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 BDRP Site Rules

Discussion in 'Site Rules & Privacy Policy' started by Black Dahlia, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. Black Dahlia

    Black Dahlia Administrative Account Administrator

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    9:04 PM
    General Site Rules
    All site rules cover the entire site, including PMs, threads and profiles. Administrators have a purple name and Moderators have a teal name, so you can easily find them. If you are concerned that someone has broken a rule, please report it or contact staff.

    Please be aware that while admins respect your privacy, if we receive a report that a rule has been violated, we reserve the right to investigate. Conversations can be viewed by the site admins, but will only be viewed if we believe a site rule may have been violated.

    Please also be aware that if you decide to give out any personal information to other users, you do so at your own discretion. This site is not responsible for what occurs off-site. We also reserve the right to modify our site rules in the future, if we see fit.

    If you would like more information about what we consider to be harassment and how you can stay safe onsite, please check out our Online Safety Tips.

    Staff's overall goal is to keep the community peaceful and enjoyable for the majority of our members. If we feel you are purposely trying to interrupt that peace, even after multiple reminders and warnings, you may lose access to the community.

    Our rules are divided into three sections, we suggest you pay close attention to each section: Social Rules, Instaban Offenses, and Technical Rules.

    Social Rules
    1. All Members Must Be +18
    We are an adult site with adult content, therefore we require that all members be over the age of 18. If we suspect a member is under 18, we may ask for a form of age verification. This is for your protection as well as ours due to the content found on this site.

    2. Use Common Courtesy and Respect Other Members
    Please do your best to be appropriate with sensitives topics. We really want members, new and old, to feel comfortable and welcome in our community. People have varying triggers as well as differing backgrounds. Be mindful and respectful of one another. Respect your fellow members, be aware that not everyone shares the same ideals, thoughts, opinions, etc. as you do and respect boundaries in this regard.

    3. Be Courteous and Kind To Staff
    Everyone on staff is a volunteer who has offered to use their spare time to help safeguard the BD community and keep it running. Because of this, we ask that you treat staff kindly in our interactions with them. Please do not be demanding of their time, aggressive, or passive-aggressive towards them.

    4. No Political/Religious Discussions & No Hate Speech
    There are many places on the internet to discuss your views publicly, but alas, BDRP is not one of them. Please keep any political discussions in PMs. Hate Speech is also not allowed in any form, so we can ensure that all members feel welcome in our site environment.

    5. No Pornography and No Explicit Usernames/Statuses
    This includes, but is not limited to, pictures, and links to videos. Images on the site must not show genitalia or depict pornographic acts. Please see our image rules for more information. While we do allow more "risky" imagery, we do want to keep things "classy."

    Usernames must be "safe for work" and should not be sexually suggestive or explicit. Overly explicit content should also not be posted to statuses. Though we allow very explicit stories to be written on-site, that is content users have to seek out. Usernames and status updates are visible in many areas without being sought out and therefore people can see them without 'looking' for them.

    6. Keep Cybering/Out of Character Relationships Private
    If you engage in self-insertion or cybersex, it must remain behind closed doors in a PM. Mild PDAs are fine in public spaces, but sexually explicit or vulgar flirting is not. Also, understand that Admins will not intervene in personal relationships established through the site unless it involves harassment, bullying or malicious intent. We can only assist with harassment or bullying issues that occur onsite. Admins are not responsible for any relationships formed on the site, so give out your personal information at your own risk.

    7. Our Stance Regarding Self-Insertion and Sharing Personal/Private Information
    We understand that many writers and roleplayers create characters that share similar personality traits to themselves. It is natural for writers to write who/what they know, but we ask that you do not use “Self-Insertion” stories if they are inherently violent. For example, if you are a 28-year-old hairdresser in RL and your character seems to have all your same traits and that character is a serial killer, we may ask you to remove that RP from our site.

    We do not want BD to ever be a space where people write out violent or problematic real-life fantasies that may lead to eventual real-life actions. We also ask that you be careful when “basing” characters off of real people in stories that seem to be self-insertion based. Please do not disclose the personal information of others without their explicit consent and do not create characters based on real people just to enact violence towards them. You will be asked to remove the story from BD.

    Instaban Offenses
    8. No Harassment or Bullying - Possible Instant Ban Offense
    This includes engaging in harassment, sexual harassment, bullying or passive-aggressive behavior. If someone asks you to stop, you stop. Do not post negative statuses, pms or threads about the matter. Everyone is an adult here, we expect everyone to act as such. Please utilize the Ignore function if possible. For more information about our expectations on this rule, click here.

    9. No Impersonating Staff - Instant Ban Offense
    Staff will never ask you for personal information, such as your address or bank information. Admins do reserve the right to ask for age verification, but you are allowed to black out all personal information except for date of birth. Please report if someone is impersonating a member of staff, whose names are either purple or teal.

    10. No Underage Characters in Adult Situations - Instant Ban Offense
    All characters who are placed in sexual situations or graphically violent situations of any kind must be over the age of 18, both mentally and physically.
    • All primary characters should be 18+, including fandoms (i.e. age the characters up). You are allowed to have characters under the age of 18 in your stories, but they should not be exposed to adult situations and should not be main characters of your story. Characters may have adult situations in their backstories, but those scenes cannot be written out in detail or included in roleplay if the character was under 18 at the time. No exceptions.
    • Characters must be both 18+ mentally and physically if they are in sexual scenes or excessively gory situations. This includes sexual situations that "fade to black." We define excessive gore as any situation in which a character under the age of 18 is brutally tortured, abused, maimed or irreversibly injured in a graphic way. We also ask that you use caution when having young characters view extremely violent scenes.
    • We do not allow settings that focus primarily on underage characters, this includes high school settings/characters, cartoons made for children, etc. Please focus on settings that adults frequent.
    • We do not allow characters based on real-life underage persons to be "aged up" for roleplay purposes. If they are under 18 in real life, you cannot RP as them in sexual situations on BDRP.
    For more information about our expectations on this rule, click here.

    11. No Bestiality Or Necrophilia - Instant Ban Offense
    We do not allow bestiality or necrophilia in any story on BD.
    • Nekos, Anthros, shapeshifters, sapient fantasy animals and cognitively active “undead” would are allowed. They must have the ability to think and reason like an adult human would and should not be portrayed in an overly simplistic or animalistic fashion.
    • Pets, brain-dead zombies, feral/wild animals, fantasy animals that resemble pets/feral/wild animals are not allowed in sexual scenes.
    • Fantasy animals may engage in adult scenes with other fantasy animals, but they must be sapient as listed above.
    • Do not list “Bestiality” or “Necrophilia” as a kink, you will be asked to remove it and staff will see it as a red flag.
    Please be aware that judgment on the bestiality rule will ultimately be up to staff. We ask that you do not create or exploit loopholes in this rule, you may still face disciplinary consequences if you make other members or staff members uncomfortable. For more information about our expectations on this rule, click here.
    Technical Rules
    12. One Account Per Person
    We only allow ONE account per person. If you make more than one account, your secondary account will be merged. We only allow one account in order to make it easier on staff to moderate and to ensure people do not use multiple accounts to get around the Request Thread rules. If you have a second person in your household who wishes to make an account, please notify the admins so they can help out and ensure your accounts are not merged. You may also contact an admin if you wish your username to be changed.

    13. Advertise/Affiliate Properly
    If you would like to share your site on BDRP, please check our advertisement section and apply to be an affiliate. We are always looking for friendly affiliates that will let us cross-promote! RP sites can be listed as your homepage, but please do not use your signature to directly advertise other sites.

    Please do not try to advertise or sell other services or products on BDRP (MLMs, Skincare, etc) and please do not ask for donations on BDRP (GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Ko-fi, ect). If you would like to include a link to your blog, personal/professional website or an author page on your profile/signature, that is allowed as long as you do not spam other members.

    14. No Spam
    Please be considerate of other members and do not spam messages/sections/or threads. Areas like Journals, Character Creation, and World Creation can be edited and added to, rather than posting a new thread each time. It will help us keep the sections tidy and make it so everyone can see their stuff.

    15. Do Not Abuse The Report Button
    We appreciate when members report issues, we cannot keep track of everything without your help, but please do your best to use the report function wisely.

    16. Keep Roleplays Onsite
    Please do not advertise offsite roleplaying publicly and do your best to keep RPs on site. If you wish for roleplays to remain private, we prefer you use the private message system. We are unable to help you if offsite roleplays hit snags or have issues, so keeping them onsite enables us to help if things ever go off the tracks. You will not be punished for sharing contact information privately with acquaintances, but we cannot moderate offsite conversations or issues. We also ask that if you only intend to RP offsite, that you do not use BD as a partner recruiting tool. If you are looking for offsite/discord RP only, here's a link to our affiliate Roleplay Meets: Reborn, who will likely accommodate your needs better.

    17. Account Control
    If you wish to have your account set to inactive or removed from BDRP we can do this at any time. You must contact an admin as they are the only ones with the ability to delete accounts. If you request deletion, admins will ask you to confirm and go over other possible options with you. Once you confirm, your account will be removed from the site which in turn removes your data from our system and it cannot be retrieved. Your username may still appear on your previous posts unless you ask us to change it when you delete your account.

    Disciplinary Actions:
    Failure to follow these rules will result in the following disciplinary action.

    1st offense: You will receive a reminder of the site rules.
    2nd offense: You will be issued a warning point.
    3rd offense: Possible Site ban depending on the severity of the offense.

    Staff reserves the right to skip any of these steps should we feel as a whole that a serious infraction has been committed. If you do not respond to a staff PM and do not correct whatever is required, you may face additional consequences.

    Please keep warnings/moderation private. Staff only acts when rules are violated and it is unfair to other members to involve them in conflicts. We will not debate warnings/consequences publicly. Posts trying to provoke unnecessary drama will be deleted.

    If you would like to know more about our privacy policies, please check out the post here.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 20, 2020
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