned over to whisper "This ride is so scary, I think I've already wet myself" before the attendant sent them on their way.

    Daniel was more interested in viewing Casey's changes in expression more than the poorly depicted, stereotyped Viking history. Between the patches of light he made sure to glance at something else to not give himself away. "I'm convinced they're trying to freeze us to death. First they splash is in all this water then they send us through an ice room." he tried to distract Casey from the bloody, grungy Vikings as he draped his jacket across her lap. He could've corrected the scene, since they were theoretically in freezing temperatures the blood would've coagulated and stopped instead of gushing for minutes on end, but he's learned that most people don't care for the realistic correctness of props.

    Suddenly everything went black and he could feel Casey's hand grab at the darkness. Reaching to offer his hand, he was startled when she grabbed his thigh. Clearing his throat as well he squeezed her hands a few times afterwards, finding himself at a loss for words. When the darkness led them to be nearly vertical in their seats, Daniel reached with his other hand to find Casey. Cautious not to make the same mistake and grab something else, Daniel piped up "Other hand?" in his shaky voice. Once both his hands were warm, he pulled and nestled them safely between his right and Casey's left thigh.

    This probably wasn't that best ride for the couple; horror, overly gruesome scenes paired with drops would leave the pair soulless. Their ascension continued with Daniel rattling his mind to fill the silence. Normally he wouldn't have minded, but something about Casey being scared called out a different part of him. Unlike Case, who he could just poke fun of and distract that way, Casey was nealy in tears and probably needed words of comfort. "Do you think we'll be dead before... or after the drOOOooOopp??" As Daniel's luck would have it, he chose an optimum time to speak and distort his voice. The log tipped over and the two were plummeting face first into darkness. What made things worse was the ride was probably intended for children and families, so lap bars were not present. The degree at which they were diving was just steep enough to give an illusion of free falling while shallow enough to ensure they weren't.

    Instinctively, Daniel pulled one if his arms out across Casey's chest to ensure she wouldn't fall forward. It seemed they were falling for a while since Daniel had to take a second breath to belt out a crackled throat cry. A few flashes later and the log was "safely" caught by a pool of chilled water. Since he was holding onto both hands, fear not allowing him to let go, Daniel leaned his body over Casey's to take a brunt of the splash.

    As they slowly drifted back to the attendant, who just seemed eager to close the ride, Daniel turned to Casey with a nervous laugh and a drained face. "Heh...not bad right?" He mustered up a weak, but victorious smile.

    This time, Daniel was quick to deboard first and hoist Casey up. Where had this strength been earlier? Thanking the attendant before leaving, Daniel paused before mindlessly wandering elsewhere. "Want to get a snack before heading home?" He posed expertly. Food! Something they could come over. Some place to sit and rehydrate. Plus, who would ever deny a meal? Waiting for Casey's response, Daniel scanned the surrounding area for eateries.
  6. Pancakes_Follower

    Pancakes_Follower Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    8:26 AM
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ... ➷➹➷➹➷ ...

    Well, it seemed Daniel's little joking comment had plunged them into some kind of twisted fate because as the little log chugged up the darkened tracks, it seemed the family ride really had something that rocked both of them. The lame horror settings they'd been pulled through weren't really enough to get Case's heart pumping, but the darkness they were plunged into got his mind going enough to feel like some of the actors from the haunted mansion may have snuck their way inside and were just waiting to jump out in any moment. He would have know it was ridiculous, if he could have been thinking straight, but in that moment, there was no thinking straight. He had the darkness and Daniel had the drop. Something in it for both of them, though it wasn't something either of the favoured.

    Daniel's voice in the darkness picked up Case's attention and he looked over in the pitch black, lifting his hand and finding Daniel's. They clutched each other and then Daniel made his attempt at calming his date down.
    Case couldn't help it. Once again, just like on the dropping ride at the beginning of the date, he almost cried with laughter from the sound of his best friend's voice distorting through the drop. He was so caught up in his laughter that he hadn't worried when Daniel's hand passed across his chest, ensuring he didn't fall too far forward in the drop. He didn't think about the awkward moment there could have been if Daniel had grabbed a part of his chest that held no bounce.
    He just felt his nerves relax and his mind let go of the over thought ideas of ghouls jumping from the depths of the shadows. Instead, he lost himself in the bad executed, but winning attempts of his friend distracting him.

    The ride splashed into the end of the decent and Case felt a shockingly small amount of water on his body despite the sound of the impact. He looked around himself in the darkness. Since his hands were both locked within Daniel's, he couldn't wonder his finger tips over the edges of the log boat to feel if the water had reached the sides, He knew it had poured into the boat because he could feel the soles of his shoes sloshing in the puddle that had gathered in the foot well and his posterior had certainly soaked up a little more on the seat, yet his chest, face, hair and lap were still dry for the most part.
    The boat floated onward, passing through some doors and back into the artificial light of the evening lit park.
    Daniel slipped from the boat and hoisted Case out with more strength than the boy had expected. Case's feet had both left the floor for a second as he jumped from the boat, his eyes widening before he touched his toes on the gravel and looked up to Daniel with a soft smile.
    The ride had certainly done the trick to pull his thoughts away from things he didn't want to think about, the oddest thing about that being that it was the very person that had made his thought muddle that had pulled him away from them.

    Chuckling, Case grinned widely at the mention of food.
    "I'd never turn that down." His eyes washed over Daniel as he was turned away to look over the possibilities of places to go. It was clear now that they were in the light that Daniel had gallantly take the splash that had been intended for himself when they'd met the end of the ride. His whole was tinted a different colour soaked through to the skin.
    Turning his face away, he pretended to look over the near by eateries, his lips pulling at the edges in a smile. Daniel was certainly cheesy but in the best of ways, Case was finding it harder and harder to understand why he was the guy with all the notches in his bed post and Daniel was lucky to have even a few. Had he been going about his dating in the wrong way? Was this actually what a date was supposed to feel like every time? Were the hairs on his neck supposed to stand up every time his date was close to him, was his hand supposed to hold onto the others scared to let go and loose that warmth? Were his eyes supposed to gravitate towards their lips like his was no-

    No. Nope. That was happening. He wasn't looking at Daniel's lips. And he especially wasn't thinking about how they felt when they pair kissed in the on stage challenge.
    Nope. No siry, he certainly wasn't thinking about that. Not. At. All.
    "Do you want to get something here at the park, or should we head out and find something in town?" Case didn't really care for the answer, he just needed to say something, anything, to get some words into the air and out of his thoughts. They were beginning to get to a point where he wouldn't be able to return from.
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    12:26 AM

    Daniel's assumption was spot on. Now it was just to find a place to settle down. Maybe it was a long day, but Daniel noticed the sudden quietness that fell between them. Compared to the other dates, Daniel felt at peace with the silence between them. There was no pressure to talk, though his brain was scrambling anyways, or bring up some basic small talk. It reminded him of Case. Daniel internally frowned at himself for his continuous comparisons, but it was difficult when the two were so similar. The little mannerisms of Casey, though general enough to anyone, were just subtly eccentric like Case. Even the air that surrounded her. She wasn't as outwardly flirtatious like Case, but she could attract gazes from all around. Casey wasn't too small either, so maybe it was the fact she was a taller girl but her charisma must be a part of the attraction as well. Daniel shook his head and focused on finding their next meal.

    Even with Daniel's amazing eye for little food stops, nothing near them seemed to be open. Those that were had a bustling mob about them. "Let's head out before they kick us out?" He asked, before pointing at the next exit with his nose. While the two walked, Daniel had his jacket that would have been left behind after the literal pick-me-up. It was drenched, to say the least, much like its owner. The difference was that Daniel could dry his jacket by shaking, but not himself. He tried his best to be subtle about it, ensuring that he wouldn't accidentally flick water onto his date. The two probably wandered a distance in silence before Daniel deemed his jacket dry enough to provide warmth. Once so, he gently draped it across Casey's smaller frame.

    Daniel didn't try to say anything, in fear it would make things more awkward than it already was. Was it awkward? Usually Daniel doesn't think about social cues or whether or not his actions went against the norms, but this time he had to reason with himself. They had just got off a water ride, while he was soaked she may have been a little wet (not in that way). Right, so the chivalrous thing to do was to warm her up (not in that way). He dried the jacket, check. It did its job and covered her shoulders, check. Now, all that's left is to stop wandering the city and find a place to eat. Oh right, her feet still may hurt. They were able to rest a little on the ride, but not enough to wander the quarter mile they probably did.

    One side was littered with late night bars; he didn't think Casey would want to fill her stomach with pretzels and peanuts. Plus, at this time of night most men would have just begin to get drunk-- not pleasant for an attention-grabber Casey and not-so-strong Daniel. The pair had passed a few fast-food eateries, but after the mini-feast they had earlier Daniel figured it would be best to find something artery-friendly. It was then he noticed a little late night coffee shop. Perfect. Small enough to not be bothered by anyone, yet functional enough that they could order more than a few sandwiches and rest. Pointing over to the lone-lit cafe, "How's a platter of finger sandwiches sound?" He asked as he led them towards the cafe.

    Hmm... Deja vu?

    It was only earlier that day that he had been helping himself to Case's "hard earned" sandwiches in a similarly-smol cafe. What a coincidence.

    Ducking under the low door-frame, the pair was greeted by single barista and rows of empty booths. Daniel saved the girl some trouble by locating the nearest booth and picking up a menu along the way. In the yellow lighting, the fact that Daniel was still soaked through was well hidden. He looked across the table to Casey before shyly gluing his eyes back to the menu. Something about a girl in men's clothing was just appealing. Boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend tee. Boyfriend sweater.

    Hold up. Hold up.

    Daniel stopped himself from self-delegating the title of boyfriend before he climbed further down the rabbit hole he dug for himself. Keeping quiet seemed to only let his imagination run unexpectedly wild, so Daniel turned to rambumble-ing-- rambling a stream of consciousness but in an incoherent-mumbling manner, a tactic he used to distract others just enough for Case to swoop in and save the conversa-- oh. Eyes widening at the menu, Daniel's mind could now scramble to find a way to explain his oddness. This has never happened before. Well, not with someone he was trying to maintain an image with.

    "How am I supposed to pronounce all of this french? Pardon me, might I have some creepes a-vack con-fee-chur dee fray-sees?" He pretended, ordering to an imaginary waiter with a posh expression. Oh boy. Shot himself in the foot. While attempting to mask his rambumbling, he managed to butcher 'crepes avec confiture de fraises' beyond imagination. So much for the food-expert that would critique amusement park food. Cringing at his miserable pronunciation, something he could have easily said had he not tried to cover his tracks, Daniel flipped through the menu quickly in lieu of face-desking.

    After a few minutes of contemplation of how else he could fix things, the best way to minimize damage was to go order the food and start fresh. "How do you like your coffee? I'll get us sandwiches one through four." He pointed down the row of "popular sandwiches". Memorizing Casey's coffee order and more, Daniel hurried to the barista to clear his mind.

    At this point, it was a rare moment the couple had separate from one another. Chance. As the barista sluggishly prepared two cups, Daniel pulled out his phone to text case. <<How do I ask my plus one to be my plus one for tomorrow?>> He nervously typed. He had done well so far, but everything was up for interpretation. He did mess up a few times with the walking, horror maze, and clutziness with the competition-- but nothing glaringly wrong, right? Impatiently waiting for a response, Daniel decided to double-text his friend. <<If you can find a date, maybe we can go on a double date... to a wedding...You are coming regardless you have a date or not right?>> Send. That way, Case could be a conversation buffer, something Daniel realized he needed. During the time in-between texts and watching the barista move her way back and forth behind the counter, Daniel stole a few glances at the distant Casey waiting for his return.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ... ➷➹➷➹➷ ...

    Case gave a simple nod as Daniel suggested to leave the park and seek food else where. He had no qualms with that, in fact, he preferred the option. There was something around this place that seemed to be throwing him off. He was sure of it. Of course that could be the only answer as to why he kept feeling something strange stirring in his stomach whenever his best friend was close by. That could be the only reason.
    So getting out of here, sooner the better, was exactly what he needed.
    Or, at least he could try delude himself into thinking such things for that moment.

    The pair made it out of the park and Case couldn't help but notice from slight side glances that Daniel seemed to be trying to shake himself off like a wet dog. It wasn't obvious by any one else's standards but since the two boys were practically joined at the hip in any other their free time, Case knew the blue haired boy didn't often fidget that way.
    He tried to push his eyes away, make sure it wasn't obvious that he'd caught sight of it, but it was difficult to do that when it was so entertaining to watch.
    He's just pushed himself to look around the street they found themselves in, rows and ready bars starting to liven up and shops fully shut down for the evening, when he felt something glide around his shoulders.
    His eyes flickered around and came to rest on his date, who's own vision seemed to be pushed in another direction. Was he purposefully looking away?
    Case felt a bolt shoot up his spine and burst out like a thousand tiny fireworks in his rib cage. He didn't want to notice the feeling or the heat in his cheeks but this was certainly a first for him. He'd given his jacket to a girl before, only on very few occasions. Case did just about enough to get what he wanted and little more when it came to the girls he dated. So he'd never pushing himself to be cold or wet or anything else that Daniel had done that evening without seeking something in return. He felt like he should have been worried, like he should have been thinking that Daniel may have been angling for the same extra curricular activities that he himself would be looking for with such acts of kindness.
    But he knew his friend wasn't like that. He knew that would be one of the last things on Daniel's mind. The mere thought of it would probably push the boy to have a nervous break down since this was their first date and Case was struggling to remember his blue haired friend ever speaking of a one night stand.... let alone any of his other bedroom adventures.

    Case's mind went silent again as Daniel pointed out a lone-lit cafe across the road, like a small shining beacon surrounded by a sea of darkened shops faces.
    "Sure" Case choked out after a moment, happy for his mind to be distracted, though it wasn't as successful as he would have liked.
    The pair crossed the empty street and headed for the cafe.
    Stepping into the light, Case blinked a couple of times to get himself used to the artificial bulbs in the room. Daniel took the lead, bringing them over to a booth and snagging a menu on the way. The pair settled in and Case was still leaving his mind on a search party through the files in his brain for the last time Daniel spoke of a sexual experience. Now that he felt he needed such information, he couldn't seem to find it.
    Not that it really mattered - it wasn't like the two of them could ever go that far. After all, Casey wasn't a girl anyway. He was a guy, so they couldn't have sex - it just wasn't possible. And it wasn't like he wanted it himself anyway......

    Cases's mind was questioning that last part more than he would have liked when Daniel hung, drew and quartered some french words.
    Case's body reacted quickly, a hand clasping over his mouth as he tried to catch his giggles before they escaped him.
    What was that?
    Not like he could judge really, the dark haired male hadn't ever really taken to languages very well. He could get by one what he needed to when portraying characters in some of the performances for stage but he could hardly understand a word that came out of his own mouth. Then again, at least he pronounced everything correctly.
    "Was that even French?" Case asked, a laugh bubbling behind his words and making them jump from his lips as he teased his friend, reaching for the menu so he could look at exactly what Daniel had been trying to pronounce.
    "Not sure anyone would understand that." He teased again, displaying a large grin to let the other boy know he meant no harm, whilst unconsciously leaving himself vulnerable to act far too much like his true self, showing such a grin that Case would always wear.

    The atmosphere calmed between them again as both sets of eyes fell back to the menu. Case couldn't read the damn thing, let alone decide, so he was just hoping Daniel would order something to share again. That's what they'd been doing all day after all, so why should then be any different? After jabbingly teasing at his friend, he doubted he'd look good asking what some of the words on the menu meant only seconds afterwards, so he playing it cool, rolling his eyes over the menu as though he were really taking it in.

    Thankfully, after another moment or two, Daniel picked himself up and said he'd order them a few sandwiches, whilst also asking her what coffee she wanted.
    Case breathed a mental sigh of relief. Holding out had worked out fine.
    "Uh, just straight black, thanks." Case smiled and curled his new, long, hair behind his ear as Daniel walked away.
    He let himself slum into the relatively comfortable cushioning of the booth in a rare moment the couple had split from each other.
    There was a strange feeling of longing now that Daniel had left him but he was refusing to acknowledge that and instead took a moment to let himself drop the female facade he'd been putting on up until that moment.
    Beneath the table his legs parted and his shoulders rolled forward. His pushed his palm over his forehead and moved his fringe to one side, careful not to smudge any of the long lasting make up he was still rocking rather well.

    He was just about relaxing a little when the bag plopped down beside him buzzed.
    Quirking a brow, Case suddenly realising with widening eyes, that he hadn't checked his phone since the date had begun. It wasn't like he was going to be able to with Daniel at his side the whole time, but he was surprised at himself for not even feeling tempted.
    Ripping open the lip lid and Case couldn't help but catch a glimpse of the flower Daniel had given him earlier in the date. He chewed his lip for a second, telling himself he hadn't looked at it for too long, and snatched out his phone.
    Swiping the screen to unlock, he ignore the multiple message alerts for the list of girls he had on the go and even the few he had from Anna and instead drew straight to one particular name. The name of the person who'd made his phone buzz most recently and the name of the person who was stood at the counter only a few feet away.

    Something hitch in his throat and Case pulled himself up right, turning to check Daniel wasn't watching. At the start of the date he'd been counting the seconds till Daniel would notice it was him beneath these clothes, now he was dreading the mere thought of his friend figuring it out.
    Telling himself he was safe (at least for that second), Case tapping into the typing bar and began to write when suddenly the device buzzed in his hands again, making his wholse body stiffen in shock.
    Then he read the message and he felt himself turn cold.

    That wasn't part of the plan... was it? He'd never been expected to go.... right?
    And now Daniel actually wanted to ask Casey to go too.... this had clearly gone better than he'd ever imagined in one regard and completely bombed int he other.

    Case chewed his lower lip in soft panic as his eyes searched the table top as though it would have the answer.
    The salt and pepper shakers held no clues and the small holder of sugar sachets wasn't speaking up either.
    He'd need to do this himself.
    <<Just ask her, the worst she can say is no, right?>> He sent the message before he could second guess himself. He needed to give Daniel advice like the knew nothing about their situation, because he wasn't supposed to be on the date with Daniel. That was just Casey.... god this was too much. Why was he telling him to ask, surly he should have been thinking of a way out of this, not digging himself deeper.
    The other message! He needed to get his real self out of the equation, he couldn't be in two places at once and although all the cross dressing movies like Mrs. Doubtfire had made it look so easy, he highly doubted getting in and out of these clothes, hair and redoing his make up every couple of minutes was going to be possible if Daniel really did ask... and Casey said yes.... he still had a say in this after all as the supposed female in the date ... yet even now telling himself to say no, he doubted Casey wouldn't be attending the wedding as Daniel's date.. and he hated himself for it.
    <<.. and as for me. Sorry little bird, I'm going to have to kick you out of the nest and watch you fly this time. As much as a place with girls who are cemented in relationships and unable to fool around with random guys sounds like an amazing place to be, I've got six dates lined up this weekend and I think they'll all go to plan... if you know what I mean.>> Case sent off the message, for the first time cringing at himself. He always made those stupid jokes, knowing that Daniel knew exactly what he meant because he always meant the same thing. But this time he knew he was blatantly lying. Why was he lying? Why didn't he just come out and say it? Why was he still being Casey....?​
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    While Daniel was leaning against the stool at the counter, one leg stretched out while the other was comfortably resting on the stool's foot rest, he caught a glimpse of Casey relaxing as well. Faintly chuckling that she'd hidden her true mannerisms behind more socially acceptable ones, Daniel felt quite flattered. Had he done anything unlike himself in order to impress his date?

    The flowers were a little extra, but he was approached by a street vendor so that must've been a sign. All the smiling and skinship was a little out if place, but it wasn't like he was forcing himself to make any significant moves. It was strange to have such a strong desire to peck someone else's head, so Daniel wasn't too sure if he handled all of those urges so well; but everything between came naturally. She was similar to Case is most aspects, but it was undeniable the two were separate, independent beings.

    There was no way Daniel could confuse the two, but he can't help but ponder the over-familiar grin on Casey's face. Even though they were strikingly similar there wasn't much he could tell himself to explain the exact same grin and open laugh. His brain wasn't trying to trick him into believing he's on a date with Case, right? Daniel never saw Case romantically, something about his flirty nature and loose relationships just didn't seem palpable in a romantic partner, so to entertain the thought of choosing Case over Casey was out of question. Daniel didn't even think the boys were extremely close prior to Casey's inquiry of their 'best-friendship'.

    Buuuttt, if he had just one too many drinks and no contacts in, he would have easily mistaken Casey's distant figure for Case's. Slouching isn't a crime nor unique to Case, but the fact that both Case and Casey were able to slump a bit and still look good and draw in attention may not have been a coincidence. No, no. No more comparing his date to a friend. That's how cheating happens. Why is he now having to remind himself to not analyze Case through a romantic lens?

    The vibration of his phone drew Daniel back to reality. A distressing reality. Case wasn't coming? But Case had been honorary -LASTNAME for years. Oh; it then became apparent how close the two have gotten throughout the years. Focus. Daniel was sure he had extended the verbal invitation to Case at some point. His sister had nonstop nagged him to do so; maybe he just wasn't got to make it after all? Part of him realized he wanted to insert Case into memories before they even happened. Daniel just sort of expected the two would go together, not together together but be present at the same event at the same time, since it was rare for Daniel to invite Case to events. But, like a desperate bird flapping its wings Daniel had to fly.

    <<How will I deal with bride-zilla alone? Worst off, Julia? But since it would seem difficult to convince six others to suffer their wrath as well...(。ŏ_ŏ) At least spare me three calls throughout the weekend. >>

    Looking up at the barista, Daniel was shocked to see how slow it was taking to get two black coffees put together. Turning back to check up on Casey, he was relieved to see she was distracted with her phone. Phew, that made the two of them. With the short line of encouragement from Case, Daniel now had to recite possible ways he would court Casey.

    'You free this weekend? I have a proposition of a weekend full of free food, if you're interested.' No, too vague and slightly serial-killer-y. 'Want to see what our future wedding might look like? ' WHAT. Shaking his head, even Daniel was ashamed that that crossed his mind. 'Will you be my plus one to a wedding?' While visually comical to propose with a mug of coffee, a little part of his brain wanted to smack the other parts that thought something like that would be okay.

    At this point, he may just end up rattling off his entire situation and possibly beg her to go. Not the most elegant plan, but a realistic conclusion met after much analysis. Before he could mentally prepare for what he was going to say, the barista returned with two mugs filled with darkness. A darkness that would fill their void of energy. Despite the slow service, Daniel thanked the barista with a few dollar tip-- dates can't be cheap, whether they're being watched or not. Taking both steaming mugs back to the booth, Daniel hissed at the heat as he took large strides. Careful not to spill any on himself, Daniel was relieved to set them down softly next to Casey as to not alarm her but certainly detract her attention from her phone. He celebrated the fact that he managed to deliver hot liquids to a destination more than a step away.

    But a celebration too early. In the midst of his excitement, a gulp-equivalent amount of volume sloshed onto his hand. Without uttering a single curse in front of Casey, something that would have been exactly opposite with Case, Daniel twisted his face into a pained smile as he pointed to the steaming mug. "Mmmmm... Nothing like a second degree burn" He voiced in a tone slightly higher than normal. Still squeezing his eyes shut, he slid into his side of the booth with both hands above the table before silently relishing the steady, strong pulses that resonated from his hand throughout his forearm.

    Daniel would've whined a little longer if he hadn't realized that he spilled coffee over the table as well. Quickly, but probably late to, grab napkins he turned to sluggishly mop up the table. "Sorry." He whispered briefly before then figuring there was nowhere to put the soaked napkins. Maybe it was the magic of the theme park that was masking his true capabilities. Before Daniel reached six feet in his grave, a waiter suddenly appeared with two plates of sandwiches and saved the struggling Daniel. "I'll take those, my apologies for that. Here are the first two sandwiches, other two coming right up." His voice was calm, which matched his effortless motion to whisk away the napkins, wipe off any remaining stickiness from the coffee, and set down the warm plates of food between the two. Without much else, the server disappeared back into the kitchen. Server? Chef? Waiter? All the above?

    Turning back to Casey, he grinned as he hoped Casey would ignore the whole fiasco and not tease him like Case would. The two were different; ergo their behaviors and reactions had to differ in some aspects. Trying to cut out the chance for her to tease him, Daniel turned his attention down to the sandwiches. "Should we try the same ones at the same time or alternate for the plates?" He lamely inquired, not that leaving behind a crumb mess was really a big concern. Whatever Casey chose, he rolled along with. As the two started to munch, Daniel's mind was guessing when it would be best to bring up the weekend. Maybe he would start off with a casual 'so are you busy this weekend?' But patience Daniel... Soon
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ... ➷➹➷➹➷ ...

    Case was just about chewing the inside of his lower lip raw by the time his phone rattled in his hands again with the alert of another message.
    His body physically jolted before he peaked over his shoulder and pulled the text from his friend open. Rolling his eyes over the reply, he faltered. He didn't want to think too much about it, just shoot back a response as though he were at home, doing nothing out of the ordinary. Just get the reply out so he didn't think too much about actually being in this situation. With everything else in his mind racing around, the dark haired boy couldn't fully remember if he'd been extended an invite to the wedding or not. If he had a paper copy it was buried under the multiple piles of paper and bras on his desk back in the dorms, and if it was a verbal invitation by the man at the bar - well, there was hardly a chance of him remembering that on any given day, let alone this one.
    Letting his thumbs race over the screen in a response, he did the best he could to just sound like himself, so sound like Case.

    <<You're a boy at a wedding, bride-zilla won't even notice you, besides everyone will be looking at the thing on your arm right - not like you usually have one of those around (☞゚∀゚)☞ .... Not like you're never going to see me again, or is this girl giving off the murder vibe? But fine, three calls. Just don't have her around when you're calling, don't want you being all gushy and weird on the phone....>>

    Sending off the message, he read it over again in it's little bubble sent and unable to make any changes to it. His stomach lurched and he grimaced beneath his make up, feeling a little sick. Did that sound right? Or was he coming off as more of a dick than usual. He couldn't tell....
    Case was so consumed in the message and whether or not it sounded like him or made it obvious that he and she couldn't be near Daniel at the same time that he hadn't heard his friend approach until the lanky individual was right beside him and had lowered the cups to kiss the table's surface.
    Despite himself, Case flinched a little and upon lifting his eyes to find Daniel stood there, he stashed his phone away into his bag. Although not much could be gathered from the outer casing of his phone, he was sure the background picture of raspberry and nuttella ice cream would give him away easily. The two boys would always talk about the ice cream, how it was damn near orgasmic and better than anything they'd ever had before, so Case had made it a running joke between them that a picture of that ice cream was the 'pin up' on his screen face, rather than the sexy half naked women most single men seemed to sport.

    With it safely inside, case flipped the lip of the spaghetti strap bag closed and looked up just in time to see burning hot liquid melt over his friend's hand.
    "Shi-" He started but quickly caught himself as the curse word began to slip. Daniel seemed to be trying to keep his cool but the strained face and the searing red skin made it fairly obvious that wasn't comfortable or even just a little hot.
    His date tried to keep his cool, making a joke and mopping up the coffee but Case couldn't just leave it be, even as the sandwiches were delivered and the waiter effortlessly moved away from the table, Case looked to the throbbing skin with guilt strumming in his chest. He knew the feeling wasn't purely from spilled coffee which he had no control over. But he could pretend that was all it was.

    "We can have the same." Case answered, his mind still in a bit of a muddle, his eyes still dropping back to the throbbing red skin every few seconds.
    He lifted the deliciousness between bread buns to his lips, just grazing it against his mouth before his body tensed and it was lowered back to the plate, plopping down to the porcelain as his body pushed from the booth and he whisked himself away to the counter.
    There, out of ear shot, Case asked for a glass of ice water and some paper towels before returning to the table, sliding back into his booth seat and sliding the plate to one side.
    "Give me your hand." He looked up to Daniel, staring him straight in the eyes as his hands reached across the table.
    Taking the throbbing hand once given, Case soaked a couple of towels in the glass, squeezing them out before gently wrapping them around the burned area.
    "Stop being so matcho, it's not going to be good if that gets any worse." Caught in the moment, Case showed a tender side to himself behind his female make up, knowing it was safe to do so. As much as he acted the play boy, Case could be surprising when no one was expecting it. He pressed onto the cool paper, focusing his eyes on the skin as the paper was peeled back and dabbed over the skin before he dipped it into the water again, cooling the now warmed paper before he pressed it back again.
    Case's eyes shifted between the burned skin and his actions with the paper towel before they connected together again. He was so consumed he hadn't noticed how intimate the situation had become, his hands holding Daniel's so tenderly, his body leaning into the table in the enclosed booth. His eyes turned down, he was consumed, unaware of how his friend may have been taking the caring and intimate gesture of his date.
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    Daniel nodded at Casey's decision and took a big bite as Casey brought the sandwich up to her lips. As he chewed, he looked to Casey to see her reaction to the sandwich. To his dismay she put it down and walked away. He didn't think the sandwich was the next big thing, but it wasn't worth a complaint either. Watching her mouth some words, he turned to see that there wasn't a bite of it missing. Maybe there was a hair? While he was inspecting the plate and making sure his date wasn't in harms way, he turned with a puzzled look about when she came back and demanded his hand. Even the plate was pushed aside, his hand was so important. What's going on? His hand, he turned and stared at the sandwich in his right hand. No, she probably didn't want him to feed her. Oh! The left hand. The left hand that got burned. The throbbing, red, painful-looking hand. How sweet. "This isn't the best way to propose.." He joked, turning away while placing his right hand on his cheeks, pretending to be bashful. But when he returned his gaze back to Casey, her straight face threw him off-- it was rare to see her to serious. Well, not that he had a lot of experiences to draw from, but she really didn't seem like the serious type. Squirming under her care, Daniel tried to avoid it. "Oh, this isn't even that... I'm just really weak against hot things... No big deal..." He didn't like to be taken care of, it was usually the other way around. Aside from Case and his own mother, Daniel was typically left to fend and treat himself whenever an injury occurred. But it didn't seem Casey was going to give up anytime soon.

    Without much more argument, Daniel reluctantly put his paw hand into Casey's. To add insult to injury, he even got scolded for being macho. What an unfamiliar feeling. With Case, typically Daniel was the one scolding and caring for. As soon as the icy towel was pressed against his hand, Daniel twisted his face in pain. Deciding to overplay it, that way he wouldn't be called out for being lame, Daniel hissed and howled. "Eeeeeeoooooowwwwww" He toned down as the initial pain was dulled and cooled. Laughing a bit to cover up the real pain, he was saddened when his date still looked worried; even his joking around wasn't mitigating much. His hand wasn't in too bad of shape, but he couldn't argue it looked fine. There wasn't much he could think to help deescalate the situation, so he went for Classic-Case level skinship. Well... not that far. Opposite incing nearer and nearer to Casey's he gently tapped against her skin with his fingers. Walking the distance from her finger-tips up to her wrist Daniel gave a relaxed smile. It was only an hour ago his fingers were intertwined and caressing them in attempts to find Casey among the crowed. Thanks. It's not often--'

    Maybe it was the reception in the area, but it wasn't until Daniel was really in the moment when his phone audibly vibrated. Case finally got back? Squirming a bit, Daniel sheepishly smiled when he realized his right hand did not have the best access to silence his phone in his left pocket. But I guess that was Case's call back to reality. Taking a deep breath, Daniel perked up. No more pain. No more mushy gushy. Just hunger. Patting Casey's hand gently, he pulled his hand back. "It's not often I get burned, but I'm a fast healer. It'll be gone before the night ends, promise." He assured, dragging the plates back to the center of the table.

    Picking up his sandwich and taking another bite, he happily chewed to further reassure Casey of his health. Only after he swallowed did he open his mouth to attempt to speak. Mission abort. Quickly masking his gaping mouth by stuffing it with another bite, he continued to awkwardly chew while avoiding eye contact.

    He isn't always a chicken, but when he is he's also eating one. Goes to show: you are what you eat.

    It took him a few more bites to finally muster up the courage. Clearing his throat before taking a sip of coffee, Daniel looked straight to Casey. "So I've got this burning question," he started, holding up his burnt hand with a stifled laugh; "Are you free tomorrow for a weekend trip?' He asked bluntly. He managed to combine serial-killer, too-vagueness, and visual slapstick into one-- it was a good thing he left out the cringe and the minute detail she would be a plus one to a wedding. But that could be further added once she gave her availability. Just wait for her reply. But what if her reply was solely based that he was asking his first date to spend a weekend with him... away from an area she was already unfamiliar with. Mission doubly abort. "Well... not to go too quick, but here's this wedding that I'd like to attend with you... Not our wedding. Oh, no we're not getting married. Well not that we can't get married in the future, I just meant... you know we won't be getting married tomorrow since we just met today and all.." Oh no, he's ramb-umbling! Abandon ship! Abandon ship.

    Physically deflating in his seat, Daniel's eye contact lowered onto the center of the table. He couldn't bear to look Casey in the eyes; she was probably shocked or bewildered if she hadn't already run out the door. Taking another breath to compose himself, he could hear Case read off his text in his mind 'the worst she can say is no.' Plan B: Spill the beans.

    "Let me start over and be completely transparent." His predicament was an interesting one, which may or may not have been the best dinner talk. Explaining the situation from start to present, Daniel went through his sister, her fiance, the fiance's family, but most importantly: the fact that he needed a date to attending the wedding with. Since he became so absorbed with trying to explain the creepy ramb-umbling from before, he wasn't exactly controlling his expressions to his usual standard of composure. "And it's not like I'm asking you to go just to save my face; I do genuinely enjoy your company, and maybe this could be an opportunity for us to learn more about each other... So, are you free tomorrow for a weekend trip?" He asked one more time, unknowingly putting on his puppy eyes.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ... ➷➹➷➹➷ ...

    A wounded male and a doting female, it was normally the thing that every guy would strive for. Okay, so they'd have to get hurt in the beginning, or at least very convincingly fake an injury, but the care and affection afterwards was something that was sure to be lavished. But Daniel wasn't exactly taking it all in too well - and Case hadn't realised how well he was dishing it out either.
    Then again, neither of them were being quite themselves in that moment, exposing all and not even realising it.
    Daniel's fingers appeared at Case's hands that were still cupped around his friend's injured limb tending to the scald, he walked his fingers up Case's skin and to his wrist where he took a soft hold. Normally, had Case been watching this all from the outside, he would have been screaming for himself to keep his eyes down, disengage and get the fuck out of there. He needed to abort this whole situation and get some pants on so he could be himself again. He needed this to end before something happened that he could take back.
    But he wasn't watching this from the outside, he was deep in this and couldn't see any signs of his normal life at all. His mind was sinking into the comfort of the way he was being treated by a guy like Daniel, he was getting lost in the fuzzy, queasy feelings that came with the never before seen affections yet there was a security in the fact that Case already knew Daniel through and through. This was dangerous, and he couldn't see the warning lights glaring at him in full beam.
    His face lifted. Daniel was close but Case didn't pull back. There space over the table between them was closing slightly and there was a silence in the air that Case knew wasn't real. Even if the cafe was deserted bar the staff and themselves, there was no way the world could really be drowned out the way that it was right then.

    A loud (and familiar) call sounded from Daniel's pocket and much as he scrambled to silence it with his awkwardly placed hand, he wasn't able to. Case felt a lump in his throat as he realised what was happening between them and now that it had ended, he was left to question himself about what role he was playing in all of that.
    Daniel's hands retreated to his own person and Case did the same, turning his face away and feeling a heat on his cheeks for the second time that day. For a boy who never blushed, Casey was making some kind of habit of being red faced.
    He chewed the inside of his lip, wincing slightly at the raw feeling there. He really needed to stop that. Another habit the boy had picked up since putting on a dress that was becoming bad for his health.
    Shaking his head softly, he got back in the game. Daniel hadn't asked yet and he could now see clearly where this was all heading. Finally, those warning signs were in view. Bright flashing lights and honking horns. He got it, he was on board, it was time for this to stop and the best way for that to happen was for Casey to deny the idea of the wedding and for the mystery girl to disappear into the night without a trace. It wasn't like Case was great at remembering any girl he'd come into contact with, besides Anna, so it wouldn't be weird if Daniel asked after Casey and he couldn't provide anything.
    He knew it wouldn't be true if he said he could forget all of this shit ever happened and return to normal - but he would do anything to convince himself that that could be what was going to happen. Denial, it was Case's middle name.

    Shoving the sandwich inside his mouth and taking a healthy bite, Casey lost a little bit of her feminine allure. He tucked in and made sure to take pleasure in the food. This had to be it. He had to say no when Daniel asked and he had to turn this date around. Maybe he could even get Daniel to be the one to end the date without an idea of taking it any further. He could get him to hate Casey and then there would be no worry about him asking later about her whereabouts.
    Yes, brilliant! That would work.

    His mind was in over drive and his eyes had lit up like he'd discovered the meaning of life. But he held it in (poorly), shifting in his seat and chewing away as Daniel consumed his sandwich silently torturing himself, unknowing to Case's 'master' plan.
    Daniel suddenly spoke, using a pun to get himself going and lifting his hand for effect. Case's eyes lifted, bright and attentive, he plan still burning in the forefront of his brain.
    "Hm?" He made a noise and question as Daniel began his question, stumbling on how exactly to ask the girl and of course - in true Daniel style - making it sound like a strange and ominous invitation.
    Case swallowed the food in his mouth and brought his fingers to his lips, making sure this time not to touch them - didn't need a repeat of the lip gloss incident.
    He was just about to speak when suddenly his friend launched himself into a ramble, clearly trying to explain himself but doing a shocker of a job.
    Case lent back a little, his lips curling in a half smile as he watch Daniel flounder. It was kind of ... cute.

    NO! That was not what it was. He wasn't cute. He was a man and Case was a man under all that shit! This wasn't going to work. He had to call it off. Say no. SAY NO!!

    Daniel heaved a sigh and admitted defeat. Everything spilled out. His sister, the fiance, the family. Everything....

    Case was fucked.
    "I'll go."
    His voice came out before he could stop it. Case eye's dropped, his face turning downward in what would look like a bashful gesture when in actual fact he was just looking away to his the utter shock that had seeped into his features.
    WHAT THE FUCK, NO! - His mind was screaming inside the confines of his skull. He withdrew his hands from the table and slipped them beneath it to hide the shaking that had started. Why'd he said yes?
    Was it because Daniel had utterly exposed himself in a way that he would never do with anyone by telling Casey everything about his family?
    Was it because he knew personally how horrid it was going to be if Daniel really did have to go alone and face his family without a date on his arm?
    Or was it because in that explanation Casey had heard things that Case had never known and it had taken Case a life time to learn what he had, which Casey had unearthed in one evening?
    His throat constricted.
    Case was suddenly coming to realise he was sinking too deep.... but he wasn't even trying to swim back to the surface.
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    Daniel's hunched posture persisted, as if pleading Casey to go. But his pup face didn't last much longer since Casey almost immediately agreed. Before Daniel could finish celebrating, he blurted out "Really?" DON'T QUESTION IT YOU FOOL. Internally face-palming, Daniel is the reason why Daniel can't have nice things. Eyes lighting up, Daniel resisted displaying his excited relief too much. While part of him was curious why Casey was so willing, the rest of him was duct-taping the part that wanted to follow up with an 'are you sure?' Mirroring much of Casey's body language, Daniel looked to the opposite direction trying to hide the growing grin on his face. He got a date! Well, he's had at least seven different ones in the past week, but he's solidified his plus one.

    Turning back to Casey, he noticed that she was chewing but no bite of her sandwich had been taken. Nervous habit? He'd noticed the chewing but didn't think much of it until this point-- but if she didn't knock him for his rambumbling, he wouldn't for her lip biting. But he did want to ease her nerves. Going along with the hole he already started digging, Daniel assured her he wasn't a psychopath trying to lure in. One step forward, two steps back. He was smart enough to take another bite of his sandwich before he gave her enough reason to retract her agreement. Not that she couldn't.

    Turning the table, he asked her about her family and siblings. After a seemingly long date together, this was a rare moment the two could open up about themselves. The question he had been waiting to ask, how she knew so much about him during the game-show quiz, crossed his mind and left the building. Instead, Daniel tried to keep the tone light and playful, recalling stories of his sister and her yearning for Case. Or times where his family inquired about Case before they even greeted Daniel. The more little stories he brought up, the more he came to realize how intertwined the two's lives were. For someone who didn't consider Case a "best friend", he would probably have to sit on that idea before repeating it out-loud again.

    Conversations drew on, and he tried to ask more about Casey rather than reminisce about his memories of, with, and about Case. One plate of sandwiches finished and more were brought out until the two had munched their way through the feast. The meal was filled with awkward moments, nostalgia, but mostly shits and giggles. It was rare Daniel was so talkative and open; maybe it was the ambient nature of cafes or the good food late at night. Daniel assured himself it was the courteous thing to do-- filling in a first date, that he was going to bring to a family reunion and beyond, about family and the drama stemming from it.

    The only reason the two eventually had to leave was because the tired barista and strict-looking cook were warning them fifteen minutes until closing. Thanking them, Daniel paid for the entire meal and wouldn't accept splitsies for any reason. With Case, Daniel was spoiled-- which means he could use his savings to spoil someone else. Once outside, his dry body didn't shiver as much, so he insisted Casey hang onto his jacket. It was fresh outside, neither too hot nor cold, with an occasional gentle breeze. "Let me order you a cab." He mentioned briefly, pulling out his phone and sending in the order. Daniel wanted to come off as not-a-serial-killer as possible, giving her space and respecting her privacy was a start. The change of scene left him appreciating the quiet between the two.

    It had been a while since he talked so much, his voice was a little raspy by the end of it. But, that didn't stop him from starting the itinerary for the next day. "If you don't mind, I can pick you up in the afternoon? Around one or two? The car rental should have enough space for our weekend luggage." A gentle reminder that she was signing up to spend more than half her day with him. Daniel started figuring out the rest of his night if he wanted to prepare as much as possible. Between getting ready, the rental car, and a wedding gift Daniel was left with about five hours to pack and sleep. It then donned on him how much, rather how little, Casey would sleep. Turning to her with a worried look, Daniel sought to put both their nerves at ease; "You can nap during the car ride; it'll be four or so additional hours of sleep. And we'll stop by the house first so you can get ready too." Did he mention to her they were helping prepare the venue? That must have come up at some point of the conversation, right?

    A long list of things started running through his mind by the time a yellow car pulled up to the curbside. A list he wouldn't be able to tell her in the time it took to open the door. With a jumbled mind, Daniel waved the cab off with a smile and a 'see you tomorrow'. The split second the cab drove off, it occurred to Daniel he hadn't gotten her number. Great. A date to the wedding he had no way of getting in contact with.
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    Really? The only shocked and excited word that blurted from Daniel's lips was the exact word being screamed inside Case's head but in a completely different tone.
    Case couldn't bring himself to speak and so instead just tipped his head up and down a little in a very robotic looking nod. He had no idea Daniel's posture had changed to mirror his own, awkwardly looking away and trying to contain himself.

    It took some time for Case to pull himself back together, or rather, herself as Casey. He got himself as much back into character as he could - which wasn't too hard as the most striking difference between himself and Casey was the make up plastered all over his face and the dress he was wearing. He'd wanted it to all be a joke at the beginning of the day. He'd waited for Daniel to figure it out, so he hadn't acted much out of the ordinary, until Daniel started to prove how clueless he was. The date had gone on leaving Case in situations he would have been mortified to have Daniel figure out it was him - the haunted house, the hall of mirrors, the kissing game on stage - so he'd been left now, second guessing what exactly he should be acting like. More like Case? Or less like Case and more like a woman?
    His mind was rattling on till his saw some pass of movement at the table top and flickered his eyes up to see Daniel taking a bite out of his sandwich.
    Ah, yes, they'd come here to eat.
    Well, no point in wasting good food.
    Choosing between and awkward moment and some food - Case would always go with the food and forget all about the awkward moment.
    This time was no different. A few bites in and things seemed to slip back to the air they'd carried through their date. There was a relaxation and even when Daniel tried to ask Casey about her own family, Case smartly worked around the question without giving much away. Only child, divorced parents - much like his real life, but there was bound to be millions of people like himself so it wasn't like Daniel would suddenly realise he was himself in a dress... or at least he hoped not. Case would be lying if he didn't feel a small amount of panic in the pit of his stomach whenever he felt like he was sailing a little too close to the wind. He needed to get back to the point where he didn't care if Daniel found out or not but that just didn't seem possible now.

    There was a bizarre feeling when Daniel brought up 'Case' in hos stories of his family. How his sister had pined for him or how his family always asked after him, like a second son. It was kind of funny how often his name had come up in just that conversation over the table of sandwich since earlier that day Daniel had protested when Casey had asked if they were best friends. He's felt a stab through his chest when Daniel had rejected the idea but told himself that it was merely a pride thing or a guy just not wanted to be so closely linked to another, but it was clear now that Daniel thought more of him than what he'd previously said and there was a warmth inside him that was both comforting and unsettling.
    Case chose to ignore it, much like every other feeling he'd ever had, and giggled along with the stories. It was odd being told a story you already knew all the details too, since you were actually there, but kind of fun at the same time. Especially when some of the minor details seemed to change making someone stand in a slightly different light by the end of the memory shared.

    The night slipped away seamlessly and soon Case and Daniel were being warned about the closure of the cafe. Awkwardly getting up from their seats, Case fumbled through the black purse for some cash but before he could find anything, Daniel had gallantly paid for everything. Case had protested, but it seemed his friend was playing the 'male' card and there was no way he was letting his date spend a penny.
    Case rolled his eyes, but thanked him all the same and the couple left the cafe just before the lights were turned off and the people inside went about their clean down.

    Out in the cooler night air, Case contemplated how he would get back without Daniel following him right back to his dorm room - surly that would make it entirely too obvious, or worse, look like Casey was with Case - he could have said he was around the corner but he was confident that was lead Daniel to walk him home. He could have been staying at a friends, same conclusion, taking the subway, same conclusion. The list went on but in almost every scenario Case could see Daniel doing the gentlemanly thing and walking the lone woman home. So when his friend pulled out his phone and said he would arrange a cab for his date, Case couldn't help but breath a subtle sigh of relief.

    Once the car was enroute, a silence fell between the two, Case letting his eyes peer down the silent streets, searching for the car that would whisk him away from this and into the night where he could try to forget it ever happened.... until the next day. Who was he kidding, there was no forgetting about this! All night now he'd need to be thinking of some way to get through this wedding without Daniel noticing.
    Wait... not just Daniel. His whole freaking family! It wasn't like he was a stranger to them. They all knew him and maybe being a step outside of a situation would be all they needed to come to see the boy through the make up.
    Dread filled Case's entire body and beneath the foundation his blood washed from his skin. His mouth had gone dry and that was of course the moment Daniel decided to speak.
    Croaking out a "Yeah... sure..." was just about all Case could manage in response. Luckily Daniel didn't seem to notice, he was too caught up in his own shit. He went on and Case felt his fingers curling around the strap of the spaghetti strapped bag and clenching tightly. He was willing this cab to get here like a bat out of hell. He needed to get away, to clear his head. To think this through into a full battle plan where there was no chance of detection or defeat.

    The cab pulled up and Case slipped inside, forcing a smile to Daniel as they said goodnight and the yellow car pulled away. Case hesitate on directions for a moment but there was really only one place he could go... and it wasn't back to his dorm room.

    Arriving at the same door he'd been to earlier that day, Case rattled his knuckled of the panel repeatedly till a groggy red head eventually stumbled out of bed to open it. She blinked for a moment in confusion before memories flooded back and she invited Case inside.
    Case flopped onto her recently evacuated bed in utter defeat. Anna made him go through every detail of the date. Some of which he wasn't willing to disclose whilst others she worked out of him till eventually they came to him agreeing to go to the wedding.
    "What" She asked suddenly as her lips curled slightly, unable to hide her amusement through the shock. "You did, what?"
    Case's hands lifted before promptly falling to to slap onto his face. He groaned and rolled around on her bed for a second, or at least made attempts to roll, he was exhausted from the entire days events, let alone the emotional turmoil he was trying to encase in the back of his mind.
    "Yes, I know. Okay. So this is why I came here, not just to humiliate myself, I need to you to teach me everything. I need the make up, the clothes, the hair - everything." By now Case had sat up and although his posture still screamed defeated, he was holding much more of a determination to persuade Anna into a night long tutorial of how to be a girl.
    If he was going to swindle Daniel's family into falling for his act quite as hard as his friend had, he would need to pull out all the stops.


    The night wore on and before Case felt ready, morning had come and gone without the boy having much sleep at all. He'd passed out somewhere between mascara and lip tint, but he'd taken in all that he could by that point and something new dawned on him.
    Phone number. He hadn't told Daniel Casey's phone number and Daniel hadn't asked Casey for it on the date....
    Scrambling out of his seat and out of Anna's grasp, Case fished into the small black bag for his phone.
    He swiped the screen open to multiple alerts, including one from his friend in a panic of how he was supposed to contact the girl he'd invited for a spontaneous weekend away.
    "Anna, can you pack the rest of my bag and meet me in the city just before one? I've got some things I need to pick up." Case's voice was completely casual as he asked for more favours than he was probably due. Anna agreed none the less and Case slipped out of the apartment and into the streets, still dressed as Casey, though his clothes had altered slightly from the dress to a skirt and loose fitting knitted top.
    After a couple of quick stops in multiple places, Case flopped onto the verge of the fountain where he'd met Daniel (as Casey) the day before. He pulled out the brand spanking new phone he'd just bought and lit up the screen, entering some information before retrieving his own phone and typing the number for Casey's phone into a message and sending it away to Daniel.
    Sighing softly, he was just about to question himself on the whole situation again now that he had a second to think, when Anna arrived at his side, clearing her throat and interrupting his thoughts.
    Case glanced between her and the bags she brought with. One duffel bag and a large case.
    "Do I really need all that?" He asked with a roll of his eyes and Anna looked a little shaken for a moment. He quirked a brow and she flared her nostrils in slight annoyance.
    "Christ, why do you have to have that between your legs." Anna gave back in a frustrated whine, shaking her body for a second before pulling herself together and shifting the bags towards him, dropping the duffel to his feet, Case simply laughed.
    "Anyway, you need more than the average girl. Now give me your number so I know which hot girl is texting me asking me about push ups or pumps." Case gave her a confused look and Anna mirrored it with despair.
    "I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Here..." Case programmed the new cell number into Anna's phone before they both relaxed for a nano second, making sure he had everything he needed before Anna could leave. He would owe her more than he would have liked to have thought after this.... and Anna had a dominance thirst that could rival his own.
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    As Daniel watched the cab drive away, he pondered the fact that she wasn't too eager. Maybe she was tired after a long day. Or maybe she was regretting the fact that she agreed but thought it was too late to cancel. He would just text her and.. oh.. Running his hand through his knotted blue hair, he let out a heavy sigh. Focus. One thing at a time. Get home. Calling up his own ride home, Daniel started a text to Case. His cool edge was long gone, but to his usual tactic-- say everything in one go instead of spamming lots of little texts. One paragraph later, Daniel sent off the text filled with questions and not-so-subtle panic. He remembered to ask for Casey's number this time around. Waiting for a response, it seemed Case was still busy in the wee hours of the morning.

    Once in the cab, Daniel tucked the phone back into his pocket and tried to catch some shut-eye on the ride home. By the time he sluggishy rolled out of the cab, all the energy to pack was gone. He lazily finessed himself back into the comfort of his small apartment before flopping onto his bed. Burying himself face into the pillows, he planned the rest of his evening while briefly resting his eyes...for nearly four hours.
    Startled awake at the unusual amount of sleep he was getting, Daniel's worries were confirmed when he looked at the time. What was it he had to do? The only thing he could remember was to pack, which he was scrambling to do as he tried to recall the rest of his to-do list. Packing meant clothes. Clothes meant suit. Find his suit. Eventually, one thing led to another and Daniel was ready. Well, mostly ready. He still had to get ready to be ready to meet Casey. Taking a good look in the mirror, he noticed red blotches on his neck. Allergic reaction? No, he wasn't allergic to anything. He noticed the blotches at the edge of his face as well. It hit him as he was scrubbing away at his teeth that they were the residual kiss marks from the night before.

    Just the thought that he was kissed so many times made his face flush to his ears. It wasn't this embarrassing yesterday! Staring into his eyes through the mirror, Daniel realized how much this single date has changed him. Not change forever, but he was starting to think and do strange things he normally wouldn't do. Maybe it was better for Case not to come. Who knows what kind of crap Daniel would get if Case caught a wiff of anything that happened. Oh, it was even more disconcerting to think that the kissing wasn't even the worst part of the night. Splashing water onto his face he found out the lipstick was probably ultra-long lasting. What gave it away? The fact it didn't budge despite a rub down with soap.

    Daniel left the sink with a duffel bag slung over his shoulder with a groan, he would just have to accept defeat on the few marks on his neck and beside his ear. Checking the near-black watch he found relief that he rushed just enough to be only fifteen minutes late to pick up the rental car. Out the door, he made sure that his knitted sweater didn't get snagged on anything on the way out. It probably wasn't the best choice of outerwear, given that it doesn't have any pockets, but he remembered Case coaching him that the cardigan was perfect for any occasion and could be dressed up or down. Daniel just hoped it was perfect enough to give the to-be-in-laws the impression he had his shit together.

    While he did run into trouble after getting to the dealer almost half an hour late, sweaty that he had to jog a few blocks with his luggage, he was able to get the car without much else of a hitch. Wedding gift could be purchased before picking Casey, seeing as Case had had such a wild night he still hadn't replied. Daniel never put much thought into gifts; with his keen observations (or lack thereof), gifts from him were either oddly perfect or just odd. While he did contemplate taking Casey for his gift errand, he figured she'd want as much beauty sleep as possible. To be honest, he'd rather be alone than with a cranky woman. But with his calculations, it wouldn't take him long to make a purchase and be on his way.

    No matter how much he planned and tried to stay on schedule, nothing would start unless he had Casey's number. Starting to be worried his friend hadn't replied, his follow-up text was almost immediately met with a reply. The reply that had all the answers-- well, actually just one. Rolling his eyes at the rushed, plain text sent to him Daniel figured Case was probably lulling between sleep and half-asleep with that waitress beside him. With wedding gift in one hand, he texted Casey with the other.

    <<Good morning, I am running a little behind schedule but I can pick you up whenever you're ready. Just give me a location.>> He contemplated for a moment. Should he add an emoji? Case had gone into a rant once about the more emojis in a text, the more interest that person has. Up to about 12 emojis, where it would be an unmistakable twelve year old. Daniel was interested and wanted to maintain a playful demeanor, especially for first contact of the day after little to no sleep for either of them. Buuut Daniel had hardly used emojis that it was difficult to pick an appropriate one. While part of him wanted to just text and ask Case for advice, he knew well that Case probably wouldn't reply until later in the afternoon. How long could Case stay in bed? Well after the current time of 1:22PM.

    Getting into the car, Daniel patted his face a few times to spring it into action. Checking his phone for Casey's directions for pick up, he made his way over with his heart racing. He didn't know how he did it yesterday, but he was oddly more nervous than before. Casey was just a female version of Case, but he worried he wouldn't see it if the two spent more time together. The only probably reason Daniel was able to get this far was by applying his interactions with Case to Casey. A more glaring problem came to the forefront of Daniel's mind: what would he possibly play during the upcoming four hour drive? His mind was so lost in thought, he didn't even realize his destination coming up and nearly missed the turn to make it to Casey. Hopefully she didn't see, wouldn't want to get into a car with a reckless driver.

    Daniel faintly smiled at Casey as he climbed out of the car. "Morning, you ready? Oh, matching." He greeted, immediately noticing the similar colored knitted top. Coincidence? As he approached Casey, he wasn't sure whether a hug or handshake was a better suitable greeting. The two had made a habit of holding hands, yet have only shared a few kisses. Going with what he knew, Daniel leaned in to peck the top of her head before taking her luggage. "I'll get the luggage." He continued, trying to hide the fact he was anxious about the risky head-kiss. That wasn't odd right? Strolling the duffel bag atop the luggage, he was caught off guard at the sheer weight. He had expected more luggage, but never thought to anticipate the density of them. Despite that, he still did the chivalrous thing and opened Casey's door before gently closing it. "You can turn on your music as I get this settled." he advised, solving his oh-so-worrisome problem in an instant.[/color][/b][/color][/b][/color][/b][/color][/b]
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    Feeling a buzz at his upper thigh, Case shifted the large handbag Anna had lumped him with and waded through the vast space inside for his phone. His pulled out the device and lit up the screen to find no new messages. Giving it a curious look, he suddenly remember the other phone he now possessed and exactly who he was supposed to be. Fishing out Casey's phone, he read the message from Daniel, smirking softly that he'd assumed Casey would know who he was without introducing himself through the text. Okay, so Casey wasn't going to get any other text messages, she had no friends after all - she hardly had a life, poor soul - but Daniel didn't know that.
    Smirking, Case debated sending back a text asking 'who is this?' but scolded himself on the thought and threw it out before typing up a response on his location.
    <<I'm where we first met, the fountain in the mall. I'll come out front to meet you.(y)>>
    Case had had to think longer than he would have liked about whether or not to use an emoji. He'd couldn't help but remember the lecture he'd given his friend on their use in messages and how it could give tells on whether you were on solid flirting grounds or not - but in the end he'd just stuck one in because every girl he'd ever messaged always set emojis whether she was flirting, fucking around of blowing a fuse. Girls seemed to use them much more than guys and whether he was over thinking it or not, he was a girl to Daniel right now, so emojis would be used....
    .... he was over thinking it.

    "I'll walk you out..." Anna's voice called his eyes back to her as he dropped the phone back into his bag, she motioned to his own phone still clutched in his grasp.
    "You might want to forget that one if you don't want to be found out....." Her voice drifted off slightly and she gave him a raised brow. "Or are you wanting to give off the 'contract killer' vibe? Anna laughed and Case bumped her shoulder enough to make her wobble, he was still a guy under the make up and skirt, he had to keep that in mind.
    "Can't leave it, Case is still on call through wedding time for emergencies. Anna couldn't hold herself together with that comment. She went on to beg Case to make up a story about Casey being too scared to go alone and ask that her best friend could come with - all so she could see this shit first hand, like a fly on the wall movie, it all sounded just too hilarious to be missed.
    Case simply lifted his middle finger in a very un-lady-like manor and flipped her off. This only led Anna to laugh more, clutching her ribs and almost doubling over as they approach the front doors. Case couldn't help but crack a smile too, a few chuckled leaving him as they slipped from the front doors and headed out towards the pick up and drop off points at the entrance to the mall.

    Just as a car made a sudden slam of breaks near by, Case said his goodbye to Anna and she whisked herself away into her own story, leaving behind Case in his. He lifted his eyes just in time to see Daniel hopping from his car and heading over. Now there was the awkwardness of their first greeting after their first date.
    Within his head, Case told himself he needed to stay away from the affections they'd had all day long the day before. The hand holding, the head kissing and most certainly the other kind of kissing. He needed to keep clear of those things because ..... because he was Case under this all and Daniel was his best friend, not his boyfriend. There was nothing between them but friendship and there never would be.
    Any during this very convincing mental talk, Daniel leaned in and pressed his lips to Case's head, to which Case instinctively lent into.

    His brain was scolding him and before he could make any move to acquire his own bags, Daniel had snagged them, clearly surprised at the weight.
    Holding in a snigger, he looked between his own clothing and that of Daniel's that had been pointed out as a 'snap'. Case hadn't thought much about the clothes since he hadn't picked them - that was all down to Anna. It was only now that it had been pointed out that he had to realise the soft fabrics at his skin or the breeze on his thighs that he was becoming uncomfortably comfortable with. At least he would rather think about that than Daniel's lips.

    "Yeah, they'll think we planned it." Case joked curling some straying strands of hair away from his face and walking to the boot of the car with Daniel, gesturing to help with the bags but knowing full well the other boy wouldn't allow it.
    He took note of the chosen knitted top his best friend had chosen to wear, something he'd personally coached him on before. Case had thought the 'lesson' had mostly gone over the other boys head but it seemed he'd been taking some notes. Now was this to impress his family or Casey?
    Case quickly batted the thought away. He didn't want to think about whether or not he was impressed in the other man's fashion sense. He needed to not being thinking about such things. After all, Casey was just here as a buffer for the family event, after that she needed to go away. She didn't exsist and as much as he felt like he might just be able to keep up the charade for a weekend for the pure need of his best friend - he couldn't hold it out for the rest of his life. And of course he didn't want to. Of course not

    The pair moved back around the car and Case glanced a couple of times at Daniel, wondering why he was following to the passengers side - had he thought Casey would drive? A little forward wasn't it? And odd since he hadn't asked at all for that when he'd agreed to go with...
    And Daniel opened her door.
    Blinking softly and feeling a heat at his cheeks, Case cleared his throat softly before nodding a 'thanks' and slipping into the car.
    He didn't hesitate about the music, taking the opportunity that Daniel was still outside of the car and walking around it, to quickly snag his phone from the hidden pocket inside his Mary Poppins bag and sync his phone to the car system. Streaming his mucis through the car, Case didn't think twice about the fact that Casey's taste in music may be oddly familiar to Daniel as it was a mirror image of Case's - then again, as proven, he didn't think much through before ploughing in head first.
    He set his play list to 'random' and concealed his phone into the bag just in time for Daniel to slip into the driver's seat beside him.
    As the song began to kick in, Case turned towards Daniel, his lips curling softly, a couple of hits of base sounded and Case settled a little, the music seeping into him and giving his a security he shouldn't have had.
    "Shall we get going then? He laughed a little, running his fingers through his hair again, this time a little more content in touching it so much since Anna had practically welded it to his head. He was going to be Casey the entire weekend through - whether he liked it or not.
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    12:26 AM
    As Daniel packed the car, the image of Casey's flushed face burned into his memory. The morning had only began but his pounding heart signified the road was long ahead. It didn't take long for him to tetris her things into the back, what with him being a master since he was little. By the time the lone voice backed by rhythmic snaps filled the car, Daniel was sliding into his side of the car with his surprised face . As his newly-discovered band blasted through the speakers, his mumbling of "This my favorite." was well concealed. With buckle pulled across his chest, he gripped the steering wheel with a brief kiddish smile and nod. "Yup, here we go." He said, voice ever so slightly elevated with excitement.

    With the shift of the gear, the couple was going... backwards.

    The car jolted to a stop while Daniel frantically checked for any vehicles behind. To his relief, the parkway was empty and he turned to Casey with a nervous chuckle. "I meant to do that... you see it's because the..." His attempt to justify himself proved ineffective as his ram-bumble got quieter and quieter until he decided, "We'll get going now." As he shifted the gear into the correct placement, the car eased away.

    Daniel prided himself in being a skilled driver and it finally seemed his skills had a chance to be displayed. Most of the time he would be cost efficient and walk or bus to and from places, so even Case has only seen Daniel's driving its rough makings. Before Daniel started to follow the GPS onto the highways, he turned to Casey at a stop light. "Did you get any sleep? Or breakfast?" He asked, rubbing his own tired eyes hoping the music would hide his growling stomach. Regardless of what Casey answered, Daniel had already mapped his way to the nearest WacDo's to grab something-- hopefully it would make Casey more inclined to order something even if she had eaten.

    Although there was music to fill the occasional silence between them, Daniel still acted upon his seemingly selective urges to speak. He noticed, with his few hours of sleep, that he didn't have the urge to speak simply to speak. With Case, that was his job-- to open and maintain conversation. With such a person around, Daniel could save his breath for snarky remarks or fact checks. Casey was different; maybe Daniel still thought he had to impress her.

    "As soon as I got home, I fell asleep and dreamed that I had packed for the trip. So when I actually woke up to pack, I forgotten everything I needed." Daniel forced, confused as to why he even spoke as soon as he finished the awkwardly timed re-cap. Lucky for him, they had just arrived at the drive-thru with two cars in front of them. Trying to stop his mind from shutting down from embarrassment, Daniel focused on finding his wallet and his order in the mean time.
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    Case was just settling into the car, buckling his seat belt into place as Daniel realised what music was playing - so even if the thump of the base hadn't been as loud as it was, Case probably still wouldn't have heard the confessing comment.

    He shifted in his seat and gave a quick smile to his friend as he said they would be one their way.
    Then the car rolled backwards.
    Case felt his fingers curl into fists in his lap, the fabric of his skirt scrunching up in the palms of his hands as his body tensed in panic. The car jolted to a stop and Daniel tried to explain away that he'd done it intentionally.
    Sure he had...
    Case just about melted enough to give a chuckle and a some what awkward smile to the boy, passing off the joke as his voice dimmer a little in clear embarrassment for what had just happened.
    He shifted the car into the right gear and decided then, that they would be on their way. "Full steam ahead." Case laughed, trying to lighten the mood a little, shooting a finger into the air, arm extended as though he were willing the car forward.

    With that, the pair were on their way. There was a still calm between them. With Case being so used to such things as the real him, he hardly noticed it, but clearly, it was playing on Daniel's mind. His eyes shot round as the space between them was filled with Daniel's voice.
    Shrugging softly, he didn't think too much into the small talk and too them as real questions.
    "I slept a little, but no food yet so I hope I can look forward to that being a pit stop in our road trip." He grinned at Daniel, knowing full well that something they'd bonded over the day before was food. He wasn't a lady enough to disguise his appetite and it certainly didn't seem like Daniel minded, so there was no need to hold back.
    In fact, there was no need to hold back anyway - if anything, he needed to set out now with the intention of throwing Daniel off the course to liking him. Case's eyes washed over the driver sat beside him before his face turned to let his gaze linger out of his own window. The scenery rushed by in a blur but he wasn't really watching it, instead, his mind began to wonder.

    Had Daniel showed any true signs of liking him as Casey? Of course, his brain began to filter out all the glaringly obvious things that screamed yes. All the times he'd kissed his forehead, all the times his arms had looped around his waist and pulled him in closer. The coat around his shoulders the night before, the cab home... everything seemed to filter away into a gentle haze of the day before. All he could remember was the idle chatter and the standing in queues to get a seat on the rides they'd been on. For some reason he couldn't recall Daniel showing any true interest and so he made himself comfortable in the idea that his friend had invited him along simply to have someone by his side for the duration of the wedding - for both moral support and arm candy. With a full day under his belt lived as a woman and catching his reflection in the mirror more than enough times to get used to it, he could accept now that he made a fairly good looking girl. So his family would be happy with at least the way he looked and there was now someone to talk to during any lulls to the wedding activities.
    That and Case got a weekend out with 'behind the scenes' access to his best friend.
    Win, win - right?

    Being pulled from his thoughts, as Daniel seemed to have a habit of doing now or maybe Case was just starting to think more, the dark haired boy turn to the voice with a smile tugging at his lips, which he hid with his fingers tips before flicking them through his hair, curling his fringe from his eyes.
    That was random.
    "Really?" Case laughed a little, fighting the urge to rib his friend about the random and needless comment to fill the silence he must have felt awkward sitting in.
    "Are you completely sure you remembered everything in? Oh, have you got a change of underwear and your toothbrush?" he joked, wagging his finger like a mother checking on her forgetful son. He couldn't help but laugh, that familiar smile tugging at his lips.
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    With Casey's brief checklist, Daniel turned wide-eyed with mouth slightly agape. ".... pit stop #2?" His face dissolved into a chuckle before bursting into laughter at the sight of motherly Casey. "Kidding kidding. But we are going to my family house, so if you forgot underpants or toothbrushes we got 'ya covered." Daniel added with a flick of his wrist. "But we've arrived to the fine diner-y. Would you like a double big Wac or a quarter kilo-er?" Daniel gestured to the menu, gently inching up. He was about to ask about fries but, if Casey held true his assumptions, he knew exactly what size to order

    Pulling up to the next window, Daniel recited the order including the wac-sized fries. The whole drive through endeavor was brief, it was a pit stop after all. Between the little remarks back and forth with plenty of giggles, Daniel's mind was running a race. Against what, he wasn't too sure. He would wander from ordering properly, to remembering ketchup, then suddenly if there was going to be traffic. All the topics had one thing in common: divert attention away from Casey and how nervous she made him feel. He mentally made a note to not be awkward and say mindless things, but that didn't seem to be going to well. He was sure he was masking things pretty well, behaving as if she was Case, but there were times he slipped up and made a fool of himself. Not a problem if she was Case, but as far as impressing her with his silliness felt like a 50/50 shot each time.

    Maybe it was because of the blur of the drive-thru or was it the jumbling mind he was sorting, but it wasn't until they were on the smooth stretch of highway that he noticed the music again. Bop after bop, he noticed that their tastes were too similar. Granted, those songs weren't uncommon but the order of randomness didn't feel out of place for Daniel. It made him briefly consider what kind of influence Case had on him... and vice versa. After a cartoon theme played, Daniel couldn't hold himself back. "Alright give up the act," Turning briefly to make eye contact with Casey, Daniel turned between the road and his passenger.

    "You're just choosing wildly different songs hoping they would appeal to me. Well, first of all, you're nailing it. But secondly, I've never met someone would intentionally make these kinds of genre jumps. So seriously, if you had to choose one genre-- no no, one song as your favorite, what would it be?" He turned a final time with an excited smile. It was a silly test question and even sillier that he'd be worked up over a simple topic of music, but Daniel didn't know what to expect from Casey. She could've be mild and choose some form of indie-pop. Equally likely, she could've be a metal head. Unlike Case, who was predictably unpredictable, Casey was just unpredictable. A thought that has crossed his mind too many times in the short 36 hours he's met her.
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    Case rolled his eyes at Daniel's counted of him forgetting something - though under the smirk he held a panicked second of hoping Anna really had packed everything he would have needed. He had, after all, left everything up to her in that department. Suddenly the thought of underwear really did shake him. On the day of their date and even right then sat in the car, he was comfortable in men's boxers. His dress the day before and the skirt today were just long enough not to worry too much about them being seen and he could be confident that even if there was a glimpse of them on display - it would simply look like a well prepared girl wearing 'safety shorts' in case of the pervs that seemed to be lurking around every corner. Now he had to wonder if Anna would have been kind and bought some boxers for him on the way in to drop off her bags, or if she would be cruel and would have packed a heap of girl's underwear just to torture him.....
    .... he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach it would be the latter.

    Shaking the oddly unsatisfying thought of women's lingerie out of his head, Case turned to Daniel as he asked what it was he was craving from the menu.
    Staying true to his 'I'm no longer trying to impress but instead repel Daniel' theme, Case ordered what he would normally order as a man, plus a couple of sides. As his friend went through the routine of running through their orders and tagging things like sauces onto the end before moving to the next window and then onto the next, Case took the moments he was distracted to dive into the feminine luggage plopped atop his lap and find his personal phone hidden within a discrete pocket. He found a new playlist and stuck that one, knowing he'd just recently made this one and Daniel wouldn't have learned the sequence yet - thus not linking himself all too closely with the woman he was pretending to be, on before stashing his phone once more and vowing not to look at it again within the car journey. It was becoming too risky to be found out and now he was in too deep to have that be acceptable. (Part of him was still wondering why in the hell he was on this trip, why he'd agreed to it as Casey and why, even once agreed, he'd actually turned up for the damn thing.)

    Devouring a good majority of their pit stop food and being on their way again, a lot of the car journey was then spent listening to music and watching the world pass by the windows around them. Case, being Daniel's friend and the number one person to have had all this information released to them, already knew where they were headed and knew that this place wasn't anywhere near close to them - so the time alone together in the car was going to be anything but brief. Case wasn't too worried about, the two boys could easily spend hours within each other's company without a word said between them and it wasn't because of a fallout, there was never even a tense or awkward moment - they could just be comfortable like that. However - as he kept forgetting (purposefully or not), he wasn't Case in that moment and wouldn't be for the entire weekend, he was Casey and whether or not he was comfortable wasn't going to be exactly the same for the other person in the car.

    If fact, the dark haired male had become so comfortable, his lids were fluttering shut into the call of sleep when the sudden exclamation from the driver caught him off guard.
    A noise of shock, though quiet and only slight, peeped from his lips as Case shifted in his seat sitting upright and pushed from of the hair away from his face. He cleared his throat softly, hoping Daniel hadn't notice and instead focused on trying to rewind through his memory to catch exactly what Daniel had said so he could some up with an answer.
    "U-um, favourite song?" He questioned tentatively, making sure he'd figure out the right words and put them in the right order to make the right question.
    Once Daniel agreed, Case flicked his gaze out of the window to the spaces around them they drove through. It was always a difficult question being asked your favourite song. Did anyone ever keep one song to be their favourite throughout their lives? Case's changed almost every time he turned the radio on. After all, if he'd kept his first loved song, he would still be dancing around to the image of an orange kangaroo and the annoyingly repetitive words of the Kangaroo Song.

    Case shrugged softly, seriously working through a list of songs in his head before something twigged with the melody of the next track oozing through the speakers of the car.
    Something Daniel hadn't liked about one of his blind dates was that the girl was far too sexually aggressive. Not to mention Julie. So why not push something on that front. He couldn't very well come on to Daniel that would be just ... weird.
    But he could easily hint at it.
    "I like all kind of music. With all the emotions and moods you can be it, how could you really stick to one genre? But, what a coincidence, it's this one actually, or at least for the moment it it." A coy smile played on his lips for the last moments he spoke, his eyes lingering on his fidgeting hands before glancing up to Daniel and then away out of the window, making a point of still playing his finger tips together in his lap. He could play the flirtatious, coy, embarrassed girl - he'd certainly encountered enough of them to pick up on some of their traits.
    The song filling the car was turned up with the soft twirl of Case's finger tips. It was one of the most sexualised tunes on Case's playlist and turning his face away from his friend's view, he couldn't help but grin with the feeling that he'd stuck up a good win on his new mission to make Daniel lose interest in Casey.
    Turning his face back to view, but ensuring his eyes were directed anywhere but at Daniel, Case turned up his game by wetting his lips slightly with the soft touch of his tongue before biting his lower lip into his mouth as the beat stuck into a louder pitch and the song burst into full swing.

    The song pulled to an end and Case reached out his hand to twirl the dial back down to a reasonable level. Swinging from temptress to nun, he smiled sweetly and tilted his head to one side as he pushed the question back onto his friend.
    "So come on then, what's your favourite song? Since we're getting to know each other..."

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