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 Blaz's Fandom List!

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests & Catalogue' started by Blazeal, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Blazeal

    Blazeal Tribble Mum Member

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    9:49 AM
    Hi! My name is Blazeal, and welcome to my fandom list! Thanks for checking it out, even if we don't roleplay!
    I have posted on the Fandom Catalogue, but I would like just to have this to organise everything!
    This is always open! Just send me a pm or comment in this thread :)

    About me
    • I am 18 years old!
    • I prefer She/Her/They/Them pronouns :)
    • I am a University student, studying Politics and Law!
    • I live in Australia!
    • My time zone is AWST!
    • I have a lovely cat called Eva.
    • I have been roleplaying for 6 years!
    • I'm running out of fun facts to tell!
    • I am currently trying to learn Danish.
    Roleplaying guidelines:
    • I can play any gender! M? F? NB? Literally, everything is fine.
    • I will be willing to play a canon character for you, if you do the same for me. I usually don't like doing Canon x OC for myself, because I prefer Canon x Canon, but for doubling purposes, I'll do Canon x Your OC :)
    • Please tell me if you have lost interest, or no longer want to roleplay. Please don't ghost!
    • I will strive to roleplay at least once a day. Feel free to bug me if it's been a day!
    • Please come with a Bio for your OC. It helps me understand your character :)
    • I like to do OC x OC with some fandoms, where it is in just the background!
    • I don't have very many limits, but extreme violence, toilet play, heavy degrading are completely off limits.
    • Have fun! If you aren't having fun, please tell me! We can discuss any changes, etc. to try and make it better!
    The characters I want to play are bolded and italicised. If I don't have one, it means I have no preference. Have other ships? Tell me.
    If the ship has * these on it, it means I am craving them!

    Star Trek: (TOS, New Star Trek, or TNG. I have not finished watching Discovery, but I wouldn't mind doing that either!)
    Hikaru Sulu x Pavel Chekov**********
    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy x James T. Kirk
    Nyota Uhura x S'chn T'gai Spock****
    Jaylah x Montgomery Scott
    Deanna Troi x William T. Riker
    Paul Stamets x Hugh Culber
    Sylvia Tilly x OC

    Star Wars: (I have not seen Solo!)
    Armitage Hux x Kylo Ren
    Poe Dameron x Finn*
    Amilyn Holdo x Leia Organa***
    Leia Organa x Han Solo

    Ianto Jones x Jack Harkness******

    Doctor Who:
    The Mistress x The Doctor
    The Master x The Doctor
    Bill Potts x Heather**
    Madame Vastra x Jenny**

    Sebastian Moran x Jim Moriarty***

    Dragon Age: (This is the only fandom I will gladly do OCs with.)
    Anders x M!Hawke
    Solas x The Inquisitor
    Cassandra x The Inquisitor
    Josephine x The Inquisitor
    Sera x The Inquisitor
    Vivienne x The Inquisitor
    Iron Bull x The Inquisitor
    ^ Any of these x My OC

    Detroit: Become Human
    Markus x Simon
    Blue-haired Traci x Brown-haired Traci
    Luther x Kara

    Blade Runner
    Joi x Joe****
    Joi x Your OC

    David x Walter

    Marvel (I have not seen gotg, or doctor strange.):
    James Buchanan Barnes x Steve Rogers
    James Buchanan Barnes x King T’Challa***
    Natalia Romanova x Clint Barton
    Wanda Maximoff x Vision
    Vision x Loki Laufeyson
    Tony Stark x Bruce Banner

    Valkyrie x OC (preferably female)**
    Okoye x Your OC (Preferably female)*
    Okoye x W’Kabi
    Okoye x Ayo

    Starfire x Robin**
    Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn

    Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency (I have not finished all of it yet)
    Amanda x Martin
    Amanda x Vogel
    Amanda x Chross
    Amanda x Gripps
    Amanda x Farah
    Todd x Dirk
    Todd x Farah
    Silas x Panto

    Other Fandoms, mainly OCS, for OC x OC:
    Mass Effect (Have not played the first two)
    Saint’s Row
    Love, Simon
    Everything Sucks (this era, not highschool).

    List of characters I can play
    Star Trek:
    Definitely can play: Pavel Chekov, Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, Nyota Uhura, Deanna Troi, Hugh Culber, Paul Stamets,
    Maybe: Hikaru Sulu, James T. Kirk, Sylvia Tilly, Montgomery Scott, Jaylah, Chapel

    Star Wars:
    Definitely can play: Armitage Hux, Poe Dameron, Amilyn Holdo, Leia Organa
    Maybe: Finn, Rose, Rey

    Torchwood/Doctor Who:
    Definitely can play: Ianto Jones, The Mistress, Clara, Martha Jones
    Maybe: Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, The Master, The Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth doctor.

    Definitely can Play: Bucky Barnes, Okoye, Vision, Wanda Maximoff, Bruce Banner, Natalia Romanova
    Maybe: Sam Wilson, Valkyrie, Ayo, Mantis

    Definitely can play: Starfire, Poison Ivy, Katana,
    Maybe: Harley Quinn, Catwoman

    Detroit: Become Human:
    Definitely can play: Kara, Simon, Jerry, Ralph, Traci

    Definitely can play: Walter

    Blade Runner:
    Definitely can Play: Joi

    Dragon Age:
    Definitely can Play: Iron Bull, Varric
    Maybe: Isabella, Sera,

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  2. Blazeal

    Blazeal Tribble Mum Member

    Local Time:
    9:49 AM
    Bump since I've added another fandom :)
  3. Blazeal

    Blazeal Tribble Mum Member

    Local Time:
    9:49 AM
    Bump because I added Sherlock; Sebastian Moran and Jim Moriarty.
  4. Blazeal

    Blazeal Tribble Mum Member

    Local Time:
    9:49 AM
    Bump because I added Dirk Gently’s Hollistic detective agency
  5. thomasina posilovich

    thomasina posilovich Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    9:49 PM
    Armitage Hux x Kylo Ren- I'm honestly looking for this paring for so long and I would love to write this with you. i don't mind playing kylo ren for this and I think it would be fun because of how amazing they are together and how much the connection is their and it would be great to do this. and these two are another of my favorites to write- James Buchanan Barnes x Steve Rogers
    James Buchanan Barnes x King T’Challa*** I don't mind playing steve rogers or king T'challa
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