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 Open  Female x Male  Male x Male  One x One Roleplay Anything and Everything!!

Discussion in 'Other Requests' started by NECJinx, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. NECJinx

    NECJinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:19 AM
    Somethings about me...
    When it comes to Writing
    I am an avid writer, have been for years. Despite my experiences, mistakes do happen. I, on a regular bases, do check my work before hitting the submit botton. If you notice something that is incorrect please do nudge me gently in the right direction.

    I love learning new words, so I am attempting to widen my vocabulary. Also, I have found I tend to reuse the same words.... periodically and/or more often than I should. I am desperate to break that habit. Meaning the Thesaurus has become my best friend.

    3-5 paragraphs per post is what I aim for. Does it always happen... no... it's usually more like 5 or more paragraphs. Just let me know your preferences are when it comes to post lengths, I can easily adjust.

    Note: I am open to new ideas and trying out new writing experiences.​

    Online Availability
    Is an everyday thing for me. I like to browse through the threads, check my PM's and everything in between. Does this mean I can respond to role plays everyday...? It depends. Sometimes I can respond a few times a day, and other times I can respond once or twice a week.

    I do have a life outside of role playing. And I do try my very best to let others know if I can get a post in or not. Also, if I don't respond in two days feel free to poke at me. I won't get offended.​

    Some Requirements...
    Writing Style
    3 or more paragraphs are a must.
    Please use spell check and/or edit one's writing before posting.
    Third person is preferred.​

    Response Time

    Do what you can!
    I would prefer at least one post per week.
    Though a few times a week would be better :D
    Out of Character
    OCC discussions are a must. Be willing to share your thoughts and ideas.
    If something comes up please let me know...
    Sorry, ghosting isn't allowed....
    Pairing Preferences
    Male x Male
    I need someone who has experience being a Dom character. I only do Subs.
    Switch between Male x Male partners is the one and only alternative.
    Female x Male/Male x Female
    I don't mind which role I play. Unless I already has claimed a specific role.​
    Topics that I am Into
    Anything from being shipwrecked, lost in a jungle, raiding a dungeon... and so forth.
    Level of Interest: ★ ★
    Everyday life can sometimes have an explosion of excitement or when venturing out with one's companions. Who knows what will happen. So please watch your step!
    Level of Interest: ★ ★
    Thirsty yet?
    Level of Interest: ★ ★
    Dragons, wolves, panthers oh my!? (~ mainly wolves ~)
    Level of Interest: ★ ★ ★
    Breathing fire isn't a dragon's only specialty...
    Interest Level: ★ ★
    Fantasy/Historical Settings
    Federal era Japan? Ancient times? The stone age?! (~ accurate knowledge of timeline//events isn't a requirement ~)
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★
    Our current time line... but with some minor twist and turns!
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★
    Sometimes the best role plays are the fandom ones. Especially, when the story is ours to command!
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★
    Arranged/Forced Marriages
    Marriage between two different kingdoms? Parents sell their daughter (or son) to a what?! In debt, need money... why not form a contract with a CEO?... So many possibilities.
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★​


    Jealousy, cat-fights, sabotage, the king has been poisoned!?
    Interest Level: ★ ★

    Crime/Murder Mystery
    Being a detective is a never ending battle. Especially when there is a serial killer on the loose.
    Interest Level: ★ ★

    Greek Mythology
    Ancient times or modern, both can use a little bit of godly influence. What do you say?
    Interest Level: ★ ★​

    Beast men?! Khajiit characters? Wolfmen/Werewolf!? FLUFFY GOODNESS!
    Interest Level: ★ ★
    Candle Light dinner? Slaying monsters? Long walks on the beach? Yep... romance is in the air!
    Interest Level: ★ ★
    Beauty and the Beast
    A beautiful woman (or man) and a creature that is supposedly horrifying...?! What could go wrong?
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★
    Spells, enchantments, and everything nice! A little magic will make ones dreams come true or be used to cause one's nightmare become reality!?
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★​

    Meta Humans/Super Powers
    It's a bird! It's a plane! No wait... it's just my neighbor...
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★
    Traveling/Time Travel
    Let's go sight seeing?! Or better yet let's travel 80 millions years into the past!?
    Interest Level:
    Gender Bender
    Girl dresses up like a male warrior? Is that a guy or is he really a she?
    Interest Level: ★ ★ ★
    More to come. Suggestions Welcomed!

    Occasional Sex Ecnouters
    Breast Fondling
    Light Bondage
    Forced Orgasms
    Jerking Off
    Rough/Forced Sex
    Anal Sex (~ male x male ~)
    Going into Heat
    Non Consensual Sex (~ during heat? ~)

    More to come. Suggestions Welcomed!

    Note: I am still in the process of creating a F-List.
    My Characters
    My Character List -- Still updating...
    I am okay with images being used when it comes creating a character. Anime, concept art, real life whatever floats your boat.
    Anything Underlined are the roles I have claimed.
    Strike through means it is take, pick something else.
    Anything with ★ tagged behind means I have a plot in mind.
    The more ★'s there are means I have multiple plot options in mind.

    Male (dom) x Male (sub)
    Captain x Captive

    Vampire x Vampire
    Note: This pairing has the switch role option.

    Priest x Vampire

    Hero x Sidekick ★ ★

    Wolf Shifter x Wolf Shifter

    Note: Omegaverse is another alternative for any of these pairings!

    Female x Male
    Commoner x Emperor/Prince ★ ★

    Witch x Wizard/Royal

    Wolf Shifter x Wolf Shifter

    Princess x Demon/Beast King ★

    Sidekick x Hero

    Detective/Witch x Demon ★

    Tribal Woman x Tribal Shaman
    Note: I have done a role play involving this pairing, and I do have a male character already created.

    Fandom Pairings
    Yugi-OH! ★ ★
    Seto Kaiba x Tea Gardener
    Note: Duel monsters not required.​

    Inuyasha ★
    Sesshomaru x OC
    Note: OC can either be a male or female character.​

    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
    Khajiit OC x Human/Mage/Warrior OC​

    For now this is all that I have. More pairings will be added eventually. I will also slowly start including the plots that I have in mind. That if this interest check of mine gets any interest or not. We'll see. I am also open to suggestions and willing to exchange ideas with one another.

    Feel free to post a comment here or PM me. Which ever one is easier for you :)

    Thank you for stopping by!! :D
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  2. NECJinx

    NECJinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:19 AM
  3. NECJinx

    NECJinx Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    2:19 AM

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