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 Non-Binary A Better Life

Discussion in 'Request Thread Archive' started by dietandry, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. dietandry

    dietandry Make Love Not War Member

    Local Time:
    9:35 PM
    I'm looking for someone who would be willing to roleplay a kidnapping scenario in which Judson, my OC, kidnaps a younger man from a bad situation and keeps him restrained for a while, to placate him and make sure he doesn't go back. He may experiment on him a bit, giving him injections and such to make him last longer during sex, or effects like that. He wants to make him feel better, to heal him and make sure he's okay. Eventually he'd like to turn this character into a vampire, so that they can spend forever together.

    Judson's Bio:

    Name: Judson
    Age: 419
    Birthday: 22 Feb 1600
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Gender: Genderfluid
    Species: Undead^2 Vampire
    Eye color: Bright azure
    Hair color: Straw blond
    Skin color: Frostbitten

    Likes: Quiet, isolation, nighttime, space, medicine, potion-making, the cold, snow, ice, sterile environments
    Dislikes: Temperatures above 60 degrees, sunlight, high humidity, dirty things, germs, flies


    To the outside world: Judson is largely a very quiet person. He can appear cold and calculating, often bring percieved as brushing people off or being uppity. Oftentimes he appears to be uncaring. Due to the unintentional polite indifference carried in his voice, he may be seen as rude.

    To those he knows: He is quite kind, much warmer once you break his cold outer shell. He's much easier to understand, less vague. He takes on a very fatherly persona, and becomes someone trustworthy. He can still be a bit indifferent at times, accidentally offending or brushing people off, as he's very busy.

    When alone: Much the same, but he has the potential to become almost feral, especially when feeding.

    As his alter ego: He's wild, a party animal by definition. Judson is much more impulsive in this state, and much more likely to get himself in trouble. He looks and acts much younger, about 23 mentally and physically. He is much more at risk of doing dumb things. He's much more like a big brother, although one that tends to be stupid.


    - Flight
    - Telepathy (generally unused)
    - Hypnosis (also generally unused)
    - Charm/Lure (only used on victims)
    - Limb detachment (Can detach limbs and use them while they're disconnected from his body.)
    - General magic
    - Body-switching/possession
    - Astral projection
    - Super-speed & teleportation
    - Mild shapeshifting (can change his face, haircolor, grow new limbs, etc.)
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