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 BDRP OOC & RP Chat Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Alchemy, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy The Rebel Queen Administrator

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    5:05 PM
    OOC and RP Chat Rules
    BDRP has two Discord servers. The first is an OOC server where you can chat and interact with your friends in the community. The second is a server devoted solely to roleplay.

    You can join our discord servers here:

    • Our OOC Discord is essentially a clubhouse where all members can come hang out and enjoy the company of the community. Because of this, we ask that you respect the space and treat others kindly while inhabiting it. All site rules also apply to our discord, but here are the guidelines that are specific to our chat:

      1. The Golden Chat Rule - Use Common Courtesy and Respect Others
      Please keep things friendly and inclusive. If someone brings up a topic in chat that makes you uncomfortable, please ask them to change the subject in a polite and respectful manner. If they do not respect your request, please contact staff. Alternatively, if someone expresses that a topic makes them uncomfortable, please respect that and change the subject. Controversial discussions should be moved to private 1x1 chats or PMs.

      2. People come here to escape their problems, so please respect that.
      We aim to keep General Chat a welcoming and fun place for everyone that enters it. Because of this, we ask that you keep politics and religion out of all Discord channels. If you need to vent about a difficult situation, please use the steam room. Please keep flirtation to a playful minimum and if your conversation seems to take over the room, please consider taking it to a DM. That way everyone can enjoy the space and chat at their leisure. We do not allow hate speech, racist or other inflammatory topics in our discord, at all.

      3. Keep aggressive language to a minimum.
      Swearing is permitted in our chats, but it can be hard to determine if people are "play fighting" or actually fighting in text, so please refrain from using aggressive language excessively in chat. Keep it friendly.

      4. Take "adult" topics to the Mature Room
      Most people don't want to pop into gen chat and see jokes about gentalia or other sexual topics. Please take those sorts of subjects to the Mature Channel, where others expect to see that sort of content. The Mature Room has much fewer rules about what can be discussed, please see the channel description for more information.

      5. Remember that Staff is here to help, not hinder. Let them Moderate as needed.
      If a staff member asks you to drop a topic or asks you to stop a behavior, please listen to them. Staff wants to enjoy chat just as much as you do, so respecting the rules and respecting when they ask you to follow them is key. If you feel that a staff member has overstepped, please contact an admin and they will do their best to find a solution to the situation.

      We also ask that you don't step in and try to moderate chat unless you've been asked to do so by staff. You can always offer a gentle reminder of the rules, but if there is a conflict that needs addressing, grab staff and they will help you out. If a staff member asks you to stop engaging in a certain behavior, please do so.

      6. Ask about RP replies privately. Take RP Discussion to the "Plotting" channel.
      We get excited about replies too! But please be careful not to harass partners for replies in chat, and if you start to discuss plot/planning for an RP in Gen Chat, we just ask that you move the discussion to the plotting channel so the flow of conversation can continue.

      7. Affiliates are welcome to promote, but we ask that others do not advertise without permission.
      If you would like to affiliate, we encourage you to contact an admin, they can help walk you through the affiliation process. We are happy to accept affiliations between other sites and servers, as long as the affiliation will be mutually beneficial. You can also always suggest sites you love to us and we will do our best to initiate an affiliation.

      You are welcome to mention and talk about other sites on our server, we just ask that you don't advertise for other sites or RP servers (link, recruit, etc) on our server if we are not affiliated. Please also, do not try to be sly and mention a non-affiliated site/server as a way to fish for members from BD. If we find that you are recruiting without proper permission/affiliation, you may be kicked from our server.

      We ask that you do not advertise products, competitions, commercial sites/businesses, etc. in our discord chat without explicit permission from an admin.

      8. All discussions must fit within the Discord Community Guidelines and TOS
      You can read more about them here and here.

      Failure to follow these rules will result in the following disciplinary action:

      Minor offenses: You will receive a reminder of the rule.

      Repeated offenses: You may receive a temporary kick from chat (1-2 weeks) and you will have to send a request to staff in order to rejoin chat.

      Continued offenses after kick or severe offenses: Possible permanent ban from site chat.

      Staff reserves the right to skip any of these steps should we feel as a whole that a serious infraction has been committed. We may also offer more than one informal warning, depending on the incident.
    • In the BD RP Server, we have “open” channels/rooms that anyone can jump into and RP in, and “closed” channels/rooms that are lead by a Game Master and can be joined by invitation only.

      See the next tab for more information about how to apply to become a Game Master and how to get your own Closed RP channel/room.

      1. Graphic sexual scenes or excessively gore based scenes are only allowed in NSFW RP Channels. We ask you avoid smut or gore centric RPs in channels that do not have NSFW status. A little blood is okay, entrails are not. We encourage you to fade these scenes to black and move them to a DM or onsite PM if they are not in an NSFW channel.

      2. NSFW story content is only allowed in NSFW RP channels, at the Game Masters discretion. Game Masters are expected to moderate their own channels, so they can allow smut, violence and adult situations as long as the room is tagged NSFW. These channels can also be closed to the general public, if needed. Admins and Mods will still be able to see them, but only for moderation purposes, like a site rule being broken.

      3. Please do not post NSFW media (pornographic or excessively violent pictures, videos, etc) in any RP channel.

      4. BDRP staff will not game master, story-tell, or moderate member RPs except for chat/site rule violates or explicit content. If members have started a group room, they must maintain the room themselves and guide their own story.

      5. Use common courtesy. You can jump into an Open RP room at any time but respect the current flow of the RP. For closed RP rooms, please ask when it might be appropriate to jump in by contacting the room’s Game Master. All rooms on the Discord Server will be viewable by the public, but some may have an established storyline and be closed to new characters, so contacting those involved would be the best way to join.

      6. Engage in the current RP being played. If you join an open or public RP room, please join the current RP, do not come in and force a change in scenario, unless you have permission to do so.

      7. Please try to keep all messages on this server “in character.” Excessive out of character talk can disrupt the flow of the RP. Please use either DM, Discord Group Chat, or the “Plotting” channel on the main BDRP Discord to discuss OOC information.
    • Application Process: A Game Master is the leader of a group RP Chat Room. They can invite other members to join their room and they are allowed to ask disruptive members to leave their room. They can set specific rules for their RP (as long as they are in accordance with the server’s rules) and they can use NPCs to enforce the rules or guide the story as they see fit. Basically, they’re like the Game Master or Dungeon Master of a tabletop RP.

      To become a Game Master, you must submit a pitch for the RP Room you would like to have created. If you are unsure what to include in your pitch, please feel free to use the form below. Once you have your pitch, you can submit it to Aleksandr via a PM.

      Chat RP GM/Room Application
      Plan for Chat Room: (Genre, Setting, Basic Plot, Etc)
      Name for Chat Room:
      Anything else that you’d like us to know?

    • The Purpose of Out of Character BD’s Discord Channels:
      If you join the BDRP Discord, please change your nickname to the name you use onsite. This helps us know who is who and helps us keep Discord safe and open to everyone.

      Please be courteous to guests and other members by keeping conversation tasteful. Gen Chat is intended to stay light and fun. Heavier topics, complaining or venting should be taken to the Steam Room.

      Help Desk
      If you have questions about Discord or BDRP, feel free to ask them here.

      Announcements from staff about site or Discord related topics.

      If you are going to be away for awhile, feel free to share here.

      Want to talk plot for an on site RP? This is the perfect place to do so.

      Cards Against Humanity
      A chat just for our game nights.

      Memes and Games
      Share memes and play games.

      Steam Room
      If you need to vent, complain, cry, freak out, this is the place to share your frustrations. Topics that are dark or times when you need to share repeated frustrations should be moved to this room, in order to keep Gen Chat welcoming and inclusive.

      Music and Media
      Share your favorite tunes and videos here.

    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
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  2. Nevermind

    Nevermind The Lost Paragon Member

    Local Time:
    4:05 PM
    Hey, BD lovelies! It's a new year and we've had a lot wonderful new members join us. Staff has made some updates to our Chat & Discord rules so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. Thanks, everyone!

    @Administrator @Moderator @Member
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