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 achilles' fandoms

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Achilles, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Achilles

    Achilles we men are wretched things Member

    Local Time:
    5:13 AM
    bonjour! my name is Jasper, and i'm a newbie here so nice to meet yall! i'm definitely not a newbie to roleplaying, however; i've been at it for almost 15 years on and off, in many different formats. i am a college student -- i am double majoring in english creative writing and history, with a film minor, so i'm pretty busy normally! however, with winter break drawing near, i'm hoping to fill the time with some RP.

    basic guidelines
    • i don't expect perfect grammar or spelling; this is for fun, not school or work. good creative writing requires you to break the rules once in awhile, anyway (my habitual lack of capital letters, for example)! however, i expect that you try your best, because exceptionally bad grammar can make posts hard to understand.
    • i prefer partners who think of roleplaying as collaborative writing rather than a game of sorts, and would consider themselves writers. this does not mean you have to be an excellent writer! just someone who genuinely enjoys writing.
    • as for post length, i believe quality is more important than quantity. that being said, the two are not unrelated. it is pretty difficult to craft a truly quality post in less than at least a decent sized paragraph. as with everything else, just please try your best. delve into your character's internal dialogue, describe the scene, describe their appearance -- add detail. smutty scenes and really action-packed scenes tend to result in shorter posts; that sort of thing is fine.
    • smut is fun. i like it. i don't like writing it just for the sake of writing it, though. i like sex that either advances the plot, character development, or relationship development. therefore, the amount of it will depend on the nature of the relationship and the plot. just go with the flow on this one, essentially.
    • i have (reluctantly) created an f-list. you can always just ask me, but if it makes you uncomfortable, this is an extensive categorization of every ridiculously specific kink on that site. (i didn't even know most of things existed, lol)
    • communication is key!! you can essentially ignore the rest of my guidelines as long as you keep communication in mind. ask before taking the plot in an unforeseen direction, initiating a sexual encounter between our characters, or anything along those lines, and you will never go wrong. i will try to do the same! on the same note, i prefer to keep regular conversation going as the story advances so that we are on the same page with what's happening. we don't have to plot everything out ahead of time, but it would be nice to talk as we go.
    • most of my characters are lgbt. when i do m/f pairings, typically one or both characters are going to be bi and/or trans. i just like it that way. i'm not a huge fan of partners who do exclusively cishet roleplaying, so please keep that in mind. also, lgbt canon characters are not up for gender/sexuality swapping. cishet characters are. :)
    • my preference is playing male characters in m/m pairings, but i am open to anything.
    now for the fun!

    ♥ = craving

    dragon age ♥♥♥
    • alistair/warden ♥
    • alistair/zevran
    • hawke/fenris ♥
    • hawke/isabela
    • hawke/anders
    • anders/fenris ♥
    • dorian/inquisitor ♥
    • dorian/cullen ♥
    • cullen/inquisitor ♥
    • dorian/iron bull
    • oc/oc or canon/oc of your suggestion
    avatar: the last airbender
    • zuko/katara
    • zuko/mai
    • mai/ty lee/azula
    • ty lee/azula
    • oc/oc or canon/oc of your suggestion
    game of thrones (show only as of now) ♥
    • jon/oc
    • dany/oc
    • sansa/oc
    • any suggestions you may have? i've never rped this fandom before!
    elder scrolls (skyrim)
    • oc/oc
    • brynjolf/dragonborn
    • ulfric/dragonborn
    hunger games
    • oc/oc
    the witcher
    • ciri/oc
    • oc/oc

    please feel free to comment here, or send me a message! thank you!!
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  2. Achilles

    Achilles we men are wretched things Member

    Local Time:
    5:13 AM
    bump!! i still have room for more!!

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