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 Canon Characters I'll Play (Incl OC)

Discussion in 'Fandom Catalogue & Request Threads' started by Silver Lining, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    In alphabetical order, the following are those characters I will play in any of the RPs I have listed in my RT:

    Action Lab Comics

    Cosmic Girl/Suzie Quest

    April O'Neil (MC) loves Karai

    Based on teen April version of TMNT (Adventures), and canon in that series: A chance meeting of the two puts the redhead in Insta-crush mode... And she'll do everything she can to prove to her crush (Karai) that she was stolen by Shredder... She's really Splinter's daughter! Even if her crush is a little aggressive at first.

    ARCA Racing

    (All characters good for slice of life RPs)

    Heidi Xavier* #5- 5-6, 28B-24-30, blonde hair kept usually in either braided pigtails or worn as a braided bun, turquoise eyes. Best description of personality is Class Clown as always eager to crack a joke or pull a prank. Not especially welcomed by the all too serious veterans, although her infectious spirit has won a few in the garage. Press never sure if she's serious. Ironically, least likely of the three to CAUSE a wreck, but somehow ALWAYS finds herself involved; especially at Daytona and Talladega where she has yet to finish above 30th. Driver for Bobby Gerhart, who she lovingly nicknames Bobs Gear-heart.

    Rebecca Conner* #25- 5-7, 32B/C-28-32 well toned, brown hair, steel blue eyes. Laid back and well liked. A media darling. Enjoys talking to her fellow drivers and her fans. Drives the main car out of the Bill Venturini stables and plans to challenge all year for the ARCA championship.

    Julia Santovenia* #46- 5-4, Think Xavier (OH) stand out in basketball Amy Waugh from years ago for build. Hispanic driver, not as well liked by the press because she speaks her mind, sometimes flat out calling them vultures in her native tongue. Away from the media circus, approachable by fans. Respected by her fellow racers. Driver for Frank Kimmel.

    Archie Comics

    Betty Cooper
    Josie McCoy
    Sabrina Spellman

    Bubble Witch

    Stella as a living, breathing character instead of a game character controlled by aiming a bubble shooter. Will play her in a created world or real world as a "fish out of water" college student, or in her own universe for anyone who has played two or three of the game.

    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

    OC huntress, who will give supers a chance to prove they aren't evil, named Ava Richardson.


    Boomerang/Adelaide Darling
    Lady Daring/Brittany Cartwright
    Lightning Bolt/Wendy Martin
    Quick Justice/Nevada Sierra
    Rookie/Kate Zuvella
    School Girl/Nia Jonas
    Thunderbolt/Thea Io

    Note: The Superhero you pick for me to play in Rules of Engagement has two older siblings and a non super, yet otherwise identical twin. They will have the same last name.


    OC daughter of the rumpled detective, Michelle Columbo.

    DC Comics

    Batgirl/Barbara Gordon-near all, but especially campy TV '67
    Poison Ivy-Super Hero Girls version only
    Shazam/Miri Marvel (Bombshells, Super Hero Girls)
    Speedy-Green Arrow/Olivia Queen (AU daughter of Arrow & Canary)
    Supergirl/Kara Zor-El-most versions
    Velocity/Windy MacEnroe*

    Disney FxF only

    Will play aged up versions of most princesses (as a lot of the ones I can or like to do aren't 18 canon) ask in PM.

    Doctor Who I play the companion: Listed have already been created for that specific Doctor.

    Aurora Bright*-1st
    Cinderella Prince*-4th
    Della Richter*-7th
    Josie Day (see Titan Comics)-8th
    Helen Sylvester*-9th
    Gabby Gonzalez (see Titan Comics)-10th
    Clara Oswald-12th

    You may also pick a canon from another universe.

    Grimm Universe (Zenescope Comics)

    Rebecca Coffey*-Protector of Myst (land of medieval fairy tales. Good choice for a medieval RP)
    Wendy Darling-Neverland protector (along with Captain Nathan Hook.)
    Dorothy Gale-Witch Queen of Oz
    Robyn Locksley-Robyn Hood
    Alice Lyttle*-White Queen of Wonderland's head (& favourite) servant.
    Skye Mathers-Guardian of the Nexus
    Brittany Waters-Agent Red (Red Riding Hood) (Great Supernatural RP choice)

    High School Story*

    For any fan of the build it yourself school app, or has played Choices. My OC from my game meets yours and our friends.

    Hollywood Squares

    Based fully on the game show, with the star of Frozen as hostess. Yes, that's Queen Elsa. Including stars and hostess behind the scenes banter with the contestants pre and post game. Orthodox only.

    Hollywood U*

    Another decent build it yourself app. Again, my OC meets yours.

    Kisses and Curses

    Defunct app, gone but not forgotten. If you remember it, you know enough for this sequel roleplay. Rhys Cerdiwen needs our help to fight dark witches. Would love to play this as a witch/huntress Equestria Girls style with me as Twilight Sparkle (witch) and partner as Sunset Shimmer (huntress)

    Marvel Comics

    Kate Bishop/Hawkeye
    Kate Bird/Lady MacGyver*
    Snow Frost/Winter Maiden*
    Jean Grey
    Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel


    I play Marinette. Would love a "what if snooty aloof Chloe had been Cat Noir" type partner.

    My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
    Christmas Star*- 5-7, 32C-27-34 pine green skin, light green eyes, red hair that falls in waves halfway down her back. Wears mixes of reds, greens, yellows and white with some silver or silver colored accessories. Loves to wear skirts, dresses and wears a holly shaped headband. Has a Christmas star on all bottoms, and the skirts of her dresses. She's a cheerleader (partner can decide if she's head cheerleader), and is the embodiment of her namesake, trying to spread Christmas cheer. She'll give a (usually) homemade present "just because". Born on Christmas Day. (Great Slice of Life RP choice)
    Miranda Rights*- 5-6, 36B-28-34. Deep pink skin, cool grey eyes, white hair short cut. Birthmark is literally the silhouette of a lie detector on right thigh, about where she would have it as a cutie mark. Follows a fundamental "uniform" look in her wear, enjoying slacks the most, but isn't afraid to get "dolled up". Straightforward and stern when she needs to be, she is helpful, mostly with her peers, in showing/explaining that delinquent behavior could lead to worse problems later. Descent from the Equestria Girls world's version of the Cheyenne Indian tribe. (Great Mystery RP choice)
    Rainbow Dash
    Silver Lining*- 5-11, 34C/D-28-34, chartreuse skin, blue-grey eyes, long silver hair to her waist, kept in either straight or braided ponytail. Ritzy clothing style, most often seen in, from head to toe: Stylish sunglasses, apricot ascot, light colored blouse (one for each day of the week), tan leather blazer cut zip-up jacket, faded jeans with thunderhead mark on left hip pocket, stylish yet practical shoes. Financially well off, variety of clothes, good friend to have. Very easy going and likeable, usually with a smile. Eager to help for the littlest things, except in inclimate weather, when she is more concerned with watching for quickly changing conditions to keep you safe. Has such keen focus, that has more than once taken an oral test while literally fast asleep... And passed! This has earned her the nickname "Silver Tongue" as she is the only Equestria Girl to pull off the feat. She is a high caliber and sanctioned storm chaser, and depending on roleplay, either HAS a degree in meteorological science, or is earning it. Owns a TIV (see profile pic) built by father Twister Tim (Equestria Girls equivalent of Reed Timmer). (Great weather related Post Apocalyptic RP choice)
    Twilight Sparkle
    Twinkle Toes**- 5-6, 30B-22-32 periwinkle colored skin. Wears mostly dresses and skirts, with a pair of black tap dancing shoes on the hems. Blouses are usually a shade of white, when matched with the skirt. Dresses and skirts a variety of colors based on the seven colors of the rainbow, mostly pastels. Although tap dancing is her mark of trade, she knows pretty much all forms of dance including classics such as waltz, ballroom and foxtrot. She can also do several passé types such as the jitterbug and twist with the best of them (Great possible Doctor companion).

    Nancy Drew

    The girl amateur detective herself.

    Quincy ME

    Based in the DC universe. Quincy (as played by Jack Klugman) was real and really a Los Angeles Medical Examiner in the late 70s to mid 80s. During that time he had a son who "begat" my character. Emilia Quincy grew up in Los Angeles, during the show's original run, but got her medical start in a hospital frequented by the 90s Teen Titans as an intern. Now, 20 years later, she's a bonafide doctor on call to the JLA, Teen Titans and Young Justice... But she has a civilian job, too, and sees many sidekicks in their civilian guises as the school nurse at Gotham Academy. She can keep their secrets, but won't hesitate to get parents/guardians/mentors involved if the civilian version puts their hero identity at risk of being found out.

    Sherlock Holmes

    In an alternate universe, Sherlock is a nickname bestowed on a woman consulting detective name of Erin Holmes, in Victorian London, by Scotland Yard, who have learned involving her means its a "Sure lock" on the nabbing of the perpetrator or perpetrators. Partner plays as either a female Watson, or Inspector Lestrade (M). Or both.

    Superfriends FxF only

    From the rarely seen first season. Wendy is a "junior" Superfriend with a lot in common with Batman. In fact, the dynamic duo train her... But she has a thing for either a certain Amazon warrior, or the Kryptonian in a blue minidress (Wonder Woman or Supergirl). This is a rare roleplay where my partner can play Supergirl!

    *-OC. All characters in Choices, HSS and Hollywood U are designed by player and are therefore OCs in that universe
    **-Twilight Sparkle's future daughter an OC
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
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  2. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    Bump. For new people to peruse. If anyone can tag on pictures of my canons, I'd appreciate the help. My phone doesn't allow that for some odd reason. Those not starred should be able to be found. Thanks for any assists. :)
  3. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    Bump cuz it was on page 3... :eek:

    Still looking for picture help on all non starred characters. All welcome to PM me ideas!
  4. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    Bump for new people
  5. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    Adding Nancy Drew (canon)
    Daphne Blake (canon Scooby Doo, but an AU, PM for details)
    Erin Holmes (AU Sherlock, set in 1880s London)
    And Michelle Columbo (daughter of a certain rumpled detective, so an OC in the Columbo universe)
  6. Roth

    Roth Deliciously Different Administrator

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    Bump. Thread moved from another location.
  7. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    Bump to sorta begin the month.

    Daphne in use.
    Kamala in use.

    All others open.

    I prefer FxF as I do love yuri more. ;)
  8. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining Active Member Member

    Local Time:
    10:45 PM
    Bump to coincide with the bump to Request Thread.

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