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 One x One Roleplay Burning Bright/A New Horizon~ (League of Legends)

Discussion in 'Fandom Requests' started by Niv, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Niv

    Niv Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    11:13 AM
    Hello! Welcome to my very specific fandom-based request thread. I'll probably broaden this thread in the future to include many of my other fandoms, but for the time being, this is my biggest craving right now, and I'd adore anyone who'd be interested in playing it out with me!

    A little about myself first - I've been roleplaying for the better part of ten years now, for what it matters. Both online, and in real life though tabletop RPGs, where I run multiple games a week. I like to think my talent for writing has increased since I discovered I actually enjoyed writing after I left high school an was allowed to write whatever I liked instead of essays on specific subjects, but I suppose my partner can be the judge of that! If you want examples of my writing style, however, feel free to ask.

    So, onto the idea itself now! To put it simply, I want to do something involving a number of League of Legends characters set in the Star Guardian skin line AU. Frankly I love the design of the skins, and the AU itself seems like it would be fun to play around in - especially since it has such an abundance of one of my favorite kinks - uniforms. Both the Star Guardian uniforms themselves, but also the school uniforms while the characters go about their daily lives. Also, on the off chance you don't like the current Star Guardian characters, there's nothing stopping us making our own specifically for the roleplay. Star Guardian Xayah, anyone? Or Zoe? Or the one everyone's really been waiting for: Star Guardian Urgot?
    (Okay maybe not that last one...)

    When it comes to specific pairings, I do want to keep things canon. Outside of that though, I'm pretty happy to pair any of the Star Guardians with any other characters! My only stipulation is that I'd like my partner to play a female character. I'm happy to play both male or female characters, and anything in between, but I'm only looking to play opposite female characters for the time being. I don't mind what gender the person behind the screen is, so long as they're happy to play a female. ^^

    Some of my preferred pairings:
    Ahri x Anyone (Seriously, I love her design and I'd love to play as her or opposite her ♥)
    Ahri x Xayah (This one gets a special mention since it's even more AU, but Xayah in a Star Guardian costume is to die for)
    Syndra x Lux (The broody yet immensely powerful veteran seducing the new leader? Gimme gimme~)
    Lux x Zoe (Again, Zoe fits the Star Guardian portfolio perfectly, maybe as a new addition to Lux's team?)
    Lux x Jinx (The classic pairing, I had to include it)

    Onto the ideas!
    Honestly I don't have many super specific plots in mind, really I'd prefer to decide on a specific pairing with my partner, then develop a fitting plot from there. I do have a couple of plots that don't suit a specific pairing, however.

    This idea revolves around the idea that the Star Guardians aren't just simply fighting back interstellar monsters from The Void, but that these monsters have some kind of mastermind behind them. Someone pulling the strings. Someone who would be represented by another Champion, such as any of the Dark Stars, or even someone like Malzahar, Kassadin or LeBlanc, to name a few that spring to mind. Said mastermind doesn't only have a seemingly endless swarm of Void beasts, but also a number of loyal generals and mercenaries to do their bidding. The plot would follow the idea that either the big bad themselves, or more likely one of their underlings such as an assassin, sets out to hunt down and kill Star Guardians. They eventually tracks the current guardians to their school, but then is actually defeated by one or a few of the Guardians. Rather than killing them however, they decide to try and redeem them, since they're practically harmless without their powers, resulting in a very anime-esque trope of the villain then having to attend their school with them and be on their best behavior, or else. Alternatively it could take a darker turn, with them slowly but surely getting their powers back and corrupting the Guardians to their side, or even just turning them into their plaything. There's a lot of potential with this one. It could go in multiple directions, and there's plenty of chance to include some fun action scenes alongside the budding romance or corruption. I'm imagining an actual assassin from the game working best for this, like maybe Zed, Akali or Talon, but there's plenty more to choose from! They could also be paired with any of the Star Guardians. Would one of the leaders, Ahri or Lux, take responsibility for them? Or would one of the other Guardians try to keep the villains identity hidden from her fellow Guardians?

    Magical Girls and Tentacle Monsters, name a more iconic duo.

    In all seriousness though, this plot is likely more on the smutty side. A massive attack by void creatures leads to the Star Guardians rushing out to protect the city, only to discover the creatures were not only far more powerful than they'd originally anticipated, and seem to have another motive in mind than just wreaking havoc on the city. A much more lewd motive.

    Now this could take a couple of routes. We could keep it nice and silly, and simply have the creatures having their way with the Star Guardians in all sorts of lewd situations, then once the creatures wear themselves out they're easily enough disposed of. Alternatively, we could make this something much more darker, and play out various Bad Ends for each of the hapless Guardians as they find themselves in situations way out of their depth. This has the potential to get really dark and grim, so if that's the sort of thing you're looking for, feel free to bring it up and we can discuss exactly what we're looking for!

    I would like to point out again though that I'm looking to play opposite the Star Guardians, so in this particular plot I'd be looking to play as the monsters.

    Boom! And there we go, those are my cobbled together ideas to incorporate my current craving! Hopefully something here appeals to you, but if not then feel free to message me with any other ideas you might have similar to this! Also I should add, I'm totally open to discussing other League of Legends ideas! This is just my current craving, but I'd love to do something with the characters in any kind of setting.

    As a final note, I'll leave my f-list here for you all to have a look at, but it is just a guide, and most things on there are up for discussion! Just don't be too surprised if things from the 'No' column remain nos.

    Thank you for reading through this hastily thrown together thread regardless of whether you found anything that interests you! You're awesome, and I hope to hear from you soon, especially if you did find something you like here.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018

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