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 Open  Male x Male  Supernatural/Paranormal  Modern/Modern Fantasy  Post Apocalyptic  Romance  Action / Adventure  One x One Roleplay Come along for the ride loves

Discussion in 'Male Requests' started by Voyage, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Voyage

    Voyage Wild Member Member

    Local Time:
    3:22 AM
    Good Evening/Afternoon/Morning/Night, my name is Voyage and it's quite a pleasure to be able to join a community such as this one. While this is just my first couple hours here, it is by far not my first experience roleplaying. I've been roleplaying for a good 10+ years and while life has forced me to take several hiatus along the way, being able to return to one of my passions is quite liberating. I am eager to discover new worlds through writing in this site and am excited to see just what kind of partners I am able to scrounge up with my very first request thread.

    Let's discuss a little about my writing style. Quite frankly, I'm the type of customer that gives back what they are given. While my goal usually is to reach anywhere between 3-4 paragraphs of good, juicy, detailed oriented writing material that will help the roleplay progress, it is by no means a concrete requirement. My longer replies tend to take me longer to create due to my taking the time to actually write the scenarios going on in my mind. However, I am not against rapid fire shorter replies that keep the pace of the roleplay moving steadily. I am a jack of many trades and I will aim to please in any way I can. Nevertheless, I plead of you...please avoid sending out 2-3 sentences of worthless words and very little creativity. I won't pressure you to heave out paragraphs if that's not your thing, but I plead of you to give me something to work with unless I'll lose interest fairly quickly.

    As stated above, I'm a jack of many trades and I aim to please. Being that said, I rarely stick to the usual placement of characters regarding the Seme/Seke/Uke shebang. I prefer to keep our characters on rather equal footing, both fully capable and able to push and pull their weight around when necessary. In my personal opinion, I feel that that makes writing a roleplay with someone else much more exciting and keeps you at the edge of your seat. However, I am fully aware that the vast majority of the roleplaying community that indulges in either Male x Male or Female x Female prefer to have firm lines drawn in the sand before the roleplay begins. To address any of that crowd that might take a little peak at my thread, I usually portray my characters along the realms of Seke bordering on Seme. Or dominant if you will. They either tend to be outrages, free willed flirts that have no limit or they are stern, cold creatures with little tolerance for idiots.

    I'll list a few genres or pairings I'd be willing and interested to try out below:

    Slice of life

    Old friend x Old Friend
    Singer x Manager
    Singer x Fan
    Shifter x Shifter
    Werewolf/Vampire x Recently changed human/Human
    Knight x Prince
    Soldier x Solider
    Twin x Twin.....though I'll need convincing for this one.
    Co-worker x Co-Worker/Boss
    Rival x Rival
    Pirate x Merman
    Pirate x Pirate
    Pirate x Sailor
    Celestial Being x Demonic Entity
    God x God/Human
    Butler x Lord

    And a few Fandoms I might be willing to shuffle through are:

    Pacific Rim
    Teen Wolf

    I do have a few older plot ideas I have kept archived for several years now. Though it's been quite a long time, I'll go ahead and add them to the thread to see if anyone is interested in giving them a little nibble or not.

    Have you ever loved somebody so much it hurt? Yet you knew it wouldn't be right to be with them because A: they didn't feel the same about you. And B: they belonged to your sibling?

    From the start it had always been just the three of them. Character A, Character B, and Character A's sister. They had all grown up together, been childhood friends and inseparable throughout the years of their preteens. They shared every joke, every rumor, every adventure, and every exciting development that took place within their young lives. They thought their bonds would always stay strong and pure, unchangeable and simple...the same way they viewed the world in their youth. Yet things did change.

    By the second year of Junior High, Character A's sister and Character B were an item. What the three used to share and enjoy in, slowly began to transform into the adventures of only two people. As the couple grew closer, Character A began to draw further and further away. Primarily because he did not want to intrude in the relationship going on between the pair. Secondly because it simply hurt to see them so happy and together. You see, Character A had feelings for Character B as well, but before he could think of declaring them to Character B, their love interest was taken right from under their nose by their own sister. It was a stinging blow, but Character A was determined to move on and be happy for the pair, even if it meant leaving them behind.

    Tragedy hit during their first year of High School though. Character A and their sister's parents were involved in a horrid car accident on a rainy autumn night which resulted in both their deaths and the siblings becoming orphaned. As if that blow wasn't hard enough, Character B's family was quick to begin to pull them away from the siblings. Character B's parents were sympathetic towards the new orphans but they didn't want that to ruin their child's life. They didn't want their child to be distracted from his work and studies. So they did the only thing "logical" they could consider. They request the school to allow their child to transfer to a new school in a completely different city.

    Still dazed by the siblings grief and a bit disoriented about what he should do, Character B doesn't put up much of a struggle against the will of his parents though he knows it isn't right. Instead he does as he's told quietly...knowing he would regret it someday.

    Though shocked at Character B's departure from their lives, Character A knows he has bigger things to worry about now that their parents are gone. When an older man comes to their house one week after their parents funeral, the siblings are shocked to find out that he is their grandfather. They had never met the man before and never thought much of what their parents refused to tell them. Yet when this man approaches and informs them that they are now the Heirs to their family's multibillion dollar Corporation, something their parents had wanted no part of, Character A knows they had little choice but to go with their grandfather if they want to pull their lives back together.

    Years go by and time moves on. It is now Character A's 23rd birthday party celebration. An event that is combined with their family's annual Christmas Gala, seeing as his birthday is only a week before Christmas. Character A has changed dramatically from the person he once was. He is a strong individual now. Professional, hard working, determined, and a person who takes no sass or lip from anyone he doesn't feel deserves the right to use it. He is quite intimidating and has gained his rightful place as CEO of their family's Corporation after their grandfather's retirement. Over the years, he had grown to look out for his sister as the girl has become frail in health and mind....never quite recovering from the blow of losing their parents and her lover. Though Character A still shared his sister's grief in their parents death, he does not understand why she dwells on a failed relationship. Any sort of kindness or warmth he might have had for their old friend has long melted away after years of being groomed to be a proper CEO by their family. He feels that they have too much on their shoulders to be dwelling in the past.

    However, what happens when Character A runs into Character B in their party after Character B is invited to it by an employee of the CEO? How will they react upon seeing eachother again and the differences they now bare? More so, how will the pair be able to function when Character A's sister insists that Character B move into their huge mansion and offers them a job in the Corporation as Character A's secretary?

    -In this idea I would be willing and interested to take the part of Character A.

    Have you ever felt the rush to tame the untameable? To chain something so wild and out of control, to your side only? Muse A has. He just never realized it until he was handed a stepping stone to his dream career on a silver platter.

    Muse A has always been interested in the management field. To become a CEO of his own corporation had always been his dream, however not many believed it could happen for the quiet man. You see, Muse A was always known as quiet and somewhat shy. He had had a very motherly nature to him and half the time he didn't have the heart to hurt those who had done him wrong. For those reasons many thought it impossible for the man to survive in the cut throat world of CEOs. Nevertheless, Muse A never gave up to the hope that he reach his goals one day.

    When he received a call from a recruiting agency a month after graduating from his senior year in High School, it wasn't shocking to see how ecstatic he was. The agency offered him a starter job, nothing big and nothing that had to do much with what he really wanted.....but it was something. For a few months he would shadow a more experienced man in the field of management. However there was a catch. The person his mentor was was a manager to the last person Muse A would have ever thought.

    Muse B has been an Idol for many years. Heck, he started out as one of those child actors many spoke about until he decided to immerse himself in the music industry. Ever since his debut, people have loved him. If not for his beauty and the talent of his voice, than by the addictivness of his personality. Muse B is a flirt by nature, yet never has he been known to stay within a relationship for too long a time. He loves adventure and stirring up the waters of the industry. But where that would have been looked at as a problem before, his fans love him for it and wouldn't have him any other way.

    When word reaches the Idol that his manager is getting an apprentice/assistant, Muse B decides that the boy will be fun to play with a bit. Never had he thought however that he would have bitten off more than he can chew when Muse A develops a genuine attraction to the Idol. So much so that he swears he'll tame Muse B's wild heart before his time with him comes to an end.

    -In this idea, I'm fine with portraying either or of the two Characters. However, despite Muse A's clearly softer personality, I would prefer if they both stood in somewhat equal footing.

    They saw it coming. They just never believed it would come so quickly. They said the world would meet its end in so many different ways, and yet the one that was so commonly used was overlooked. Until it happened and they rose." -Satoru Hyuuga

    The year was 2075 when the world went to hell. Zombie attacks were thought to be a work of fiction. Something for movies and young minds. No one actually believed it was going to become a reality and when it happened, no one was prepared for it. No one but the people responsible for it. In short, our government. The infection had been released from one of their facilities. Created by the greedy hands and minds of scientists, the apocalypse came to light and with it innocent people paid the price.

    It has been two years since the infection spread out destroying families, towns, cities and villages. Millions have become undead and hope is gradually diminishing. Those left alive have recently heard rumor of a safe haven. A former U.S base that has been salvaged by a powerful group of people. All who are uninfected are welcome. There they are provided with safety, food, shelter, and the ability to fight another day.

    However, the base holds a secret. It wasn't just the infection that got loose that fateful day when the apocalypse began. Government experiments also got loose and since the downfall of humanity, they have been living among us. People that look just like you and me but are completely different underneath it all. They have survived among humans all fighting for one simple goal. Survival. They all follow one leader. An experiment just like them. One that no human knows is different than them. Satoru Hyuuga.

    Welcome to Snow country; a land where the snow fall never ceases. Where the winds are as cold as ice and where the hearts are just as frozen as the landscape around them.
    Human Freedom Population: 20%
    Human Captivity Population: 80%

    It has been years since the existence of the supernatural has been proven a fact. Years since the rise of a higher species began to take over the world. One with more chances of survival and a much stronger will to dominate.....It has been years since humans gradually lost their freedom and were enslaved to the very creatures they once believed to be nothing but a figment of ones imagination.

    Snow Country has always been breathtakingly beautiful. Its lands always covered in a thick blanket of snow. Trees who long ago lost their leaves, stand as frozen monuments around the grounds of this large portion of land. Wolves roam freely as do any such animal that could survive the extremes of the harsh beauty of this frozen world. If one were to gaze upon it for the first time, they would not wish to leave....Until they realized who it was that governs these grounds.

    Your Character has known captivity for nearly his entire life. When he was 7 years old, he was found by a patrol of the new ruling species and taken away towards a holding facility caught humans were always taken to. For years his entire world consisted of four walls, of unfamiliar new people and of the scum that had brought him here. Despite knowing he didn't have the least of a chance to escape, Your character made sure to give his captures a run for their money. No matter what task was appointed to him, Your Character defied all orders and did as he pleased....Of course those actions led to consequences and those consequences usually led to horrendous pain at the merciless hands of his tormentors. With every blow, Your Character swore to break free one day and enact his revenge on this retched kind. However, when one of his offenses against his captors goes too far, he is brought to his captors Supreme Council, knowing very well that his death might just be staring at him right in the face.

    Lyon Durandal has always been considered odd by his kind. An enigma. A strange specimen. A creature much to complicated to be understood in full. Many murmured they thought him to be the offspring of one of their own and perhaps a heavenly being. There was just this oddness about the man.....an aura that could draw you to him like a bee to honey yet freeze you straight to the core. His personality was so unlike the rest of his kind. He bore a easy going nature, a light temper that was so hard to invoke. Though he was powerful and a Pureblood among his kind, Lyon seldom abused his power, unlike so many others among him. In fact, most of the time, instead of giving off a powerful air.....Lyon almost seemed bored with his existence. Ill at ease with everything going on around him and much to bothered to even try to appear intimidating or fearsome....So it comes as a bit of a surprise when a human is dragged in front of the Council he is part of and conjures Lyon's complete attention and curiosity.

    Your Character would have been sentenced to death. His captors had had enough to his rebellious nature and their patience had run out with him. However, Lyon had a different thought in mind. He found the hatred and resistance in Your Character's eyes to be quite fascinating. After all, it was rare to see a creature with so much spirit in him nowadays. As thus, he proposes a deal to his fellow Councilmen and Councilwomen. He proposes to take Your Character as his personal slave....That way Your Character would be out of everyone else hair and Lyon could spend time observing this apparently special being.

    Fearing the worst yet resolving to go down fighting when the Council votes in favor of the proposal, Your Character is given no time to protest when he is dragged out of the Council chamber and taken to what is to be his new "home". Yet what will he do when Lyon seems to overall ignore his presence. No matter what act of defiance Your Character does, Lyon never seems to bat an eye as he calmly asks the other servants to clean up the mess. Will Your Character be able to unravel the complicated puzzle that is Lyon when his curiosity for the man is touched? What will he do with the new freedom his "master" has bestowed upon him? And will feelings arise between master and slave?...Especially when it's said that loving a vampire is like walking into death's embrace.

    Muse A and Muse B have known each-other their entire lives, however it is no lie that during their earlier years the two despised one another. Throughout their Elementary and Middle School years the two were constantly at each-others throats. Arguing about anything and everything and competing over just about as much. There was no love lost between them and they both would go to extremes just to beat the other. When High School rolled through, though, things began to settle between the pair. With the help of mutual friends, an unlikely friendship began brewing between the two boys. Things weren't easy or simple. They still argued and butted heads more often than not, yet as the months grew longer, the days grew peaceful. Eventually the two managed to cool their heads and truly put their differences aside. Whatever animosity that may have been between them became water under the bridge and a true, strong and pure friendship developed between two. People even went as far as begin to mention that they resembled best friends.

    Yet it wasn't to last.

    Muse A was quite alarmed and filled with disbelief when he came to the conclusion that somewhere along the lines he had managed to grow feelings for Muse B. Not friendly feelings like what would be common around good friends. No, something much more. Much deeper and stronger. However, he knew it was never going to work for two reasons that were as clear as day. One, Muse B was undeniable and inexplicably straight. And two, even if he wasn't, Muse B would never understand when or why Muse A had gained feelings for him. So he did the only thing he could think of. He began to draw away from Muse B. He began to put distance between them again, in an effort of both saving his own heart and keeping Muse B from ever figuring out what he felt for him. Actions that frustrated Muse B to no end.

    Muse B couldn't understand the reasons why Muse A had suddenly and sharply retreated from him. The other had gone back to snapping over the stupidest things and glaring more than he did smile. He never wanted to spend time together anymore and he even began to draw away from their group of friends. It surprised everyone who had grown close to the pair. But no one was more shocked and admittedly hurt than Muse B. He had grown accustomed to having Muse A at his side for everything they did. The pair were a team. Muse A had become his "partner in crime", so to speak. As much as he was annoyed and frustrated by Muse A's behavior, he wasn't just going to give up on their friendship just like that.

    Yet he didn't get a chance to fight for their friendship as long as he wanted. In the summer of their Junior year, Muse A packed up and left their school and town behind with his family. No one knew where the boy had gone and all he had left behind was a simply letter to Muse B. A letter explaining his feelings for the boy and an apology for leaving without saying goodbye. It was a letter that would haunt Muse B's waking mind for years to come.

    The pair never thought they would find each-other again, however, fate works in mysterious ways at best.

    When the CEO of a world renown music industry Agency falls gravely ill and is rendered bed bound due to his failing health, Muse B has to fill his shoes. In order to keep the Agency afloat, he must throw out whatever may have been his own dreams in order to step into the vacant place left behind by his grandfather. He isn't pleased or excited about this, but the love for his family wins over his responsibilities to them. Nevertheless, the first few months of his time as CEO isn't easy. He struggles and wonders if he'll have what it takes to rise this Agency to the standings his grandfather had once had it in. And as much as it secretly terrifies him, he won't give up so easily. Not when there are numerous Idols with contracts to his Agency that depend on him to keep them from sinking to the bottom. However, he won't be alone in his new responsibilities. Help will come in the shape of a boy he never thought he'd see again. A boy, or a man now, that awakens feelings in him he never thought he have for another male.

    When Muse A left, he left with the simple thought of disappearing from the lives of all those he had once known. While he had run from it during his youth, the young man dives head first into the family business he had struggled so hard against from the moment he could walk. His parents were world known Celebrities, a fact he had kept secret from all who had known him. He had never wanted the special treatment his parents had gotten but when he had moved with them, he decided to fill the role his family expected of him. His rise to fame was rather quick and shocking to those very same family members. Muse A's voice, beautiful and pure, soon won the heart of many and he became quite popular in no time at all. His fan base grew weekly and his albums sold by the millions. The man paved his way through many agencies and music companies, making an undeniable name for himself in the world of Music. Yet when he hears of the struggles threatening the very first Agency he had ever worked for, Muse A is hard pressed to help in any way he could. While it's alarming to know a ghost from his past is now in charge of the Agency, he won't turn tail and run. Not again. Not when this is bigger than both of them and whatever might lie unspoken between them. If his influence and name can help lift the Agency to the glory it had once had when the old man was in charge, then he would help.

    Yet can these two manage to work as a team to keep the Agency afloat? Will buried feelings and hidden truths be unearthed? Or will it all simply be too much for the pair to manage?

    -For this idea, I'd much rather take the role of Muse A. Again, I'd prefer to have our Characters on equal footing for this particular idea.

    Muse A had always feared airplanes. His parents had often joked that he had gotten that fear from his grandfather, and at the age of 10 Muse A didn't know whether he should deny or accept those claims. One thing he was certain of was that he was terrified of the mere aspect of flying anywhere. So when his parents decided to take a trip to a distant village in their Japanese homeland, Muse A threw tantrum after tantrum, cried and refused to come out of his room for hours until he was finally reassured by his parents that everything would be fine. He didn't believe them but he wanted to show them that he was as brave as they were and that he could handle riding on a plane for a few hours. Little did he know that those were the last few days he'd have with his parents. And for years afterward he would live to regret agreeing to go at all.

    The first few hours of the plane trip had gone fine, no turbulence and the pilots and staff seemed to be as much as ease as their passengers. Muse A had been sitting between his parents, clinging to both their hands and listening to them talk with a few other people that had been sitting in the row next to them. Then suddenly, without warning the plane had begun to move unnaturally. Oxygen masks had been dropped from their compartments, and the voices of the pilots rang overhead to have the passengers buckle up. At first no one thought much about the bumpiness of the ride, however that had all changed when the plane dipped sharply and didn't rise up again. Muse A couldn't remember much else but shouting from ahead, screaming from the people around him, his parents holding onto his hands tightly, the sounds of roaring coming from the plane and then......nothing. After the initial jolt of the plane slamming onto the ground below, Muse A blacked out. All he knew was darkness and silence. No more sounds reached him, the smell of smoke didn't assault his senses and the soft padding of bare feet over the wreckage around him didn't alert hi. that wherever they had crashed, the area wasn't deserted. Muse A didn't feel careful hands lift him up out of the mess of metal, chard remains, and corpses. He didn't feel himself being carried away silently from the crash under the shade of the high pine trees.

    It would be a few hours for Muse A to finally wake up but when he did, he found himself disoriented and confused. As far as his 10 year old mind could process, he was within a sort of cavern looking place. At first he thought the whole crash had been a nightmare, but that thought was instantly pushed aside from the pain the seized his body in a tight grip when he tried to stand. Alone and scared, Muse A wept silently for his parents until the sound of footsteps reached him before something he had never seen before stepped into his line of sight. He seemed to be a normal man, not to old but not as young as he was either. Even from his young point of view, he was handsome but he was so weird. So different and odd to what Muse A was used to seeing. Because he had fox like ears on top of his head instead of human appendages. And behind him flowed out what looked like nine fox tails, all moving as a unit carefully with every movement he made. Kind eyes gazed at him from a flawless face as the man crouched down beside him and gently smoothed back his hair from his face and wiped the tears from his eyes. "Hush now, little one" he whispered to Muse A, his deep voice was distant yet so lovingly soft and soothing that Muse A found himself relaxing in his presence. He had no idea who he was, much less what he was but Muse A knew he was safe with him. "Rest now child. I will make sure you are returned to your home soon again. But for now, you must rest and regain your strenght" he spoke again and no matter how Muse A fought to stay awake, he soon fell under the whisper of mystery and magic surrounding the male. His last glimpse of him were those kind eyes watching him patiently and the gentle smile that adorned his face. For days Muse A would awaken in the same cavern and meet the same face of the man that watched over him as if he was his. When he could handle moving again, he took Muse A throughout the forest surrounding the cavern and Muse A enjoyed every moment of it. The man took his sadness of what had happened away and reassured him time and time again that everything would be fine. It didn't seem like much time had passed when one night Muse A fell asleep and woke up in a place nothing like the one hhe had been living in since the crash.

    The next time he awoke, he was in the hospital. His family members were surroundings him, openly rejoicing having him back amongst them and grieving for the sure death of his parents and all the others in the crash. Muse A was told that he had been found at the opening of the Kage no shinzō forest. A vast spread of wildness where the plane he and his parents had said to be on had crashed. It was a place filled with legends and whispers of the mysterious creatures that roamed those plains. A place whispered to harbor demons and man killing vengeful spirits. A forest where humans hardly dared themselves to step into and the spirits were bound to never step out of. He had been the only found survivor of the wreckage, and in the eyes of those who had found him, he was a miracle.

    5 years later

    Muse A has never forgotten that day that had taken so much away from his life. The day he lost his parents and so many other lost loved ones. With ever year that came and went, he would mourn his loss and wished to turn back the hands of time and will his parents to not get on the plane. However, he knew that that was impossible. But most of all, he had never forgotten the strange man that he had seen and who had taken care of him turning his time in the forest. Though the murmurs of Kage no shinzō carved stuff out of nightmares and chilled anyone to their bones, Muse A couldn't bring himself to believe that the man that had saved him was evil. So on the day of his 17th birthday, he makes a promise to himself to face his past. Go back to the forest he had been running away from for so long and see if he can spot that man again.

    But what does Kage no shinzō have in store for him? Can all to rumors of the forest prove to be true when he gathers his courage and sets foot there? When he meets the man he is sure saved hislife, how will Muse A react from seeing him from an older perspective? When he reveals to Muse A that his parents and the other passengers of the plane accident are not dead, how will that impact Muse A? As if acknowledging a humanoid fox demon isn't enough, now it turns out that his parents and everyone else have been stuck inside the forest due to the Ruler of the Kage no shinzō's verdict. Will Muse A prove himself worthy enough to this demon leader so that it will allow the people to be released? Will he become trapped there as well? Or will the man that saved his life years ago and allowed him to escape the Ruler's grasp once before, help him again?

    -For this scenario, I'd prefer to have you play the role of Muse A. And like the plot before this one, I'd prefer if our characters stood at equal footing.

    For this plot, I was playing with the idea of merging both a slightly medieval landscape with a modern time frame. I had in mind that our characters could belong to a parallel universe to our own where they hold a bit more of the older traditions and customs. They are still ruled to the hierarchy of Kings and Queens and while they do have some advanced technology, they prefer to live in their old ways for the most part. The world is split into a system of hierarchies. Obviously the Royal Bloods rule over their people are they please, the Royal Guard protects their Kings and Queens as well as the Royal family, the merchants and village people hold no real title but enjoy the liberties of their individual Kingdoms.

    Then we have a select, special group of individuals named the "Sentinels". They are tasked with the duties to keep the balance between their world and the more modern world that parallels theirs. This handful of people are remarkably talented and powerful, graced with the profound powers of the ancients and often revered and feared more than the Ruling Family. Those of Sentinal blood are impossibly rare and scarce so the current Sentinals are much older than they appear to be, their life sources remain unextinguished until a reasonable replacement takes their place.

    The idea of having a plot revolve around love, betrayal, remorse, redemption, salvation and justice, sprang strongly in my mind for this. I liked the idea of our characters having already developed a relationship between them. They loved each other and hoped to find a way to be together. One being a Prince of a Kingdom and the other, My Character preferably, being a Sentinal. Though their loved was looked upon kindly and with good expectations by the eyes of many, it wasn't going to be so simple. Your Character gets caught in the clutches of a Suitor his parents are particularly intent on him marrying. When said suitor discovers of the love between Your Character and My Character, he creates an ultimatum for Your Character. Either marry him and allow him to rule beside Your Character, or risk the death and destruction of his family and all he holds dear. He could either betray My Character, spout lies about him to get him exiled from their world to leave the path clear for his Suitor, or he could throw away his life as he has known it.

    Still rather young as Your Character is and afraid, he abides by the demands of his Suitor and My Character is thrown out of their world and into a Modern World he doesn't quite fully comprehend. However, he doesn't go alone, a handful of his faithful followers choose to go with him and are branded traitors to their world. Never allowed to return.

    Years go by when the faithful day arrives that Your Character has had enough of his forced marriage with his Suitor turned jailer. He longs for freedom and to save his world and family of the evil hands they have fallen into when he married his husband. With his world in the verge of a war that would burn everything to the ground and the remaining Sentinels having gone into hiding to protect their secrets and the safety of the world parallel to their own, Your Character has little choice but the venture into the world of the unknown with his young child in his arms and only his faith that he'll find his former lover.

    When he does find My Character, he's not welcomed with the loving reception he would have hoped for. While My Character is amicable and friendly, there is a fine layer of frost under his words when they're directed towards Your Character. My Character makes no hesitations on making his distrust for Your Character clear and while he has no intention on returning to their world, having made himself at peace with his banishment, he agrees to help for the sake of the innocents that are suffering. The road won't be an easy one though and there is still a strong bond of love that ties both our characters to one another. It is up to them if they can learn to work as one once more and if forgiveness could ever be offered in the face of such odds.

    That's about all she wrote. Thank you anyone and everyone who bothered to sit down and give this dreadfully long thread a good read. If you find yourself interested in any of the above plots or any of the possible pairings, shot me a PM and I'll respond as soon as I am able. Again, thank you guys for checking this out! I eagerly await your responses!
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  2. Voyage

    Voyage Wild Member Member

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    Bump bump.
  3. Voyage

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    Hello all! After a long rather unexpected and sudden hiatus, I'm back to being semi-regularly active on the site. I have no doubt I have probably lost several partners in my absence so I'm currently on the hunt for new roleplay partners that would be interested in creating stories with me. Now I don't have a terrible lot of time available during the day for too many roleplays, so I might be a bit picky in choosing. If any are interested, please DM me, don't post below. I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone interested!

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