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 Adult Fantasy Roleplay 18 plus

Discussion in 'Advertisement Link Back' started by KhFanWriter9, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. KhFanWriter9

    KhFanWriter9 You can call me FanWriter Bday Feb 1993 Member

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    6:11 PM
    Adult Fantasy Roleplay

    Adult 18 plus Everyone is either an role player, or writer with any type of genre, fandom, character, and pairing at their fingertips in this town.

    A piece from our welcome note.
    Welcome to Adult Fantasy

    First off you have been given a collection of cards with notes, and blanks. Keep an eye out for the topics that have note in their title.

    Below is your first note which says more about our town.

    'What is this town you say?
    Well this continuing night covered town is where various role players, and writers between 18, and older, who are interested in all kinds of clean, or smut filled like tales stalk the night for the fantasies they crave under these darken skies.