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 Black Dahlia Medal Guide

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Nevermind, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Black Dahlia Medals
    What They Are, What They Mean, & How to Get Them

    Medals are the cute, decorative, oftentimes bad ass badges that are displayed on your profile and beneath your username whenever you make a post on the site. They are either hand drawn pieces of artwork or digitally manipulated preexisting images that are uploaded to Black Dahlia and awarded to community members for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you stumble upon a medal you instantly fall in love with and wonder, “How do I get that for myself?” This guide is here to assist you.

    To take a look at Black Dahlia's full catalog of medals, click here: https://blackdahliaroleplaying.com/index.php?help/medals

    [​IMG] Community

    Community Medals are just that—medals intended for the community. Medals in this group are just for fun. If you would like a Community Medal, all you have to do is contact a moderator or administrator and ask nicely! A staff member would be more than happy to award you with the medal of your choice. Sometimes staff will give out medals from this category just for the fuzzy warm feelings, so if you receive one and don't know why, just assume it means a staff member was overwhelmed with feelings of affection for you.

    [​IMG] Gifts & Special Sets

    Medals in this category are typically part of a special collectors' set. These are limited edition medals that can be acquired by donating $1 per medal to the site. (So if you wanted five Special Set medals, the donation would be $5). To acquire any of the medals in this category, you may donate to the site by heading over to our Donations Page and sending in your donation. You may then contact any administrator letting them know which medals you'd like to receive (or, if they are a gift, let us know which medals you'd like awarded and to whom).

    [​IMG] Staff Medals

    Each moderator and administrator has a special medal made just for them that they can share with the community. These medals are a reflection of the specific staff member's personality and they can award their own medal as often as they like to help spread a little joy around the site. If you see a staff medal you absolutely adore, simply send a PM to whomever the medal belongs to and ask nicely (the staff member the medal is attached to will be in the medal's description). The staff member will be happy to award you with their special medal!

    [​IMG] Charity Medals

    Black Dahlia is passionate about giving back. Every other month, the site holds charity drives to hopefully garner some donations for worthy causes. To receive a Charity Medal, check out the Medal Boutique and look for our current Charity Medal post. The post will have our featured bi-monthly charity and instructions on what to do. You can also donate to past featured charities as well. To check out charities we've held drives for and their medals, click here.

    [​IMG] Events and Contests

    These medals are given out as awards for various events we have throughout the year. In order to receive these medals, get involved! Each medal description will let you know precisely which event it's for, so it's easy to participate and do something a little different from the daily RP grind!

    [​IMG] Community Spotlight

    These medals are awarded to Black Dahlia members for doing something positive and/or helpful for the site. Some medals are awarded for showcasing specific positive behaviors, such as welcoming new members or encouraging your fellow writers to vote, while others are intended for specific RP-related achievements (e.g. completing an RP, or reaching 5+ pages in an RP). Each medal will have its purpose in its description, so if you have met the requirements to receive the medal or know another Black Dahlia member who has, just contact any moderator or administrator and let them know! Staff members are also constantly on the lookout for members who demonstrate positive behaviors and attitudes, so who knows. Maybe you'll be surprised with a Community Spotlight medal when you least expect it.

    [​IMG] Extra Information About Medals

    • If you have perused our entire medal listing and don't see anything that meets your fancy, or you just think you have a great idea for a new medal, post your idea in the Medal Suggestion Box. While we cannot guarantee we will bring your idea to fruition, there's always a possibility staff will see and love what you've suggested, so feel free to share!
    • There are members of the community who do offer custom medal-creation services for a set price. Each artist will have their own rules for how to commission a medal, so please speak with them directly. If you're looking to purchase a custom medal, contact an administrator for recommendations. Please be aware that having a custom medal made does not mean your medal is private. If you commission a medal, you must be okay with that medal being shared with the entire community, not just you and your friends.
    • If you have any further questions about medals, feel free to contact any moderator or administrator and we will do our best to provide you with all the answers. Medal on, lovelies!
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