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Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Valerian, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Valerian

    Valerian Wild Wyrm Member

    Local Time:
    10:49 PM
    Hi peeps! I’m looking for a bunch of different role plays, basically any role play really. I’m fine with romance or just friendship. I don’t bite at all and would love to plot out a crazy adventure. Generally, I do maleXfemale for romantic relationships. I'm thinking about maleXmale but this character would likely not reciprocate.

    I love fantasy, sci-fi, and messing around with time peroids.

    Roles i've been wanting to play (in italics would be my character):









    Rogue or inexperienced timetraveler/ experienced or rule abiding timetraveler

    Dragon Rider/dragon


    There’s a lot of settings I can think of to mix these up with. We could even mix up the ideas too. Most of my male characters are switches in the idea of dominance, and a few of them can be complete assholes if not checked.

    I'm open to using other characters as well. I have a few, and I can also create characters to fit the roles. I don't mind making side characters to assist with the plot lines. I'm pretty mild with kinks I think, but I haven't explored enough to really know. Just ask, I don't bite. :)

    Please don't leave me hanging! If I message you and you don't respond within a week, I will message you again to see if you forgot. A month or two with no response or acknowledgment, and I'll assume you ditched me. :'| If I forget to respond, please poke me! My memory is like a sive and I hate to leave people hanging, but it does happen occasionally. If you don't and I find out ages later, I will likely assume you aren't really invested into the rp.
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  2. Valerian

    Valerian Wild Wyrm Member

    Local Time:
    10:49 PM
    Bumpy~ please check the tabs for plots!

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