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 BDRP's Online Safety Tips! Common Courtesy and More!

Discussion in 'General Information & Site Guides' started by Alchemy, Jun 24, 2018.

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  1. Alchemy

    Alchemy Must be the season of the witch... Administrator

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    8:28 PM
    What does Common Courtesy mean to BDRP?
    Common Courtesy means that you respect the boundaries of other members on the site. If someone is uncomfortable and asks you to leave them alone or to stop discussing something with them, we ask that you respect that.

    We would like to do everything we can to help you have an enjoyable experience on BDRP, so we have compiled a list of topics in this thread that may help you avoid uncomfortable situations and what you can do if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

    How to Report Bad Behavior: If you are onsite, you can use the “report” button to report posts in threads, PM conversations or on a member’s profile. When an issue is reported, an alert is sent to all members of staff (moderators and admins). You can also send a message to a moderator or administrator directly if you wish, though we will likely encourage you to use the report system, since it helps us keep track of ongoing issues.

    What Happens Next? Once something is reported, staff follows our site report protocol. We start by evaluating if a site rule has been broken. If a rule has not been broken, we may not intervene. If a rule has been broken, we typically determine the severity of the situation and send either an informal warning or an official warning.

    If the issue is particularly severe, like underage content or necrophilia, it may result in an instant banning from the site. If this happens, we do notify the member as to why they were banned and in most cases they can contact us via email if they believe the banning was unfair.

    BDRP is a private site and therefore if you repeatedly violate our expectations, you can lose access to the site. No one is entitled to a membership here. If we feel you are negatively impacting the community as a whole and ignoring the rules we have put forth, we have a right to provide consequences for that negative behavior. Our only goal with this is to keep an open, enjoyable community for all members. We want everyone here to have a relatively safe space to express their creativity and this starts by all members extending common courtesy to one another and abiding by the rules set forth by staff.

    How Does BDRP Define Passive Aggressive Behavior? Why is it Discouraged?
    We ask that you do not intentionally engage in repeated acts of passive-aggressive behavior toward other members or staff. Passive-aggressive behavior means a person engages in "unassertive" negative behaviors which are typically habitual and repeated by the person.

    Though it is less obvious and overt, passive aggressive actions can be just as damaging as aggressive actions. Though passive-aggressive behavior is not always intended to harm, it is often used as a means to manipulate or control the actions of another person, and that is why we discourage you from engaging in it. If you need more information on what passive aggressive behavior entails, here is an article that can help you define it.

    BDRP Staff is not equipped to aid in Mental Health issues
    Though we want the best or all of members, we are not mental health professionals. We will definitely extend our sympathies if you are struggling, but if you face more serious issues like severe mental distress or suicidal thoughts, we will refer you to professional hotlines who are better able to provide the assistance you may need.
    If you are in an immediate distress and need assistance, please contact your local emergency number or call the Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

    You can also visit their website here:

    If you are in Europe, here is another link with information about different European Suicide Helplines:

    Threats of Violence Online
    We take threats of violence very seriously, do not threaten to hurt someone or tell them to hurt themselves on BDRP. This will definitely result in disciplinary action, including a ban from the site, if it occurs onsite.

    Be Careful When Sharing Personal information
    Though we do our best to protect your privacy, there are many steps you can use to protect yourself.​
    1. Do not use a username that is similar to your real life name.
    2. Be careful who you share personal information (where you live, work, etc) or personal pictures with. The Internet is a wide and wild place and not everyone is who they claim to be.
    Though we all develop close relationships over the internet, it is best to be very wary when sharing personal information over the internet.

    How Does BDRP Define Harassment?
    On BDRP, we consider harassment to be either unwanted negative contact or repeated negative contact. If it is your first time contacting someone on BDRP, it may be best to not approach them is a way that is romantically or sexually aggressive. If someone asks you not to contact them going forward or uses the ignore or block features on the site and its discord, we ask that you respect their wishes and cease contact.

    If someone pushes past your boundaries on the site you are welcome to report them and BDRP will investigate and determine if their actions require any onsite consequences. Those consequences can range from an informal but stern written warning, an official warning point (which can be accrued towards a ban if the member continues to break site rules) or an outright ban from BDRP if the harassment is serious.

    If the harassment occurs off-site, including private messages in Discord or other messaging services, BDRP may not be able to intervene unless the actions have a direct and obvious impact on the site. Sadly, if members behave badly outside of BDRP, we have no recourse to enforce our rules on them. We can only protect onsite spaces and public chat like our Discord Servers. If someone harasses you offsite, we suggest you block them, report them to the messaging app you are using or contact either the authorities in more serious cases.

    Banning and BDRP
    BDRP considers banning a very serious consequence for very serious behavior. Most of our bans generally are due to minors signing up and misrepresenting their age, and even those are few and far between.​

    We expect that all members to make themselves familiar with the site rules and to abide them. If you break the site rules, ignorance of them is not an acceptable excuse to avoid consequences. In most cases, we consider banning to be the last resort, unless it relates to serious infractions like underage characters in sexual situations or bestiality. Otherwise, we only ban members if they show a repeated and severe disregard for the site rules and the safety of our community.

    If you are concerned that a friend or partner was banned from the site and want to know why, you are welcome to contact an admin privately and they will do their best to share what they can about the situation.
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