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 Blank Character Skeleton

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Solunae, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. Solunae

    Solunae Sun and Moon Born Dreamer Member

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    7:03 PM

    Blank Character Skeleton!

    !!! EDIT !!!
    Realized you cannot quote this post so please go to the following link to be able to quote and snag it from there.


    Alrighty so - I've had quite a few people approach me and ask 'Hey how do you do that tabbed section character profile thing?!' So I am posting a How To Do this thing, let us begin! Below you will find a profile skeleton or template that I use for character creation and referencing during rp.

    If you would like to snag this template go right ahead. All you need to do is click the 'QUOTE' button on this post then copy and paste it into your own character threads or rp areas! Please do not actually respond to this thread with your profiles. Erase or Replace anything that is italicized with your character's information. I hope you have found this helpful if you need any further assistance adding in or taking out sections feel free to send me a direct message and I'll help ya out! Thanks for reading!

    • GENRE :: What Genre || STATUS :: OPEN or TAKEN

      Use this area to give a short 2 - 3 sentence long description of what plot you're looking for. What story line your hoping to follow. In essence what do you want to use this character in or for?
    • Here you give us the basic stats! Or a Quick View of your character. Below is the normal template that I use myself.

      || ALIAS :: Nickname
      || OCCUPATION :: What they do
      || SEXUAL :: gee I wonder xD

      || AGE :: # or appears
      || GENDER :: What are they
      || RACE :: What are they
      || EYES :: Color
      || HAIR :: Length / Color
      || HEIGHT :: # ' # "
      || Here I like to describe the character's personality obviously. But there is more to a personality than meet's the eye. Try to think about how they perceive themselves, how others see them, or how they might act in different circumstances. What mental strengths does their personality give them? What weaknesses?
      A LOT of things can go into this section. Or if this is a plain jane rp you can always ditch this tab all together. Below is just the template that I use most often.

      || Power Source :: what there power comes from. Maybe it's the blood, a comet, radiation a certain element.
      || Strengths :: Normally list three and then balance it with three opposing weaknesses
      || Weaknesses :: See above

      || Name of a move :: Describe it - how far does it reach or range - what does it do - how strong is it - what is it bad against or weak against.
      || Name of a move :: rinse and repeat

      || This tab can be combined with the last section of the template - some would prefer to have weapons and abilities all in one go of it. So dealers choice on this tab. You could always use this for an extra informations tab - for things that are not provided in this rest of the template but also don't cover enough information to warrant a whole tabbed section within the profile. Below is what I simply use for my weaponry stats.

      || NAME OF WEAPON IN CAPS :: type of weapon in lower case
      -- Rounds used - or abilities weapon has in a short description.
      ((then just copy and paste to create more than one weapon))
      || Gee what can we say about this tab. You know most people spend hours fretting over what to put into a History section of a character profile. Some prefer bullet points others prefer to have a 12 page biography, and then there is me, I would rather not bore a reader with a long drawn out history - A. They prolly won't read it B. Its a waist of time and can create a loophole for easy metagaming (where partner (s) figure out something in story about your characters past that they have not or would not known unless told or are a part of your characters past.) So What I like to do is allow for only 2 paragraphs of explaination of my characters past. Three if there was a particular important moment in their life that needs to be explained - for instance if a character had some life altering moment that sent them on the path that they are on. Your partners and other readers of your profiles will be extremely happy they don't have to read a book just to rp with your characters!

      I also tend to add things like the below sections for if I plan to have NPCs who will be showing up in the story.

      FRIENDS ::
      ENEMIES ::
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