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 Master x Slave  One x One  Open  Not Safe For Work Blood Like Champagne

Discussion in 'Open Roleplays' started by Scarlet RN, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Scarlet RN

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    All of it came as a bit of a shock for the vibrant red haired vampire. Although it was thirty years in the planning, some small part of her still hadn’t expected that it would actually work and she wasn’t even sure why she had doubted herself in that way. Perhaps it was simply because she’d been his captive for so long and because her literal last name was ‘Forever’ that it seemed like she would forever be in the misery that held her captive for almost eighty years.

    … Eighty years…

    That was how long he’d been her sire and given her all that that meant. It was how long he’d fucked her without concern or care for what she wanted or what she enjoyed. It was how long he’d trapped her at this estate without wondering whether or not she wanted to see the outside world. It was how long he’d kept her existence nearly secret from the entire vampire council as a whole. All that time and he hadn’t realized how Jaelyn didn’t seem nearly as bothered by everything that he did as she should’ve been… all that time and he hadn’t realized what she’d really been planning. He seemed to notice everything else except her. Maybe that's why Jaelyn hadn’t expected her plan to work. She thought he’d noticed by then.

    It didn’t matter anymore, though. Ezrah was dead at her feet and only one other person had seen it happen… one human who’d been a part of her plan all along. He was the oldest human among them and he’d certainly endured his fair share of Ezrah’s torment so Jaelyn didn’t feel quite as bad about what came next. Looking straight into his brown and trusting eyes, she could only mutter, “I’m sorry.”

    Her speed was impossible to track and in the blink of an eye, she’d pulled the stake from Ezrah’s heart and shoved it straight through his as well. The world would come to know that it was really the human who’d killed Ezrah and that Jaelyn had come in at the last second, only to avenge her fallen sire without being able to save him. No one else had any clue what had happened and now, unless Jaelyn chose to tell someone, no one would ever know; that was for the best, though. Ezrah had a lot of enemies and they could easily become her enemies if they found out what she’d managed to do.

    Yet, there was still more to the plan.

    Leaving dead bodies in her wake, which would have been amusing were she not terrified of what came next, Jaelyn headed down to what had been Ezrah’s favorite part of his estate… the dungeons. They weren’t quite old fashioned dungeons, but they functioned as cages or pens for all of his human toys so it was the most appropriate term that existed for them. Each of his humans actually had a bed to sleep on which was something positive and they all got fed decently as well. He liked sturdy toys.

    Pulling a single lever, all the gates opened, unleashing each and every one of them. They needed to hear what she had to say and if being able to step out and see her helped with that, Jaelyn would allow it. “I think that most of you have seen me once or twice. For those of you that haven’t, my name is Jaelyn. I’m a vampire… just like Ezrah was. However, like you, I was tormented by him day in and day out. Our beloved Ezrah, my beloved sire, is dead. He was killed playing with one of his pets and that pet is now dead as well.”

    She paused for a moment to let that sink in. Throughout her entire explanation, though, her tone had been deadly even. There was no celebration in her eyes, but neither was there any sorrow. It was as though she felt nothing at all.

    “I cannot liberate you all in the way that I have been liberated,” she finally added. To set them free would surely seal her own death as well and Jaelyn didn’t want that. “For many of you, I imagine death is preferable to continuing an existence here. If you truly wish it, I shall grant you that fate. However, if you choose life, then I shall make it more than what Ezrah allowed it to be. Should you earn my trust, I will allow you all to work the land, to work the estate, to start lives here that might just be fulfilling. No one will leave, but if more come, they may stay. I hope that is of some consolation.”

    There was more that she hadn’t mentioned. That much wasn’t that easy to figure out. Obviously, she still needed to feed and… well, they were all prime for that. Though Jaelyn hadn’t ever directly fed on any of them before, they all reeked of Ezrah to her even as she stood before them so she would need to change that. There would be more pain for them if they chose to live, but Jaelyn already was certainly less cruel… less… well, less Ezrah.
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  2. Salrion

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    Name: Isaac Walker

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Age: 26

    Height: 6'1

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Eye Color: Blue

    Silver Tongue: Growing up on the streets, Isaac learned quickly how to talk his way out of almost any situation and manipulate those around him with his charismatic charm. In a cut-throat world, being good with words was just as important to survival as knowing how to fight.

    Lockpicking: Just as words were essential for survival, so too was the ability to fend for one's self and get into places that weren't meant to be gotten into, and Isaac was quite good at both. Whether it be breaking into a wealthy noble's manor to steal a priceless necklace to sell off, or simply finding a warm place to stay for a night, being able to pick locks is a key skill to have.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat: While not a martial artist by any means, Isaac has gotten himself into his fair share of scraps in his lifetime, and as a result he's learned to hold his own quite well. After all, those who couldn't fight were an easy target for anyone looking to score a free meal and take what little coins they had to their name.

    Stealth: Having to steal for most of his survival, learning how to hide and remain unnoticed came naturally for Isaac. A noisy thief was a dead thief.

    Personal Information
    Character Strengths:
    • Clever
    • Eye for details
    • Loyal to those he trusts
    • Able to fend for himself
    • Strong willed
    Character Flaws:
    • Deceitful
    • Slow to trust
    • Sarcastic
    • Extremely stubborn
    • Little formal education
    A sarcastic tongue is probably the first thing one would notice about Isaac, usually never ending a conversation without some sort of snarky quip or insult hurled at whoever happens to have the misfortune of speaking with him. Ever the vocal troublemaker, he's not one to sit down quietly when something he objects to rears it's head, usually being the first to speak up and offer his two cents whether it was asked for or not. Equally so, he can be quite convincing when he wants to be, often layering his words with honey in a way that makes them appear more beneficial to whoever he happens to be speaking to.

    Outside of a sharp tongue, growing up on the streets had made him incredibly stubborn and strong willed. Despite his life being a constant struggle just to survive, he refuses to let things get him down, no matter how grim the situation may seem. He didn't get as far as he has by backing down from challenges, and it shows in his pride and the way he confronts new situations. More than once, his stubbornness has gotten him into trouble in situations where it would've been wiser to back down and assess them from a different angle.

    Given the way he grew up, having to constantly look over his shoulder was a constant worry for him, and as such, he's very slow to trust. In a world where someone would stab you just as soon as help you, at least for those on the streets, he refused to trust anyone, and he credits that to his survival. Despite having little trust, should someone gain it, Isaac is incredibly loyal, even to the point of being willing to give his own life for the person, though that's never happened yet, and he has little belief that it will ever happen.


    After a fire destroyed his home, Isaac was orphaned at a young age and left to fend for himself in the world, being forced to turn to crime in order to survive and keep himself fed. There were weeks he went hungry, forced to scavenge scraps from trash heaps and fight off others for his hard earned spoils, which left him broken and bruised in an alleyway more times than he could count. But as he grew older, his skills improved, and soon the language of the street became second nature to him. He lost less and less fights, went to bed hungry less, and eventually became a practiced thief, turning to stealing valuables to buy his way into a more comfortable life.

    Common muggings and pickpocketing soon turned to elaborate heists as Isaac set his sights on more valuable targets and began breaking into the manors of nobles and politicians, robbing them blind of anything he could get his hands on. Despite his difficult start in life, he found himself living quite comfortably, free of any responsibility or worry about where his next meal would come from. He had even furnished his own safehouse, renovating the inside of an abandoned manor that had been worn and run down by time and the weather. He came to value freedom above all else, though that would come to a rather abrupt halt for him.

    His final heist would have been just like any other, had he not chosen that particular plantation. Ezrah. That was the name of the man who he had decided to rob, the man who would make his life a living hell for the next five years. He had made it into the plantation house just fine, but making it out was a different story. As he swept the house for valuables, Ezrah, a vampire, had found him and beaten him nearly to death for his trespass before sentencing him to a fate far worse. He became a toy, a slave, existing only for Ezra's sadistic pleasure and nothing more, his life of freedom robbed from him in the blink of an eye.

    Despite the beatings and the cruel torture he was subjected to, Isaac remained resolute, biding his time until the perfect moment to betray his captor came, though he would come to find out that he would be beaten to the chance...

    Isaac was stretched out on the only comfort he was provided in this hellish place, the surprisingly soft bed that Ezrah provided all of his toys, when he heard the door to the dungeons open. "Oh boy...Playtime. Wonder which toy he'll pick today," Isaac muttered to himself in a bitter tone, assuming that it was Ezrah coming down for one of his usual visits to select his next plaything. It had been almost a week since Isaac himself was last selected, and the lashings upon his back were only just now beginning to heal. It was a far cry from the worst torment he'd endured, but it hadn't been the most gentle either, if that word could even be used in the same sentence when it came to Ezrah's sessions.

    Isaac's sessions were particularly harsh, mainly due to his tendency to mouth off at any given notice and provoke Ezrah further, which only frustrated the vampire more and more. Normally Ezrah had taken pleasure in making his toys beg, breaking them into obedience being half the fun for him, but Isaac had refused. No matter the pain Ezrah had hurled at him, no matter how much worse he made it for himself, Isaac had continued to keep that spark of defiance inside of him. Eventually Ezrah had gotten smart and simply shoved a gag in Isaac's mouth to silence his mocking quips, but it hadn't taken away his will to fight.

    Hearing the footsteps come closer and closer, Isaac waited for the usual spiel that Ezrah usually spouted off when he was selecting a toy for the evening, but when none came a look of confusion crossed his features for a brief moment before being replaced by surprise as his cell door suddenly slide open. Not just his cell door, but every cell door.

    Darting up out of the bed, Isaac made his way to the doorway of the small cell he stayed in, peering out into the dimly lit corridor as nearly everyone else did the same. It was then that he saw her. It wasn't Ezrah, but rather Jaelyn, his favorite toy, and a vampire like him. Isaac knew nothing else aside from those things, and seeing her there in the corridor in place of Ezrah was surprising to say the least. Ezrah hated sharing. Something was going on.

    When Jaelyn finally spoke and explained that Ezrah had been killed by one of his pets, Isaac's eyes widened into an incredulous expression. Ezrah was dead? In that moment, a torrent of emotions hit him all at once. Joy, relief, an overwhelming sense of satisfaction that the bastard was finally did. He only regretted he couldn't do it himself. But he was free!! After five years of hell, he was finally free. Or so he thought...

    All of those emotions soon vanished as Jaelyn spoke once more, replaced only by a bitter hatred as she explained they only had two options, and neither of them was freedom. In that moment, she was no better than Ezrah in his eyes. He should've known that Ezrah's death was too good to be true. Now his pet was here to claim them all for herself, to make them her slaves just as they had been Ezrah's.

    As the other slaves glanced uncertainly at each other, Isaac was the first to speak up, taking several steps out of his cell as he narrowed his eyes at Jaelyn. "So we're to become your slaves instead? Animals to be left chained up and let free only when it's convenient for you? How is that any better than how that bastard treated us?" he hissed in a bitter, demanding tone. He wasn't afraid of her. He hadn't been afraid of Ezrah. And even if he had been afraid, the raw anger that was boiling inside of him would have clouded his better judgement in that moment.
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  3. Scarlet RN

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    Jaelyn didn’t have much experience with many of Ezrah’s toys at all, but Ezrah had loved talking about them to her as though she should care about people he would never allow her to meet. In fact, he had particularly enjoyed telling her about a few particular individuals and how he tormented them… and he told her about it while fucking Jaelyn herself. He truly had been a rather disturbing man. Anyhow, as she found herself looking upon Isaac when he stepped forward to snarl at her, Jaelyn found herself wondering how Ezrah would’ve responded to his outburst - not so that she could carry it out herself, but so that she could ensure it wasn’t the same as what she responded with. She wanted to be nothing like the man who had been her tormentor for far longer than she cared to admit.

    His statements certainly warranted a response of some kind from her, though, and Jaelyn knew right away that this moment would establish who she was going to be to all of the slaves. They could all see what would happen so it would be her starting point towards establishing authority. Whatever she did, it had to come from a point of strength.

    The whole time it took her to think through things was really less than two seconds and before anyone would even realize she actually had to think things through, Jaelyn was on the move. Suddenly, she was standing right up in front of Isaac, quite well inside of what many would consider to be his personal space, and he would feel the breath of her words on his skin, hot and heavy despite the chill that accompanied her cold dead vampire skin. “I have personally endured more of Ezrah’s hell than you can ever possibly imagine, much less endure, whelp! Jaelyn’s words were hissed through gritted teeth and her fangs were entirely visible.

    “If you think that those experiences have granted me patience enough to listen to the likes of you spit at me when things could be much worse, then you’re mistaken.”

    Finally, after a moment of intense tension managed to bring everyone around them to absolute silence, Jaelyn stepped back from Isaac, granting him room to breathe. “Now, I’ve given you all a choice. You can die here and now or you can remain and see if maybe the life I offer is any better than what you’ve had before.” As she spoke, she was addressing everyone again - not just Isaac. She knew she needed to make an impression and she was doing her damnedest to leave a strong one.

    Inhaling, Jaelyn realized that the room reeked of Ezrah. All of his toys were marked with his scent. She knew she needed to fix that. First, though, she needed to see if this one particular toy truly intended to continue living.
  4. Salrion

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    Cruel as Ezrah was, Isaac had been known to be just as defiant with him as he was being with Jaelyn in that moment. More than once he'd found himself on the receiving end of a beating before being tossed into his cell to recover and tend to his own sore muscles and bloodied features. Some would call him stupid, but the way he saw things, if he allowed the man to take his spirit from him, then he had already lost, and he wasn't about to let the bastard have that satisfaction. As much as Ezrah enjoyed his toys fighting back, he could see the frustration in the man's eyes at never being able to break Isaac, no matter how painful the treatment, or cruel the session. He wasn't about to let one of Ezrah's other pets treat him the same way, let alone another vampire. Heartless creatures they were. Ezrah had established a deep set hatred in Isaac's heart for them, and it was one that wouldn't die out anytime soon.

    He didn't back down, even as Jaelyn approached him and placed herself directly in his face, her angry gaze staring back into his own. He took note of her fangs and the way they bared as she hissed out her response to him, his eyes glancing at them momentarily before returning defiantly to her own. He wasn't stupid enough to think he could take her in a fight, so he didn't even try, but he wasn't going to stand down so easily, even if she was a living predator that could kill him faster than he could blink. "You think I care what you went through, corpse?" he spat back in his own low hiss.

    "Ezrah is dead. Your hell is over, but ours is only just beginning, and now it will be at your hands instead of his! I don't know about you, but I'm sick of being a slave!" he continued, several voices of agreement rising up behind him from the other prisoners, while others shifted uncomfortably at the situation.

    "I am not foolish enough to wish for death, but if you think I'm going to remain silent and accept my place as a slave, then you're just going to have to kill me," he growled lowly. "You said Ezrah was killed by another slave. Be careful the precedent your set or you may end up in his place next," he hissed before letting that tense silence linger between them. He couldn't be certain she wouldn't kill him for his outburst, but he also knew that if she chose to silence him in a way remotely similar to Ezrah, then it would only serve to dismantle her argument about being better than him, and that was all he needed. He may not kill her, but someone else would certainly try when an opportunity arose, just like it had with Ezrah.

    As Jaelyn stepped back away from him, Isaac's gaze remained locked on her own with a fierce glare, even as she addressed everyone now instead of him personally. Several long moments of silence passed before several of the prisoners stepped forward and a rather scrawny looking boy with blonde hair spoke up in a meek voice. "Please, Miss...We've been through so much. We're tired and we don't want to fight anymore. If we're to remain here, then just give us the peace we've wanted for so long," he practically begged, a handful of slaves around him nodding in agreement.

    They wanted to be released. To finally rest from the torment they'd endured. And death was the only way. A blessing that Ezrah had refused them time and time again, taking pleasure in their suffering by refusing to kill them.

    The remaining slaves stayed put, glancing towards Jaelyn uneasily, but otherwise not wishing death upon themselves.
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    The glare contained within Jaelyn’s eyes never left as she took all the words that Isaac managed to hiss at her; in fact, the severity of her gaze only grew more and more. It was actually quite shocking for her to see that such tenacity had managed to survive Ezrah’s reign of terror and she was quite certain there were things she could learn from such perseverance. However, the time for her to learn from it was not at that moment. Trying to learn from it now would only hurt the situation that she was trying so hard to establish.

    Instead, she only had more words to offer. “You think my hell is over?” she asked, her tone deadly soft. “You have no idea…” As much as it might seem like she enjoyed being a vampire, truly Jaelyn could’ve honestly said that she hated herself for what she was. She didn’t enjoy needing to drink the blood of innocent people in order to survive and go without unbearable pain; she didn’t like the fact that she would never have children or grandchildren, and she certainly didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t grow old and couldn’t really die unless tragedy befell her. Jaelyn had been the sort of person who had dreamed of having a perfectly normal life and being a vampire stole all of that away from her.

    “Besides, I never said your place was as a slave. You could become a member of a well-oiled community that provides for everyone equally,” she added, loud enough so that everyone could hear. She wanted them to know that she didn’t intend to have them spend the rest of their lives in cages if she knew she could trust them enough to let them out to actually live semi-functional lives. Jaelyn only had to keep them at the plantation, but they could build a town around it if they ever earned that much trust. She wanted them to know that. “That mouth of yours is gonna keep you behind bars, though, if it doesn’t learn something about respect.”

    Finally, though, Jaelyn was forced to take her attention off of Isaac because there were others who also had thoughts and words to give voice to. She wanted to do her best to hear everyone. It was an easy enough thing to do that Ezrah hadn’t done so it seemed like a safe place to start.

    To the ones who sought to end it, she nodded. “Very well then.” Briefly, she addressed the others. “To those who wish to live, return to your cells. To those who seek death, you will follow me.” As she said it, her eyes solidified into a glare directly at Isaac. It almost seemed to say, ‘Get your ass back into that cell or I’ll have to make an example out of you.’

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