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 Female x Male Brighter than a star

Discussion in 'Roleplay Area Archive' started by Galaxleigh, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Galaxleigh

    Galaxleigh I'd sell my own bones for Sapphire stones. Member

    Local Time:
    11:17 AM
    Hey there!
    I have a many role plays in mind and if interested just let me know.
    - Employees that hate each other and one snaps. (Kinda hate fucking)
    -Girl that dresses as a guy and goes to an all guys school. (Guy finds out)
    - neighbors

    -Vampire (woman) x werewolf (guy)
    -McHanzo (overwatch)
    -Gency (overwatch)
    -Vampire (male) x human (female)

    All add more when I think of more. If interested let me know and we can discuss it! Also, most of my rp's are NSFW so if you're not into that, please don't message. Have a good one!

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