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 Black Dahlia Medal Guide

Discussion in 'The Medal Boutique' started by Alchemy, Dec 28, 2018.

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  1. Alchemy

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    Black Dahlia Medal Guide
    Medals are the little images or badges you see displayed below a member's usernames. Many of these small badges are simply playful decorations, while others denote some achievement members have gotten or contribution members have made to the site.

    How do I get medals on BDRP?
    As staff, we do our best to be free and open with most of the site's medals. We want every member to have the chance to have a few shinies on their profile that represent them as a person.

    Many of our medals do not have special requirements, so they can be awarded when requested to either you or gifted to a friend. These medals usually fall under the General or Staff Medal sections.

    Some of our medals do have special requirements to be awarded, but they are sill available once those requirements have been fulfilled. The Charity, Gift Sets, Community Spotlight, or Event Medals each all fall under this classification. If you would like one of these medals, all you have to do is fulfill the requirements for them and send a short request to a staff member.

    For more information, please check out the sections below.

    Medal Sections
    General Medals
    These are a variety of medals that can be awarded upon request by contacting staff or one of our Medal Helpers.

    Gift Sets
    These are special sets of medals that you can acquire by donating to BDRP. Donating $1= 1 Medal. You can donate to BDRP through our Donations Page here. Once you've donated, just contact staff and they can send them out for you.

    Staff Medals
    Each member of staff has a medal that reflects their personality that they can share with the community. If you spy a staff medal you would like to have, just contact that staff member and request it from them. They'll be happy to award the medal to you.

    Charity Medals
    We strive to give back to causes close to our heart. Charity medals are available year round, though we highlight specific charities from time to time. You can get these medals by simply donating to charity for them or a charity of your choice. You can check out the section here for more information - The Medal Boutique.

    Event Medals
    Event medals are given out to those that participate in site activities and events. To get these medals, keep an eye on the Events section of the site.

    Community Spotlight Medals
    These medals are intended to give out by request to those who have achieved certain criteria or contributed positively to the community. To find out what the requirements of a specific medal is, simply check the description. If you have met the requirements of a Community Spotlight medal but do not have it yet, just contact staff or a Medal Helper and they will award it to you.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact staff. Thanks!
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