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 Female x Male  Dom x Sub  Master x Slave  Futuristic  Open  Not Safe For Work Buying your Sub/little today!

Discussion in 'Female Requests' started by Nisue, Sep 15, 2018.


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  1. Nisue

    Nisue Little Member

    Local Time:
    7:08 PM

    This is one of my biggest fantasies ever. If you have any questions please don't be shy! This will be a ddlg/slave,master type RP.

    You get out of your long black limo and approach a door to a very large warehouse. You are met by a pretty little Korean woman, she leads you to an elevator and you tell her “7th floor” she nods and pushes the button -7-. You wait in your expensive clothes and prepare yourself to pick your little today. You have two men keeping you safe behind you. You’ve had a little before but she moved on. After two years, you are ready for another companion. The elevator dings and you walk into a very wide and open room. The room is filled with large glass cages with beautiful littels in them. Beside each box is a paper that reads who the girl is and her price. You being extremely rich are able to pick anyone----(Continue from there. Doesnt have to be detailed but at least more than two sentences. You will play the dom who picks me. Below is who my character is. Please send me at least a picture of your character with some history/age/name ect.)


    Character name: Angel

    Hair color: Yellow/Blond

    Eye color: Red/Pink

    Weight: 120 lbs

    Height: 5’2

    Build: Short but curvy. Breasts are a small C cup and butt is a little larger than normal.

    Age:Not specified but young

    Clothing: Normally just cute anime clothing. Tight clothes. I often wear jackets that are large and just long socks under

    Personal Items: A fox stuffy with no eyes and a round black nose

    Likes: Everything

    Dislikes: Being told no

    Family: unknown

    Personality type: Quite childish sometimes with an attitude. My emotions can change in a blink of an eye and i can/will get what i want when i want it just because. I love nature and will always wanna be outside. Super lovey dovey and clingy. Wants to hold your hand, sit in your lap, kiss on you, want your touch etc.

    If you need more info please just ask

  2. Nisue

    Nisue Little Member

    Local Time:
    7:08 PM

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