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 Female x Female / Female x Male All In the Family

Discussion in 'Group Requests' started by Evelyn Thode, Aug 12, 2018 at 3:17 PM.

  1. Evelyn Thode

    Evelyn Thode Wild Member Member

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    9:49 PM
    After talking with friends and reading online about polyamorous lifestyles, Charles and I decided it was something that we wanted to explore further. Naturally, we discussed it with the children first. Our daughters Jessica 22, Kirsten 20 and Allyson 18 were enthusiastic. After all, they were raised in an environment where casual nudity is the norm for most family activities like swimming in the heated pool, gathering in the hot tub, showering and personal interactions. We attended a newcomer’s weekend at the Polyamory Family Association resort in an adjacent state and came home convinced and excited about the prospect of sharing our home and beds with another family. On the PFA website, we reviewed the profiles of a half-dozen families and found one that we thought would be ideal.

    Randy and Angie Smith have twenty-year-old twins Robbie and Raeann and an eighteen-year-old daughter Angel. Randy is a truck driver and Angie is a hairdresser. They live in a cramped three-bedroom trailer in a small town almost twenty miles from our comfortable suburban home. My husband Charles is the senior partner in a law firm started by his grandfather. Our large home is well-suited for our new lifestyle plans. After an initial visit, we invited the Smiths to stay with us for an interim “get acquainted” visit of three months. Robbie and Raeann have always shared a bedroom and they immediately chose the spacious bedroom over the pool house. Allyson and Angel were both excited to have Angel occupy the other twin bed in Allyson’s room. Randy and Angie were very pleased to have the large guest room that shared the master bathroom next to our bedroom.

    Characters - Seven Female/Three Male

    Charles – 45, Senior Partner at the family law firm, Walsh, Walsh & Jackson, LLC. Firm specializes in corporate law. Golfer, Runner, in great shape. Married to Charlotte.

    Charlotte – (That’s me!) BS, MFA in Writing, Writing Instructor at a community college. Like all my daughters, I am tall, slim, lithe, with an athletic body, small firm breasts, blonde hair, blue eyes.

    Jessica- 22, our oldest daughter. College Senior studying Sociology with plans to enter Law School at her Dad’s Alma Mater. Learned about polyamory from college friends and encouraged us to investigate the lifestyle.

    Kirsten – 20, our second daughter. Student at the community college where I teach. Considering both teaching and Law as a career. First initiated intimacy with her older sister, then both encouraged us to share our bed with them.

    Allyson – 18, a very young sixteen! In many ways, I think she is her Dad’s favorite.

    Randy – 38, truck driver, quit school in the eleventh grade, likes sports, cold beer, great body, has a thick eight-inch cock and unbelievable staying power. Incest has always been a part of his world.

    Angie – 35, wife of Randy, hairdresser, quit school in the tenth grade, bleached blonde, heavenly body with large breasts, needs sex frequently, loves to play with girls.

    Robbie – 19, twin to his sister Raeann, on the Vocational track in high school, wants to drive over-the-road trucks like his Dad. Great body from working out, may have a bigger cock than his Dad, devoted to his sister in every way.

    Raeann – 19, twin to Robbie, a younger version of her Mom, on the Business track in high school, works as an intern at Aurora Plum, an exclusive, upscale club for wealthy women. Knows better than anyone how to please her brother.

    Angel – 18, a very young eighteen! She remains as curious today as she was during her first months of puberty. She craves both her Dad and Robbie’s attention.

    This story includes whole family incest and polyamory. There are no Dom/Sub characters! Everyone is equal. All the intimacy is consensual. This is no pain and no violence!! write to me with questions about the story and more details about the character that interests you!
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  2. Subbie_sue

    Subbie_sue Wild Member Member

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    2:49 AM
    Hi love to play Kirsten if possible XXX not played many incest stories before
  3. Evelyn Thode

    Evelyn Thode Wild Member Member

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    9:49 PM
    Hello Sue and welcome to All In the Family! Your name tells me you may not be interested in our story. No Dom/Sub stuff here! I love to play with strong confident girls who know how to both lead and follow. Everything is consensual. No pain or violence, but lots of whole family incest. If you have never experienced incest, it is the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, a chance to throw away all your inhibitions and really love the people you know best. If you are still up for all this, write back and tell me about yourself and the things you like to do. BTW, you and your sister Jessica are especially close.

    Evelyn (Charlotte)

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