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 Female x Female  Fantasy Chosen Ones (Crystalline Rose & Chrystal Dark)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Area Archive' started by Crystalline Rose, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Crystalline Rose

    Crystalline Rose I am the Hunted. Member

    Local Time:
    10:20 AM
    Crystal coughed to clear the blood from her throat, her spitting the crimson liquid onto the ground beside her. A busted lip and a broken rib. Just how much longer would she let this continue? She was clearly not winning. Her more wounded than her component. For he barely had a scratch on him. A cut was above his eyebrow that had dried blood but other than that he was untouched. "Get up. Is that all you got?" He barked as he slammed his foot into her side. Causing a gasp of pain from the girl. When she did not get to her feet he simply kicked her again.

    The two of them were in a ring, the circle made of large bones. The bones almost a fence around them. So no one would intervene unless they wanted to risk the chance of hurting themselves on the sharp spikes. There was a gate to one side but only the Master had the key and right now the ring was locked shut. Just the pair inside. The Master not unlocking it until one of them was victorious. The rules were simple, you could not kill your partner. That was really the only rule. The goal was to make the other person forfeit or give up. Naming you the winner. They were alone inside the ring but outside a large crowd watched. Hunters and their trainers and masters observing the fight. This was normal. In order to become an official Beasts Hunter, you had to beat the one that had come before. You had to prove you were better than the class before you. Meaning that each year the students were to get stronger and stronger. Crystal was only 18. The man she was fighting was 19. He had a whole year of training ahead of her. But that did not matter to them.

    The man was also twice her size, a man made of solid muscle standing at 6'2. Crystal was 5'5 and about 100 pounds at the time. All solid muscle as most of them were but he was definitely more intimidating. It also didn't help that the young girl looked incredibly innocent. Young, small, beautiful. Pale skin to match and looked very feminine. Not the first thing you think of when you think of a Beast Hunter. The man, however, was exactly what people thought of. Large, strong, scary and mean.

    Bulric, the man who was beating her into a bloody pulp took a step back as he turned away from her. Now facing the masters beyond the bone fence. Him looking disappointed and angry. Like this was pointless. "Is this what we are now? We train our fighters to lay on the ground and take hit after hit? What is this madness?" He roared with fury at the crowd. Riling them up.

    Bulric continued to talk to the crowd. Being cocky and proud. Talking about how amazing he was and how shitty the small girl was. He mentioned how he had never lost a fight. How he was the best and the strongest. Slamming his hands against his chest like a caveman as he walked back and forth along the line of the fence. Entertaining the crowd.

    Crystal spits another mouth full of blood as she grabbed her stomach with one hand, her other hand placed on the ground as she slowly got to her feet on wobbly legs. "Is that all you got? Come on, Bulric if you are so tough.." She said with a small smirk as she wiped the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand. Her other hand still wrapped around her flat stomach. Currently, she was dressed in a pair of white shorts and an almost sports bra. Bulric wore a pair of white shorts but was shirtless. Them both almost naked and weaponless.

    The barbaric man spun around with a snarl on his face, obviously pissed off by her insult. Him being a man of pride, not allowing any man or women to rip apart his character. "Are you stupid? Or just enjoy pain?" He said with a slight smirk as he walked towards her again. Once he was close by he reached forward and turned her face to look at him. His hand under her chin. "I hate to mark up that pretty face. But you asked for it." With that, he lifted his other hand up and readied himself to punch her again. His fist coming towards her face. Crystal, with impressive speed, spun out of his grip at just the right time. Dodging his swing and making him lose his balance from him putting too much force behind a missed attack. Him stumbling forward. As he stumbled, Crystal slammed her heel into his right knee. Sending him falling faster toward the ground. Before he had time to catch himself she pushed her other foot into his back. Making his chest and face slam into the ground. His nose bursting like a grape.

    The crowd went silent with surprise before they roared back to life. Cheering the small girl on, enjoying the show even more now as it just got more interesting. The Master's, however, did not look surprised. Their face's emotionless.

    The man tried to spin over and jump back to his feet but she was on his back. Shoving his face into the dirt. Her full body weight on his shoulders and back, making it almost impossible for him to resist. He either had to tap out or pass out at this point. His mouth in the snow enough that he could not breathe. Either way would name her the victor.

    She had won! She had actually won! It was official! She was now a beast hunter. Crystal tried to contain her joy as one of the master's shoved her and Bulric from the fighting ring. Once outside of it, Bulric glares over his shoulder at her. "Don't be too excited. You may have beat me. But you won't beat a beast." With that, he dusted himself off and disappeared among-st the crowd.

    "Crystal.." She hears a voice from behind her. She spins around, dusting the snow off of her knee's and chest. Being careful of her still wounded ribs and face. "Congratulations." The master spoke. Him eyeing her up and down, noticing the way she kept holding her side. "Why did you let him do that?" He asked almost in a whisper as he moved closer. His gray eyes full of knowledge. "What do you mean?" She replied sheepishly. Her acting stupid. "Everyone here knows you could have beat him sooner. We have seen you take down masters in class. Why let him wound you? Why drag it on?" Crystal shrugged as she tried not to smile too proudly. "I wanted to embarrass him completely. I wanted him to think he had won. Then watch his face as I took it away from him. He deserved nothing less.." The master nodded just once before he motioned to her side.

    "Tend to your wounds. I will find you once the trials are over." With that, the man left. Crystal let out a sigh as she glanced once at the ring.

    Crystal shot up in bed with a gasp of surprise. Her eyes popping open as she looked at the room around her. It had just been a dream, a memory. That was all in the past. With a sigh of relief, she climbed from her bed and began to dress. Wiping the sweat from her brow as she slid her leather boots on. Once she was dressed and her sword on her hip she slipped out of the small cabin into the snowy weather. It was worse than usual, the snow blowing harsh and almost creating a blizzard as the snowflakes attacked your eyes. "Now time to get to work..." She said with a clearing of her throat as she talked to herself.

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  2. Chrystal Dark

    Chrystal Dark Boobie Girl! Member

    Local Time:
    6:20 PM
    Willow Darkwood drew back the bowstring again, until her lips touched the blob of wax. The fine shaft of ash that she held the end of between the tips of the first two fingers of her left hand, gleamed white in the reflection of the snow, which sent chills through the thin soft leather of her boots, threatening frostbite. The point was made of tempered steel, the fletchings from finest goose feathers. Her bow was yew and steel, the bowstring wound from sinew. The bow was as tall as she, when unstrung, and many a man in the village could not even string it. The shaft was over four foot long, longer than the average war arrow, and weighed almost half as much again. She grinned at the challenger, a visitor to the Hunter village. Two arrows already projected from the bullseye of the barely visible target. "You already owe me a thousand. Are you sure you want to do this?"

    The day had started simply enough with oatmeal for breakfast. Willow had eaten hers quietly as usual and gone out to the practice butts to keep her skill honed. Normally she expected to pass unnoticed unless there was a hunt that required her particular skills, but on this day that was apparently not to be. A man in the garb of a ranger paused from following a wealthy looking merchant who was apparently looking to contract the hunters to dispose of some beast or other. He looked at her as she strung it and smirked. "Mighty fine bow," He pronounced, walking over. "What's it's range?"

    Willow almost lost the tension on the bow. He made her jump, speaking to her unexpectedly like that. She blushed and looked down, not meeting the man's gaze. "I've hit a target at six hundred yards on a still day."

    "Six hun.... Phah. This you must prove..." The man laughed, not exactly calling her a liar, but almost. Her face coloured. "You must put your money where your mouth is, wench. Five hundred gold says you cannot hit that target at six hundred yards."

    Willow shrugged. "I do not gamble, sir. If you doubt my talent that is your prerogative."

    "Take the bet, Willow..." Master Yenna, her tutor, had come over. The woman was stout and grey haired, but easily the second best archer in the village.

    "But I don't ha..." She didn't get to finish the sentence as Yenna tossed a leather sack into the snow.

    "I'm covering your bet. You will work it off over the next hundred years at a million times interest if you loose!" Yenna grinned evilly at her. "But you won't loose, will you."

    And so the visitor, Willow and Yenna all three paced out six hundred yards, and drew a line in the snow. The first arrow flew true and the man declared it a fluke and demanded double or nothing. And now he had demanded double or nothing again. He glared at her, clearly having second thoughts, but at one point his employer had arrived and now stood behind the ranger. He coughed, and said in a soft but firm voice, "A wager is a wager!"

    Willow shrugged, sighted down the shaft. Le'arma, Goddess of the forests, guide my shaft truly! She said a silent prayer to her sponsor, and let fly.

    A nearby tree rustled in a non-existent breeze, and an invisible hand reached out, grasped the speeding arrow and slammed it through the yellow spot in the centre of the target, a bare inch from the other two shafts.

    Willow smiled, turned and bowed to the tree, as she had the two previous times. Asking for divine help was not cheating. Everyone prayed. But not everyone's prayers were answered so directly! She then turned and bowed to her teacher. Honor where it is due. Yenna had already recovered her own coin purse. Finally she turned to the challenger and his master. "That is two thousand in gold you owe me." She stated calmly. And suddenly realised she was the centre of attention. There was a crowd watching her, and they all applauded her. Willow blushed and bowed to them, and collected her winnings. Suddenly she was wealthy, more so than she could possibly have imagined.

    What did she want to do with the money? She would buy herself some new armour, a better mattress, put some away against hunger, buy everyone in the village a drink in the tavern, and donate the rest to the woodland temple of Le'arma. But her plans never happened. Willow awoke the following day to find that a storm had blown in and the village was completely cut off.

    "YETIS!" Someone yelled. A faint voice carried on the howling wind, the man staggering into the village, his clothing torn and blood on his face and chest. "Yetis... Attacked.... Storm.... To North..." He passed out.
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  3. Crystalline Rose

    Crystalline Rose I am the Hunted. Member

    Local Time:
    10:20 AM
    Crystal ran as quickly as she could to the tavern knowing she would be much warmer once she got inside the building. As she grabbed the door and pulled it open her mind flashed back to a memory once more.

    Crystal got to the Chapel and was about to knock on the door when it swung open revealing a short older man whose hair was thinning and he had a couple of scars along his face.

    He smiled as he saw her and then frantically looked behind her to see if she was alone. "You are a brave one, being out in plain sight." The man said shakily. Crystal raised a curious eyebrow at the scared man. "I am Crystal, I was summoned here to take care of the Beast. I am a Beast Hunter."

    The man looked instantly relieved and ushered her in. "Yes, Yes of course." She glanced around before she slipped inside, the large door sliding shut behind her. The church was light by candles but was cold and empty.

    "Is everyone here as jumpy and scared as you?" Crystal asked curiously. The older man ran an insecure hand through his hair or lack thereof. "Yes, since people have started going missing most of us stay indoors. Especially at night." Crystal nodded. "Is that when the Beast strikes?" The man nodded in response as he leads her deeper into the building. "No one has actually seen the creature but that is when the men go missing." The Mayor suddenly realized he had not introduced himself and he gave a short laugh. "I am Mister Jacob Andel. Everyone calls me Jacob."

    The beauty smiled and looked around the room. "Nice to meet you. Do you mind if I take the day to look around? Talk to the locals?" Jacob sat down on one of the benches. "Of course." Crystal gestured to the door. "I will check back in later then." She then turned and exited the chapel. Her clearly all about business and not the most friendly.

    Crystal shook her head to erase the memory. Why now, why at this instant? Why was her past attacking her? What had she done wrong? Surely she did not deserve to be haunted by her demons? Not after everything she had gone through and all the sacrifices she had made. And yet for some unknown reason, today was the day her memory seemed to take its vengeance. Seemed to remind her of the horrors of her history. Anything she did, in reality, causing a jolt in memory. She couldn't even open a door without flashbacks racing through her mind.

    With a groan of irritation, the young girl pulled the door shut behind her. Making sure to keep out the wind and snow. She then made her way to the bar and ordered herself a drink. The bar tender handed her a goblet of ale before going back to his business. Crystal was mostly alone, only 2 other people in the bar.

    Until a guard who usually patrolled/protected the edge of the small town came bursting throw the doors. "Every able body grab your armor and a sword." He was out of breath as Crystal slowly climbed to her feet. "We are being attacked by Yeti's." His voice was shaky as he said it. He was clearly scared. It was expected, his job was to scare off wolves, bears and the occasional group of bandits. Monster;s were not his forte. That was the Hunter's jobs.

    With a sigh, she finished off her goblet of ale and stepped back into the snow once more. Her mask sliding back into place over her mouth as she felt the harsh sting of the snow. Almost a blizzard as the town was running this and that. And the sounds of scream were heard off in the distance. Glancing at the scared guard she gave a smile. "Get everyone who is not a Hunter inside. Your men are not trained for this and will not be of much health." The man was not insulted and simply ran off to do as he was told. Meanwhile, the Huntress turned and headed toward the sound. Her feet barely touching the snow as she moved across the distance, feeling the wind stroke her cheek with its usual greeting. As soft as a lover's touch as it whispered sweet nothings into her ear.


    Sepheran ran her wind throw the tree's of the near by forest, knowing the other Goddess would feel her intentional stroke. "Yeti's?" She asked with a voice like that of a wind storm. Almost like a whistle as she spoke so that Le'arma could hear her. "Is this your doing, dear sister?"
  4. Chrystal Dark

    Chrystal Dark Boobie Girl! Member

    Local Time:
    6:20 PM
    "Oh great..." She hadn't even had breakfast yet and Willow was already supposed to be fighting abominable snowmen? Just bloody fantastic... She ducked back into her hut for her armour even as the alarm began ringing. Attacks on the village weren't that common, but they did happen. Most monsters knew better than to take on the full might of the Hunters as a combined force. There was clearly some malevolence behind this. Quite often it was a god who had been rejected by the Hunters as a patron trying to prove that they needed him or her. But not always.

    Willow pulled on the thick leather armour over her regular clothes, hearing as she did the voice of her friend and rival instructing everyone not a Hunter to get inside. Well, friend was not really the right word. They were more like sisters, really, although there was not one drop of shared blood between them, They had been raised together and were close in age, only two years between them, and they had the same love and hatred for each other as close siblings. Normally Willow would step out and give a contradictory order, just to annoy Crystal, but just this once she refrained from doing so. Lives were at stake and putting others at risk just to annoy her best enemy was not something she would ever consider.

    She bent to buckle her greaves, then straightened and buckled her shoulder belt with the quiver of enchanted arrows on the left shoulder and her short sword on the right hip. She was tall and slender, but by no means weak. She hooked a bowstring to the bottom of her bow, then bent the bow easily and hooked the other end to the top, then strode confidently into the blizzard. "Oi, Carrot-head," She called out. "Where's the beasts? I need a new sleeping fur!" Yeti hide was really warm and made great sleeping furs. The biggest problem with it was it showed every dirty mark. A scream-like roar from the North side of the village answered her question, and a huge white shape reared up in the driving snow, slammed a huge taloned paw into a nearby hut, demolishing it. the pitch coated timbers landed in the hearth and soon the wreckage was blazing fiercely. This actually had two beneficial effects: the first was to cast a yellow-orange glow through the swirling snow that illuminated half a dozen other shaggy white forms, and the second was to cause the first yeti to stagger back in fear and fall, where it was set upon by three Hunters.

    Willow nocked an arrow, aimed at the beast nearest to her, and said aloud, "Lady of the Woods, guide my arrows truly!" She release the shaft and drew a second even before the first found its mark.


    "Me, sister?" The voice that answered Sepheran was like the rustling of leaves and the creaking of branches in a gentle breeze on a summers day. And yet it was audible by the wind goddess in spite of the raging storm and the growing sounds of battle. Le'arma didn't even pause as she reached out with a tiny fraction of her power to guide the arrows of her protégée. "You're the one with the butterflies flapping their wings and causing storms on the other side of the world. If anyone would be suspect of such a chaotic event it would be you!" She laughed at her sister's reaction, then pointed away North to the distant ice sheets that only the goddesses could see at this distance. There, standing tall and proud, was Frizvax, god of ice and cold, blowing hard to create the blizzard that gave his pets the courage to venture South.

    "There's the culprit, Sister. Shall we?"
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  5. Crystalline Rose

    Crystalline Rose I am the Hunted. Member

    Local Time:
    10:20 AM
    "Carrot head?" Crystal asked with an arched eyebrow as she spoke through the thin cloth mask that covered the lower half of her face. "How original, as if I have not heard that one before.." She trailed off with an unseen smirk as she approached the other female Hunter. Drawing her long thin rapier from its sheath. "What are they even doing out here?" Crystal said with a shake of her head as she watched the first Yeti destroy a near by hut. Her about to jump into action before she saw it get taken down by a group of Hunter's.

    The wind blowing harshly and throwing her red braided hair over her shoulder. Her cloak flying this way and that as the snow stung her eyes. The blizzard making it nearly impossible to see. Luckily, the fire gave them a little bit of light in all this darkness. Even the sun blocked out by the whiteness of the storm.

    "Don't they usually hide in caves and kill humans who wonder into their domain?" She remembered reading such things while studying to become a Hunter. After all, the best way to kill your prey is to trained to know everything about them. And from what she could recall, Yeti's did not typically attack like this. Not without cause or something commanding them too.

    Crystal didn't have much time to ponder over her thoughts as more large shadows began to emerge from the fog. Just how many were there? What was going on? The Huntress was curious and slightly confused as she approached the next Yeti that was coming into view. Yelling over her shoulder for the other Hunter's to be prepared and to protect the villagers from the beasts.

    The poor Yeti did not even see it coming as she dashed between its feet. Her a blur as her blade sliced across its ankle. Causing the large animal to stumble to its knee's.


    Sepheran, if she had been in her solid humanoid form, would have replied back to her sister goddess with a smirk. Instead she gave a chuckle which caused the wind near by the pair to lift up the leaves and give them a good shake in the breeze. "I do not send mindless Yeti's to do my bidding... You should know that." The Goddess of wind used such things as birds, dragons and griffins. Creatures of the Sky. Animals that knew the wind such as herself. Yeti's were cold and ruthless. Much to thoughtless for the ever moving and witty Sepheran.

    The Goddess followed her siblings directions to the male God of snow and ice. Her anger at his actions being held within so none where aware of her emotions, at least for now. "Frizvax.." She replied in acknowledgement.

    Due to her being made of air, the woman was able to travel the distance between herself and the other god within a heart beat. Her ghostly form appearing near him with a sigh as she hovered above the ground. "Having fun, Frizvax?"
  6. Chrystal Dark

    Chrystal Dark Boobie Girl! Member

    Local Time:
    6:20 PM
    The storm lost its ferocity, the yetis retreated, dragging their wounded with them. From what Willow had heard about the yeti, they were not renowned for their medical care. Rumour had it that the wounded would be killed and eaten. The dead they left. Again, the rumour had it that the yeti considered those killed by others to be the bounty of those that killed them. But they were only rumours. Willow had no real knowledge of the ways of these mysterious monsters from the frozen North. This was the first time on record that they had ever attacked in a group. Normally they were solitary creatures, so what had possessed them to attack the hunter village would remain a mystery.


    Le'arma would have rolled her eyes as her sister moved faster than the human mind could possibly comprehend, arriving in the frozen North in the blink of an eye to confront Frizvax. By herself. proud as ever. Of course being in her natural form she was unable to do so. But she did rustle the leaves on the trees as Sepheran passed over them.

    A thousand leagues to the North, Frizvax was directing the icy blast and the attack by the Yetis, mostly because his protégé in the hunter village had recently been slain and he was cross with them and was therefore exacting vengeance in the best way possible for a storm god. But then the meddling Sepharan had to go and show up. Frizvax glared at her and snarled, "Yes. What of it?" and filled the air with ice and hailstones, then for good measure dumped an avalanche on the place where Sepheran had manifested. He knew this wouldn't hurt her in the slightest, he just wanted her to not interfere.

    Le'arma couldn't travel North that far, in her natural form. There were no woods, barely any vegetation at all. But she couldn't let her sister deal with the ice god alone. She looked to where the blazing hut was being fought by the villagers as the hunters pursued the retreating Yetis. "Imoli. I know you're there, my enemy." Wherever there was flame the fire-goddess would be. In fact it was Imoli who had caused the demolished cottage to ignite, thus aiding the hunters against her mortal enemy.

    "That's no way to talk to me, my love." Imoli's voice was the dry crackling of burning wood, something that always sent a shiver through Le'arma.

    "My sister needs your help I will carry you North as far as I can, and she will sustain you the rest of the way...."

    "What's in it for me?" The fire goddess asked, selfish as ever.

    "I just told you. I will carry you." The wood goddess glared and offered a hand, that blazed into fire causing her much pain. She sped through the forest from tree to tree, feeling the flame consuming her essence even as she renewed it from the life force of the forest, when she reached the very edge of the woodland, she hurled the fire goddess forward.

    Sepheran had kept the ice god busy, kept him from putting his attention back to the South where his yetis were now being slaughtered by the hunters as they ran back into the mountains to revert to their solitary existences. She had also kept him from noticing what her sister was up to. The surge of fire burst onto the ice god like a falling star, blasting him to ice crystals, melting those, and sending him back into his true form, scattered into the snow and ice, his powers temporarily weakened.

    Imoli flashed back down the trail of smoke she had left and landed in all the lit hearths in the village, causing them to flare and spit. Le'arma gave her sister a baleful look. "Maybe you could have handled him, maybe you couldn't." She dumped her burning limb into the snow. Frizvax was not really bad, he was just something of a jerk. Imoli, on the other hand, was a totally selfish cow who used Le'arma and Seoheron mercilessly. Only Le'arma's alliance with Ylva, the goddess of rivers and streams, and declared enemy of Imoli kept the fire goddess at bay. Most of the time.


    Willow looked up as there was a surge in the fire consuming the schoolmaster's cottage as what was left of the walls and roof collapsed in. She could have sworn she saw a falling star race through the storm clouds, heading North. The storm abated completely, then, and the sky cleared, the sun low on the South Eastern horizon. She went about recovering her arrows, and then marked one of her kills. The tanners would have the hide off the beast and made into a wonderful warm sleeping fur by the next full moon. She sauntered over to where Crystal was returning from the somewhat futile pursuit. "Hey. Join me for breakfast? Nothing like a good fight to work up an appetite. And I think I want to have a pretty big breakfast, because I reckon we're going to be eating roast yeti, yeti stew, yeti pie and yeti sausages for the next few months!"

    Waste not want not: Yeti meat was edible, yetis were not intelligent and there was all that fresh yeti meat lying around. No way they could allow it to go to waste.
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  7. Crystalline Rose

    Crystalline Rose I am the Hunted. Member

    Local Time:
    10:20 AM
    As the Goddess of Wind, was literally made out of thin air at the moment, the ball of ice did nothing and simply fazed her as it fell back to the ground below her feet. Her windy figure moving only slowly do to his "attack". Sepheran did not like this particular god, although to think of it, she disliked basically everyone except her sister Goddess Le'arma. God's were either typical and predictable, or annoying and too emotional. The Goddess of Chaos was known for being fickle and losing her interest quickly. She tired of people, places and things. So to her, everyone was boring.

    But among-st them all, she disliked Frizvax probably the most. Especially in moments like this, when he acted like a child throwing a temper tantrum. They were gods for crying out loud. They were above the drama and petty emotions of the mortals. They had more important things ti worry about, such as keeping the world from destruction. There was no time for such things like this, and the god of ice and snow, knew better.

    "What would your sister think of such outbursts?" Her hovering around him as she tried to focus his attention on her instead of the Hunter's village and his failing Yeti's. "Do you think she would praise your reaction? Stand by your decision..?" She knew the Ice God's sister well. As his sister was close allies/friends with her own sister. Being that his sister was the Goddess of River's/Streams. Ylva, was what most would call a Motherly or Friendly goddess, she was patient, kind, empathetic. But she did not like those who over reacted or were naive or hurtful for no reason. So her brother's actions would surely be a sore pill to swallow for the Goddess of River's.

    She was about to continue with her guilt tripping when she felt the presence of her sister and another.. the Goddess of Fire/Heat, Imoli. Imoli was an ally of her's but an enemy of her sister. Oh how strange was the politics of the god's.

    With a single thought, she helped her sister deliver the Fire Goddess to her, using the wind to carefully, but quickly carry the woman to her. Once there she attached the God of snow. Him quickly dispersing onto piles of team and water. Sepheran watching before her eyes settled on the burnt stick that was once a part of her sister. With another wave of her mind, she lifted the burnt wood and carried it back with her towards her sister. Her offering the small thing to her sister. For she had a softness for the goddess of nature. "Here, my sweet sister. But I did not need your help.. I had it handled."

    Sighing she stroked the leaves of the near by tree's, almost like a person would if they were to touch someone's arm. "Such a reaction will not go unnoticed... Frizvax is immature.. selfish... he will strike back once he is able."


    Meanwhile at the camp, the Yeti's had left their dead behind and returned back to where ever they had come from. 3 Yeti's laid dead. The one who had fallen into the on fire hut and the one that Rose had attacked, plus another that had multiple arrows stuck into it. Probably Willow's kill. Some of the Yeti's that had retreated were wounded, as the Hunter's always left a mark on their targets. The Yeti's would not return for some time as they needed to lick their wounds. So at least for now, the Hunter's town would be same from a Yeti attack.

    Rose made her way back towards her "friend" was she wiped the blood from her blade and re-sheathed it. Her beautiful multi-colored eyes watching the other Hunter's as they grabbed and carried the dead Yeti's deeper into town. After all, they had to cut and skin/clean them. And if they did it out here in the open it would attack other predators/beasts. They would take the creatures to the mail hall and do all the preparations there. The village would be eating Yeti meat for weeks to come.

    The Huntress gave a snort of a laugh as she shook her head. Following her fellow Hunter as they headed back into town. "With all these Yeti's, you would think the God of Ice has a grudge..." She said almost half serious, but mostly jokingly as she nudged Willow. Her unaware that her statement was true. This was the act of a vengeful god.

    "Come Willow, we should get some more meat on those bones."


    And the two Huntress's did just that. They went to the main hall and had a fabulous feast of Yeti with all of the other Hunter's as well as the people from the town. There was lost of food. Thick stews with Yeti meat, potato's and carrots. Pot Pies, meatloaf, and steaks. It was delicious and Rose enjoyed every bite of it.

    Nothing was wasted. The Yeti fur was turned into cloaks and blankets. Its bones sharpened into dagger's and cheese knives. Its blood given to the local alchemist for potions and the like. As Yeti blood was rare and could be used for a many things.

    The town, thankful it had survived a dangerous and very deadly attack, decided to celebrate. The feast had only been the beginning. Traveling merchants settled for the night and brought out their rarest wares. Jewelry, dresses, rare fish and cheeses. A party was thrown for the success of surviving. Even a traveling gypsy group wondered into town. Offering fire works and ale. Some were fire breather's and belly dancers. The were even a man who swallowed a sword and could do magic tricks. Such as making dice disappear before your very eyes. It was a sight to behold and even people from the farms and fields near by came to join in the fun.

    Rose gave a smirk as she sat leaned up against a near by tree. A small stool under her but as she had one knee propped up on top of the other. A large goblet of ale in her hand. Her back to the woods as she appeared to be focused on the gypsies as they entertained the village people. Meanwhile her senses were on the dark forest behind her. The Trained Huntress always on guard, watching over and protecting the village. The place she called home and the people she loved.

    Little did she know just what the night would bring. What the loud noise would bring the attention of. No one was prepared for what was to come. The Yeti's had only been the beginning.


    The gypsies had been so much more then just Gypsies.. but who was to know? They had seemed friendly, outgoing, entertaining. All the normal things their kind were. A little weird/different. But that was how the vagabonds were. They were a strange and unique group of people. No one had thought they would drug their ale. Not a soul would have guessed they would steal everything valuable form the town... even including and not limited to.. the children.

    Rose awoke to the sounds of scream. She had been affected by the ale and now laid slumped over the bench. Her whole body sore due to the position, her vision foggy as she slowly blinked her eyes open. It was day time, the sun shinning brightly as it melted away a lot of the snow from the night before. Usually the town was just waking up and would be peaceful and relaxing. But today was not that day. A majority of the people had not made it to their homes before the drug had taken affect and the center of town was covered with humans asleep on the ground.

    The ginger haired girl had slowly made her way to the sounds of the scream, her body on fire with exhaustion. She soon arrived at the orphanage at the church and was greeted by a horrified Priestess. "The kids.. all of them.. their gone..." She sobbed as she looked up at the tall Huntress. Just then the local fisher mans wife ran up to Rose as well. Her a ball of tears as she confessed that her kids as well as a majority of the families children could not be located. And the only people gone.. and unaccounted for.. were the gypsies.

    "Now now...." Rose began as she pushed her palm into her head. Her head pounding with a headache. "Lets not make assumptions.. we do not know it was the Gypsies..." But she barely got the sentence out before the two other woman began to argue and give their reasons.
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